Distinguished Service Award


The purpose of this award is to recognize an individual for extraordinary service to the ION.  

Eligibility and Regulations

Up to two awards may be given in each year.  

  1. One award shall be presented to the outgoing President of the Institute in grateful recognition of their leadership and achievements on behalf of the Institute.
  2. A second award may be awarded to another individual based on specific efforts when an individual is deemed worthy. Nominations for this award will be submitted to the ION National Office and are approved by the ION President. While the Awards Selection Committee may propose this award, it generally shall not be vetted through the Awards Committee.


The award shall consist of a suitable plaque with appropriate wording.


The presentation of this award is a highlight of the ION International Technical Meeting.

Past Recipients

1999: Mr. Keith McDonald, Dr. Per Enge
1998: Stewart Teasley
1997: Ben Peterson
1997: Ron Braff
1996: Dr. M. Elizabeth Cannon
1996: Bob Mitchell
1995: Col. Zdzislaw "Stan" Lewantowicz
1995: Capt. C. Jane Morales McKenzie