Johannes Kepler Award

Sponsored by the Satellite Division of the Institute of Navigation


To honor an individual for sustained and significant contributions to the development of satellite navigation during their lifetime.


The award shall consist of a suitable plaque with appropriate wording.

Eligibility and Regulations

  1. The nominee must be a current member of the ION. Membership must have been established at least two years prior to nomination.
  2. Companies, agencies, educational institutions, associations, groups of individuals and previous winners are not eligible for consideration.
  3. The nominee must have demonstrably enriched the intellectual content of the ION’s meetings and/or the ION’s journal, NAVIGATION.
  4. The Award shall be given, at most, once each year. It shall be given only in those years in which an outstanding contribution is considered worthy of such recognition. The Award shall not be awarded posthumously.


Nominations may be submitted by anyone except the nominee. All nominations must conform to ION nomination standards and be submitted electronically through the ION’s web site. Nominations must be received by June 30. Submissions received after the closing date will not be considered. To be considered in subsequent years, nominees not selected in the current year must be re-submitted.

The following items must be submitted:

  1. Biographical Sketch (500 words or fewer): A summary of the nominee’s sustained and significant contributions to the development of satellite navigation, including citation of the national and/or international impact(s). Include examples of what the contributions enabled, how contributions significantly improved the fundamental and/or applied art and science of satellite navigation, and/or what specific important technical problems were addressed by these contributions.
  2. Nominee’s specific role in each significant accomplishment and whether the nominee worked independently or participated in the efforts of a group, supervised, authorized, etc. Dates, by year, of accomplishment(s), stressing the most recent ones shall be provided.
  3. Proposed Citation (25 words or fewer): Specific documented contribution(s) of the nominee.
  4. References: Three professional references are required. The nomination itself serves as one of the three references. An additional two letters of reference must accompany the nomination in order for it to be considered complete. Additional references will not be accepted.
  5. A full Curriculum Vitae including education, employment history, leadership positions within technical societies and associations, publications, awards, and patents.

Submit a Nomination

Nominations can be submitted online at the above link or by email to


Nominations must be received by June 30th. Submissions received after the closing date will not be considered.

Selection Committee and Voting Procedures

For full information on the selection committee and voting procedures, download the Satellite Division Award Policies and Procedures.

Award Notification and Presentation

Traditionally the Kepler recipient is kept confidential. The Kepler winner shall not be notified in advance. The winner’s nominator may be notified in advance in order to assist with materials required for award presentation. In this case nominator will be asked to keep the Kepler recipient confidential.

Formal presentation of the awards will take place at the ION Satellite Division Annual Meeting (ION GNSS+) in September. Winners will be reported in a subsequent issue of the ION Newsletter.

Past Recipients

1999: Dr. James J. Spilker, Jr.
1998: Dr. Peter Daly
1997: Dr. Gerard Lachapelle
1996: Dr. Frank van Graas
1995: Dr. Richard J. Anderle
1994: Ron Hatch
1993: Dr. A.J. Van Dierendonck
1992: Dr. Rudy Kalafus
1991: Dr. Bradford Parkinson