Norman P. Hays Award

Sponsored by The Institute of Navigation


The purpose of this award is to recognize an individual who has contributed encouragement, inspiration, and support to the advancement of navigation while engaged in management of the military services, civil government or industry, as distinguished from those whose contributions consist primarily of a specific invention, method or research, or as a practicing navigator.


Given in memory of Norman P. Hays, an outstanding navigator, able engineer, and competent manager, who, after a distinguished career as an operational Air Force officer, demonstrated unusual ability as an executive in industry. Hays's managerial career came to an untimely end with his accidental death on July 4, 1965.


  • Individuals engaged in management of the military services, civil government, or industry.
  • A recipient does not have to be a member of the Institute of Navigation.
  • Companies, agencies, bureaus, associations or groups of individuals are not eligible for consideration.
  • The award shall be given, at most, once each year. It shall be given only in those years in which an outstanding nominee is considered worthy of such recognition.
  • Previous recipients are eligible for consideration again if their continuing contributions so warrant.


Nominations for this award may be submitted by anyone, but all nominations must be in conformance with ION nomination standards. Recipients need not be ION members. Nominations received in correct form by October 15 will be considered; submissions received after the closing date will not be considered.

Submit a Nomination

Nominations can be submitted online at the link above, or by email to


The award shall consist of a suitable plaque with appropriate wording.


The presentation of this award is a highlight of the ION International Technical Meeting.

Past Recipients

1999: Mr. Charles R. Trimble
1998: George V. Kinal
1997: Robert Loh
1996: Ron Braff
1995: Capt. James A. Lovell, USN (Ret.)
1994: Jerry W. Bradley
1993: Dr. Calvin O. Culver
1992: Col. Lawrence P. Graviss, USAF
1991: Dr. P. Kenneth Seidelmann
1990: Charles S. Bridge
1989: Samuel B. Claypoole
1988: Eugene J. DeNezza
1987: Keith McDonald
1986: Maurice J. Moroney
1985: Morris M. Kuritsky
1984: Col. Clifton A. Calvez, USAF
1983: Don H. Pickrell, Jr.
1982: Roland Peterson
1981: Lt. Col. Gaylord B. Green, USAF
1980: Thomas J. Montgomery
1979: Robert G. Christiansen
1978: Dr. B. Paul Blasingame
1977: Maj. General John W. Hepfer, USAF
1976: Captain Alfred E. Fiore, USMS
1975: Raynor L. Duncombe
1974: Col. Robert O. McCartan, USAF
1973: Dr. Paul V. Osburn
1972: Jeff Schmidt
1971: Col. Leonard R. Sugermen, USAF
1970: Howard J. Tindall, Jr.
1969: Richard Brandon Kershner
1968: Gene R. Marner
1967: Dr. Robert Clifton Duncan