ION Fellows

The Fellow grade of ION membership was established in 1998 to honor notable members of the Institute who have made outstanding sustained contributions to the art and science of Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT). Fellow is the Institute’s highest honor.


Individuals are nominated for selection as Fellow grade based on their important contributions to the advancement or application of the art and science of PNT. The intent is to select Fellows for sustained contributions through technology, management, practice and teaching, rather than specific accomplishments, for which other awards are more appropriate.

Evaluation Criteria

It is desirable to maintain a balance of professional backgrounds in the selection of ION Fellows. This includes Fellows that come from industry, government/military and academic backgrounds. Special consideration should be given to practitioners and technologists in both industry and government, as well as science and technology managers in industry and government. It should be recognized that professionals from academic backgrounds are more likely to have a greater number of publications than other professionals, but contributions to the art and science of PNT are also evidenced by breakthrough designs, products and demonstrated professional leadership, management skills and/or excellence in teaching. It is incumbent on Council members to actively seek nominations for individuals from these diverse backgrounds.

A. Contributions and their Impact on the PNT Community: Sustained professional accomplishments that have significantly contributed to the advancement of the arts and sciences of PNT in the areas of technology, management, practice or teaching and a demonstrated and sustained impact on the PNT community. Fellows should be selected based upon impact of their contributions, not based on the type or number of areas in which they have contributed (between technology, management, practice or teaching).

B. Additional considerations: Awards received from ION or other navigation-related awards/recognition. An observable presence in the ION community over the long term, including contributions to ION programs and publications.

If multiple nominees are judged to have equally compelling contributions, their contributions to the ION may also be taken into account in order to establish their relative ranking. These contributions include active participation in ION’s technical programs, including papers published in NAVIGATION and at ION conferences; an instructor at an ION-sponsored tutorial, leader of an ION technical working group, and sustained and significant volunteer leadership within the Institute such as ION Council, ION Divisions and ION conference committees.


Nominations can be submitted online, by email to or by mail to:

Chair, Fellows Selection Committee
The Institute of Navigation
8551 Rixlew Ln., Suite 360
Manassas, VA 20109

Nominate a Fellow


Nominations must be received by October 15. Submissions received after the closing date will not be considered. To be considered for following years, nominees not selected in the current year must be resubmitted.

Past Recipients

2024: Dr. Sanjeev Gunawardena
2024: Dr. Keith McDonald
2024: Dr. Susan Skone
2023: Dr. Zaher (Zak) M. Kassas
2023: Dr. Sherman Lo
2023: Mr. Douglas Taggart
2022: Mr. Charles A. Schue
2022: Dr. Charles K. Toth
2022: Dr. Dennis M. Akos
2021: Dr. Demoz Gebre-Egziabher
2021: Dr. Mingquan Lu
2021: Mr. Daniel A. Tazartes
2020: Dr. Todd E. Humphreys
2020: Dr. José Ángel Ávila Rodríguez
2020: Dr. Yang Gao
2019: Dr. Jon Anderson
2019: Dr. Chris G. Bartone
2019: Dr. Oliver Montenbruck
2018: Dr. James Garrison
2018: Prof. David Last
2018: Dr. Yuanxi Yang
2017: Dr. Naser El-Sheimy
2017: Tim Murphy
2017: Dr. Sam Pullen
2016: Dr. Anthea J. Coster
2016: Karl Kovach
2016: Dr. Gary McGraw
2015: Dr. Attila Komjathy
2015: Dr. Y. Jade Morton
2015: Dr. Frank van Diggelen
2014: Dr. Mark Psiaki
2014: Mr. Logan Scott
2014: Prof. Peter Teunissen
2013: Ronald L. Beard
2013: Dr. Alan G. Evans
2013: Prof. Terry Moore
2012: Patricia Doherty
2012: Dr. John Raquet
2012: Prof. Chris Rizos
2011: Dr. David Burch
2011: Dr. Dorota A. Grejner-Brzezinska
2011: Dr. Günter W. Hein
2010: Dr. Raynor L. Duncombe
2010: Mr. John W. Lavrakas
2010: Dr. Boris Pervan
2009: Dr. Michael S. Braasch
2009: Dr. Inder J. Gupta
2008: Mr. James T. Doherty
2008: Dr. Mikel M. Miller
2008: Mr. Marvin B. May
2007: Dr. Christopher J. Hegarty
2007: Dr. James Huddle
2007: Mr. David J. Pietraszewski
2006: Dr. John W. Betz
2006: Dr. Duncan B. Cox, Jr.
2006: Dr. Todd Walter
2005: Anthony S. Abbott
2005: Dr. James L. Farrell
2005: Larry D. Hothem
2005: Joseph N. Portney
2005: BGen (retired) Keith R. Greenaway
2004: Dr. Penina Axelrad
2004: Dr. M. Elizabeth Cannon
2004: Prof. Richard B. Langley
2004: Dr. Benjamin B. Peterson
2004: Mr. Sterling R. Anderson (Posthumous)
2004: Maj. Gen. John W. Hepfer (Posthumous)
2004: Dr. Leonard Kruczynski (Posthumous)
2003: Dr. Alison Brown
2003: Mr. Patrick Fenton
2003: Mr. John A. Klobuchar
2003: Prof. Gérard Lachapelle
2003: Dr. Pratap Misra
2003: Dr. Benjamin W. Remondi
2003: Ms. Karen Van Dyke
2003: Mr. Charles Trimble (Honorary Fellow)
2003: Dr. Kai-Tuen Woo (Posthumous)
2001: Prof. Per Enge
2001: Mr. Roy E. Anderson
2001: Mr. Gaylord Green
2001: Dr. Richard L. Greenspan
2001: Dr. Rudolph M. Kalafus
2001: Mr. Keith D. McDonald
2001: Mr. John R. Moore
2001: Mr. Winslow Palmer
2001: Dr. Frank van Graas
2001: Mr. Alexander B. Winick
2001: Dr. Charles R. Cahn (Honorary Fellow)
2001: Mr. Colin Hugh McIntosh (Posthumous)
2001: Major Gen. Norris B. Harbold (Posthumous)
2001: Mr. Milton B. Trageser (Posthumous)
2000: Brigadier General Robert A. Duffy, USAF (Ret.)
2000: Mr. Ronald R. Hatch
2000: Dr. William J. Klepczynski
2000: Mr. Mortimer Rogoff
2000: Dr. P. Kenneth Seidelmann
2000: Colonel Leonard R. Sugerman, USAF (Ret.)
2000: Dr. A.J. Van Dierendonck
2000: Mr. Phillip W. Ward
2000: Mr. Michael W. Richey (Honorary Fellow)
2000: Dr. Richard Anderle (Posthumous)
2000: Brigadier General Charles Blair, USAF (Posthumous)
2000: Dr. Samuel M. Burka (Posthumous)
2000: Colonel Carl J. Crane, USAF (Posthumous)
2000: Captain Ross Freeman, USN (Posthumous)
2000: Dr. Walter R. Fried (Posthumous)
2000: Mr. Charles E. Hastings (Posthumous)
2000: Mr. William O'Brien (Posthumous)
2000: Mr. Patrick Reynolds (Posthumous)
2000: Mr. Frank B. Brady
2000: Mr. Ronald Braff
1999: Mr. William J. Tull
1999: Mr. David W. Allen
1999: Dr. John C. Bellamy
1999: Dr. R. Grover Brown
1999: Mr. Roger L. Easton
1999: Mr. Edward L. McGann
1999: Dr. Bradford W. Parkinson
1999: Dr. James J. Spilker, Jr.
1999: Mr. Thomas A. Stansell, Jr.
1999: Mr. Eric Swanson