Samuel M. Burka Award

Sponsored by The Institute of Navigation


To recognize outstanding achievement in the preparation of papers advancing the art and science of positioning, navigation, and timing


Given in Memory of Dr. Samuel M. Burka, a dedicated public servant who devoted a long and distinguished career to the research and development of air navigation equipment and reviewing technical material for official publications. He retired from public service in 1958 and died several months later.


Nominations for this award are submitted by the NAVIGATION Editorial Board.


The presentation of this award is a highlight of the ION International Technical Meeting.

Past Recipients

1999: Dr. Jean-Marie Sleewaegen
1998: Dr. Per Enge
1997: Siebren van der Werf
1996: Mats Brenner
1995: John A. Klobuchar, Patricia H. Doherty, and M. Bakry El-Arini
1994: David Last and Dr. Yi Bian
1993: Warren Hundley
1992: Dr. A. J. VanDierendonck
1991: Capt. Benjamin B. Peterson
1990: Dr. Clyde C. Goad
1989: Paul Jorgensen
1988: M. P. Ananda, H. Bernstein, W. A. Feess and T. C. Paugstat
1987: Kevin T. Fitzgibbon and Dr. Bradford Parkinson
1986: Julian L. Center, Jr. and Stanley K. Jordan
1985: Frederick G. Edwards and Peter V. W. Loomis
1984: Robert A. Maher
1983: R. Grover Brown and Patrick Y. C. Hwang
1982: C. San Giovanne, Jr. and E. Levinson
1981: Robert W. Hill and Dr. Walter J. Senus
1980: Paul S. Jorgensen
1979: Louis Carrier, Andrew Van Leeuwen, and Edward Rosen
1978: Dr. R. Grover Brown
1977: Robert J. Kelly
1976: John M. Wuerth
1975: John M. Beukers
1974: John M. Beukers
1973: Charles H. Acton, Jr., and Thomas C. Duxbury
1972: Andrew Edwards, Jr.
1971: Eric R. Swanson
1970: Saul Moskowitz
1969: Morton J. Howard, Jack Kritz
1968: Thomas A. Stansell, Jr.
1967: Loren E. DeGroot, John Larsen
1966: Earl J. McCartney
1965: C. W. Benfield
1964: Maj. William L. Polhemus, USAF
1963: Eldon J. Weigman, Rex G. Hadfield
1962: John S. White, Rodney C. Wingrove
1961: E. Capen, Alan M. Schneider, E.P. Wallner, Jr.
1960: Donald A. Gordon
1959: Leroy R. Hoover, Dr. Leonard Pode, Norman V. Peterson