International GNSS Day

Celebrating International GNSS Day


The Institute of Navigation (ION), with a mission to advance the art and science of Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT), has declared October 23 as International GNSS Day. This annual celebration marks the acknowledgment of the Global Navigation Satellite Systems' (GNSS) vital contributions to the modern world. Chosen for its significance, the date 10.23 mirrors the foundational GPS frequency of 10.23 MHz, a number that resonates as the original heartbeat of GPS satellites, signals, and receivers.

Since its inception, this frequency has been adopted by all GNSS service providers, forming the basis of L-band signals for over 100 navigation satellites today. International GNSS Day not only commemorates this pivotal frequency, but also celebrates half a century since the inception of GPS, paying homage to the developers and visionaries who have made satellite navigation what it is today.

Proposed by Dr. Joanna Hinks of AFRL, International GNSS Day extends the tradition of celebrating technological marvels, much like International Pi Day. It's a day dedicated to acknowledging the extensive impacts of GNSS technologies across various sectors, including but not limited to, transportation, agriculture, aviation, and surveying. By bringing together nations, organizations, and individuals who have contributed to advancing GNSS technology, International GNSS Day fosters a global appreciation for the critical role GNSS plays in our interconnected lives.

Why Celebrate International GNSS Day?

The establishment of this day by ION is a call to action for professionals, enthusiasts, educators, and the public to engage in educational activities, workshops, and festivities that highlight the importance and innovations of GNSS. It's an opportunity to share knowledge, celebrate technological achievements, and inspire future innovations that continue to navigate us through the course of our daily lives and into the future.

How to Celebrate

Whether you're a GNSS professional, academic, enthusiast, or just starting to explore PNT technology, you can celebrate International GNSS Day by inspiring the next generation. Use our educational resources to teach aspiring PNT professionals about the importance of GNSS. Lead workshops or interactive sessions to spark curiosity and passion for GNSS (and be sure to share your experience with us!).

Dive into our Navigation Education Materials with 10 engaging lessons designed to introduce the wonders of navigation. Perfect for young enthusiasts! 

Educational Resources for Middle Schools/ High Schools

Explore advanced concepts with our series of six video lessons,  created in collaboration with IEEE; perfect for future navigators and engineers!

Ready to Celebrate?

Mark your calendar, download resources, and start planning your International GNSS Day celebration. We can't wait to see how you commemorate this day! Share your stories, photos, or videos with us. Simply email us your International GNSS Day experience for us to share with the PNT community!