ION Education Programs

ION's mission of "advancing positioning, navigation and timing" is carried out in part by its many educational activities. The following is a sample of educational efforts in which ION members instruct and challenge those who wish to learn more about the industry. 

Online Tutorials

"The Basics of Satellite Navigation," presented by Dr. Per Enge of Stanford University, is a four segment course that explains the fundamentals, applications, mathematics and performance of satellite navigation systems. "GPS/GNSS and Inertial Navigation", presented by Dr. James L. Farrell of VIGIL, Inc. , is a two segment course that explains introductory materials describing inertial and satellite navigation. Each tutorial offers a classroom experience using video segments with PowerPoint viewgraphs inset into the video recording.

Autonomous Snowplow Competition

The purpose of this competition is to challenge university and college students, as well as the general public, to design, build, and operate a fully autonomous snowplow to remove snow from a designated path. The objectives of this competition include encouraging students and individuals to utilize the state of the art in navigation and control technologies to rapidly, accurately, and safely clear a path of snow. 

Navigation Education Plans

The ION's Navigation Education Plans facilitate the introduction of navigation in middle school curricula and encourage the involvement of ION members in educational outreach activities. 10 lessons are included on a variety of navigation topics. Educators are encouraged to integrate these materials into their lesson plans. 

ION Virtual Museum

The ION began the ION Virtual Museum to preserve the history of the art and science of navigation.  The virtual museum allows visitors to read descriptions, view photographs, and obtain detailed information on devices, systems, components, and/or methods in a convenient electronic format.