2013 Distinguished Service Award

Presented to: Mr. Ronald Braff

Citation: In recognition of over 24 years of service to NAVIGATION, The Journal of The Institute of Navigation.


Mr. Ronald Braff served as editor of NAVIGATION, The Journal of The Institute of Navigation from 1987-1997 during which time he was instrumental in improving and modernizing the journal. He served as an associated editor from 1997-2013 and has been instrumental in screening exceptional papers from ION conferences for potential journal publication. He has also been a prolific author in the journal, having papers published in NAVIGATION every decade since the 1960’s.

Mr. Braff has worked at The MITRE Corporation and Federal Aviation Administration for 51 years where his involvement included VORTAC modernization, Loran C, Omega, and GPS augmentation applications to the National Airspace System. He is currently a parttime employee at MITRE. He is a past recipient of the ION’s Hayes and Distinguished Service Awards. He is an ION Fellow and Royal Institute of Navigation Fellow.