Student Awards

In addition to the major awards, the ION sponsors student awards for navigation excellence. Cash awards are available to outstanding students of navigation selected by the faculty of recognized academies. For an application form, contact:

The Institute of Navigation
8551 Rixlew Lane, Suite 360
Manassas, VA 20109
Phone: 703-366-2723
Fax: 703-366-2724

Student Awards Policy

Section-sponsored Graduate Student Award Program

Application Form


The section sponsored graduate student awards program is established to encourage and advance navigation education; to provide outreach and ION publicity to university faculty and students; to encourage the growth, development and involvement of graduate students in fields of study that support the advancement of the art and science of navigation; to identify future academic resources to the ION in terms of viable session and program chairs for ION meetings; and to foster relationships between academic institutions and local ION section membership.


In support of those objectives the ION is will provide on an annual basis a certificate and $2000 prize to qualifying educational institutions to recognize a graduate level student(s) who demonstrates excellence in navigation. Because of the diversity of the field of navigation, each institution will be invited to propose its own creative criterion for selection of awardee(s). Participating universities shall select a faculty representative who shall interface with the local ION section and shall notify section of recipient(s).


  1. Universities that wish to be considered for this program must be located within the boundaries of an established ION section.
  2. Award criteria must be approved by the local section prior to the commencement of program or selection of recipient. Selection criteria shall align with the goals of the Institute. University shall ensure proper publicity of award availability to students.
  3. Funding for award must be approved by applicable ION section chair on an annual basis. Each university shall be eligible for no more than $2000 between April 1- March 31 of each calendar year. Applications and award criteria may be submitted at any time during this period.
  4. Before the ION will make the award payment, the faculty representative shall report award recipient and proposed award citation to ION Section Chair who shall in turn provide information to the ION National Office.
  5. The award may be given to more than one student if so stated in the award criteria. However, the total annual award amount for all awardees together at any single university will not exceed $2000.
  6. Award recipient(s) must be a full time student(s) at the time the award is made and an ION member. Individual students may only receive award one time.
  7. Award recipient must make presentation at an ION conference or to the local ION section sponsoring award within six months of receipt of award.
  8. Prize shall be provided by check from the ION National Office, made payable to university who shall then issue funds to award recipient. University agrees to provide these funds on a pass-through basis without university surcharge.
  9. As with other ION programs, final responsibility and oversight of the award and awards criteria lies with the ION Council, and award requirements and funding may be modified or eliminated without notice.
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