Tycho Brahe Award

Founded by Mimi Janislawski & Col. Leonard R. Sugerman

Sponsored by Col. Leonard R. Sugerman Award Trust


The purpose of this award is to recognize an individual who has made an outstanding contribution specifically to the science of spacecraft navigation, guidance and control and whose actions have benefited civilization in any form. Contributions may include scientific advances, novel instrument development, experiments, and applications to deep space, interplanetary and near-Earth spacecraft navigation.


Given in memory of Mary Tornich Janislawski, developer of the Mark II Plotter, a charter member of The Institute of Navigation, the first woman to have received an ION Annual Award, a civilian aviation instructor, a teacher at the University of California at Berkeley and Stanford and a respected author. This award was generously endowed by Col. Leonard Sugerman (USAF, Ret.), a past president of The Institute of Navigation (1970–1971).

Eligibility and Regulations

  • A recipient does not have to be a member of the Institute of Navigation.
  • Companies, agencies, bureaus, associations or groups of individuals are not eligible for consideration.
  • The award shall be given, at most, once each year. It shall be given only in those years in which an outstanding nominee is considered worthy of such recognition.
  • Previous recipients are eligible for consideration again if their continuing contributions so warrant.


Nominations for this award may be submitted by anyone, but all nominations must be in conformance with ION nomination standards. Recipients need not be ION members. Nominations received in correct form by October 15 will be considered; submissions received after the closing date will not be considered.

Submit a Nomination

Nominations can be submitted online at the link above, or by email to mlewis@ion.org.


The award shall consist of a suitable plaque with appropriate wording.


The presentation of this award is a highlight of the ION International Technical Meeting.

Previous Recipients