2007 Distinguished Service Award

Presented to: Dr. Mikel M. Miller

Citation: For his visionary leadership in promoting navigation education through the establishment, promotion and administration of the ION Satellite Division’s Robotic Lawn Mower Competition.

Dr. Mikel M. Miller

The ION’s Robotic Lawn Mower Competition supports ION’s mission of advancing the art and science of navigation by presenting a practical challenge to teams of students. Dr. Mikel Miller had the visionary foresight to create the competition and provide enthusiastic support for the program by proposing and organizing the first competition. Dr. Miller donated his time and energy to make local arrangements and organize the volunteer efforts to sustain such a competition for the ION Dayton Section over the past four years.

In subsequent years, Dr. Miller’s passion for the competition has resulted in substantial monetary support from organizations including the ION’s Satellite Division, Air Force Research Laboratory, Honeywell, and NavCom Technology. 

Dr. Miller’s continued leadership has developed and expanded the technical complexity of the challenge, requiring students to continually innovate and improve their use of navigation technology. Now in its fifth year, the competition has grown in participation and has received favorable media exposure.