Sales Contact:
Juan R, Martin
Director of Navigation Strategy and BD


Isaac Newton 11
Tres Cantos, Madrid 28760

About Us:
When it comes to GNSS technology, systems and applications, GMV delivers. Our specialised know-how of GNSS includes ephemeris, clock and integrity data computation for real-time operational systems, the very core of GNSS. GMV's algorithms and systems are state-of-the art and surpass the most demanding requirements.
GMV is also breaking new ground in GNSS applications, transportation, logistics, security, agriculture, air and maritime traffic control and emergency and humanitarian aid.
GMV is one of the leading GNSS companies in Europe working on the following fields:

- GNSS applications: road, maritime, air, personal mobility, agriculture, etc.
- GNSS Experimentation
- System Design and System Engineering
- Navigation and Integrity Algorithms, including Orbit Determinations, Time Synchronisation, Ionosphere, etc.
- Safety Critical SW developments
- SBAS and GBAS systems
- Receiver technology
- Precise Point Positioning
- Liability Critical Applications
- Etc.