NAVIGATION: Journal of the Institute of Navigation

ISSN 0028-1522

NAVIGATION is a quarterly journal published by the Institute of Navigation. The journal publishes original, peer-reviewed articles on all areas related to the science and technology of air, sea, land and space navigation, including estimation of position, velocity, attitude, and time, and the technologies that support the determination of these quantities. Supporting technologies include navigation aids and instrumentation, algorithms and methods, error and integrity analysis, signal processing, biological navigation systems, surveying and geodesy. The journal also publishes selected historical and survey articles, as well as papers of exceptional quality drawn from the Institute’s conference proceedings. NAVIGATION is indexed in the Thomson Reuters Science Citation Index Expanded (also known as SciSearch® ), Thomson Reuters Journal Citation Reports/Science Edition, and Thomson Reuters Current Contents®/Engineering Computing and Technology. Additionally, NAVIGATION is abstracted in Electrical and Electronics Abstracts. Citations and abstracts of articles in Navigation can also be found using the INSPEC online database.

A searchable archive of past issues is available online, along with tables of contents from each issue listed chronologically.

Article Submission

NAVIGATION, Journal of the Institute of Navigation, publishes original manuscripts, selected papers from The Institute's meetings and, when appropriate, invited papers.

Submission of a manuscript is a representation that the paper has not been previously published in open literature, is not currently submitted for publication elsewhere, and that the author(s) have not assigned or transferred copyright.

Authors should reflect clear thought through chosen, specific words composed in direct, responsible and active syntax. The Editor cannot undertake to rewrite papers and therefore will return manuscripts found deficient in style, form, or clarity.

Submit a Manuscript

Instructions and help prompts are provided on-screen. You will be prompted to provide contact information, manuscript details and to upload your manuscript file(s). In order to ensure that your manuscript conforms to journal style, please consult the “Instructions and Forms” located on the submission site. A completed submission is confirmed by email and your paper will enter the editorial process. You can check the progress of your manuscript at any time by returning to the submission site. When a decision is made, revisions can be submitted online, with an opportunity to view and respond to all comments.

A page proof is sent to the author. It should be proofread carefully, marked according to instructions, and returned to the Editor promptly. Extensive alterations and revisions are costly, time consuming and may delay publication. Excessive costs will be charged to the author.

Editorial Questions

Address editorial questions to:

Dr. Boris Pervan
Illinois Institute of Technology
10 West 32 St.
Chicago, IL 60616

NAVIGATION Editorial Board


Boris Pervan

Associate Editors

Penina Axelrad
Pau Closas
Paul Groves
Christopher Hegarty
Changdon Kee
Jiyun Lee
Gary McGraw
Michael Meurer
Thomas Pany
Mark Petovello
Jason Rife
Andrey Soloviev
Maarten Uijt de Haag
Todd Walter

Managing Editor

Lisa L. Beaty

Administrative Editor

Fiona Walter