NAVIGATION, Journal of the Institute of Navigation

Volume: 68
Published: 2021

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   Volume 68, Number 1 (Spring 2021)
TitleAuthorPage Numbers
Navigator Notes: Editorial Highlights from the Editor-in-Chief Richard B. Langley3 - 9
ION GNSS software-defined radio metadata standard
Video Abstract
Sanjeev Gunawardena, Thomas Pany, and James Curran11 - 20
Design of a parallelized direct position estimation-based GNSS receiver
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Matthew Peretic and Grace X. Gao21 - 39
Using dual-polarization GPS antenna with optimized adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system to improve single point positioning accuracy in urban canyons
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Rui Sun, Linxia Fu, Guanyu Wang, Qi Cheng, Li-Ta Hsu, and Washington Yotto Ochieng41 - 60
Multi-slices navigation approach for unknown 3D environments using micro aerial vehicles
H. A. Mohamed, A. M. Moussa, N. El-Sheimy, M. M. Elhabiby61 - 73
GNSS C/N0 degradation model in presence of continuous wave and pulsed interference Axel Garcia-Pena, Olivier Julien, Christophe Macabiau, Mikael Mabilleau, Pierre Durel75 - 91
GNSS interference mitigation: A measurement and position domain assessment
Daniele Borio and Ciro Gioia93 - 114
Terrain-referenced navigation using a steerable-laser measurement sensor Jason D. Carroll and Aaron J. Canciani115 - 134
Network-based ionospheric gradient monitoring to support GBAS
Video Abstract
Maria Caamano, José Miguel Juan, Michael Felux, Daniel Gerbeth, Guillermo González-Casado, Jaume Sanz135 - 156
Characterizing BDS signal-in-space performance from integrity perspective
Video Abstract
Shizhuang Wang, Yawei Zhai, and Xingqun Zhan157 - 183
A low complexity smoothing algorithm for improved GPS point solutions on board LEO spacecraft Damon Van Buren, Penina Axelrad, Scott Palo185 - 198
A long-term broadcast ephemeris model for extended operation of GNSS satellites Oliver Montenbruck, Peter Steigenberger, Moritz Aicher199 - 215
Deriving Accurate Time from Assisted GNSS Using Extended Ambiguity Resolution Ryan Blay, Boyi Wang, Dennis M. Akos217 - 229
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   Volume 68, Number 2 (Summer 2021)
TitleAuthorPage Numbers
Navigator Notes: Editorial Highlights from the Editor-in-Chief Richard B. Langley239 - 242
GNSS spoofing detection through spatial processing
Fabian Rothmaier, Yu-Hsuan Chen, Sherman Lo, Todd Walter243 - 258
Overbounding the effect of uncertain Gauss-Markov noise in Kalman filtering
Video Abstract
Steve Langel, Omar García Crespillo, Mathieu Joerger259 - 276
Novel prior position determination approaches in particle filter for ultra wideband (UWB)-based indoor positioning Ning Zhou, Lawrence Lau, Ruibin Bai, Terry Moore277 - 292
Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) Universal Access Transceiver (UAT) transmissions for Alternative Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (APNT): Concept & practice Sherman Lo, Yu-Hsuan Chen293 - 313
Factor graph optimization for GNSS/INS integration: A comparison with the extended Kalman filter
Video Abstract
Weisong Wen, Tim Pfeifer, Xiwei Bai, Li-Ta Hsu315 - 331
Case study of Bayesian RAIM algorithm integrated with Spatial Feature Constraint and Fault Detection and Exclusion algorithms for multi-sensor positioning Jelena Gabela, Allison Kealy, Mark Hedley, Bill Moran333 - 351
Navigation and ionosphere characterization using high-frequency signals: Models and solution concepts Yoav Baumgarten, Mark L. Psiaki, David L. Hysell353 - 367
Performance assessment of GNSS diffraction models in urban areas
Video Abstract
Guohao Zhang, Li-Ta Hsu369 - 389
Ionospheric spatial decorrelation assessment for GBAS daytime operations in Brazil
Video Abstract
Hyeyeon Chang, Moonseok Yoon, Sam Pullen, Leonardo Marini-Pereira, Jiyun Lee391 - 404
Development of BeiDou Satellite-Based Augmentation System Liu Cheng, Gao Weiguang, Shao Bo, Lu Jun, Wang Wei, Chen Ying, Su Chengeng, Xiong Shuai, Ding Qun405 - 417
Precise real-time navigation of LEO satellites using GNSS broadcast ephemerides André Hauschild, Oliver Montenbruck419 - 432
Enabling ambiguity resolution in CSRS-PPP Simon Banville, Elyes Hassen, Philippe Lamothe, Justin Farinaccio, Brian Donahue, Yves Mireault, Mohammad Ali Goudarzi, Paul Collins, Reza Ghoddousi-Fard, Omid Kamali433 - 451
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   Volume 68, Number 3 (Fall 2021)
TitleAuthorPage Numbers
Navigator Notes: Editorial Highlights from the Editor-in-Chief Dr. Richard B. Langley461 - 464
Concept, signal design, and measurement studies of the R-mode Baltic system Krzysztof Bronk, Patryk Koncicki, Adam Lipka, Rafal Niski, and Blazej Wereszko465 - 483
Adapting the Boerdijk–Coxeter helix as node configuration for GPS-denied localization in three dimensions Alvin Goh Cheng Ann, Shaohui Foong, Alvee Ahmed, and Gim Song Soh485 - 506
Closed-form analysis of undetected range errors due to ionospheric impacts for GBAS category I operations Dongwoo Kim, Moonseok Yoon, Sam Pullen, and Jiyun Lee507 - 519
A novel approach for aiding unscented Kalman filter for bridging GNSS outages in integrated navigation systems
Video Abstract
Nader Al Bitar and Alexander Gavrilov521 - 539
Sensitivity of advanced RAIM performance to mischaracterizations in integrity support message values
Video Abstract
Young Lee, Brian Bian, Ali Odeh, and Jianming She541 - 558
Relative navigation technique with constrained GNSS data for formation-flying CubeSat mission, CANYVAL-C Eunji Lee, Jihae Son, and Sang-Young Park559 - 575
Air data fault detection and isolation for small UAS using integrity monitoring framework
Video Abstract
Kerry Sun and Demoz Gebre-Egziabher577 - 600
One-way deep indoor positioning system for conventional GNSS receiver using paired transmitters Minhuck Park, Jin-Hee Han, O-Jong Kim, Jungbeom Kim, and Changdon Kee601 - 619
Navigation using carrier Doppler shift from a LEO constellation: TRANSIT on steroids Mark L. Psiaki621 - 641
Data-driven protection levels for camera and 3D map-based safe urban localization
Video Abstract
Shubh Gupta and Grace Gao643 - 660