NAVIGATION, Journal of the Institute of Navigation

Volume: 67
Published: 2020

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   Volume 67, Number 1 (Spring 2020)
TitleAuthorPage Numbers
GPS-based satellite formation flight simulation and applications to ionospheric remote sensingYuXiang Peng, Wayne A. Scales, Thom R. Edwards3 - 21
A new array concept using spatially distributed subarrays for unambiguous GNSS interference mitigation in automotive applicationsMarius Brachvogel, Michael Niestroj, Soeren Zorn, Michael Meurer, Syed N. Hasnain, Ralf Stephan, Matthias A. Hein23 - 41
Improving environment detection by behavior association for context-adaptive navigationHan Gao and Paul D. Groves43 - 60
Development of the dual-frequency dual-constellation airborne multipath modelsMihaela-Simona Circiu, Stefano Caizzone, Michael Felux, Christoph Enneking, Markus Rippl, Michael Meurer61 - 81
Performance of dual-channel codeless and semicodeless processingJohn W. Betz and Alessandro P. Cerruti67 - 1
Flight results of GPS-based attitude determination for the Canadian CASSIOPE satelliteA. Hauschild, O. Montenbruck, R. B. Langley83 - 93
MagSLAM: Aerial simultaneous localization and mapping using Earth's magnetic anomaly fieldTaylor N. Lee and Aaron J. Canciani95 - 107
Galileo model of group delay accuracy for advanced RAIM usersIlaria Martini, Matteo Sgammini, Juan Pablo Boyero129 - 141
An overview of the effects of out-of-band interference on GNSS receiversChristopher J. Hegarty, Dan Bobyn, Joe Grabowski, A.J. Van Dierendonck143 - 161
Integration of positioning and activity context information for lifelog in urban city areaYanlei Gu, Dailin Li, Yoshihiko Kamiya, Shunsuke Kamijo163 - 179
A two-parameter multifrequency GPS signal simulator for strong equatorial ionospheric scintillation: modeling and parameter characterizationDongyang Xu, Y.T. Jade Morton, Charles L. Rino, Charles S. Carrano, Yu Jiao181 - 195
Impact of sample correlation on SISRE overbound for ARAIMSantiago Perea, Michael Meurer, Boris Pervan197 - 212
Erratum: Frequency tracking and mitigation method based on CPHD filter and adaptive multiple linear Kalman notch filter for multiple GNSS interferenceKim SY, Kang CH, Park CG213 - 213
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   Volume 67, Number 2 (Summer 2020)
TitleAuthorPage Numbers
Integrity risk evaluation of impact of ionospheric anomalies on GAST D GBASMoonseok Yoon, Jiyun Lee, Sam Pullen223 - 234
Multi-constellation ARAIM exploiting satellite motionMathieu Joerger, Boris Pervan235 - 253
Relative navigation of fixed-wing aircraft in GPS-denied environmentsGary Ellingson, Kevin Brink, Tim McLain255 - 273
Extracting unmodeled systematic errors from BDS orbit determination residuals and application in SPP/PPPGuangbao Hu, Shirong Ye, Dezhong Chen, Lewen Zhao, FengYu Xia, Xiaolei Dai, Peng Jiang275 - 289
Analysis of phase bias between GNSS signal components caused by nonideal group delayYuqi Liu, Yi Yang, Lin Chen, Hongchen Pan, Yihang Ran291 - 305
Generation of crustal movement correction parameter considering valid period and accuracy guaranteeYuki Ichikawa, Mikihiro Hosoi307 - 317
A simple model for GPS C/A-code self-interferenceChristopher J. Hegarty319 - 331
Autonomous clock ensemble algorithm for GNSS applicationsMichael J. Coleman, Ronald L. Beard333 - 346
Assessment of errors in NavIC observables for stationary receiversAlthaf Azeez, Hari Hablani347 - 364
High-parity vertical Reed-Solomon codes for long GNSS high-accuracy messagesIgnacio Fernández-Hernández, Tommaso Senni, Daniele Borio, Giovanni Vecchione365 - 378
Signal deformation fault monitors for dual-frequency GBASJunesol Song, Carl Milner, Ikhlas Selmi379 - 396
Resilient multipath prediction and detection architecture for low-cost navigation in challenging urban areasIvan Smolyakov, Mohammad Rezaee, Richard B. Langley397 - 409
Characterization of on-orbit GPS transmit antenna patterns for space usersJennifer E. Donaldson, Joel J.K. Parker, Michael C. Moreau, Dolan E. Highsmith, Philip D. Martzen411 - 438
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   Volume 67, Number 3 (Fall 2020)
TitleAuthorPage Numbers
Navigator notes: Editorial highlights from the editor-in-chiefRichard B. Langley447 - 450
A novel in-motion alignment method for underwater SINS using a state-dependent Lie group filterFujun Pei, Hao Xu, Ning Jiang, Desen Zhu451 - 470
Optimizing the co-design of message structure and channel coding to reduce the TTD for a Galileo 2nd generation signalLorenzo Ortega, Charly Poulliat, Marie Laure Boucheret, Marion Aubault-Roudier, Hanaa Al-Bitar471 - 492
Residual-based multi-filter methodology for all-source fault detection, exclusion, and performance monitoringJuan Jurado, John Raquet, Christine M. Schubert Kabban, Jonathon Gipson493 - 510
Survey on signal processing for GNSS under ionospheric scintillation: Detection, monitoring, and mitigationJordi Vilà-Valls, Nicola Linty, Pau Closas, Fabio Dovis, James T. Curran511 - 536
Characterization and mitigation of interference between GNSS radio occultation and reflectometry signals for low-altitude occultationsIan Collett, Y. T. Jade Morton, Yang Wang, Brian Breitsch537 - 546
Improved urban navigation with shadow matching and specular matchingKirsten L. Strandjord, Penina Axelrad, Shan Mohiuddin547 - 566
Flight test of a pseudo-ranging signal compatible with existing distance measuring equipment (DME) ground stationsSherman Lo, Yu-Hsuan Chen, Per Enge, Wouter Pelgrum, Kuangmin Li, George Weida, Achim Soelter567 - 582
Integrity monitoring of Graph-SLAM using GPS and fish-eye cameraSriramya Bhamidipati, Grace Xingxin Gao583 - 600
Kalman filtering with noncoherent integrations for Galileo E6-B trackingMelania Susi, Daniele Borio601 - 618
Mesh topology based clock synchronization technique for pseudolite systemsTengfei Wang, Zheng Yao, Mingquan Lu619 - 632
High-precision unambiguous tracking technique for BDS B1 wideband composite signalYang Gao, Zheng Yao, Mingquan Lu633 - 650
Automatic detection of ionospheric scintillation-like GNSS satellite oscillator anomaly using a machine-learning algorithmYunxiang Liu, Y. Jade Morton651 - 662