NAVIGATION, Journal of the Institute of Navigation

Volume: 67
Published: 2020

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   Volume 67, Number 1 (Spring 2020)
TitleAuthorPage Numbers
GPS-based satellite formation flight simulation and applications to ionospheric remote sensingYuXiang Peng, Wayne A. Scales, Thom R. Edwards3 - 21
A new array concept using spatially distributed subarrays for unambiguous GNSS interference mitigation in automotive applicationsMarius Brachvogel, Michael Niestroj, Soeren Zorn, Michael Meurer, Syed N. Hasnain, Ralf Stephan, Matthias A. Hein23 - 41
Improving environment detection by behavior association for context-adaptive navigationHan Gao and Paul D. Groves43 - 60
Development of the dual-frequency dual-constellation airborne multipath modelsMihaela-Simona Circiu, Stefano Caizzone, Michael Felux, Christoph Enneking, Markus Rippl, Michael Meurer61 - 81
Performance of dual-channel codeless and semicodeless processingJohn W. Betz and Alessandro P. Cerruti67 - 1
Flight results of GPS-based attitude determination for the Canadian CASSIOPE satelliteA. Hauschild, O. Montenbruck, R. B. Langley83 - 93
MagSLAM: Aerial simultaneous localization and mapping using Earth's magnetic anomaly fieldTaylor N. Lee and Aaron J. Canciani95 - 107
Galileo model of group delay accuracy for advanced RAIM usersIlaria Martini, Matteo Sgammini, Juan Pablo Boyero129 - 141
An overview of the effects of out-of-band interference on GNSS receiversChristopher J. Hegarty, Dan Bobyn, Joe Grabowski, A.J. Van Dierendonck143 - 161
Integration of positioning and activity context information for lifelog in urban city areaYanlei Gu, Dailin Li, Yoshihiko Kamiya, Shunsuke Kamijo163 - 179
A two-parameter multifrequency GPS signal simulator for strong equatorial ionospheric scintillation: modeling and parameter characterizationDongyang Xu, Y.T. Jade Morton, Charles L. Rino, Charles S. Carrano, Yu Jiao181 - 195
Impact of sample correlation on SISRE overbound for ARAIMSantiago Perea, Michael Meurer, Boris Pervan197 - 212
Erratum: Frequency tracking and mitigation method based on CPHD filter and adaptive multiple linear Kalman notch filter for multiple GNSS interferenceKim SY, Kang CH, Park CG213 - 213