NAVIGATION, Journal of the Institute of Navigation

Volume: 67
Published: 2020

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   Volume 67, Number 1 (Spring 2020)
TitleAuthorPage Numbers
GPS-based satellite formation flight simulation and applications to ionospheric remote sensing YuXiang Peng, Wayne A. Scales, Thom R. Edwards3 - 21
A new array concept using spatially distributed subarrays for unambiguous GNSS interference mitigation in automotive applications Marius Brachvogel, Michael Niestroj, Soeren Zorn, Michael Meurer, Syed N. Hasnain, Ralf Stephan, Matthias A. Hein23 - 41
Improving environment detection by behavior association for context-adaptive navigation
Han Gao, Paul D. Groves43 - 60
Development of the dual-frequency dual-constellation airborne multipath models Mihaela-Simona Circiu, Stefano Caizzone, Michael Felux, Christoph Enneking, Markus Rippl, Michael Meurer61 - 81
Flight results of GPS-based attitude determination for the Canadian CASSIOPE satellite
A. Hauschild, O. Montenbruck, R. B. Langley83 - 93
MagSLAM: Aerial simultaneous localization and mapping using Earth's magnetic anomaly field Taylor N. Lee and Aaron J. Canciani95 - 107
Performance of dual-channel codeless and semicodeless processing John W. Betz and Alessandro P. Cerruti109 - 128
Galileo model of group delay accuracy for advanced RAIM users Ilaria Martini, Matteo Sgammini, Juan Pablo Boyero129 - 141
An overview of the effects of out-of-band interference on GNSS receivers Christopher J. Hegarty, Dan Bobyn, Joe Grabowski, A.J. Van Dierendonck143 - 161
Integration of positioning and activity context information for lifelog in urban city area Yanlei Gu, Dailin Li, Yoshihiko Kamiya, Shunsuke Kamijo163 - 179
A two-parameter multifrequency GPS signal simulator for strong equatorial ionospheric scintillation: modeling and parameter characterization Dongyang Xu, Y.T. Jade Morton, Charles L. Rino, Charles S. Carrano, Yu Jiao181 - 195
Impact of sample correlation on SISRE overbound for ARAIM
Santiago Perea, Michael Meurer, Boris Pervan197 - 212
Erratum: Frequency tracking and mitigation method based on CPHD filter and adaptive multiple linear Kalman notch filter for multiple GNSS interference Kim SY, Kang CH, Park CG213 - 213
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   Volume 67, Number 2 (Summer 2020)
TitleAuthorPage Numbers
Integrity risk evaluation of impact of ionospheric anomalies on GAST D GBAS Moonseok Yoon, Jiyun Lee, Sam Pullen223 - 234
Multi-constellation ARAIM exploiting satellite motion
Mathieu Joerger, Boris Pervan235 - 253
Relative navigation of fixed-wing aircraft in GPS-denied environments
Gary Ellingson, Kevin Brink, Tim McLain255 - 273
Extracting unmodeled systematic errors from BDS orbit determination residuals and application in SPP/PPP Guangbao Hu, Shirong Ye, Dezhong Chen, Lewen Zhao, FengYu Xia, Xiaolei Dai, Peng Jiang275 - 289
Analysis of phase bias between GNSS signal components caused by nonideal group delay Yuqi Liu, Yi Yang, Lin Chen, Hongchen Pan, Yihang Ran291 - 305
Generation of crustal movement correction parameter considering valid period and accuracy guarantee Yuki Ichikawa, Mikihiro Hosoi307 - 317
A simple model for GPS C/A-code self-interference Christopher J. Hegarty319 - 331
Autonomous clock ensemble algorithm for GNSS applications Michael J. Coleman, Ronald L. Beard333 - 346
Assessment of errors in NavIC observables for stationary receivers Althaf Azeez, Hari Hablani347 - 364
High-parity vertical Reed-Solomon codes for long GNSS high-accuracy messages Ignacio Fernández-Hernández, Tommaso Senni, Daniele Borio, Giovanni Vecchione365 - 378
Signal deformation fault monitors for dual-frequency GBAS Junesol Song, Carl Milner, Ikhlas Selmi379 - 396
Resilient multipath prediction and detection architecture for low-cost navigation in challenging urban areas
Video Abstract
Ivan Smolyakov, Mohammad Rezaee, Richard B. Langley397 - 409
Characterization of on-orbit GPS transmit antenna patterns for space users Jennifer E. Donaldson, Joel J.K. Parker, Michael C. Moreau, Dolan E. Highsmith, Philip D. Martzen411 - 438
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   Volume 67, Number 3 (Fall 2020)
TitleAuthorPage Numbers
Navigator notes: Editorial highlights from the editor-in-chief Richard B. Langley447 - 450
A novel in-motion alignment method for underwater SINS using a state-dependent Lie group filter Fujun Pei, Hao Xu, Ning Jiang, Desen Zhu451 - 470
Optimizing the co-design of message structure and channel coding to reduce the TTD for a Galileo 2nd generation signal Lorenzo Ortega, Charly Poulliat, Marie Laure Boucheret, Marion Aubault-Roudier, Hanaa Al-Bitar471 - 492
Residual-based multi-filter methodology for all-source fault detection, exclusion, and performance monitoring
Juan Jurado, John Raquet, Christine M. Schubert Kabban, Jonathon Gipson493 - 510
Survey on signal processing for GNSS under ionospheric scintillation: Detection, monitoring, and mitigation Jordi Vilà-Valls, Nicola Linty, Pau Closas, Fabio Dovis, James T. Curran511 - 536
Characterization and mitigation of interference between GNSS radio occultation and reflectometry signals for low-altitude occultations
Video Abstract
Ian Collett, Y. T. Jade Morton, Yang Wang, Brian Breitsch537 - 546
Improved urban navigation with shadow matching and specular matching Kirsten L. Strandjord, Penina Axelrad, Shan Mohiuddin547 - 566
Flight test of a pseudo-ranging signal compatible with existing distance measuring equipment (DME) ground stations
Video Abstract
Sherman Lo, Yu-Hsuan Chen, Per Enge, Wouter Pelgrum, Kuangmin Li, George Weida, Achim Soelter567 - 582
Integrity monitoring of Graph-SLAM using GPS and fish-eye camera
Video Abstract
Sriramya Bhamidipati, Grace Xingxin Gao583 - 600
Kalman filtering with noncoherent integrations for Galileo E6-B tracking
Video Abstract
Melania Susi, Daniele Borio601 - 618
Mesh topology based clock synchronization technique for pseudolite systems
Video Abstract
Tengfei Wang, Zheng Yao, Mingquan Lu619 - 632
High-precision unambiguous tracking technique for BDS B1 wideband composite signal
Video Abstract
Yang Gao, Zheng Yao, Mingquan Lu633 - 650
Automatic detection of ionospheric scintillation-like GNSS satellite oscillator anomaly using a machine-learning algorithm
Yunxiang Liu, Y. Jade Morton651 - 662
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   Volume 67, Number 4 (Winter 2020)
TitleAuthorPage Numbers
Navigator Notes: Editorial Highlights from the Editor-in-Chief Richard B. Langley671 - 673
Effect of GPS III weighted voting on P(Y) receiver processing performance
David William Allen, Alberto Arredondo, Daniel R. Barnes Capt., John W. Betz, Alessandro P. Cerruti, Benjamin Davidson, Karl L. Kovach, Alexander Utter675 - 689
Performance comparison of time-of-arrival estimation techniques for LTE signals in realistic multipath propagation channels Pai Wang, Y. Jade Morton691 - 712
HEAD: smootH Estimation of wAlking Direction with a handheld device embedding inertial, GNSS, and magnetometer sensors
Video Abstract
Johan Perul, Valerie Renaudin713 - 726
GNSS interferometric reflectometry signature-based defense Steven W. Lewis, C. Edward Chow, Felipe Geremia-Nievinski, Dennis M. Akos, Sherman Lo727 - 743
Novel partial correlation method algorithm for acquisition of GNSS tiered signals
Video Abstract
Jirí Svaton, František Vejražka, Pavel Kubalík, Jan Schmidt, Jaroslav Borecký745 - 762
Improving the calibration process of inertial measurement unit for marine applications
Video Abstract
Hossein Rahimi, Amir Ali Nikkhah763 - 774
An efficient tuning framework for Kalman filter parameter optimization using design of experiments and genetic algorithms
Video Abstract
Alan Zhang, Mohamed Maher Atia775 - 793
Sensitivity Analysis of Precision Inertial Sensor-based Navigation System (SAPIENS)
Video Abstract
Rachit Bhatia, David Geller795 - 822
A collocation framework to retrieve tropospheric delays from a combination of GNSS and InSAR
Video Abstract
Endrit Shehaj, Karina Wilgan, Othmar Frey, Alain Geiger823 - 842
Modular framework for implementation and analysis of recursive filters with considered and neglected parameters Kyle J. DeMars, Kari C. Ward843 - 863
GNSS signal phase, TEC, and phase unwrapping errors Charles Rino, Brian Breitsch, Yu Morton, Dongyang Xu, Charles Carrano865 - 873
Design and implementation of a BDS precise point positioning service Cheng Liu, Weiguang Gao, Tianxiong Liu, Dun Wang, Zheng Yao, Yang Gao, Xin Nie, Wei Wang, Dongjun Li, Weixing Zhang, Dongxia Wang, Yongnan Rao875 - 891