NAVIGATION, Journal of the Institute of Navigation

Volume: 66
Published: 2019

   Volume 66, Number 1 (Spring 2019)
Title Author Page Numbers
Introduction to the special issue on the BeiDou navigation system John W. Betz, Mingquan Lu, Y. T. Jade Morton, Yuanxi Yang 3 - 5
Introduction to BeiDou-3 navigation satellite system Yuanxi Yang, Weiguang Gao, Shuren Guo, Yue Mao, Yufei Yang 7 - 18
Overview of BDS III new signals Mingquan Lu, Wenyi Li, Zheng Yao, Xiaowei Cui 19 - 35
Improved design of control segment in BDS-3 Li Liu, Tianqiao Zhang, Shanshi Zhou, Xiaogong Hu, Xiaoping Liu 37 - 47
Relativistic effects to the onboard BeiDou satellite clocks Chunhao Han and Zhiwu Cai 49 - 53
The BeiDou global broadcast ionospheric delay correction model (BDGIM) and its preliminary performance evaluation results Yunbin Yuan, Ningbo Wang, Zishen Li, Xingliang Huo 55 - 69
The contribution of intersatellite links to BDS-3 orbit determination: Model refinement and comparisons Chen Wang, Qile Zhao, Jing Guo, Jingnan Liu, Gucang Chen 71 - 82
Design and implementation of a real-time software receiver for BDS-3 signals Yang Gao, Zheng Yao, Mingquan Lu 83 - 97
Antenna influence on Global Navigation Satellite System pseudorange performance for future aeronautics multifrequency standardization Stefano Caizzone, Mihaela-Simona Circiu, Wahid Elmarissi, Christoph Enneking, Michael Felux, Kazeem Yinusa 99 - 116
Improved Time of Arrival measurement model for non-convex optimization Juri Sidorenko, Volker Schatz, Leo Doktorski, Norbert Scherer-Negenborn, Michael Arens, Urs Hugentobler 117 - 128
Satellite stellar refraction navigation using star pixel coordinates Xiaolin Ning, Xiaohan Sun, Jiancheng Fang, Fucheng Liu 129 - 138
Gaussian-Pareto overbounding of DGNSS pseudoranges from CORS
Jordan D. Larson, Demoz Gebre-Egziabher, Jason H. Rife 139 - 150
Probabilistic graphical fusion of LiDAR, GPS, and 3D building maps for urban UAV navigation Derek Chen and Grace Xingxin Gao 151 - 168
Correlator beamforming for multipath mitigation in high-fidelity GNSS monitoring applications Sanjeev Gunawardena, John Raquet, Mark Carroll 169 - 183
Characterization and performance analysis of generalized BOC modulations for GNSS Fernando D. Nunes, Fernando M. G. Sousa, José M. N. Leitão 185 - 197
Quantum-resistant authentication algorithms for satellite-based augmentation systems Andrew Neish, Todd Walter, Per Enge 199 - 209
Urban environment recognition based on the GNSS signal characteristics Yuze Wang, Peilin Liu, Qiang Liu, Muhammad Adeel, Jiuchao Qian, Xiaoxi Jin, Rendong Ying 211 - 225
Satellite selection in the context of an operational GBAS Daniel Gerbeth, Maria Caamano, Mihaela-Simona Circiu, Michael Felux 227 - 238
Practical design and implementation methods for Kalman filtering for mission critical applications Mohinder S. Grewal 239 - 249
A regression-based methodology to improve estimation of inertial sensor errors using Allan variance data Juan Jurado, Christine M. Schubert Kabban, John Raquet 251 - 263
   Volume 66, Number 2 (Summer 2019)
Title Author Page Numbers
Editorial: In this issue Boris Pervan 273 - 276
Flight results of GPS-based attitude determination for the microsatellite Flying Laptop André Hauschild, Ulrich Mohr, Markus Markgraf, Oliver Montenbruck 277 - 287
Optimization of a hybrid highly elliptical orbit-based navigation system for continuous high accuracy navigation: An optimum choice for regional navigation Rameez Ahmed Malik, Ghulam Jaffer, Iqbal Hassan, Mohammad Yousaf Khan 289 - 303
Robust transform domain signal processing for GNSS Daniele Borio and Pau Closas 305 - 323
Urban area GNSS in-car-jammer localization based on pattern recognition Dongliang Lyu, Xin Chen, Fei Wen, Ling Pei, Di He 325 - 340
Performance assessment of 3D-mapping–aided GNSS part 1: Algorithms, user equipment, and review Paul D. Groves and Mounir Adjrad 341 - 362
Performance assessment of 3D-mapping-aided GNSS part 2: Environment and mapping Mounir Adjrad, Paul D. Groves, James C. Quick, Claire Ellul 363 - 383
Autonomous orbit determination using observations of a sodium guide-star network Mark L. Psiaki, Brien Flewelling, Shawn Hackett 385 - 400
MAKAN: A low-cost low-complexity local positioning system Ghasem Kahe and Farhad Masoumi Ganjgah 401 - 415
From pseudorange overbounding to integrity risk overbounding Igor Nikiforov 417 - 439
Radar probabilistic data association filter/DGPS fusion for target selection and relative range determination for a ground vehicle convoy Tyler P. Sherer, Scott M. Martin, David M. Bevly 441 - 450
Impact of terrain factors on the matching performance of terrain-aided navigation Kedong Wang, Tongqian Zhu, Jinling Wang 451 - 462
Adaptive covariance estimation of LiDAR-based positioning errors for UAVs Akshay Shetty and Grace Xingxin Gao 463 - 476
   Volume 66, Number 3 (Fall 2019)
Title Author Page Numbers
Centralized dynamics multi-frequency GNSS carrier synchronization Padma Bolla, Jordi Vilà-Valls, Pau Closas, Elena Simona Lohan 485 - 504
Air traffic control radar interference event in the Galileo E6 band: Detection and localization Javier Arribas, Jordi Vilà-Valls, Antonio Ramos, Carles Fernández-Prades, Pau Closas 505 - 522
Interference mitigation using a dual-polarized antenna array in a real environment Matteo Sgammini, Stefano Caizzone, Achim Hornbostel, Michael Meurer 523 - 535
Vision-based, terrain-aided navigation with decentralized fusion and finite set statistics James S. McCabe and Kyle J. DeMars 537 - 557
Advanced multipath modeling and validation for GPS onboard the International Space Station Viliam Klein and Penina Axelrad 559 - 575
Analysis of GNSS correction data standards for the automotive market Sudha Vana, John Aggrey, Sunil Bisnath, Rodrigo Leandro, Landon Urquhart, Paola Gonzalez 577 - 592
Bias and variance of asymmetric double-sided two-way ranging Václav Navrátil and František Vejražka 593 - 602
Applying sensor integrity concepts to detect intermittent bugs in aviation software Jason H. Rife, Hu Huang, Sam Z. Guyer 603 - 619
Frequency stability analysis of pulsar-aided clocks Po-Ting Chen, Jason L. Speyer, Walid A. Majid 621 - 632
GoIn—An accurate 3D indoor navigation framework based on light landmarks Vlad Landa, Boaz Ben-Moshe, Shlomi Hacohen, Nir Shvalb 633 - 642
Assessment and mitigation of equatorial plasma bubble impacts on category I GBAS operations in the Brazilian region Moonseok Yoon, Dongwoo Kim, Sam Pullen, Jiyun Lee 643 - 659
Disciplined oscillators for traceable frequency and time in metrology and financial sectors Dirk Piester, Andreas Bauch, Thomas Polewka, Egle Staliuniene, Kristof Teichel 661 - 672
   Volume 66, Number 4 (Winter 2019)
Title Author Page Numbers
Angular accelerometer-based inertial navigation system Uriel Nusbaum, Ilan Rusnak, Itzik Klein 681 - 693
BeiDou 3 signal quality analysis and its impact on users Steffen Thoelert, Felix Antreich, Christoph Enneking, Michael Meurer 695 - 704
Correcting NLOS by 3D LiDAR and building height to improve GNSS single point positioning
Video Abstract
Weisong Wen, Guohao Zhang, Li-Ta Hsu 705 - 718
GNSS yaw attitude estimation: Results for the Japanese Quasi-Zenith Satellite System Block-II satellites using single- or triple-frequency signals from two antennas André Hauschild 719 - 728
Distributed multi-GNSS timing and localization for nanosatellites Vincent Giralo and Simone DAmico 729 - 746
Single station–based precise positioning system: Multiple-antenna arrangement for instantaneous ambiguity resolution O-Jong Kim and Changdon Kee 747 - 768
Computing GPS satellite velocity and acceleration from the broadcast navigation message Blair F. Thompson, Steven W. Lewis, Steven A. Brown, Todd M. Scott 769 - 779
Joint navigation performance of distant retrograde orbits and cislunar orbits via LiAISON considering dynamic and clock model errors Wenbin Wang, Leizheng Shu, Jiangkai Liu, Yang Gao 781 - 802
Frequency tracking and mitigation method based on CPHD filter and adaptive multiple linear Kalman notch filter for multiple GNSS interference Sun Young Kim, Chang Ho Kang, Chan Gook Park 803 - 830
Design and analysis of a public key infrastructure for SBAS data authentication Andrew Neish, Todd Walter, J. David Powell 831 - 844
Simulation study of mitigation of plasma bubble effects on GBAS using a VHF radar Slamet Supriadi and Susumu Saito 845 - 855
GPS spoofing detection for the power grid network using a multireceiver hierarchical framework architecture Tara Yasmin Mina, Sriramya Bhamidipati, Grace Xingxin Gao 857 - 875