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NAVIGATION, Journal of the Institute of Navigation
Volume: 65
Published: 2018

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   Volume 65, Number 1 (Spring 2018)
TitleAuthorPage Numbers
An Adaptive Kalman Filtering Approach to Fourier Analysis for Estimating Various Chirp-Type GNSS Interference FrequenciesChang Ho Kang, Sun Young Kim, Chan Gook Park3 - 13
Precise Orbit and Baseline Determination for the SAOCOM-CS Bistatic Radar MissionOliver Montenbruck, Gerardo Allende-Alba, Josep Rosello, Michel Tossaint, Franz Zangerl15 - 24
2D Relative Pose and Scale Estimation with Monocular Cameras and RangingChen Zhu, Gabriele Giorgi, Christoph Günther25 - 33
LeapFrogging: A Technique for Accurate Long-Distance Ground Navigation and Positioning Without GPSJohn P. McIntire, Frederick C. Webber, Duy K. Nguyen, Yaohui Li, ShaoHui Foong, Kelseylee Schafer, Wai Yong Chue, Kevin Ang, Eric T. Vinande, Mikel M. Miller35 - 47
Compact Optical Clock with 5×10^-13 Instability at 1 sGretchen Phelps, Nathan Lemke, Christopher Erickson, John Burke, Kyle Martin40 - 54
Vector Loop Transfer Functions and Noise BandwidthsSusmita Bhattacharyya55 - 72
Observability Analysis of Heading Aided INS for a Maneuvering AUVItzik Klein and Roee Diamant73 - 82
Signal Quality Monitoring for New GNSS SignalsJean-Baptiste Pagot, Olivier Julien, Paul Thevenon, Francisco A. Fernandez, Margaux Cabantous83 - 97
Environmental Context Detection for Adaptive Navigation using GNSS Measurements from a SmartphoneHan Gao and Paul D. Groves99 - 116
Validation of the Unfaulted Error Bounds for ARAIMTodd Walter, Kazuma Gunning, R. Eric Phelts, Juan Blanch117 - 133
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   Volume 65, Number 2 (Summer 2018)
TitleAuthorPage Numbers
Characterization and Mitigation of Multipath for Terrestrial based Aviation RadionavigationNicolas Schneckenburger, Uwe-Carsten Fiebig, Sherman Lo, Per Enge, Robert Lilley143 - 156
Terrain-Referenced Navigation using an Interferometric Radar AltimeterYoungjoo Kim, Junwoo Park, Hyochoong Bang157 - 167
Quantifying Observability and Analysis in Integrated NavigationKai Shen, Yuanqing Xia, Meiling Wang, Konstantin A. Neusypin, Andrey V. Proletarsky169 - 181
A Model Aided Inertial Navigation System for Automatic Landing of Unmanned Aerial VehiclesHamed Mohammadkarimi and Hadi Nobahari183 - 204
Broadband LEO Constellations for NavigationTyler G.R. Reid, Andrew M. Neish, Todd Walter, Per K. Enge205 - 220
Modeling Distance Measurement Equipment (DME) Signals Interfering an Airborne GNSS ReceiverAlexander Steingass, Thanawat Thiasiriphet, Jaron Samson221 - 230
A Proof of Concept Study for a Fast Acquisition in a LEO Satellite GPS ReceiverCarlos Alcaide-Guillén, Ana Vidal-Pantaleoni, José-Ramón Martín-Romero231 - 246
Using Adaptive Motion Constraints to Support UWB/IMU Based NavigationZoltan Koppanyi, Vaclav Navratil, Haowei Xu, Charles K. Toth, Dorota Grejner-Brzezinska247 - 261
Ionospheric Scintillation Simulation on Equatorial GPS Signals for Dynamic PlatformsYu Jiao, Charles Rino, Yu T. Morton263 - 274
The Comparison and Analysis of BDS NRTK between DD and UD ModelsRui Tu, Jinhai Liu, Cuixian Lu, Rui Zhang, Pengfei Zhang, Xiaochun Lu275 - 285
CorrigendumLeizheng Shu, Pei Chen, Ran Ding, Huabo Wei, Wenbin Wang, Chao Han287 - 288