NAVIGATION, Journal of the Institute of Navigation

Volume: 65
Published: 2018

   Volume 65, Number 1 (Spring 2018)
TitleAuthorPage Numbers
An Adaptive Kalman Filtering Approach to Fourier Analysis for Estimating Various Chirp-Type GNSS Interference FrequenciesChang Ho Kang, Sun Young Kim, Chan Gook Park3 - 13
Precise Orbit and Baseline Determination for the SAOCOM-CS Bistatic Radar MissionOliver Montenbruck, Gerardo Allende-Alba, Josep Rosello, Michel Tossaint, Franz Zangerl15 - 24
2D Relative Pose and Scale Estimation with Monocular Cameras and RangingChen Zhu, Gabriele Giorgi, Christoph Günther25 - 33
LeapFrogging: A Technique for Accurate Long-Distance Ground Navigation and Positioning Without GPSJohn P. McIntire, Frederick C. Webber, Duy K. Nguyen, Yaohui Li, ShaoHui Foong, Kelseylee Schafer, Wai Yong Chue, Kevin Ang, Eric T. Vinande, Mikel M. Miller35 - 47
Compact Optical Clock with 5×10^-13 Instability at 1 sGretchen Phelps, Nathan Lemke, Christopher Erickson, John Burke, Kyle Martin40 - 54
Vector Loop Transfer Functions and Noise BandwidthsSusmita Bhattacharyya55 - 72
Observability Analysis of Heading Aided INS for a Maneuvering AUVItzik Klein and Roee Diamant73 - 82
Signal Quality Monitoring for New GNSS SignalsJean-Baptiste Pagot, Olivier Julien, Paul Thevenon, Francisco A. Fernandez, Margaux Cabantous83 - 97
Environmental Context Detection for Adaptive Navigation using GNSS Measurements from a SmartphoneHan Gao and Paul D. Groves99 - 116
Validation of the Unfaulted Error Bounds for ARAIMTodd Walter, Kazuma Gunning, R. Eric Phelts, Juan Blanch117 - 133
   Volume 65, Number 2 (Summer 2018)
TitleAuthorPage Numbers
Characterization and Mitigation of Multipath for Terrestrial based Aviation RadionavigationNicolas Schneckenburger, Uwe-Carsten Fiebig, Sherman Lo, Per Enge, Robert Lilley143 - 156
Terrain-Referenced Navigation using an Interferometric Radar AltimeterYoungjoo Kim, Junwoo Park, Hyochoong Bang157 - 167
Quantifying Observability and Analysis in Integrated NavigationKai Shen, Yuanqing Xia, Meiling Wang, Konstantin A. Neusypin, Andrey V. Proletarsky169 - 181
A Model Aided Inertial Navigation System for Automatic Landing of Unmanned Aerial VehiclesHamed Mohammadkarimi and Hadi Nobahari183 - 204
Broadband LEO Constellations for NavigationTyler G.R. Reid, Andrew M. Neish, Todd Walter, Per K. Enge205 - 220
Modeling Distance Measurement Equipment (DME) Signals Interfering an Airborne GNSS ReceiverAlexander Steingass, Thanawat Thiasiriphet, Jaron Samson221 - 230
A Proof of Concept Study for a Fast Acquisition in a LEO Satellite GPS ReceiverCarlos Alcaide-Guillén, Ana Vidal-Pantaleoni, José-Ramón Martín-Romero231 - 246
Using Adaptive Motion Constraints to Support UWB/IMU Based NavigationZoltan Koppanyi, Vaclav Navratil, Haowei Xu, Charles K. Toth, Dorota Grejner-Brzezinska247 - 261
Ionospheric Scintillation Simulation on Equatorial GPS Signals for Dynamic PlatformsYu Jiao, Charles Rino, Yu T. Morton263 - 274
The Comparison and Analysis of BDS NRTK between DD and UD ModelsRui Tu, Jinhai Liu, Cuixian Lu, Rui Zhang, Pengfei Zhang, Xiaochun Lu275 - 285
CorrigendumLeizheng Shu, Pei Chen, Ran Ding, Huabo Wei, Wenbin Wang, Chao Han287 - 288
   Volume 65, Number 3 (Fall 2018)
TitleAuthorPage Numbers
Modeling Detection Statistics in Feature-Based Robotic Navigation for Range SensorsFelipe Inostroza, Martin Adams, Keith Leung297 - 318
An Estimator for UAV Attitude Determination based on Accelerometers, GNSS Sensors, and Aerodynamic CoefficientsRaúl Celis and Luis Cadarso319 - 334
Track Constrained RTK-like Positioning for Railway ApplicationsAlessandro Neri, Roberto Capua, Pietro Salvatori335 - 352
GNSS Code Multipath Short-time Fourier Transform AnalysisUmberto Robustelli and Giovanni Pugliano353 - 362
Comparing Geometric Approximations of Heavy-Tail Effects for Chi-Square Integrity MonitorsJason H. Rife and John Scott Parker363 - 376
Characteristics and Precision Analysis of BeiDou2 Satellite Differential Code Bias ProductsLi Wang, Junqiang Han, Guanwen Huang, Qin Zhang, Rui Tu, Lihong Fan377 - 387
Secure GPS Data for Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources: Cross-Layered Integrity Processing and Alerting Service`Steven Lewis, Logan Maynard, C. Edward Chow, Dennis Akos389 - 403
Link-Layer Coding for GNSS Navigation MessagesAlberto Tarable, Riccardo Andreotti, Marco Luise, Francesca Zanier, Stefano Cioni405 - 421
GPS IIR-M L1 Transmit Power Redistribution: Analysis of GNSS Receiver and High-Gain Antenna DataSteffen Thoelert, André Hauschild, Peter Steigenberger, Richard B. Langley, Felix Antreich423 - 430
Fusion of 3D GIS, Vision, Inertial and Magnetic Data for Improved Urban Pedestrian Navigation and Augmented Reality ApplicationsNicolas Antigny, Myriam Servières, Valérie Renaudin431 - 447
Improved Multipath and NLOS Signals Identification in Urban EnvironmentsNesreen I. Ziedan449 - 462
Ziv-Zakai Bound for Direct Position EstimationAdrià Gusi-Amigó, Pau Closas, Achraf Mallat, Luc Vandendorpe463 - 475
Hybrid Machine Learning VDM for UAVs in GNSS-denied EnvironmentShady Zahran, Adel Moussa, Naser El-Sheimy, Abu B. Sesay477 - 492
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   Volume 65, Number 4 (Winter 2018)
TitleAuthorPage Numbers
Collaborative monocular SLAM with crowdsourced dataJianzhu Huai, Grzegorz Józków, Charles Toth, Dorota A. Grejner-Brzezinska501 - 515
Impact analysis of SBAS authenticationIgnacio Fernández-Hernández, Eric Châtre, Andrea Dalla Chiara, Giacomo Da Broi, Oscar Pozzobon, Javier Fidalgo, Miguel Odriozola, Ginés Moreno, Silvia Sturaro, Gianluca Caparra, Nicola Laurenti, Vincent Rijmen517 - 532
A smart hybrid vision aided inertial navigation system approach for UAVs in a GNSS denied environmentM.M. Mostafa, A.M. Moussa, N. El-Sheimy, Abu B. Sesay533 - 547
Navigation using VLF signals with artificial neural networksJoseph Curro, John Raquet, Brett Borghetti549 - 561
A compact multi-frequency GNSS scintillation modelCharles Rino, Brian Breitsch, Yu Morton, Yu Jiao, Dongyang Xu, Charles Carrano563 - 569
Integration of the ground-based augmentation system in continuous descent operationsHerbert O. Hoffmann and Robert O. Walton571 - 580
WAAS at 15Todd Walter, Karl Shallberg, Eric Altshuler, William Wanner, Chris Harris, Robert Stimmler581 - 600
Progress on optical-clock-based time scale at NIST: Simulations and preliminary real-data analysisJian Yao, Jeffrey Sherman, Tara Fortier, Holly Leopardi, Thomas Parker, Judah Levine, Joshua Savory, Stefania Romisch, William McGrew, Xiaogang Zhang, Daniele Nicolodi, Robert Fasano, Stephan Schäffer, Kyle Beloy, Andrew Ludlow601 - 608
Feature matching error analysis and modeling for consistent estimation in vision-aided navigationChun Yang, Ananth Vadlamani, Andrey Soloviev, Michael Veth, Clark Taylor609 - 628
Design and practical implementation of kinematic constraints in Inertial Navigation System-Doppler Velocity Log (INS-DVL)-based navigationAli Karmozdi, Mojtaba Hashemi, Hassan Salarieh629 - 642
GNSS antenna phase center variation calibration for attitude determination on short baselinesDaniel Willi, Michael Meindl, Hui Xu, Markus Rothacher643 - 654
LTE receiver design and multipath analysis for navigation in urban environmentsKimia Shamaei and Zaher M. Kassas655 - 675