NAVIGATION, Journal of the Institute of Navigation

Volume: 63
Published: 2016

   Volume 63, Number 1 (Spring 2016)
TitleAuthorPage Numbers
Tracking Error Modeling in Presence of Satellite ImperfectionsMariano Vergara, Matteo Sgammini, Steffen Thoelert, Christoph Enneking, Yuji Zhu and Felix Antreich3 - 13
Chirp-Style GNSS Jamming Signal Tracking and GeolocationRyan Mitch, Mark Psiaki and Tunc Ertan15 - 37
Accurate GNSS Range Estimation in Multipath Environments Using Stochastic-Gradient-Based Adaptive FilteringNegin Sokhandan, Ali Broumandan, James T. Curran and Gérard Lachapelle39 - 52
Extending Required Navigation Performance to Include Time Based Operations and the Vertical DimensionThomas Dautermann53 - 64
Selecting Among Dual Frequency Multiple Constellation (DFMC) Satellite-Based Augmentation Systems (SBAS) During En-route and Non-Precision Flight OperationsJed Dennis and Mark Hemstad65 - 83
A Navigation Message Authentication Proposal for the Galileo Open ServiceIgnacio Fernández-Hernández, Vincent Rijmen, Gonzalo Seco-Granados, Javier Simon, Irma Rodríguez and J. David Calle85 - 102
   Volume 63, Number 2 (Summer 2016)
TitleAuthorPage Numbers
Absolute Positioning Using the Earth's Magnetic Anomaly FieldAaron Canciani, John Raquet111 - 126
The Limits of In-Run Calibration of MEMS Inertial Sensors and Sensor ArraysHenry Martin, Paul Groves, Mark Newman127 - 143
Alternative Position and Navigation Based on DME Accumulated Delta RangeTunc Ertan, Mark L. Psiaki145 - 159
Automotive WiFi Availability in Dynamic Urban Canyon EnvironmentsJefferey L. Wilson161 - 172
Estimation of Galileo Uncalibrated Hardware Delays for Ambiguity-Fixed Precise Point PositioningJavier Tegedor, Xianglin Liu, Kees de Jong, Matthew Goode, Ola Øvstedal, Erik Vigen173 - 179
Zero-baseline Analysis of GPS/BeiDou/Galileo Between-Receiver Differential Code Biases (BRDCBs): Time-wise Retrieval and Preliminary CharacterizationB. Zhang, P.J.G. Teunissen181 - 191
Tracking and Position Errors in GNSS Receivers with Intermittent Signal TrackingVijaykumar Bellad, Mark G. Petovello, Gérard Lachapelle193 - 204
3D Multi-Copter Navigation and Mapping Using GPS, Inertial, and LiDAREvan T. Dill, Maarten Uijt de Haag205 - 220
ErratumPeter Steigenberger, Oliver Montenbruck and Uwe Hessels221 - 221
   Volume 63, Number 3 (Fall 2016)
TitleAuthorPage Numbers
Fast Precise Point Positioning: A System to Provide Corrections for Single and Multi-Frequency NavigationAdria Rovira-Garcia, J.M. Juan, Jaume Sanz, Guillermo González-Casado, Eduardo Bertran231 - 247
Sharpen the Correlation Peak: A Novel GNSS Receiver Architecture with Variable IF CorrelationChun Yang249 - 265
Equatorial Scintillation Amplitude Fading Characteristics Across the GPS Frequency BandsYu Jiao, Dongyang Xu, Yu Morton, Charles Rino267 - 281
Improving Accuracy and Integrity with a Probabilistic Urban Trench ModelingDavid Betaille, Francois Peyret, Miguel Ortiz, Stephan Miquel, Frederic Godan283 - 294
Analysis, Modeling, and Mitigation of Cross-Rate Interference in eLoranJan Safar, Paul Williams, Alan Grant, Frantisek Vejrazka295 - 319
An Analysis of SBAS Signal Reception in SpaceErin Kahr, Oliver Montenbruck, Kyle O’Keefe321 - 333
Assessing the Occurrence Pattern of Large Ionospheric TEC Gradients over the Brazilian AirspaceRezy Pradipta, Patricia H. Doherty335 - 343
Autonomous Vehicle Dynamic Model-Based Navigation for Small UAVsMehran Khaghani, Jan Skaloud345 - 358
Regional Positioning System Development over Turksat Geostationary Telecommunication SatellitesAhmet F. Yagli, Erdem Demircioglu, Senol Gulgonul, Hassan H. Ertok, Jon Winkel, Eckart Goehler359 - 369
Angles-Only Navigation: Position and Velocity Solution from Absolute TriangulationGeorge H. Kaplan371 - 371
   Volume 63, Number 4 (Winter 2016)
TitleAuthorPage Numbers
Dependence of GLONASS Pseudorange Interfrequency Bias on Receiver-Antenna Combination and Impact on Precise Point PositioningJohn Aggrey and Sunil Bisnath377 - 389
Verification of an Optimal Adaptive Filtering Algorithm for GNSS Antenna ArraysMatthew Buchanan, Ying Chieh Chuang, Andrew J. O'Brien and Inder J. Gupta391 - 402
GBAS Availability Assessment and Modeling of Ionospheric Scintillation EffectsTakeshi Fujiwara and Toshiaki Tsujii403 - 411
Performance of Two-satellite Aircraft Positioning using Passive Bistatic Altimetry and a Stable Frequency ReferenceShih-Wei Yen, Frank van Graas, Maarten Uijt de Haag and Kuangmin Li413 - 426
A Robust GNSS LOS/NLOS Signal ClassifierRoi Yozevitch, Boaz Ben Moshe and Ayal Weissman427 - 440
The Effect of Correlator and Front-End Design on GNSS Pseudorange Biases for Geodetic ReceiversAndré Hauschild and Oliver Montenbruck441 - 451
Overbounding False-Alarm Probability for a Chi-Square Monitor with Natural BiasesJason H. Rife453 - 464
GNSS Integrity in The ArcticTyler Reid, Todd Walter, Juan Blanch and Per Enge467 - 490
Slant Range Analysis and Inflight Compensation of Radar Altimeter Flight Test DataPhilip Spiegel, Johann Dambeck and Florian Holzapfel491 - 507
Robust Unambiguous Estimation of High-Order BOC Signals: The DOME ApproachJ.A. Garcia-Molina, M. Navarro-Gallardo, G. Lopez-Risueño and M. Crisci509 - 518
Operational Scenarios for Maritime Safety in the Baltic SeaSarang Thombre, Heidi Kuusniemi, Stefan Söderholm, Liang Chen, Robert Guinness, Zbigniew Pietrzykowski and Piotr Wolejsza519 - 529
A Comparative Analysis of Adaptive Notch Filtering and Wavelet Mitigation against Jammers InterferenceLuciano Musumeci, Fabio Dovis and James T. Curran531 - 548
ErratumInstitute of Navigation549 - 553