NAVIGATION, Journal of the Institute of Navigation

Volume: 61
Published: 2014

   Volume 61, Number 1 (Spring 2014)
TitleAuthorPage Numbers
Pre-Despreading Authenticity Verification for GPS L1 C/A Signals Ali Jafarnia-Jahromi, Ali Broumandan, John Nielsen, and Gérard Lachapelle1 - 11
Effects of Radio Front-end PLL Phase Noise on GNSS Baseband Correlation Sarang Thombre, Nikolay N. Tchamov, Simona Lohan, Mikko Valkama, and Jari Nurmi13 - 21
Empirical Integrity Verification of GNSS and SBAS Based on the Extreme Value Theory Pieter Bastiaan Ober, Davide Imparato, Sandra Verhagen, Christian Tiberius, Henk Veerman, Arnaud Van Kleef, Frank Wokke, André Bos, and Arjan Mieremet23 - 38
Framework for ADS-B Performance Assessment: the London TMA Case Study Busyairah Syd Ali, Wolfgang Schuster, Washington Ochieng, Arnab Majumdar, and Thiam Kian Chiew39 - 52
Demonstration of a Space Capable Miniature Dual Frequency GNSS Receiver E. Glenn Lightsey, Todd E. Humphreys, Jahshan A. Bhatti, Andrew J. Joplin, Brady W. O’Hanlon, and Steven P. Powell53 - 64
Instantaneous GPS/Galileo/QZSS/SBAS Attitude Determination: A Single-Frequency (L1/E1) Robustness Analysis under Constrained Environments N. Nadarajah and P. J. G. Teunissen65 - 75
   Volume 61, Number 2 (Summer 2014)
TitleAuthorPage Numbers
Cooperative Inertial Navigation Hamid Mokhtarzadeh and Demoz Gebre-Egziabher77 - 94
Cyclic Frequencies of BOC-Modulated GNSS Signals and Their Potential Within a Cognitive Positioning Framework E. S. Lohan, J. Lundén, G. Seco-Granados, J. A. Lopez-Salcedo and V. Koivunen95 - 114
Global and Regional Ionospheric Corrections for Faster PPP Convergence Simon Banville, Paul Collins, Wei Zhang and Richard B. Langley115 - 124
GPS Discrimination of Traveling Ionospheric Disturbances from Underground Nuclear Explosions and Earthquakes Jihye Park, Dorota A. Grejner-Brzezinska, Ralph R. B. Von Frese and Yu (Jade) Morton125 - 134
Combined GPS and BeiDou Instantaneous RTK Positioning Robert Odolinski, Peter J.G. Teunissens and Dennis Odijk135 - 148
Sequential Best Integer-Equivariant Estimation for GNSS Andreas Brack, Patrick Henkel and Christoph Günther149 - 158
   Volume 61, Number 3 (Fall 2014)
TitleAuthorPage Numbers
A Survey of Spoofing and Counter-Measures Christoph Günther159 - 177
A Robust Technique for Unambiguous BOC Tracking J. Wendel, F. M. Schubert and S. Hager179 - 190
Differential Code Bias Estimation using Multi-GNSS Observations and Global Ionosphere Maps O. Montenbruck, A. Hauschild and P. Steigenberger191 - 201
Improved Troposphere Blind Models Based on Numerical Weather Data Gregor Möller, Robert Weber, and Johannes Böhm203 - 211
Covariance Analysis of Spatial and Temporal Effects of Collaborative Navigation Chun Yang and Andrey Soloviev213 - 225
Analytical Observability Analysis of INS with Vehicle Constraints Yaacov Rothman, Itzik Klein and Sagi Filin227 - 236
   Volume 61, Number 4 (Winter 2014)
TitleAuthorPage Numbers
Navigation of Ground Vehicles Using Magnetic Field Variations J. A. Shockley, J. F. Raquet237 - 252
Model-Aided Navigation for a Quadrotor Helicopter: A Novel Navigation System and First Experimental Results Philipp Crocoll, Justus Seibold, Georg Scholz, Gert F. Trommer253 - 271
Solution Separation Versus Residual-Based RAIM Mathieu Joerger, Fang-Cheng Chan, Boris Pervan273 - 291
Stability Criteria for GNSS Receiver Tracking Loops Phillip W. Ward, Troy D. Fuchser293 - 309
A Detailed Analysis of GPS Live-Sky Signals Without a Dish Johnathan York, Andrew Joplin, Michael Bratton, David Munton311 - 322
On-the-fly Estimation of Antenna Induced Biases in SFAP Based GNSS Antenna Arrays Ying Chieh Chuang, Inder J. Gupta323 - 330