NAVIGATION, Journal of the Institute of Navigation

Volume: 60
Published: 2013

   Volume 60, Number 1 (Spring 2013)
Title Author Page Numbers
New Expressions for the Autocorrelation Function of BOC GNSS Signals Fernando M. G. Sousa and Fernando D. Nunes 1 - 9
A Novel GPS Receiver Algorithm for Continuous Tracking on Spinning Cylindrical Platforms Andrew S. C. Svendsen, Andrew J. O'Brien and Inder J. Gupta 11 - 29
Orbit and Clock Determination of QZS-1 Based on the CONGO Network P. Steigenberger, C. Rodriguez-Solano, U. Hugentobler, A. Hauschild and O. Montenbruck 31 - 40
Using Outage History to Exclude High-Risk Satellites from GBAS Corrections Sam Pullen and Per Enge 41 - 51
Critical Elements for a Multi-Constellation Advanced RAIM Juan Blanch, Todd Walter, Per Enge, Stefan Wallner, Francisco Amarillo Fernandez, Riccardo Dellago, Rigas Ioannides, Ignacio Fernandez Hernandez, Boubeker Belabbas, Alexandru Spletter and Markus Rippl 53 - 69
New Advanced RAIM with Improved Availability for Detecting Constellation-wide Faults, Using Two Independent Constellations Young C. Lee 71 - 83
   Volume 60, Number 2 (Summer 2013)
Title Author Page Numbers
Gyro-Free INS Theory Meir Pachter, Troy C. Welker and Richard E. Huffman, Jr. 85 - 96
Non-Line-of-Sight Identification for Indoor Positioning Using Ultra-WideBand Radio Signals Junlin Yan, Christian C.J.M. Tiberius, Giovanni Bellusci and Gerard J.M. Janssen 97 - 111
GPS Carrier Phase Spectrum Estimation for Ionospheric Scintillation Studies Lei Zhang and Yu Morton 113 - 122
Laboratory and Flight Test Analysis of Rubidium Frequency Reference Performance Frank van Graas, Samantha Craig, Wouter Pelgrum and Sabrina Ugazio 123 - 131
Demonstration Experiments of a Remote Synchronization System of an Onboard Crystal Oscillator Using "MICHIBIKI" Toshiaki Iwata, Takashi Matsuzawa, Kumiko Machita, Takashi Kawauchi, Satoshi Ota, Yoshiharu Fukuhara, Tamotsu Hiroshima, Kazuo Tokita, Tamaki Takahashi, Satoshi Horiuchi and Yasuhiro Takahashi 133 - 142
Design and Operation of the GPS Receiver Onboard the CanX-2 Nanosatellite Erin Kahr, Kyle P.G. O'Keefe, Susan Skone and Laura Bradbury 143 - 156
Erratum: New Advanced RAIM with Improved Availability for Detecting Constellation-wide Faults, Using Two Independent Constellations Young C. Lee 157 - 158
   Volume 60, Number 3 (Fall 2013)
Title Author Page Numbers
Performance Comparison of Deep Integration and Tight Coupling Matthew Lashley and David M. Bevly 159 - 178
Unified Model Technique for Inertial Navigation Aided by Vehicle Dynamics Model Philipp Crocoll, Lorenz Görcke, Gert F. Trommer and Florian Holzapfel 179 - 193
GNSS Shadow Matching: Improving Urban Positioning Accuracy Using a 3D City Model with Optimized Visibility Scoring Scheme Lei Wang, Paul D. Groves and Marek K. Ziebart 195 - 207
Enhanced DME Carrier Phase: Concepts, Implementation, and Flight-test Results Kuangmin Li and Wouter Pelgrum 209 - 220
Flight Test Results of a Measurement-Based ADS-B System for Separation Assurance Pengfei Duan, Maarten Uijt De Haag and James L. Farrell 221 - 234
Integrating Unmanned Aircraft Efficiently into Hub Airport Approach Procedures Dagi Geister and Robert Geister 235 - 247
   Volume 60, Number 4 (Winter 2013)
Title Author Page Numbers
Performance Analysis of a Civilian GPS Position Authentication System Zhefeng Li and Demoz Gebre-Egziabher 246 - 265
Real-Time GPS Spoofing Detection via Correlation of Encrypted Signals Brady W. O’Hanlon, Mark L. Psiaki, Jahshan A. Bhatti, Daniel P. Shepard, and Todd E. Humphreys 267 - 278
Optimal Positioning for Advanced RAIM Juan Blanch, Todd Walter and Per Enge 279 - 289
The Effect of Uncertain Covariance on a Chi-Square Integrity Monitor Jason H. Rife 291 - 303
Cockpit Visualization of Curved Approaches based on GBAS Robert Geister and Tatjana Kapol 305 - 317
Time Comparison Experiments Between the QZS-1 and its Time Management Station Maho Nakamura, Yasuhiro Takahashi, Jun Amagai, Tadahiro, Gotoh, Miho Fujieda, Ryo Tabuchi, Shin’ichi Hama, Yukihiro, Yahagi, Tamaki Takahashi and Satoshi Horiuchi 319 - 324