NAVIGATION, Journal of the Institute of Navigation

Volume: 59
Published: 2012

   Volume 59, Number 1 (Spring 2012)
TitleAuthorPage Numbers
Earth Section PathsCharles P. Gilbertson1 - 7
A Low-Cost Orientation Estimator for Smart Projectiles Using Magnetometers and ThermopilesJonathan Rogers and Mark Costello9 - 24
Analytic Statistical Model for Aggregate Radio Frequency Interference to Airborne GPS Receivers from Ground-Based EmittersKenneth M. Peterson and Robert J. Erlandson25 - 35
Independent URA Monitor for GPS IIICRonald Braff, Brian Bian, and Curtis Shively37 - 49
Carrier Phase Ionospheric Gradient Ground Monitor for GBAS with Experimental ValidationSamer Khanafseh, Sam Pullen, and John Warburton51 - 60
Reliable Integer Ambiguity Resolution: Multi-Frequency Code Carrier Linear Combinations and Statistical A Priori Knowledge of AttitudePatrick Henkel and Christoph Günther61 - 75
   Volume 59, Number 2 (Summer 2012)
TitleAuthorPage Numbers
A Composite Model for Indoor GNSS Signals: Characterization, Experimental Validation and SimulationShashank Satyanarayana, Daniele Borio and Gerard Lachapelle77 - 92
A New Loosely Coupled DCM Based GPS/INS Integration MethodEzzaldeen Edwan, Junchuan Zhou, Jieying Zhang and Otmar Loffeld93 - 106
Phase Prediction Method in GNSS Receivers with Application to Phase ReacquisitionPeng Xie and Mark G. Petovello107 - 118
Autonomous Prediction of GPS and GLONASS Satellite OrbitsMari Seppanen, Juha Ala-Luhtala, Robert Piche, Simo Martikainen and Simo Ali-Loytty119 - 134
In-Orbit Analysis of Antenna Pattern Anomalies of GNSS SatellitesSteffen Thoelert, Michael Meurer and Stefan Erker135 - 144
Fault Modeling for GBAS Airworthiness AssessmentsTim Murphy, Matt Harris, Curtis Shively, Laurent Azoulai and Mats Brenner145 - 161
   Volume 59, Number 3 (Fall 2012)
TitleAuthorPage Numbers
Bayesian Source Localization in Networks with Heterogeneous Transmission MediumEsmaeil S. Nadimi and Vahid Tarokh163 - 175
Practical Cryptographic Civil GPS Signal AuthenticationK. Wesson, M. Rothlisberger and T. Humphreys177 - 193
Joint Determination of Precorrelation Bandwidth, Sampling Frequency and Quantization in Wideband Compass ReceiversXin Zhang and Xingqun Zhan195 - 208
Self-Contained Antenna Array Calibration using GNSS SignalsPratibha B. Anantharamu, Daniele Borio and Gérard Lachapelle209 - 220
Carrier-Phase Acceleration RAIM for GNSS Satellite Clock Fault DetectionOkuary Osechas, Pratap Misra, and Jason Rife221 - 235
QZS-1 Yaw Attitude Estimation Based on Measurements from the CONGO NetworkA. Hauschild, P. Steigenberger and C. Rodriguez-Solano237 - 248
   Volume 59, Number 4 (Winter 2012)
TitleAuthorPage Numbers
Assessing the Capability of Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) to Support Future Air Traffic CapacitySherman C. Lo and Per Enge249 - 261
Capacity Study of Multilateration (MLAT) based Navigation for Alternative Position Navigation and Timing (APNT) Services for AviationSherman C. Lo and Per Enge263 - 279
Who's Afraid of the Spoofer? GPS/GNSS Spoofing Detection via Automatic Gain Control (AGC)Dennis M. Akos281 - 290
Flight Characterization of New Generation GNSS Satellite ClocksO. Montenbruck, P. Steigenberger, E. Schönemann, A. Hauschild, U. Hugentobler, R. Dach and M. Becker291 - 302
Impact of Time-Correlation of Monitor Statistic on Continuity of Safety-Critical OperationsJason Rife and Pratap Misra303 - 315
Evolving WAAS to Serve L1/L5 UsersTodd Walter, Juan Blanch, R. Eric Phelts and Per Enge317 - 327