NAVIGATION, Journal of the Institute of Navigation

Volume: 57
Published: 2010

   Volume 57, Number 1 (Spring 2010)
TitleAuthorPage Numbers
Stellar Positioning System (Part I): An Autonomous Position Determination SolutionJulie J. Parish, Allen S. Parish, Michael Swanzy, Drew Woodbury, Daniele Mortari, John L. Junkins1 - 12
Stellar Positioning System (Part II): Improving Accuracy During ImplementationDrew P. Woodbury, Julie J. Parish, Allen S. Parish, Michael Swanzy, Ron Denton, Daniele Mortari, John L. Junkins13 - 24
Pseudo-Measurements as Aiding to INS during GPS OutagesItzik Klein, Sagi Filin, Tomer Toledo25 - 34
Detection of Variance Changes and Mean Value Jumps in Measurement Noise for Multipath Mitigation in Urban NavigationMariana Spangenberg, Vincent Calmettes, Olivier Julien, Jean-Yves Tourneret, and Gregoire Duchateau35 - 52
GPS Adaptive Array Phase Compensation Using a Software Radio ArchitectureSai K. Kalyanaraman and Michael S. Braasch53 - 68
Implementation and Performance of Clock Steering in a Software GPS L1 Single Frequency ReceiverXiaofan Li and Dennis Akos69 - 85
   Volume 57, Number 2 (Summer 2010)
TitleAuthorPage Numbers
An Optimal Adaptive Filtering Algorithm with Zero Antenna-Induced Bias for GNSS Antenna ArraysAndrew J. O'Brien and Inder J. Gupta87 - 100
Evaluation of Signal in Space Error Bounds to Support Aviation IntegrityTodd Walter, Juan Blanch, and Per Enge101 - 113
Effect of Grid Size Variation on the Interpolation of the Total Electron Content over the Indian RegionAshish K. Shukla, Saurabh Das, P.V. Khekale, Manjeri R. Sivaraman, and Kalyan Bandyopadhyay115 - 122
Undifferenced GPS Ambiguity Resolution Using the Decoupled Clock Model and Ambiguity Datum FixingPaul Collins, Sunil Bisnath, Francois Lahaye, and Pierre Heroux123 - 135
Analysis of Iridium-Augmented GPS for Floating Carrier Phase PositioningMathieu Joerger, Livio Gratton, Boris Pervan, and Clark E. Cohen137 - 160
Comment on "Low-Noise Linear Combination of Triple-Frequency Carrier Phase Measurements"Thomas H. Kerr III161 - 162
   Volume 57, Number 3 (Fall 2010)
TitleAuthorPage Numbers
Autonomous Airborne Video-Aided NavigationKyungsuk Lee, Jason M. Kriesel, and Nahum Gat163 - 173
Sub-Optimality of the Prefilter in Deeply Coupled Integration of GPS and INSSiva Sivananthan and Jay Weitzen175 - 184
Performance Comparison of Different Forms of Kalman Filter Approaches for a Vector-Based GNSS Signal Tracking LoopJong-Hoon Won, Dominik Dotterbock, and Bernd Eissfeller185 - 199
On Solving the Multi-Constellation Pseudorange EquationsJyh-Ching Juang201 - 212
Algorithm and Flight Test Results to Exchange Code Noise and Multipath for Biases in Dual Frequency Differential GPS for Precision ApproachDean C. Bruckner, Frank van Graas, and Trent A. Skidmore213 - 229
Hybrid Schemes for Carrier Point Positioning Solution Quality ImprovementFaisal A. Khan, Andrew G. Dempster, and Chris Rizos231 - 247
   Volume 57, Number 4 (Winter 2010)
TitleAuthorPage Numbers
The Impact of Attitude on Image-Based IntegrityCraig Larson, John F. Raquet, and Michael J. Veth249 - 262
Ultra-tightly Coupled GPS/Vehicle Sensor Integration for Land Vehicle NavigationTao Li, Mark G. Petovello, Gerard Lachapelle, and Chaminda Basnayake263 - 274
Development and Validation of Parametric Models for Vector Tracking LoopsSusmita Bhattacharyya and Demoz Gebre-Egziabher275 - 295
A Fast Number-theoretic Transform Approach to a GPS ReceiverJohnathan York, Jon Little, David Munton, and Kayla Barrientos297 - 307
C/N0 Estimation for Modernized GNSS Signals: Theoretical Bounds and Novel Iterative EstimatorKannan Muthuraman and Daniele Borio309 - 323
Instantaneous Cycle-Slip Correction for Real-Time PPP ApplicationsSimon Banville and Richard B. Langley325 - 334