NAVIGATION, Journal of the Institute of Navigation

Volume: 56
Published: 2009

   Volume 56, Number 1 (Spring 2009)
Title Author Page Numbers
The Future of the UTC Time Scale Ronald L. Beard 1 - 8
Developing and Validating the Loran Temporal ASF Bound Model for Aviation Sherman C. Lo, Robert Wenzel, Peter Morris, and Per K. Enge 9 - 21
Vehicle Localization Via Sensor Fusion Using Evidence Theory Mourad Zribi, Khalid Touil, and Mohammed Benjelloun 23 - 33
A Low-Cost Tightly Coupled GPS/INS for Small UAVs Augmented with Multiple GPS Antennas Rui Hirokawa and Takuji Ebinuma 35 - 44
Earth-Surface Multipath Detection and Error Modeling for Aircraft GPS Receivers Zhen Zhu and Frank van Graas 45 - 56
A North America Wide Area Neutral Atmosphere Model for GNSS Applications Rodrigo F. Leandro, Marcelo C. Santos, and Richard B. Langley 57 - 71
   Volume 56, Number 2 (Summer 2009)
Title Author Page Numbers
State Estimation for Autonomous Helicopter via Sensor Modeling Myungsoo Jun 73 - 82
Enhanced Detection of Weak GNSS Signals Using Spatial Combining John Nielsen, Surendran K. Shanmugam, M. Upal Mahfuz, Gerard Lachapelle 83 - 95
Remote-Controlled, Continuously Operating GPS Anomalous Event Monitor Sanjeev Gunawardena, Zhen Zhu, Maarten Uijt de Haag, Frank van Graas 97 - 113
Generalized Divergence-Free Carrier Smoothing with Applications to Dual Frequency Differential GPS Gary A. McGraw 115 - 122
Limits of Linear, Single-Frequency Filter Design for Minimizing Ionosphere Divergence Error Jason Rife, Shiladitya Sen 123 - 134
Integer Ambiguity Resolution on Undifferenced GPS Phase Measurements and Its Application to PPP and Satellite Precise Orbit Determination Denis Laurichesse, Flavien Mercier, Jean-Paul Berthias, Patrick Broca, Luca Cerri 135 - 149
   Volume 56, Number 3 (Fall 2009)
Title Author Page Numbers
Estimation of Adaptive Antenna Induced Code and Carrier Phase Bias in GNSS Receivers Christopher M. Church and Inder J. Gupta 151 - 160
Effect of Mutual Coupling on the Performance of GPS AJ Antennas Khadir A. Griffith and Inder J. Gupta 161 - 173
A Statistical Analysis of Balked Landing Approaches for the Airbus A380 under GBAS Guidance J.G. Higuera, H.J. Kumin, J.E. Fagan, and G. McCartor 175 - 184
Assessment of the Higher Order Ionosphere Error on Position Solutions Y.T. Morton, Frank van Graas, Qihou Zhou, and Jeffrey Herdtner 185 - 193
Markov Chain, Monte Carlo Global Search and Integration for Bayesian, GPS, Parameter Estimation Ilir Progri, Matthew Bromberg, and Jinling Wang 195 - 204
Applied Interval Based Integer Ambiguity Resolution E. van Kampen, E. de Weerdt, Q.P. Chu, and J.A. Mulder 205 - 219
   Volume 56, Number 4 (Winter 2009)
Title Author Page Numbers
Applications of Complex Analysis to Celestial Navigation Robin G. Stuart 221 - 227
Mitigating the Impact of GNSS Signals in the Radio Astronomy Band 1610.6-1613.8 MHz Olivier Julien and Jean-Luc Issler 229 - 240
Implementation and Testing of an Unaided Method for the Acquisition of Weak GPS C/A Code Signals Gregory W. Heckler and James L. Garrison 241 - 259
Detailed Analysis of Raim Performance for ADS-B Separation Error Curtis A. Shively and Daniel G. O'Laughlin 261 - 273
Influence of GNSS Integrity Monitoring on Undetected Fault Probabilities for Single and Multiple Fault Events Jason Rife 275 - 287
Methodology and Design for the Broadcast of GNSS Integrity Information derived from SBAS on Low Bandwidth Data Channels Sherman C. Lo and Per K. Enge 289 - 307