NAVIGATION, Journal of the Institute of Navigation

Volume: 53
Published: 2006

   Volume 53, Number 1 (Spring 2006)
Title Author Page Numbers
INS-Aiding Using Bearings-Only Measurements of an Unknown Ground Object Meir Pachter, Alec Porter, and Murat Polat 1 - 20
A Performance Comparison of Tightly Coupled GPS/INS Navigation Systems based on Extended and Sigma Point Kalman Filters J. Wendel, J. Metzger, R. Moenikes, A. Maier, and G. F. Trommer 21 - 32
Full Integrity Testing for GPS/INS James L. Farrell 33 - 40
RAIM-FDE Revisited: A New Breakthrough In Availability Performance With NIORAIM (Novel Integrity-Optimized RAIM) Patrick Y. Hwang and R. Grover Brown 41 - 52
Mitigating Systematic Errors for Single Frequency GPS Receivers Employing a Penalized Least Squares Methodology Daniele Barroca Marra Alves and Joao Francisco Galera Monico 53 - 60
Low-Noise Linear Combinations of Triple-Frequency Carrier Phase Measurements Todd Richert and Naser El-Sheimy 61 - 68
   Volume 53, Number 2 (Summer 2006)
Title Author Page Numbers
Longitude from Lunar Altitudes Simplified George G. Bennett 69 - 72
Precise Robust Positioning with Inertially Aided RTK Bruno M. Scherzinger 73 - 84
Effect of Sampling Frequency on GNSS Receiver Performance Dennis M. Akos and Marco Pini 85 - 96
Performance and Availability Analysis of a Simple Local Airport Position Domain Monitor for WAAS Curtis A. Shively, Rick Niles, and Thomas T. Hsiao 97 - 108
A Single Parameter Tunable Quaternion Based Attitude Estimation Filter Eric R. Bachmann and Xiaoping Yun 109 - 120
Attitude Determination Methods Using Pseudolite Signal Phase Measurements Keun Joo Park and John L. Crassidis 121 - 133
   Volume 53, Number 3 (Fall 2006)
Title Author Page Numbers
Parametric Error Equations for Dead Reckoning Navigators used in Ground Vehicle Guidance and Control David M. Bevly, Demoz Gebre-Egziabher, and Bradford Parkinson 135 - 147
Recursive Estimation of Spacecraft Position and Velocity Using X-ray Pulsar Time of Arrival Measurements Suneel I. Sheikh and Darryll J. Pines 149 - 166
An Extended Propagation Ephemeris for GNSS James L. Garrison and Brenda E. Eichel 167 - 179
Statistically Optimized In-Flight Estimation of GPS Carrier Phase Multipath for LEO Satellite Attitude Determination Stephen Hodgart and Ronald Wong 181 - 202
The Impact of Severe Ionospheric Conditions on the Accuracy of Kinematic Position Estimation: Performance Analysis of Various Ionosphere Modeling Techniques Dorota A. Grejner-Brzezinska, Pawel Wielgosz, Israel Kashani, Dru A. Smith, Douglas S. Robertson, Gerald L. Mader, Attila Komjathy 203 - 217
   Volume 53, Number 4 (Winter 2006)
Title Author Page Numbers
Proposal for a Novel Remote Synchronization System for the On-Board Crystal Oscillator of the Quasi-Zenith Satellite System Fabrizio Tappero, Toshiaki Iwata, Andrew Dempster, Michito Imae, Takeshi Ikegami, Yasuhiro Fukuyama, Akira Iwasaki, and Ken Hagimoto 219 - 229
Simulation and Ground Experiments of Remote Synchronization System for Onboard Crystal Oscillator of Quasi-Zenith Satellite Toshiaki Iwata, Fabrizio Tappero, Naoto Takasaki, Akira Iwasaki, Michito Imae, Tomonari Suzuyama, Hiroshi Murakami, Yoshikatsu Kawasaki, and Andrew Dempster 231 - 235
The Atlantis Project: A GPS-Guided Wing-Sailed Autonomous Catamaran Gabriel Hugh Elkaim 237 - 247
RAIM with Multiple Faults J. E. Angus 249 - 257
A Robust GPS Receiver Self Survey Algorithm Keunjoo Park and John L. Crassidis 259 - 268
Assessing Probability of Correct Ambiguity Resolution in the Presence of Time-Correlated Errors Kyle O'Keefe, Mark Petovello, Gerard Lachapelle, and M. Elizabeth Cannon 269 - 282