NAVIGATION, Journal of the Institute of Navigation

Volume: 51
Published: 2004

   Volume 51, Number 1 (Spring 2004)
TitleAuthorPage Numbers
Benefits of Using a Tactical-Grade IMU for High-Accuracy PositioningM. G. Petovello, M. E. Cannon, and G. Lachapelle1 - 12
Error Sources When Land Vehicle Dead Reckoning with Differential WheelspeedsChristopher R. Carlson, J. Christian Gerdes, and J. David Powell13 - 28
HSGPS Signal Analysis and Performance Under Various Indoor ConditionsG. Lachapelle, H. Kuusniemi, D. T. H. Dao, G. MacGougan, and M. E. Cannon29 - 44
Availability Enhancements for CAT IIIB LAASCurtis A. Shively and Thomas T. Hsiao45 - 58
Statistical Analysis of GPS Ionospheric Scintillation and Short-Time TEC Variations Over Northern EuropeFabiano S. Rodrigues, Marcio H. O. Aquino, Alan Dodson, Terry Moore, and Sam Waugh59 - 76
Characteristics of Satellite – Satellite Single-Difference Widelane Fractional Carrier-Phase BiasesMichael J. Gabor and R. Steven Nerem77 - 92
   Volume 51, Number 2 (Summer 2004)
TitleAuthorPage Numbers
On the Applications of the Principle of Optimal Evolution in Ship RoutingS. J. Bijlsma93 - 100
Performance of Integrated Electro-Optical Navigation SystemsT. Hoshizaki, D. Andrisani II, A. W. Braun, A. K. Mulyana, and J. S. Bethel101 - 122
Effects of Aircraft Overflights on GPS MeasurementsLukas Marti, Frank van Graas, and Joseph Kelly123 - 132
An OFDM/FDMA Indoor Geolocation SystemIlir F. Progri, William R. Michalson, and David Cyganski133 - 142
Code and Phase Tracking of Generic PRN Signals with Sub-Nyquist Sample RatesThomas Pany and Bernd Eissfeller143 - 160
Variance-Covariance Modeling of Atmospheric Errors for Satellite-Based Network PositioningR. S. Radovanovic, N. El-Sheimy, and W. F. Teskey161 - 170
   Volume 51, Number 3 (Fall 2004)
TitleAuthorPage Numbers
The Pyramid Star Identification TechniqueDaniele Mortari, Malak A. Samaan, Christian Bruccoleri, and John L. Junkins171 - 184
Autonomous Fault Detection with Carrier-Phase DGPS for Shipboard Landing NavigationMoon-Beom Heo, Boris Pervan, Sam Pullen, Jennifer Gautier, Per Enge, and Demoz Gebre-Egziabher185 - 198
Performance Evaluations of the New GPS L5 and L2 Civil (L2C) SignalsMichael Tran199 - 212
Network Approach to Precise GPS NavigationPawel Wielgosz, Dorota Grejner-Brzezinska, and Israel Kashani213 - 220
Attitude Sensing Using a GPS Antenna on a Turntable: Experimental TestsHee Jung, Mark L. Psiaki, Warren J. Scott, and Christopher L. Boitnott221 - 230
The Multiple-Hypothesis Wald Sequential Probability Ratio Test for GPS Integer Ambiguity ResolutionM. F. Abdel-Hafez, J. L. Speyer, Y. J. Lee, and W. R. Williamson231 - 248
   Volume 51, Number 4 (Winter 2004)
TitleAuthorPage Numbers
Strapdown at the CrossroadsJames L. Farrell249 - 258
Modeling Inertial Sensor Errors Using Autoregressive (AR) ModelsSameh Nassar; Klaus-Peter Schwarz; Naser El-Sheimy; and Aboelmagd Noureldin259 - 268
Augmenting GPS with Television Signals for Reliable Indoor PositioningMatthew Rabinowitz and James J. Spilker, Jr.269 - 282
Precise Velocity Estimation Using a Stand-Alone GPS ReceiverFrank van Graas and Andrey Soloviev283 - 292
A General Concept and Algorithm of Projected DGPS for High-Accuracy DGPS-Based SystemsYujie Zhang and Chris Bartone293 - 310
Development and Evaluation of a New 3-D Ionospheric Modeling MethodZhizhao Liu and Yang Gao311 - 329