NAVIGATION, Journal of the Institute of Navigation

Volume: 50
Published: 2003

   Volume 50, Number 1 (Spring 2003)
Title Author Page Numbers
Observations of Ionosphereic Scintilliation on GPS Signals in Japan Keisuke Matsunaga, Kazuaki Hoshinoo, and Kiyoshi Igarashi 1 - 8
Precise Acceleration Determination from Carrier-Phase Measurements S. L. Kennedy 9 - 20
Multipath Interference Order Selection and Mitigation in GPS-Based Attitude Determination Systems Jacob Scheim 21 - 28
GPS/WIDE Area Augmentation System (WAAS) Final Approach Error Analysis David P. Stapleton 29 - 44
Hypothesis Testing for Resolving Integer Ambiguity in GPS Jonathan D. Wolfe, Walton R. Williamson, and Jason L. Speyer 45 - 56
Design of a Real-Time GPS Satellite Signal Simulator on the MULTISHARC Parallel Processing System S. V. M. K. Prasad, V. Vaidehi, P. V. Ramakrishna, C. N. Krishnan, T. Ananda Sarangaram, G. Boopalan, N. Nagalakshmi, and S. Nappinnai 57 - 64
   Volume 50, Number 2 (Summer 2003)
Title Author Page Numbers
A New Positioning Filter: Phase Smoothing in the Position Domain Thomas J. Ford and Jason Hamilton 65 - 78
Demonstration of Adaptive Extended Kalman Filter for Low-Earth-Orbit Formation Estimation Using CDGPS Franz D. Busse, Jonathan P. How, and James Simpson 79 - 94
Use of GNSS-Based Pseudo Acceleration Measurements and Orbital Constraints to Initialize Spaceborne Receiver Orbit Solutions D. Laurichesse, S. Gratton, F. Mercier, T. Tournier, J. P. Berthias, J. L. Issler, F. Doliszny, and P. Revidon 95 - 102
On Ultrahigh-Precision GPS Positioning and Navigation Donghyun Kim and Richard B. Langley 103 - 116
LAAS Integrated Multipath-Limiting Antenna D. Bryce Thornberg, Dean S. Thornberg, Michael F. DiBenedetto, Michael S. Braasch, Frank van Graas, and Chris Bartone 117 - 130
An Efficient GPS Position Determination Algorithm Meir Pachter and Thao Q. Nguyen 131 - 142
   Volume 50, Number 3 (Fall 2003)
Title Author Page Numbers
CEP Equation Exact to the Fourth Order J. J. Krempasky 143 - 150
Fault Detection and Exclusion Using Normalized Solution Separation and Residual Monitoring Methods Ryan S. Y. Young and Gary A. McGraw 151 - 170
Initial Orbit Determination Results for Jason-1: Towards a 1 cm Orbit Bruce Haines, Willy Bertiger, Shailen Desai, Da Kuang, Tim Munson, Larry Young, and Pascal Willis 171 - 180
Performance Analysis of Carrier-Phase DGPS Navigation for Shipboard Landing of Aircraft Boris Pervan, Fang-Cheng Chan, Demoz Gebre-Egziabher, Sam Pullen, Per Enge, and Glenn Colby 181 - 192
An Assessment of the Current WAAS Ionospheric Correction Algorithm in the South American Region Attila Komjathy, Lawrence Sparks, Anthony J. Mannucci, and Xiaoqing Pi 193 - 204
Impact of Real-Time Ionospheric Determination on Improving Precise Navigation with GALILEO and Next-Generation GPS M. Hernández-Pajares, J. M. Juan, J. Sanz, and O. L. Colombo 205 - 218
   Volume 50, Number 4 (Winter 2003)
Title Author Page Numbers
Increased Navigation Performance from GPS Block IIR Willard Marquis 219 - 234
Ionospheric Scintillation Effects on GPS in the Equatorial and Auroral Regions Patricia H. Doherty, Susan H. Delay, Cesar E. Valladares, and John A. Klobuchar 235 - 246
An Inexpensive DME-Aided Dead Reckoning Navigator Demoz Gebre-Egziabher, C. O. Lee Boyce Jr., J. David Powell, and Per Enge 247 - 264
RTK Performance in Highway and Racetrack Experiments James W. Sinko 265 - 276
Comparison of Interpolation Algorithms in Network-Based GPS Techniques Liwen Dai, Shaowei Han, Jinling Wang, and Chris Rizos 277 - 293
A High-Integrity and Efficient GPS Integer Ambiguity Resolution Method M. F. Abdel-Hafez, Y. J. Lee, W. R. Williamson, J. D. Wolfe, and J. L. Speyer 295 - 310