Proceedings of the 2016 International Technical Meeting of The Institute of Navigation

January 25 - 28, 2016
Hyatt Regency Monterey
Monterey, California
ISSN: 2330-3646
ISBN: 0-936406-15-1

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The Importance of Timing to Autonomous Vehicle NavigationJohn Fischer1 - 22
Connected Vehicle Environment: Opportunities & ChallengesCarl K. Andersen23 - 48
Some Legal and Insurance Issues Related to Self-Driving CarsRobert W. Peterson49 - 89
Satellite Ephemeris Correction via Remote Site Observation for Star Tracker Navigation Performance ImprovementJorge E. Diaz and Scott J. Pierce90 - 97
Flight Test of a Pseudo Ranging Signal Compatible with Existing Distance Measurement Equipment (DME) Ground StationsSherman Lo, Yu Hsuan Chen, Per Enge, Wouter Pelgrum, Kuangmin Li, George Weida, Achim Soelter98 - 109
Magnetic Anomaly Navigation Accuracy with Respect to Map Quality and AltitudeAaron J. Canciani and John F. Raquet110 - 116
Characterization of the Ground-to-Air Ranging Performance of the 960-1215 MHz ARNS Band Using OFDM Measurements in the 902-928 MHz ISM BandOkuary Osechas, Nicolas Schneckenburger, Wouter Pelgrum, Elisabeth Nossek and Michael Meurer117 - 124
Test Results from a LEO-Satellite-Based Assured Time and Location SolutionDavid Lawrence, H. Stewart Cobb, Gregory Gutt, François Tremblay, Pascal Laplante, and Michael O’Connor125 - 129
GPS Receiver Performance Degradation in the Presence of Faded InterferenceKyle D. Wesson, Swen D. Ericson, Terence L. Johnson, Karl W. Shallberg, Per K. Enge, Louis K. Dressel, Christopher J. Hegarty130 - 139
Spacial Gradient Based TEC Estimation Algorithm with Code Noise Multipath Correction Evaluation Using Simultaneous Incoherent Scatter Radar MeasurementsHarrison Bourne, Yu Morton, Frank van Graas, Michael Sulzer, Marco Milla140 - 150
A Kalman Filter Based Method for GPS Spoofing DetectionHao Chen and H. Howard Fan151 - 159
Multi-user Cooperation Based GNSS Spoofing Detection MethodYichen Yang, Hong Li, and Mingquan Lu160 - 168
The Effect of IMU Accuracy on Dual-antenna GNSS Spoofing DetectionYang Liu, Qiangwen Fu, Sihai Li, Xun Xiao169 - 180
Direction-of-Arrival Assisted Sequential Spoofing Detection and MitigationMichael Meurer,Andriy Konovaltsev, Manuel Appel, Manuel Cuntz181 - 192
Model of Signal in Space Biases in the Integrity Support Message and Advanced RAIM AlgorithmIlaria Martini, Boubeker Belabbas, Santiago Perea, Michael Meurer193 - 207
Impact of BOC Modulation on GPS/Galileo Airborne Receiver IntegrityOlivier Julien, Ni Zhu, Anaïs Martineau, Carl Milner, Christophe Macabiau208 - 215
Bounding Integrity Risk for ARAIM Solution Separation MethodY. Sun, L. Zheng, R. Xue216 - 223
Clustered ARAIMMartin Orejas and Jakub Skalicky224 - 230
Demonstrating ARAIM on UAS using Software Defined Radio and Civilian Signal GPS L1/L2C and GLONASS G1/G2Yu-Hsuan Chen, Adrien Perkins, Sherman Lo, Dennis M. Akos, Juan Blanch, Todd Walter, and Per Enge231 - 238
A Simple Satellite Exclusion Algorithm for Advanced RAIMJuan Blanch, Todd Walter and Per Enge239 - 244
Orbital Filter Aiding of a High Sensitivity GPS Receiver for Lunar MissionsVincenzo Capuano, Paul Blunt, Cyril Botteron, Pierre-Andrè Farine245 - 262
Observability Analysis of a Modified Closely-Coupled EKF with Magnetic Field AidingGabriel Morales and David Bevly263 - 272
Multi-sensor SLAM for Tactical Situational AwarenessLaura Ruotsalainen, Martti Kirkko-Jaakkola, Liang Chen, Simo Gröhn, Robert Guinness, Heidi Kuusniemi273 - 282
Use of a FishEye Camera for GNSS NLOS Exclusion and Characterization in Urban EnvironmentsJan Sanromà Sánchez, Andreas Gerhmann, Paul Thevenon, Philippe Brocard, Amani Ben Afia, Olivier Julien283 - 292
The Hybrid GNSS/WCT Multi-coach Multi-constellation Train Positioning and Integrity SystemYuheng Zheng, Michael Hutchinson, David Lowe, Saioa Arrizabalaga, Jon Goya, Leticia Zamora-Cadenas, Javier Valera, Jose Sanchez293 - 304
Integrating GNSS with Digital Route Map for Train Positioning and Integrity SystemYuheng Zheng, Michael Hutchinson, Michael Pattinson, and David Lowe305 - 314
VANA – Vision-Aided Navigation ArchitectureLeonid Naimark, Michael Richman, Tao Wang and Stephen DelMarco315 - 323
Position using Fast Orthogonal Search in Wi-Fi TechnologyBassem I. Sheta, Mohamed Youssef324 - 332
Design and Implementation of Inertial Sensor Based Wearable Gestural Hand Motion Identification SystemQifan Zhou, Chunyang Yu, Zahra Lari, Hai Zhang and Naser El-Sheimy333 - 342
Improved User Position Monitor for WAASTodd Walter and Juan Blanch343 - 352
An Availability Prediction Method for Satellite-Based Augmentation SystemWei Zhi, Zhipeng Wang, Yanbo Zhu, Sida Zhang353 - 359
Optimized Selection of Satellite Subsets for a Multi-constellation GBASDaniel Gerbeth, Michael Felux, Mihaela-Simona Circiu, Maria Caamano360 - 367
Assessment of Equatorial Plasma Bubble Impacts on Ground-Based Augmentation Systems in the Brazilian RegionMoonseok Yoon, Dongwoo Kim, Jiyun Lee, Sarawoot Rungruengwajiake, Sam Pullen368 - 379
GBAS Flight Trials for Multi-Constellation / Multi-Frequency GBAS Concept ValidationThomas Feuerle, Mirko Stanisak and Peter Hecker380 - 388
Performance Characterisation of Multi-Constellation GNSS-based Positioning for Maritime ApplicationsIván Herrera-Pinzón and Stefan Gewies389 - 400
A Novel Digital Threat Model and Effect Analysis on Modernized BeiDou SignalsChao Sun, Hongbo Zhao, Wenquan Feng, and Chen Zhuang401 - 413
GBAS Function Limited to CAT IILenka Zaviralova, Jolana Dvorska, Pavel Ptacek414 - 428
A Frequency-Compensation Algorithm in Kalman Filter-Based Tracking Loop for High-Dynamics GNSS ReceiversJiannan Shen, Xiaowei Cui, Yonghui Zhu, Mingquan Lu429 - 436
Modified MLE-Based GNSS Signal Open Loop Tracking Strategy for Flight Missions in the Space Service VolumeShuai Jing and Xingqun Zhan437 - 447
A Study on the Use of Graph Signal Processing Techniques for Satellite-based Navigation SystemsJidong Huang, California State University, Fullerton; Siliang Wu448 - 455
Generalized Transparent Constant Envelope Multiplexing MethodFu Guo, Zheng Yao, Mingquan Lu, Hengwei Zhou456 - 463
Monitoring Coastal Wind Speed Using BeiDou GEO Reflected SignalsQiang Wang, Dongkai Yang, Hongxing Gao, Weiqiang Li, Yunlong Zhu, Manhong Tu,  Yunchang Cao464 - 467
A Method for Comparing the Code Tracking Performance of GNSS ReceiversBenjamin H. Downing468 - 477
A Set-theoretic Approach to Analyzing Timing Uncertainty within Cyber-physical SystemsD.M. Anand478 - 484
GNSS/GPS Robustness for UASJoshua Stubbs, Dennis Akos485 - 493
Achieving Consistent Uncertainty Estimates with RANSAC-Based AlgorithmsClark N. Taylor494 - 500
Conservative Uncertainty Estimation in Map-Based Vision-Aided NavigationZhen Zhu, Clark Taylor501 - 510
Indoor Flight Demonstration Results of an Autonomous Multi-copter using Multiple Laser Inertial NavigationAdam Schultz, Russell Gilabert, Maarten Uijt de Haag511 - 519
Context-Dependent Scan Matching for Aided NavigationJyh-Ching Juang and Shang-Lin Yu520 - 524
Observations and Analysis of the Occurrence Pattern of Large Ionospheric TEC Gradients Over the Brazilian AirspaceRezy Pradipta, Patricia H. Doherty, Richard Cole, Navin Mathur525 - 531
A Comparative Study of Ionospheric Irregularity Drift Velocity using a GNSS Receiver Array and SuperDARN at High LatitudeJun Wang, Yu (Jade) Morton, Jeffery Spaleta, William Bristow532 - 539
A Statistical Comparison of Satellite Tracking Performances During Ionospheric Scintillation for the GNSS Constellations GPS, Galileo and GLONASSSusan H. Delay, Charles S. Carrano, Keith M. Groves, Patricia H. Doherty540 - 548
Monitoring Ionosphere Over Antarctica by Means of a GNSS Signal Acquisition System and a Software Radio ReceiverNicola Linty, Fabio Dovis, Rodrigo Romero, Calogero Cristodaro, Lucilla Alfonsi, Emilia Correia549 - 555
Ionosphere Monitoring in South East Asia in the ERICA StudyGabriella Povero, Lucilla Alfonsi, Luca Spogli, Domenico Di Mauro, Claudio Cesaroni, Fabio Dovis, Rodrigo Romero, Minh Le Huy, Prayitno Abadi, Vinh La The, Nicolas Floury556 - 563
Development of a Three-dimensional Aviation Unusual Weather Detection System Based on the use of ADS-B 1090MHz DataHao-Wei Peng and Shau-Shiun Jan564 - 572
Multiple-Phase Screen Modeling of Ionospheric Scintillation for BeiDou SystemZhijun He, Hongbo Zhao, Wenquan Feng, Xiumei Guan573 - 584
Modeling of TEC Variations Based on Signals from Near Zenith GNSS Satellite Observed by Dense Regional NetworkYevgen M. Zanimonskiy, Grzegorz Nykiel, Alex V. Paznukhov, Mariusz Figurski585 - 590
A Quasi-Coherent Receiving Algorithm and its Performance Verification for Composite Signals of Next Generation GNSSHengwei Zhou, Zheng Yao, Mingquan Lu591 - 599
Improved Ephemeris Monitoring for GNSSTodd Walter, Kazuma Gunning, and Juan Blanch600 - 608
Wide Area Kinematic Positioning with BeiDou Triple Frequency SignalsYanming Feng and Yongchao Wang, Xiaopeng Gong and Shengfeng Gu609 - 617
False Lock Probability in BOC SignalsAdrià Gusi, Pau Closas, Jose A. Garcia-Molina618 - 623
Expanding the Coverage of Local Area Differential CorrectionTakeyasu Sakai, Takahiro Aso, Mitsunori Kitamura, Kazuaki Hoshinoo, and Ken Ito624 - 630
Analysis of Multi-Constellation GNSS Signal QualityTerri Richardson, Chris Hill, Terry Moore, Pieter Toor631 - 638
The Ziv-Zakai Bound for Time-Of-Arrival Estimation of New Generation GNSS SignalsZhen Liu, Jiannan Shen, Zheng Yao, Mingquan Lu, Yongjun Zhao639 - 646
A Reduced Camera SLAM Approach for Indoor and Outdoor Navigation Using Laser Information for Landmark Initialization and Relative Motion InformationManuel Popp, Jamal Atman, Georg Scholz, Jan Ruppelt, Gert F. Trommer647 - 656
A Real-time Relative Navigation Capability for Multi-copter Collision AvoidanceMaarten Kastelein, Russell Gilabert, Adam Schultz, Akshay Bharadwaj, Kyle Shiflett and Maarten, Uijt de Haag657 - 663
GNSS Vertical Dilution of Precision Reduction using Terrestrial Signals of OpportunityJoshua J. Morales, Joe J. Khalife, and Zaher M. Kassas664 - 669
SAR/Inertial Integration for GPS-Denied NavigationAndrey Soloviev and Chun Yang670 - 682
Particle Filter for Indoor Map-Aided Navigation: Trade Off between Estimation Accuracy and Computational SpeedChunyang Yu, Haiyu Lan, Qifan Zhou, Naser El-Sheimy683 - 688
Model-Aided Navigation with Wind Estimation for Robust Quadrotor NavigationKarsten Mueller, Philipp Crocoll, Gert F. Trommer689 - 696
An Analysis of Geometric Altitude Data in ADS-B MessagesNur Asheila Taib and Busyairah Syd Ali697 - 704
A High Fidelity Multi Antenna Software Simulator for Array Processing in GNSSThyagaraja Marathe, Saeed Daneshmand, Gérard Lachapelle705 - 715
Neural Network Based C/N0 Abnormity Detection Method for GPS Anti-spoofingLi He, Hong Li, Wenyi Li, and Mingquan Lu716 - 725
Spoofing Detection by a Reduced Acquisition ProcessPau Closas, Javier Arribas, and Carles Fernández-Prades726 - 731
Motion State Monitoring Based GNSS Spoofing Detection Method for Repeater Spoofing AttackWentao Bai, Hong Li, Yichen Yang, Mingquan Lu732 - 738
GNSS Spoof Detection using Independent Range InformationPeter F. Swaszek, Richard J. Hartnett, Kelly C. Seals739 - 747
GNSS Spoofing Detection Based on Collaborative RAIMFei Wang, Hong Li, Yichen Yang, and Mingquan Lu748 - 755
Suppression of the Narrowband Interferences in GNSS ReceiversNikolay Mikhailov, Dmitry Yudakin, Andrei Motorin756 - 761
A Study on Snow Reflection Signals Using two GNSS Antennas with Different Gain Patterns and New Application to Monitor Snow Surface ConditionsTakayuki Yoshihara, Susumu Saito, Atsushi Kezuka, Hiroki Motoyoshi, Satoru Yamaguchi762 - 770
The Evolutionary Development and Performance of the VeraphaseTM GNSS AntennaJulien Hautcoeur, Ronald H. Johnston, Gyles Panther771 - 783
Performance of Antenna Array Calibration in Multipath EnvironmentsNiranjan Vagle, Ali Broumandan, Ali Jafarnia Jahromi, Gérard Lachapelle784 - 792
A Two-Step Beam-Forming Method Based on Carrier Phases for GNSS Adaptive Array Anti-JammingHailong Xu, Xiaowei Cui, Jiannan Shen, Mingquan Lu793 - 804
Joint Acquisition of GNSS Codes via Coherent Combining of Multi-Frequency Composite Quadrature SignalsChun Yang and Andrey Soloviev805 - 819
Effects of Linear RF Front-end Distortions on High-order BOC Signal Processing Using DBT TechniqueYonghui Zhu, Xiaowei Cui, Jiannan Shen, Mingquan Lu820 - 828
Improvements of GNOS On-board FY3DXianyi Wang ,Yueqiang Sun, Qifei Du, Weihua Bai, Dongwei Wang, Yuerong Cai, Di Wu, Wei Li, Xiangguang Meng, Chunjun Wu829 - 835
Future Automotive GNSS Positioning in Urban ScenariosMartin Escher, Mirko Stanisak and Ulf Bestmann836 - 845
Urban RTK Using Adaptive Point Mass Filter with Wide-Lane MeasurementsWenyi Li, Xiaowei Cui, Mingquan Lu846 - 857
Stochastic GNSS Multipath Estimation Using a Particle FilterAndreas Tollkühn, Fabian Amtmann, Florian Henkenhaf, Florian Mickler, Lucila Patino-Studencki, Jörn Thielecke858 - 864
Efficient GNSS Collective Detection with Search Space ReductionFei Wang, Hong Li, Wenyi Li, and Mingquan Lu865 - 872
Power Characterization for L1 and L5 TransmissionsSara J. Hrbek, Dae Hee Won and Dennis M. Akos873 - 880
A Research on Sea Ice Based on Reflected Signals from BeiDou GEO SatellitesGao Hongxing, Yang Dongkai, Wang Qaing, Wang Feng, Zhu Yunlong, Yin Cong, Cao Yunchan881 - 884
The Mahali Project: Deployment Experiences from a Field Campaign in AlaskaAnthea Coster, Victor Pankratius, Timothy Morin, Will Rogers, Frank Lind, Philip Erickson, David Mascharka, Don Hampton, Joshua Semeter885 - 892
Multipath Mitigation using GPS/INS Integrated Navigation with Adaptive Kalman FilteringYounsil Kim, Jungneom Kim, Sunkyoung Yu and Changdon Kee, Byungwoon Park893 - 901
Indoor Adaptive GNSS Signal Acquisition--Theory and SimulationsIlir F. Progri, P. Huang, Y. Pi, Xuan Xia902 - 931
Network Delay Modeling and Estimation for A-GNSS Supports Over Cellular NetworksGrant Huang and Mikel M. Miller, David Akopian932 - 939
A Novel PN-Code Acquisition Method Based on Local Frequency Folding for BeiDou SystemHongbo Zhao, Wenquan Feng, Xiaodi Xing, Chao Sun, Xiumei Guan940 - 947
Performance Comparison of Existing Dual-frequency Constant-Envelope ModulationsFu Guo, Zheng Yao, Mingquan Lu, Hengwei Zhou948 - 955
Geometry-free Stochastic Analysis of BDS Triple Frequency SignalsYongchao Wang, Yanming Feng, Fu Zheng956 - 969
Threat Models Design for New GNSS SignalsJean-Baptiste Pagot, Paul Thevenon, Olivier Julien, Francisco Amarillo-Fernandez, Denis Maillard970 - 982
VBOC1(alpha) ACF Pure Signal OptimizationIlir F. Progri983 - 994
Analysis and Study on the Influence of BDS TGD on PositioningYinhua Liu, Xiaohui Li, Wei Guo, Zhanke He995 - 1002
GNSS-based High Accuracy Positioning for Railway ApplicationsSophie Damy, Arnab Majumdar, Washington Y. Ochieng1003 - 1014
Precise RTK Positioning with GPS/ INS Tight Coupling and Multipath EstimationPatrick Henkel and Andreas Sperl1015 - 1023
An Improved Algorithm of Real Time Cycle Slip Detection and Determination of Multi-frequency GNSS Measurements Combining Wavelet Transform and Kalman FilterXiaoying Gu, Fanchen Meng, Lin Tao, Bocheng Zhu1024 - 1029
Performance Evaluation and Future Application of Real-Time PPP Product in JapanEiko Saito, Nobuaki Kubo, Kazumasa Shimoda1030 - 1040
An Effect of Tropospheric Delay Irregularity among the Reference Stations on Precise PositioningYounghoon Han, Jaeyoung Ko, Mi Young Shin, Sang Hyun Park1041 - 1045
RTK-based GNSS Drifters for Monitoring in Estuaries and Rivers: Field Experimental ResultsCharles Wang, Kabir Suara, Richard Brown, Yanming Feng1046 - 1054
Precise Point Positioning Method Based on Wide-lane and Narrow-lane Phase Observations and Between Satellites Single DifferencingGrzegorz Nykiel and Mariusz Figurski1055 - 1066