Proceedings of the 28th International Technical Meeting of the Satellite Division of The Institute of Navigation (ION GNSS+ 2015)

September 14 - 18, 2015
Tampa Convention Center
Tampa, Florida
ISSN: 2331-5954

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Using Pressure Sensors for Altitude Aiding with a Multi-constellation GNSS in Urban EnvironmentsH. Tokura and N. Kubo1 - 7
Design and Evaluation of an Improved Integration of WiFi Fingerprinting and MEMS Sensors in SmartphonesYuan Zhuang, You Li, Haiyu Lan, and Naser El-Sheimy8 - 14
Robust Integrated Indoor Navigation Using Consumer Device Sensors, Map Matching and Wireless PositioningTao Li, Jacques Georgy, Zanaib Syed and Chris Goodall15 - 23
Smartphone Based Indoor Navigation System Using Motion Recognition and Map MatchingB. Shin, C. Kim, J. Kim, S. Lee, C. Kee, T. Lee24 - 54
Speed and Velocity Estimation Using a Smartphone CameraAmr Al-Hamad, Bashir Kazemipur, Jacques Georgy, Zainab Syed and Chris Goodall55 - 66
Vision-based Heading Misalignment Estimation for Portable Devices Using Head/Shoulder Detection Abdelrahman Ali, Amr Al-Hamad, Jacques Georgy, and Chris Goodall67 - 73
Multi-Sensor Hybrid Location for Emergency Wireless Call ResponseDavid De Lorenzo74 - 81
Brief Examination of WiFi Positioning Standards and Technology that will Contribute Towards US Carriers Satisfying the Horizontal Accuracy Requirements in the FCC 4th R&O 15-9Steve Howser82 - 90
Dispatchable Location: The Impact and Reality for Public SafetyJay English91 - 96
Lowering Power and Noise - The Continuing Evolution of MEMS SensorsJohn M. Chong97 - 130
Experimental Validation of the D-optimal Redundant ConfigurationLi Fu and Yan Zhang and Lingling Wang131 - 136
A Practical Guide to MEMS Inertial SensorsAlissa M. Fitzgerald137 - 159
Sensor Augmented Indoor Navigation and PositioningM. Gemelli and Keith Nicholson160 - 173
TrekkenTM – Empowering the Visually ImpairedChuck Gritton174 - 201
Portable Device Use Case Recognition Technique for Pedestrian NavigationAbdelrahman Ali, Amr Al-Hamad, Jacques Georgy and Hsiu-Wen Chang202 - 208
A New Integration Method for MEMS Based GNSS/INS Multi-sensor SystemsJunchuan Zhou, Johannes Traugott, Bruno Scherzinger, Christian Miranda, Adrian Kipka209 - 218
Optimal Search Strategies in a Multi-constellation Environment: Analysis and Test Results From a GNSS ReceiverBryan Townsend, Esther Anyaegbu, and Rui Zuo219 - 244
GGTO: Stability and Impact on Multi-constellation PositioningCiro Gioia, Daniele Borio245 - 249
An Innovative Remote Testing System for GNSS Receiver Based on IF Sampled Signal Library of Various ScenariosXiaoguang Zhu, Xin Chen, Rendong Ying, Shanshan Zhan, Yuze Wang, Xiaoran Fang, Fei Su, Di He, Peilin Liu, Wenxian Yu250 - 257
Chip-Level Fused Location TechnologiesC.T. Weng, D. Chou, C-L. Lee , C-Y. Chong, Pei-Hung Jau258 - 275
Precision Navigation + SensorsAlissa M. Fitzgerald276 - 284
PNI Sensor Corporation - Sensor Suites in Phones, Tablets, and WearablesBecky Oh285 - 292
Transforming the World One MEMS at a TimeCharles Gritton293 - 309
Sensor Suites in Phone, Tables, Wearables – What’s Inside?Dave Huntingford310 - 316
Interference Detection Algorithms for GNSS-enabled Android DevicesE.L. Valles, C. Yu, R. Elasmar317 - 324
A Dual-antenna Spoofing Detection System Using GNSS Commercial ReceiversDaniele Borio, Ciro Gioia325 - 330
An Expendable GNSS Sensor for the Continuous Monitoring and Risk Profiling of Land and InfrastructureWilliam Roberts, Mike Hutchinson, Graeme Phipps, Alex Keal331 - 344
Wearable GNSS: Achieving the Lowest Power ConsumptionSteve Mole345 - 360
The World’s first GPS MOOC and Worldwide Laboratory using SmartphonesFrank van Diggelen and Per Enge361 - 369
Cooperative Detection of Multiple GNSS Satellite Signals in GNSS-Challenged EnvironmentsMaherizo Andrianarison, Mohamed Sahmoudi, Rene Landry370 - 380
If the Product is Free, Then YOU are the ProductLogan Scott381 - 405
Challenges of Privacy in Future Secure GNSSOscar Pozzobon406 - 413
GPS Jammers: Do They Really Protect Privacy?Jahshan Bhatti414 - 434
Aviation Receiver Performance Standards: Case Study for Receiver StandardsKen Alexander435 - 452
Receiver Performance StandardsScott Burgett453 - 464
Receiver Performance StandardsFrank van Diggelen465 - 474
L Band Spectrum Policy PanelChristopher Kurby and Richard Lee475 - 485
A New Approach of Integrity Monitoring for Land Vehicles Navigation in Urban Environment by Augmenting GNSS with a 3D City Model and Gyro/OdometerM. Sahmoudi and K.A. Ahmad486 - 494
Assessment of the Benefit of Multiple GNSS Constellation use in Tokyo Downtown for Future Autonomous Driving and Advanced Driver Assistance SystemSatoshi Kogure, Mikihiro Hosoi, Nobuaki Kubo, Takeyasu Sakai, Shigeru Matsuoka495 - 512
Development of FKP-DGPS Positioning Module with Low-priced GPS Receiver for Intelligent VehicleJ. Kim, J. Song, H. No, C. Kee, M. Park513 - 541
The Perspective of Adopting the GNSS for the Evolution of the European Train Control System (ERTMS): A Roadmap for a Standardized and Certifiable PlatformAlessandro Neri, Francesco Rispoli, Pietro Salvatori542 - 552
Vehicular and Pedestrian GNSS Integrity Algorithms and Results for Urban and Road Environments Developed After an Extensive Real Data Collection CampaignE. Domínguez, C. Moriana, L. Bonardi, E. Aguado, D. Lowe, M. Pattinson, M. Hutchinson, G. Seco-Granados, J. Lopez-Salcedo, D. Egea, D. Naberezhnykh, F. Dovis, J.P. Boyero, I. Fernandez553 - 568
High Precision RTK Positioning under Canopy EnvironmentsX. Luo, F. Hurter, B. Richter, M. Carrera, A. Cole, F. Takac569 - 580
Optimal Selection of an Inertial Sensor for Cycle Slip Detection by Considering INS Output ErrorsYounsil Kim, Junesol Song, Byungwoon Park, Changdon Kee581 - 617
A Low-cost GNSS/IMU/Visual monoSLAM/WSS Integration Based on Federated Kalman Filtering for Navigation in Urban EnvironmentsAmani Ben Afia, Anne-Christine Escher, Christophe Macabiau618 - 628
Progress on Working Group-C Activities on Advanced RAIMJuan Blanch, Todd Walter, Per Enge, Jason Burns, Ken Alexander, Juan Pablo Boyero, Young Lee, Boris Pervan, Mathieu Joerger, Samer Khanafseh, Markus Rippl, Ilaria Martini, Santiago Perea, Victoria Kropp, Christophe Macabiau, ENAC, France; Norbert Suard, Gerhard Berz629 - 638
GNSS and Odometry Fusion for High Integrity and High Availability Train Control SystemsAlessandro Neri, Salvatore Sabina, Umberto Mascia639 - 648
A Novel ARAIM Approach in Probability Domain for Combined GPS and GalileoLiang Li, Lin Zhao, Fuxin Yang, Na Li649 - 657
ARAIM Architectures and Availability Prediction Method Based on BDS/GPSPeng Zhao, Yanbo Zhu, Zhipeng Wang and R. Xue658 - 663
Continuity and Availability in Dual-Frequency Multi-Constellation ARAIMYawei Zhai, Mathieu Joerger and Boris Pervan664 - 674
Online ARAIM Architecture Evaluation to Support a Single GNSS ConstellationSam Pullen and Per Enge675 - 705
Autonomous Integrity Monitoring Proposal for Critical Rail ApplicationsPhilippe Brocard, Olivier Julien, Mikael Mabilleau706 - 734
URA/SISA Analysis for GPS-Galileo ARAIM Integrity Support MessageSantiago Perea Diaz, Michael Meurer, Markus Rippl, Boubeker Belabbas, Mathieu Joerger, Boris Pervan735 - 745
Performance Parameters Analysis of Three Levels GNSS Integrity MonitoringXian-Li Su, Xingqun Zhan, Jiaxun Tu, Zhenjun Zhang746 - 763
QR-UKF Fusion of Satellite Selection and RAIM for GNSS Performance Enhancement in Multi-ConstellationF.C. Meng, S. Wang, L. Tao, X.Y. Gu, B.C. Zhu764 - 776
Modelling and Calibration of Time-Varying Magnetometer Biases in Small Unmanned Aerial VehiclesAndrew Stewart and Demoz Gebre-Egziabher777 - 783
A Navigation and Guidance System for Autonomous Flights of MAVs into BuildingsManuel Popp, Silvia Prophet, Georg Scholz, Gert F. Trommer784 - 816
Fusion of GNSS and Vision for a Robust Navigation Solution: Concept and Demonstration with COTS Sensors on UAVF. Hennart, B. Polle, E. Kervendal, A. Robin, N. Despré, G. Jonniaux, K. Kanani, R. Brochard817 - 833
Vision-Aided Measurement Level Integration of Multiple GPS Receivers for UAVsAkshay Shetty and Grace Xingxin Gao834 - 840
Robust MAV State Estimation Using an M-Estimator Augmented Sensor Fusion GraphDerek Chen and Grace Xingxin Gao841 - 848
Geo-Pointing of On-Board Sensors for Static/Low/High Dynamic PlatformsShahram Moafipoor, Lydia Bock and Jeffrey A. Fayman849 - 859
Sense and Avoid for Unmanned Aircraft Systems: Ensuring Integrity and Continuity for Three Dimensional Intruder TrajectoriesMichael B. Jamoom, Mathieu Joerger, and Boris Pervan860 - 876
RTCA SC-159: 30 Years of Aviation GPS StandardsChristopher J. Hegarty, George T. Ligler, Ken Alexander, Larry Chesto, Harol Moses, Joel M. Wichgers, Per Enge, Bob Erlandson, A.J. Van Dierendonck, Laurent Azoulai, Sai Kalyanaraman, Steve Heppe, Young C. Lee, Kyle Wesson, John Studenny877 - 896
Evaluation of GPS L5, Galileo E1 and Galileo E5a Performance in Flight Trials for Multi Frequency Multi Constellation GBASM.-S. Circiu, M. Felux, B. Belabbas, M. Meurer, Jiyun Lee, Minchan Kim, Sam Pullen897 - 906
Patch Antenna Asymmetry Performance Considerations & MitigationC. Bartone and J. Schopis907 - 914
GNSS Secured Signals for Critical Air Traffic Management Applications and Specific Airspace UsersPascal Barret and Dominique Colin915 - 931
Developing Resilient PNT for all MarinersA. Grant, N. Ward, P. Williams and C. Hargreaves932 - 938
A Broadcast Algorithm for Maritime Augmentation Service Under Multi-constellation GNSSSang Hyun Park and Ki Yeol Seo939 - 943
Operational Scenarios for Maritime Safety in the Baltic SeaH. Kuusniemi, S. Thombre, S. Söderholm, L. Chen, R. Guinness, Z. Pietrzykowski, P. Wolejsza944 - 952
EDAS (EGNOS Data Access Service): Alternative Source of Differential GPS Corrections for Maritime UsersE. Lacarra, J. Vázquez, M.A. Sánchez, L. Bonacasa, T. Horváth953 - 966
A Novel Vision-aided GNSS/INS Integration Method Using Line Features for Aviation Approach and LandingLi Fu, Jun Zhang, Rui Li967 - 973
Ship Monitoring and Location Estimation Based on Global Navigation Satellite Signal ReflectometryWei Liu, Yuan Hu, Shengzheng Wang and Jing Peng974 - 978
Precise Point Positioning/Magnetic Compass Integrated Robust Wave Level Application for Long Period Wave Detection in Buoy’s Wind-upSul Gee Park, Sang Hyun Park, Tae Hyun Fang, Deuk Jae Cho979 - 986
The Lemon and Lemonade of UAV Navigation: Challenges and OpportunitiesGrace Xingxin Gao987 - 999
Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and Navigation ChallengesJoAnn Ford1000 - 1020
Flying UAVs for Research and Recreation: Navigating Rules and RegulationsAdrien Perkins1021 - 1031
Locate, Map, Track. Indoors.Carol Politi1032 - 1038
The Cloud and the Crowd: What is Means for Navigation?Robert Guinness1039 - 1068
TeleCommunication Systems Location TechnologiesMark Goddard1069 - 1075
Mobile Indoor NavigationRuslan Budnik1076 - 1088
The New G4 Service: Multi-constellation Precise Point Positioning Including GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDouJ. Tegedor, D. Lapucha, O. Ørpen, E. Vigen, T. Melgard, R. Strandli1089 - 1095
Real-Time Single-Frequency Precise Point Positioning on the Road, and on TrackPeter de Bakker and Christian Tiberius1096 - 1114
Modeling and Prediction of Regional Ionospheric VTEC for Japanese Region by Spherical Cap Harmonic AnalysisMasaharu Ohashi, Yutaro Sato, Akihiro Yamada, Yukihiro Kubo and Sueo Sugimoto1115 - 1122
NovAtel CORRECT with Precise Point Positioning (PPP) for High Accuracy Kinematic ApplicationsA. Jokinen, C. Ellum, I. Webster, S. Masterson and T. Morley1123 - 1152
Optimal Selection Algorithm for Positioning Satellites in Correction Service with Limited Data BandwidthYuki Sato, Masakazu Miya, Seigo Fujita, and Jun-ichi Takiguchi1153 - 1158
RTK-PPP: Social Requirement and National SolutionKori Asari, Masayuki Saito, Jun-ichi Takiguchi1159 - 1173
Implementation and Performance Analysis of an Adaptive Vector Tracking Loop Utilizing Precise Satellite Orbit/Clock and Ionospheric ProductsShaohua Chen and Yang Gao1174 - 1180
Further Developments of VPPP Algorithms with Multiple AntennasY. Karatsu, A. Mouri, Y. Kubo and S. Sugimoto1181 - 1192
Global Positioning Systems StatusSteve Whitney1193 - 1206
GLONASS Program UpdateSergey Karutin1207 - 1221
Galileo Programme Status UpdateEric Chatre1222 - 1240
GALILEO System StatusDaniel Blonski1241 - 1263
Updated on Development of BeiDou Navigation Satellite SystemJun Shen, Jiaqing Ma, and Jian Yang1264 - 1290
Project Overview of The Quasi-Zenith Satellite SystemYoshiyuki Murai1291 - 1332
An Investigation on the Contributing Factors of Enhanced DME Ranging ErrorsWouter Pelgrum and K. Li1333 - 1380
Super-resolution Analysis of the L-band Air-to-ground Radio ChannelNicolas Schneckenburger, Dmitriy Shutin, Thomas Jost, Michael Schnell, Uwe Fiebig1381 - 1402
A Direct 2D Position Solution for an APNT-SystemElisabeth Nossek, Johann Dambeck, Michael Meurer1403 - 1408
Modernized eLoran: The Case for Completely Changing Chains, Rates, and Phase CodesPeter F. Swaszek, Richard J. Hartnett, Kelly C. Seals1409 - 1424
Navigation using High-Frequency Ground Beacons and Ionosphere Model CorrectionsYoav Baumgarten and Mark L. Psiaki1425 - 1435
Decentralized Position and Attitude Estimation Using Angle-of-Arrival MeasurementsGabrielle D. Vukasin and Jason H. Rife1436 - 1445
Impact of the DME Interference on the LDACS1 Ranging PerformanceT. Thiasiriphet, N. Schneckenburger, M. Schnell1446 - 1467
Flight Test of Universal Access Transceiver (UAT) Transmissions to Provide Alternative Positioning Navigation and Timing (APNT)Sherman Lo, Yu-Hsuan Chen and Per Enge1468 - 1477
The use of the Phase Difference Observation of 1090 MHz ADS-B Signals for Wide Area MultilaterationChen-Wei Liao and Shau-Shiun Jan1478 - 1484
Sensitivity Study of Wide Area Multilateration Using Ranging Source of 1090 MHz ADS-B SignalsSiang-Lin Jheng and Shau-Shiun Jan1485 - 1493
GAST-D Flight Experiment Results with Disturbed and Quiet Ionospheric ConditionsSusumu Saito, Takayuki Yoshihara, Atsushi Kezuka, Shinji Saitoh, and Sonosuke Fukushima, Yuichi Otsuka1494 - 1499
Preliminary Results from Ionospheric Threat Model Development to Support GBAS Operations in the Brazilian RegionJiyun Lee, Moonseok Yoon, Sam Pullen, Joseph Gillespie, Navin Mather and Rich Cole, Jonas Rodrigues de Souza, Patricia Doherty and Rezy Pradipta1500 - 1506
Possible VDB Formatting for Multi-Constellation / Multi-Frequency GBAS ServicesM. Stanisak, A. Lipp, T. Feuerle1507 - 1518
Concept for a Dual Frequency Dual Constellation GBASMichael Felux, Mihaela-Simona Circiu, Boubeker Belabbas, Michael Meurer, Mirko Stanisak, Carl Milner, Yiping Jiang, Alize Guilbert, Andreas Lipp1519 - 1525
Non-Nominal Troposphere Reassessment for Meeting CAT II/III with MC/MF GBASAlizé Guilbert1526 - 1537
Overbounding False-Alarm Probability for a Chi-Square Monitor with Natural BiasesJason H. Rife1538 - 1550
Methodology for the Design of Integrity Barriers in a Regional Augmentation Satellite SystemFrancis Soualle, Michael Mink, Roland Braun, Sébastien Carcanague and Marc Boyer1551 - 1564
SBAS CAT-I Capability in Europe: The LPV-200 ServiceC. Hernando, A. Marquez, P. Pintor, R. Roldán, J.M. Álvarez, J.M. Lorenzo1565 - 1595
The Ionospheric Delay Correction Methods in SBAS of BeiDouShan Wang, Fanchen Meng, Bocheng Zhu1596 - 1602
Integrity of GNSS Position Solution for Safety Related ApplicationsMarek Jonas1603 - 1607
Quantitative Assessment of the Impact of GNSS Threats on Governmental Applications and Receivers (“QUASAR”)M. Dumville, F. Fryganiotis, W. Roberts, J. Hammond, M. Trosh, C. Dixon, S. Hill, P. Lindsay1608 - 1616
GNSS RFI Detection: Finding the Needle in the HaystackM. Scaramuzza, H. Wipf, M. Troller, H. Leibundgut, S. Rämi, R. Wittwer1617 - 1624
Detection, Characterization and Mitigation of GNSS Jammers Using Windowed HHTNahal Fadaei, Ali Jafarnia-Jahromi, Ali Broumandan, and Gérard Lachapelle1625 - 1633
A Dual-Frequency Interference Suppression Unit for E1/E5a Designed with National Instruments Software Defined RadiosThomas Kraus, Stefan Sailer, Bernd Eissfeller1634 - 1655
Advanced Interference Detection and Mitigation in Septentrio’s High Precision ReceiversWim De Wilde, Jean-Marie Sleewaegen, Bruno Bougard, Jan Van Hees1656 - 1683
Antenna Characterization for UAV Based GPS Jammer LocalizationAdrien Perkins, Louis Dressel, Sherman Lo and Per Enge1684 - 1695
Detecting and Locating GPS JammingJeffrey Coffed and Joseph Rolli1696 - 1704
Study on Wideband and Pulse Interference Mitigation Techniques with RAW BD DataTieqiao Hu, Lu Wang, and Renbiao Wu1705 - 1712
Simultaneous Null and Mainlobe Widening for Jamming Suppression in Attitude High-Dynamic GNSSDan Lu, Sujiao Li, Renbiao Wu1713 - 1719
The New Ranging Signal Design for GNSS Based Zadoff-Chu Seqeuence and OFDM ModulationJ. Lee, J. Kim, S. Han, K-J. Kim, K-W. Song, J.M. Ahn1720 - 1725
GNSS Integrity in the ArcticTyler G.R. Reid, Todd Walter, Juan Blanch, Per K. Enge1726 - 1740
SBAS Performance Analysis in Equatorial RegionsG. Cueto-Felgueroso, M. Cueto, A. Cezón, J. Ostolaza1741 - 1753
EGNOS High Integrity System Test Bed (HISTB) Transition to Dual Frequency and Galileo Augmentation J-A. Gicquel, B. Charlot, D. Joly, D. Lekaim, M. Jeannot1754 - 1763
SBAS L1/L5 Enhanced ICD for Aviation: Experimentation ResultsJ. Fidalgo, M. Odriozola, M. Cueto, A. Cezón, C. Rodriguez, D. Brocard, J.C. Denis, E. Chatre1764 - 1774
Dual-frequency Multi-constellation SBAS SimulatorJ. Doubek, C.A. Pandele, S. Schlueter and C. Iliopoulos1775 - 1782
Robust EGNOS Availability Performances under Severe Ionospheric ConditionsS. Trilles, T. Authié, C. Renazé, O. Raoul1783 - 1789
Perspectives for the Inclusion of “Flying Clocks” in the System Time Generation of Regional Navigation SystemsFrancis Soualle, Quirin Meindl, Roland Braun, Johann Vilzman and Jonas-Raphael Kienitz1790 - 1806
Proposed Evolution of the C/A SignalThomas A. Stansell, John W. Betz, Frank van Diggelen, Satoshi Kogure1807 - 1825
VBOC1(alpha) and VBOC2(alpha,1-alpha) Generalized Multidimensional Geolocation Modulation Waveforms--Technical ReportIlir F. Progri1826 - 1836
Efficient IBOC - Extending the Modified Interplex for Next Generation Galileo Satellites while preserving full Backward Compatibility Salvatore Corvo, Vittorio Valle, Francesco Paggi, Davide Guerrini, Marco Luise, Maktar Malik, Stefan Wallner1837 - 1846
A Single Acquisition Channel Receiver for GPS L1CA and L2C Signals Based on Orthogonal Signal ProcessingMaher Al-Aboodi, Ihsan A. Lami, Ali Albu-rghaif, Patrick Van Torre, Hendrik Rogier1847 - 1858
Extended Time-division AltBOC Modulation Technique for GNSSZhihui Zhou, J. Wei, Z. Tang, T. Yan1859 - 1879
An Acquisition Algorithm Based on Partial Matched Filter (PMF)-FFT for ACE-BOC Signal and its Performance AnalysisZhen Liu, Yongjun Zhao, Mingquan Lu, Guangyun Li, Zhenya Li1880 - 1887
LDPC Channel Code Optimization for a GNSS CSK-Modulated SignalM. Aubault-Roudier, L. Ries, C. Poulliat, M.-L. Boucheret, A. Garcia-Pena, O. Julien, Damien Kubrak1888 - 1901
GNSS Nominal Signal Distortions - Estimation, Validation and Impact on Receiver PerformanceS. Thoelert, C. Enneking, M. Vergara, M. Sgammini, F. Antreich, M. Meurer, D. Brocard, C. Rodriguez1902 - 1923
GPS Space Segment Science & Technology Investment at the Air Force Research LaboratoryDonna Cowell Senft, Kevin Slimak and Lawrence "Robbie” Robertson1924 - 1939
Galileo as Measured Performance after 2015 Ground Segment UpgradeD. Blonski, G. Galluzzo, J. Hahn, S. Binda, R. Lucas, M. Hollreiser, E. Spinelli, N. Sirikan, M. Kirchner, M. Goetzelmann, J. Kueger, M. Eleuteri, M. Gasbarra1940 - 1946
Galileo Ephemeris Consolidation and Control Analysis – GECCOCedric Rouch, Bernard Bonhoure, Norbert Suard, Mikael Mabilleau, Jonathan Vuillaume, Christelle Dulery, Didier Lapeyre, Celine Sauce1947 - 1957
Centimeter Level Augmentation Service (CLAS) in Japanese Quasi-Zenith Satellite System, Design for Satellite Based RTK-PPP ServicesMasakazu Miya, Seigo Fujita, Yuki Sato, Koji Kaneko, Yoshihiro Shima, Rui Hirokawa, Hisao Sone, Jun-ichi Takiguchi1958 - 1962
Comprehensive Comparison between Global Positioning System and BeiDou Navigation Satellite System in Terms of Satellite Data, Signals, and MeasurementsAn-Lin Tao1963 - 1977
Early PVT in Urban Environment with Operational and New ConstellationsBernard Bonhoure, T. Chapuis, T. Junique, F.X. Marmet, S. Rougerie, F. Lacoste, D. Lapeyre, P. Noirat1978 - 1991
Development of GLONASS Metrological Assurance ComplexOleg Denisenko, Igor Silvestrov, Vyacheslav Fedotov, Anatoly Frolov, Dmitry Pecheritsa1992 - 1997
A Computationally Efficient Platform for Inertial Sensor CalibrationJames Balamuta, Roberto Molinari, Stephane Guerrier, Jan Skaloud1998 - 2002
Automatic and Computationally Efficient Method for Model Selection in Inertial Sensor CalibrationRoberto Molinari, James Balamuta, Stéphane Guerrier, Xinyu Zhang, Jan Skaloud2003 - 2006
A Novel Filtering Mechanism to Improve the Performance of GPS/MEMS Gyro Attitude Determination for NEO SatelliteFuxiang Cao, Kay Soon Low, Keck Voon Ling, Eng Kee Poh, Chin Siong Lim, Guo Xiong Lee, Yung Fu Tsai2007 - 2012
Dynamic Stochastic Modeling of Inertial Sensors for INS/GNSS NavigationM. Wis, I. Colomina2013 - 2019
Pilot-Assisted INS Aiding Using Bearing-Only Measurements Taken Over TimeAnthony T. Mirabile and Meir Pachter2020 - 2030
Kalman Filter with Hard and Soft Constraints for the Integration of Multiple Pedestrian Navigation SystemsHaiyu Lan, Chunyang Yu, You Li, Yuan Zhuang and N. El-Sheimy2031 - 2040
ASSIST: An Advanced Snow Plough and Salt Spreader Based on Innovative Space Based TechnologiesAntonio Defina, Alfredo Favenza, Gianluca Falco, Diego Orgiazzi, Marco Pini2041 - 2054
Enhancing the Probability Models for Inference of Significant Activities Using a Real-time Learning Machine in SmartphoneKeqiang Liu, Ruizhi Chen and Tianxing Chu, Yunjia Wang2055 - 2059
Smartphone-based Indoor Navigation Using PDR and Magnetic MatchingYou Li, Xiaoji Niu, Peng Zhang, Haiyu Lan, Yuan Zhuang and N. El-Sheimy2060 - 2066
Line-Of-Sight Based Multipath Avoidance for GNSS Signals: Data Structures and AlgorithmsGuoyu Fu, Lingjun Pu and Jyh-Charn Liu2067 - 2078
Multipath Assisted Positioning for PedestriansChristian Gentner, Robert Pöhlmann, Markus Ulmschneider, Thomas Jost, Armin Dammann2079 - 2086
Stereo-inertial Odometry Using Nonlinear OptimizationJianzhu Huai, Charles K. Toth and Dorota A. Grejner-Brzezinska2087 - 2097
Road Navigation Using Multiple Dissimilar Environmental Features to Bridge GNSS OutagesDebbie Walter, Paul D. Groves, Bob Mason, Joe Harrison, Joe Woodward, Paul Wright2098 - 2114
Adaptive Estimation of Altitude Bias in Terrain Referenced NavigationBrian Copp and Kamesh Subbarao2115 - 2126
Tightly Coupled Stereo Vision Aided Inertial Navigation Using Continuously Tracked Features for Land VehiclesFei Liu, Yashar Balazadegan Sarvrood and Yang Gao2127 - 2133
Dynamic Fingerprint Positioning Method of Satellite Navigation Signal Based on 3-Dimensional Modeling SceneLi Yang, Di He, Peilin Liu2134 - 2141
A Georeferencing Approach to Real-time Virtual Aid to Navigation VerificationR. Glen Wright, Michael Baldauf2142 - 2151
Loosely-Coupled Stereo Vision-Aided 3D Reduced Inertial Sensor and GPS for Land Vehicle LocalizationYashar Balazadegan Sarvrood and Yang Gao2152 - 2160
u-blox - Locate, Communicate, AccelerateDaniel Ammann2161 - 2179
Trimble-Core GNSS - GNSS Security and RobustnessStuart Riley2180 - 2207
Rockwell Collins Advanced Technology - RGNSS Security and Robustness: Civil AviationAlex Stratton2208 - 2216
Broadcom - Security and RobustnessFrank van Diggelen2217 - 2228
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. - GNSS Security and RobustnessShankar Achanta2229 - 2249
Juniper Networks – GPS & Precision Timing's Role in the Financial Services SectorAndrew F. Bach2250 - 2266
DiPLoc: Direct Signal Domain Particle Filtering for Network LocalizationSiwei Zhang, Emanuel Staudinger, Wei Wang, Christian Gentner, Armin Dammann and Erik Sandgren2267 - 2274
Enhanced State Estimation for Wheeled VehiclesPaul F. Roysdon, Jay A. Farrell, David Kelley2275 - 2281
An Adaptive Kalman Filter for a Range Measurement Based Indoor Positioning System: Algorithm Adaptation and Performance TestingSihao Zhao, Yang Jiao, Haipeng Mi, Tianyi Ma, Mingquan Lu2282 - 2290
Indoor Localization Based on Floor Plans and Power Maps: Non-Line of Sight to Virtual Line of SightJoe J. Khalifeh, Zaher M. Kassas, Samer S. Saab2291 - 2300
Graph-based Efficient WiFi Fingerprint Training Using Un-supervised LearningBo Zhao, Ling Pei, Changqing Xu, Li Gu2301 - 2310
LiDAR-aided Integrated INS/GPS Navigation System for Unmanned Ground Vehicles in Urban and Indoor Environments Using Hybrid Adaptive Scan Matching AlgorithmShifei Liu, Mohamed M. Atia, Tashfeen B. Karamat, Aboelmagd Noureldin, Sidney Givigi2311 - 2318
Integrity Analysis in 3D LADAR OdometryZhen Zhu, Maarten Uijt de Haag2319 - 2328
Multipath Assisted Positioning with Band-Limited Signals in an Urban EnvironmentMarkus Ulmschneider, Christian Gentner, Simon Ache, Andreas Roessler2329 - 2334
Wireless Positioning Approach Based on Stochastic ResonanceDi He, Peilin Liu, Wenxian Yu2335 - 2342
Simultaneous Localization and Mapping of Emitting Radio Sources – SLAMERSChun Yang and Andrey Soloviev2343 - 2354
Quasi-Tightly-Coupled GNSS-INS Integration with a GNSS Kalman FilterBruno Scherzinger2355 - 2361
Optimal Receiver Placement for Collaborative Mapping of Signals of OpportunityJoshua J. Morales and Zaher M. Kassas2362 - 2368
Seamless Handover of Satellite Tracking Using Geographic AidingOkuary Osechas, Kyeong Jin Kim, Kieran Parsons2369 - 2379
UWB for Navigation in GNSS Compromised EnvironmentsKai Dierenbach, Steve Ostrowski, Grzegorz Jozkow, Charles K. Toth, Dorota A. Grejner-Brzezinska, Zoltan Koppanyi2380 - 2389
NLOS Exclusion using Consistency Check and City Building Model in Deep Urban CanyonsLi-Ta Hsu and Shunsuke Kamijo2390 - 2396
Enhancing Conventional GNSS Positioning with 3D Mapping without Accurate Prior KnowledgeMounir Adjrad and Paul D. Groves2397 - 2409
Robust GNSS Navigation in Urban Environments by Bounding NLOS Bias of GNSS Pseudoranges Using a 3D City ModelN. Kbayer, M. Sahmoudi and E. Chaumette2410 - 2420
GNSS Shadow Matching: The Challenges AheadPaul D. Groves, Lei Wang, Mounir Adjrad, Claire Ellul2421 - 2443
Distributed GNSS Collaborative Localization: Theoretical Performance Analysis and Simulation VerificationBin Huang, Zheng Yao, Xiaowei Cui, Mingquan Lu, Jing Guo2444 - 2454
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