Proceedings of the 27th International Technical Meeting of the Satellite Division of The Institute of Navigation (ION GNSS+ 2014)

September 8 - 12, 2014
Tampa Convention Center
Tampa, Florida
ISSN: 2331-5954

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EDAS (EGNOS Data Access Service) for Added Value ApplicationsJ. Vázquez, E. Lacarra, M.A. Sánchez1 - 13
Ionospheric Monitoring and Prediction Center (IMPC)J. Berdermann, N. Jakowski, M.M. Hoque, N. Hlubek, K.D. Missling, M. Kriegel, C. Borries, V. Wilken, H. Barkmann, M. Tegler14 - 21
European GNSS Service Centre Infrastructure in the WorksJose Caro, Joan Clua, Frederic Domps, Juan R. Martín, Joaquin Estremera, Jesus Cegarra, Jorge Calvín, Roger Vilagut, Eric Chatre, Chris Payne, Jean Verniolle, Reinhard Blasi, Javier Simón, Aitor Álvarez22 - 33
A Train Integrity Solution Based on GNSS Double-Difference ApproachA. Neri, F. Rispoli, P. Salvatori, A.M. Vegni34 - 50
The Research on the Regional Precise Troposphere Delay by using Spherical Cap Harmonic AnalysisChuang Qian, Hui Liu, Changyong He51 - 59
Triangle AR of Long-Range Network RTK Based on Failure RateZhang Ming, Liu Hui, Fan Chengcheng, Zhou Peng, Li Zuohu60 - 68
The Triple-frequency Multi-system RTK Engine for Challenging EnvironmentsJ. Van Hees, F. Boon, P. Jacobs, F. Kleijer, J. Viana, B. Durinck, A. Simsky69 - 99
OMA/AGPSSteve Malkos100 - 107
Enhanced WiFi Ranging with Round Trip Time (RTT) MeasurementsSteven Malkos and Andrew Hazlett108 - 116
Use of Inertial Dead Reckoning and Activity Recognition to Enable Always-On, Low-Power Contextually Aware Applications in Mobile DevicesW. Abdelfatah, J. Georgy, Z. Syed, R. Bakshi, and C. Goodall117 - 124
What is the Pedestrian Dead Reckoning Accuracy that Can be Achieved with Today’s MEMS Sensors in Mobile Phones and Why is it Important?Andrew Taylor, George Hsu, Becky Oh125 - 140
Performance Comparison Analysis of FOGS and MEMS IMUS Under an Enhanced GPS/Reduced INS Land Vehicles Navigation SystemTashfeen B. Karamat, Mohamed M. Atia, Aboelmagd Noureldin, Sidney Givigi141 - 153
Small Pipeline Trajectory Estimation Using MEMS Based IMUH. Sahli, A. Moussa, A. Noureldin, and N. El-Sheimy154 - 161
The Limits of In-run Calibration of MEMS and the Effect of New TechniquesHenry Martin, Paul Groves, Mark Newman162 - 176
In-Motion Alignment Algorithm of the Low-Grade IMU Using Inexpensive Multi Sensor MeasurementsMoonseok Choi, Seong-Won Kong, Sangkyong Seong, Eunsung Lee, Moonbeom Heo, Young Jae Lee177 - 183
Ultra Low Power - High Accuracy Location for WearablesSteve Malkos and Manuel del Castillo, Steve Mole184 - 193
Location Low Energy on Wearable DevicesChin-Tang Weng, Ching-Hua Chen, C.hih-Wei Chen and Chen-Ming Hu194 - 200
An Analysis of the Accuracy of Bluetooth Low Energy for Indoor Positioning ApplicationsR. Faragher and R. Harle201 - 210
Distributed Estimation for Vehicular Collaborative NavigationChun Yang, Andrey Soloviev211 - 222
T-PN ME: An Enhanced Real-Time Indoor/Outdoor Navigation System Using Multiple Portable/Wearable DevicesMedhat Omr, Jacques Georgy, Walid Abdelfatah, David Auld, and Shi Shen223 - 228
BDS Application on Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Air Traffic ManagementJisi Fang, Yanbo Zhu, Zhipeng Wang229 - 234
Vision-based Navigation in Indoor Environments Without Using Image DatabaseHyunho Lee, Jaehun Kim, Chulki Kim, Minah Seo, Seok Lee, Soojung Hur, Taikjin Lee235 - 242
A Step Length Estimation Based on Motion Recognition and Adaptive Gait Cognition Using a SmartphoneJung Ho Lee, Beomju Shin, Seok Lee, Jinwoo Park, Jaehun Kim, Chulki Kim, Taikjin Lee243 - 249
Improving Extended Precise Orbit Quality by Using New Error Prediction MethodC.Y. Chong, C.W. Chen, C.T. Weng and M.H. Tsai250 - 254
Innovative GNSS-based Core Technologies in a Multi-GNSS Hybridized ReceiverDamien Serant, Alexandra Ubeda-Farre, Michel Monnerat, Giuseppe Avellone255 - 273
A Galileo Hardware Receiver for the Multi-Constellation Mass MarketFabio Pisoni, Giuseppe Avellone and Domenico Di Grazia274 - 279
A Quad-Constellation Monolithic GNSS ReceiverCharles Norman and Andreas Warloe280 - 284
A Family of Solutions Based on the srx-10, a SW Defined Multi-Constellation GNSS ReceiverTeresa Ferreira, Manuel Toledo, Jose Maria López Almansa285 - 306
A Core Constellation Based Multiple-GNSS Positioning and Integrity Monitoring AlgorithmShaojun Feng, Shenghai Wang, Washington Ochieng307 - 314
AUSPOS: Geoscience Australia’s On-line GPS Positioning ServiceMinghai Jia, John Dawson, and Michael Moore315 - 320
Optimal Search Strategy in a Multi-constellation EnvironmentE. Anyaegbu, B.R. Townsend and R. Zuo321 - 329
Features and Applications of the Adaptable Flexiband USB3.0 Front-endAlexander Rügamer, Frank Förster, Manuel Stahl, Günter Rohmer330 - 362
Adaptively Steered Antenna Array and Receiver Testing with Multi-RF Output GNSS Simulator NavX®-NCS ProfessionalThorsten Lück and Günter Heinrichs, Achim Hornbostel363 - 371
Tips and Tricks to Finding GNSS Jammers – A Field StoryDarren McCarthy, Logan Scott, Alex Tkatch372 - 391
Galileo Commercial Service from the Early Definition to the Early Proof-of-ConceptJ. David Calle, Enrique Carbonell, Irma Rodríguez, Guillermo Tobías, Eckart Göhler, Oscar Pozzobon, Matteo Cannale, Ignacio Fernández392 - 405
Galileo Precision Receivers Test CampaignM. Bavaro, D. Borio, J.T. Curran, J. Fortuny-Guasch, C. Gioia, M. Paonni406 - 432
A Satellite Independent High Dynamic Test Bed and First Measurement ResultsD. Spiegel, F. Grasso Toro, E. Schnieder433 - 439
The Importance of Human Motion for Simulation Testing of GNSSKimon Voutsis, Paul D. Groves, Mark Holbrow, Colin Ford440 - 453
SPRING: A Powerful 3D GNSS Simulator for Constraint EnvironmentThierry Chapuis, Bernard Bonhoure, Sébastien Rougerie, Frédéric Lacoste, Thomas Grelier, Didier Lapeyre, Pierre Noirat454 - 465
ESSP Receiver Laboratory in Support of EGNOS Interoperability Analysis and StandardizationMiguel Aguilera, Nuria Blanco, Roberto Roldán, Javier Gómez466 - 475
Validation of PRS Tracking Algorithms Using Real Life SignalsJ. Wendel, F.M. Schubert, C. Kurzhals, D. Fernandez-Prim, M. Soellner476 - 485
Artificial Obstructions Employing Fabry-Perot Principles for GNSS Positioning Equipment Test RangesDmitry Tatarnikov and Ivan Chernetsky486 - 489
DGNSS-C: A Differential Solution for Enhancing Smartphone GNSS PerformanceRuizhi Chen, Tianxing Chu, Jingbin Liu, Xiao Li, Yuwei Chen, Liang Chen, Wenchao Xu490 - 497
A Crowdsourcing Solution for Road Surface Roughness Detection Using SmartphonesXiao Li, Ruizhi Chen, Tianxing Chu498 - 502
SILS: A Smart Indoors Localisation Scheme Based on on-the-go Cooperative Smartphones Networks Using Onboard Bluetooth, WiFi and GNSSIhsan A. Lami, Halgurd S. Maghdid, Torben Kuseler503 - 509
The Applicability Analysis of Using Smart Phones for Indoor Mobile Mapping ApplicationsJhen-Kai Liao, Zhi-Ming Zhou, Guang-Je Tsai, Thanh-Trung Duong, Kai-Wei Chiang510 - 531
Mobile Mapping Using SmartphonesA. Al-Hamad, A. Moussa and N. El-Sheimy532 - 538
GPS Privacy: Enabling Proximity-based Services while Keeping GPS Locations PrivateAthindran Ramesh Kumar, Liang Heng, Grace X. Gao539 - 547
An Integrated Solution Based Irregular Driving DetectionRui Sun, Shaojun Feng, Washington Y. Ochieng548 - 558
Redblade: Miami University’s Multi-functional Autonomous RobotRichard Marcus, James Morton, Robert Cole, Yu Morton, Peter Jamieson559 - 568
Portable Real-time Indoor/Outdoor Navigation for Runners using Smart DevicesA.S. Ali, M. Omr, A. Al-Hamad, and J. Georgy569 - 578
A State Constraint Kalman Filter for Pedestrian Navigation with Low Cost MEMS Inertial SensorsHaiyu Lan and Naser El-Sheimy579 - 589
Do GNSS Parameters Always Benefit from Integer Ambiguity Resolution? A PPP-RTK Network ScenarioP.J.G. Teunissen, A. Khodabandeh590 - 600
A New Ambiguity Resolution Method Based on Searching in Both Geometric and Ambiguity SpacesWu Chen, Ying Xu, and Duoji Weng601 - 608
Quantifying the Impact of Adding High-Grade Inertial Measurements to Long-Baseline Aircraft GPS Positioning: Application to Airborne GravimetryTheresa M. Damiani and Gerald Mader609 - 626
Enhancing Vision-Aided GNSS/INS Navigation Systems Using Nonlinear Modeling Techniques Based on Fast Orthogonal Search with Double-Filtering MechanismH. Nematallah, M. Korenberg, A. Noureldin, M.M. Atia627 - 634
Investigation of the Vertical Movement of the Great Lake Using Times Series of GPS DataT. Richardson, D. A. Grejner-Brzezinska, C. Toth, G.L. Mader635 - 644
Centimeter Level Augmentation Service (CLAS) in Japaneses Quasi-Zenith Satellite System, its Preliminary Design and PlanMasakazu Miya, Yuki Sato, Seigo Fujita, Norizumi Motooka, Masayuki Saito, Jun-ichi Takiguchi645 - 652
GLONASS Only and BeiDou Only RTK PositioningX. Luo, B. Richter and A. Cole653 - 661
High Precision GNSS – What Will it Look Like in 2020Ivan Di Federico662 - 672
High Precision GNSS – What Will it Look Like in 2020?J. Van Hees673 - 680
High Precision GNSS: What Will it Look Like in 2020?Shaowei Han681 - 692
The High Precision Market – Outlook and DriversGian Gherardo Calini693 - 706
Crowdsourcing Arctic Navigation Using Multispectral Ice Classification & GNSSTyler Reid, Todd Walter and Per Enge, Ananda Fowler707 - 721
Multichannel Based Integrated Navigation for Scalable Maritime ApplicationsRalf Ziebold, L. Lanca, E. Engler722 - 744
GNSS Spoof Detection Using Shipboard IMU MeasurementsPeter F. Swaszek, Scott A. Pratz, Benjamin N. Arocho, Kelly C. Seals, Richard J. Hartnett745 - 758
ACCSEAS: e-Navigation in the North Sea RegionMartin Bransby, A. Williams, G. Shaw, P. Williams, C. Hargreaves, G. Button, P. Cruddace and A. Grant759 - 781
Investigations into GPS Receiver Performance with an Increased Noise Floor Due to New Signals Broadcast from New and Amended GNSS ConstellationsA. Grant, J. Safár and M. Bransby782 - 786
Architectures for Advanced RAIM: Offline and OnlineJuan Blanch, Todd Walter, Per Enge, Boris Pervan, Mathieu Joerger, Samer Khanafseh, Jason Burns, Ken Alexander, Juan Pablo Boyero, Young Lee, Victoria Kropp, Carl Milner, Christophe Macabiau, Norbert Suard, Gerhard Berz, Markus Rippl787 - 804
Analysis of the use of GPS + GLONASS for Aviation ApplicationsAngelo Joseph, Bernard Schnaufer and Jeremy Kazmierczak805 - 814
Performance Improvement of GAST-D Airborne Monitor Algorithms Under Disturbed Ionospheric ConditionsSusumu Saito, Kévin Vernez, Takayuki Yoshihara, Atsushi Kezuka815 - 821
GBAS CAT II/III Business Aircraft Flight Trials and Validation – Phase 1J. Dvorska, L. Podivin, M. Musil, L. Zaviralova, M. Kren822 - 834
Investigation and Modeling of Effects of Ionospheric Plasma Bubbles on GBAS AvailabilityTakeshi Fujiwara and Toshiaki Tsujii835 - 840
Low-cost Real-time Tightly-coupled GNSS/INS Navigation System Based on Carrier Phase Double Differences for UAV ApplicationsGianluca Falco, María Campo-Cossío Gutiérrez, Ernesto López Serna, Fabio Zacchello, Serge Bories841 - 857
Spoofing Mitigation, Robust Collision Avoidance, and Opportunistic Receiver Localisation Using a New Signal Processing Scheme for ADS-B or AISR. Faragher, P.F. MacDoran, M.B. Mathews858 - 868
High Integrity GNSS Navigation and Safe Separation Distance to Support Local-Area UAV NetworksMinchan Kim, Kiwan Kim, Jiyun Lee, S. Pullen869 - 878
Intent-based Dynamic Model Estimation for Airborne GNSS PositioningLi Fu, Jun Zhang, and Rui Li879 - 887
Deriving Bearing Measurements from Video Images using Haar-like Features for Vehicle-to-Vehicle NavigationElmira Amirloo Abolfathi and Kyle O'Keefe888 - 895
Real-time Navigation and Mapping with Mobile Mapping Systems using LiDAR/Camera/INS/GNSS Advanced Hybridization Algorithms: Description and Test ResultsA. Fernández, M. Wis, G. Vecchione, P.F. Silva, I. Colomina, Eduard Angelats, M.E. Parès896 - 904
Precise Positioning in Urban EnvironmentsOlivier Julien, Lina Deambrogio, Damien Serant905 - 916
Evaluation of GNSS Receiver Clock Drift Predictability in Urban Scenarios Based on Vehicle Dead Reckoning Sensor DataMartin Escher, Ulrich Haak, Peter Hecker917 - 924
Six Live GNSS: What RTK Performance One Can Expect?I. Khazanov, D. Kozlov, G. Zyryanov, Spectra Precision925 - 932
Latency Compensation by Compact RTK Under Harsh Communication Environment of Land TransportationByungwoon Park, Donghwan Yoon, Junesol Song, Changdon Kee933 - 939
Benefit Analysis of GALILEO to Improve Reliability of GNSS Localization in Harsh EnvironmentsPierre Reisdorf, Andreas Auerswald, Gerd Wanielik, Marcus Obst940 - 946
Locata Positioning Used for World’s First Fully-autonomous Robotic Testing in Vehicle Collision Avoidance SystemsPaul Perrone, Geoff Hoekstra, David Zuby, Russ Rader947 - 953
Characterization of GNSS Integrity Threats in Terrestrial Applications Using Real Signal CapturesE. Domínguez, G. Seco-Granados, J. Salcedo, D. Egea, E. Aguado, D. Lowe, D. Naberezhnykh, F. Dovis, J.P. Boyero, I. Fernandez954 - 966
Inertial Aided Cycle Slip Detection by Considering Satellite Geometry for Land VehicleY. Kim, H. No, J. Song, H. Yun, C. Kee, B. Park967 - 975
Real-time PPP with Ambiguity Resolution – Determination and Application of Uncalibrated Phase DelaysK. Huber, F. Hinterberger, R. Lesjak, R. Weber976 - 985
Integrity Monitoring for Precise Point PositioningShaojun Feng, Altti Jokinen and Washington Ochieng986 - 1007
Real-time PPP Ambiguity Resolution with Satellite FCBs Estimated Considering Obit ErrorsYihe Li, Yang Gao, Junbo Shi1008 - 1019
Kinematic Performance of NovAtel CORRECT with TerraStar-D Precise Point Positioning (PPP) ServiceAltti Jokinen, Cameron Ellum, Janet Neumann, David Chan, Iain Webster, Sara Masterson and Thomas Morley1020 - 1034
Gap Bridging in Precise Point PositioningAndrew Simsky1035 - 1045
magicGNSS’ Real-Time POD and PPP Multi-GNSS ServiceGuillermo Tobías, J. David Calle, Pedro Navarro, Irma Rodríguez and Daniel Rodríguez1046 - 1055
SSR PPP for Asia-Pacific ServicesKoki Asari, Taro Suzuki, Nobuaki Kubo, Mitsuhide Shima, Masayuki Saito1056 - 1064
Monitoring of Network Residual Ionosphere using ROT Index and its Application to the "Centimeter Level Augmentation Service"Yuki Sato, Masakazu Miya, Norizumi Motooka, Seigo Fujita, Jun-ichi Takiguchi1065 - 1072
VPPP Algorithms with Multiple Antennas and their ApplicationsS. Sugimoto, Y. Suzuki, Y. Karatsu, M. Ozaki, A. Mouri and Y. Kubo1073 - 1084
Tropospheric Monitoring Over the Ocean using Shipborne GNSS ReceiverM. Fujita, A. Wada, T. Iwabuchi, C. Rocken1085 - 1089
Effects of Ionospheric Scintillation on GNSS-Based PositioningXiaoqing Pi, Byron A. Iijima, and Wenwen Lu1090 - 1100
Auroral Scintillation Phase Analysis from a Short-Baseline GPS ArraySeebany Datta-Barua, Yang Su, Kshitija Deshpande, Gary S. Bust, Donald Hampton1101 - 1107
Experimentally Recorded Amplitude and Phase Scintillation Through a Spirent SimulatorT. Pinto Jayawardena, A.M. Ali, B. Forte, J. Kinrade, C. Mitchell, S. Smith, T. Walter1108 - 1114
Detecting Amplitude Scintillations Using C/N0 DifferencesRyan J.R. Thompson, Ediz Cetin and Andrew G. Dempster1115 - 1125
Scintillation Characterization for WAAS in the Auroral RegionEric Altshuler, Karl Shallberg, B.J. Potter, Todd Walter1126 - 1137
Phase Scintillation Estimates in the Polar Ionosphere Inferred from Radio Occultation on Board CASSIOPE: A SummaryEsayas B. Shume, Attila Komjathy, Richard B. Langley, Olga Verkhoglyadova, Mark D. Butala, Anthony J. Mannucci1138 - 1141
Developing a Multi-Frequency for GNSS-Based Scintillation Monitoring ReceiverJames T. Curran, Michele Bavaro, Aiden Morrison, Joaquim Fortuny1142 - 1152
Facing Strong Ionosphere in SBAS Systems: Comparison of Different Techniques for Ionosphere EstimationJ. Arenas, B. Ochoa, M.E. Ramírez, A. Sainz, and E. Sardón1153 - 1162
GPS and Ionosonde Data Fusion for Ionospheric TomographyKaren Q.Z. Chiang and Mark L. Psiaki1163 - 1172
Novel Ionospheric Activity Indicator Specifically Tailored for GNSS UsersJ. Sanz, J.M. Juan, G. González-Casado, R. Prieto-Cerdeira, S. Schlüter, R. Orús1173 - 1182
A New Approach for Mitigating Ionospheric Mapping Function ErrorsM.M. Hoque, N. Jakowski and J. Berdermann1183 - 1189
GNSS Data Processing Investigations for Characterizing Ionospheric ScintillationM. Najmafshar, S. Skone and F. Ghafoori1190 - 1202
Characteristics of Low-latitude Signal Fading Across the GPS Frequency BandsYu Jiao, Yu Morton, Steve Taylor, Mark Carroll1203 - 1212
The Mahali Space Weather Project: Advancing GNSS Ionospheric ScienceA. Coster, V. Pankratius, F. Lind, P. Erickson, J. Semeter1213 - 1221
Implementing GNSS-Reflectometry in Space on the TechDemoSat-1 MissionM. Unwin, S. Duncan, P. Jales, P. Blunt, J. Tye1222 - 1235
Operational Composite Clock for SBAS SystemsMatthias Suess, Marion Goedel, Johann Furthner, Michael Meurer1236 - 1252
An Improvement of RINEX-Shift Algorithm for Continuous GPS Carrier-Phase Time TransferJian Yao and Judah Levine1253 - 1260
Robust GPS-Based Timing for Phasor Measurement Units: A Position-Information-Aided ApproachDaniel Chou, Liang Heng and Grace Xingxin Gao1261 - 1269
Analysis of GNSS Signal StrengthJeffrey C. Tracey1270 - 1273
Description and Simulation Results for a GNSS Signal-Based Navigation System for a Mission to the MoonM. Manzano, J. Alegre, A. Pellacani, G. Seco, J. López, E. Guerrero, A. García1274 - 1285
Introductory RemarksLogan Scott1286 - 1293
Emerging Applications and Market Estimation for a Signal in Space AuthenticationFiammetta Diani1294 - 1306
The Case for Position Authentication in Small UAS (SUAS) OperationsDemoz Gebre-Egziabher1307 - 1316
The Challenge of Authentication for the Next Generation Air Transportation SystemMitchell J. Narins1317 - 1327
Digital Message Authentication for SBAS (and APNT)Per Enge and Todd Walter1328 - 1336
The Provision of GNSS Authentication ServicesIgnacio Fernández Hernández1337 - 1350
Limitations of Signal-side GNSS Signal AuthenticationTodd Humphreys1351 - 1363
GNSS-SDRLIB: An Open-Source and Real-Time GNSS Software Defined Radio LibraryTaro Suzuki and Nobuaki Kubo1364 - 1375
An Open-Source Real-Time L1/L2 Dual Frequency Software Receiver with an Open Source GPS-Disciplined Clock – Design, Implementation and TestXin Zhang, Xingqun Zhan, Shaojun Feng, Washington Y. Ochieng1376 - 1382
Fastening GPS and Galileo Tight with a Software ReceiverJavier Arribas, Mara Branzanti, Carles Fernández-Prades, Pau Closas1383 - 1395
Implementation Details of a Real-Time SoC-Based Vector Tracking ReceiverB. Keyser, D. Hodo, S. Martin and D. Bevly1396 - 1402
Adjustments of a Real-time Software GNSS Receiver for use on a Medium Earth OrbitUlrich Haak and Peter Hecker1403 - 1409
Implementation of GPGPU Based Real-time Signal Acquisition and Tacking Module for Multi-constellation GNSS Software ReceiverKwi Woo Park, Joon Seok Yang and Chansik Park, Min Jun Lee1410 - 1416
A Python Software Platform for Cooperatively Tracking Multiple GPS ReceiversEliot Wycoff and Grace Xingxin Gao1417 - 1425
Initial Report of Activities of the GNSS SDR Metadata Standard Working GroupSanjeev Gunawardena, Thomas Pany1426 - 1432
GNSS/INS/Star Tracker Integrated Navigation System for Earth-Moon Transfer OrbitVicenzo Capuano, Cyril Botteron, Yanguang Wang, Jia Tian, Jérôme Leclère, Pierre-André Farine1433 - 1447
Hardware-in-the-loop Simulation of GNSS Signal Tracking in Highly Elliptical Orbits Using the GSNRx™ Software ReceiverErin Kahr, Kyle OKeefe, Oliver Montenbruck1448 - 1458
SWARM GPS Precise Orbit Determination Receiver Initial In-Orbit Performance EvaluationF. Zangerl, F. Griesauer, M. Sust, O. Montenbruck, B. Buchert, A. Garcia1459 - 1468
The Use of the Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System for Near Lunar NavigationDale A. Force, Gregory W. Heckler1469 - 1472
Space-Based Remote Sensing of Natural-Hazard-Induced Ionosphere-Thermosphere PerturbationsY-M. (Oscar) Yang, A. Komjathy, X. Meng, R.B. Langley, M. Butala, E.B. Shume, A.J. Mannucci1473 - 1477
Analysis of Error Sources in Phase Rate Measurements in GPS Radio OccultationElliot H. Barlow, Penina Axelrad, Peter Withnell, and Danielle Nuding1478 - 1491
TOPCAT: A Space-Borne Dual-Frequency GPS Receiver for Topside Ionosphere and Plasmasphere Computer Assisted TomographyT. Pinto Jayawardena, C. Mitchell, R.J. Watson, J.R. Rose, C.J. Coleman and M. Jessop1492 - 1498
Spatial Characterization of High Latitude Ionosphere Scintillations Using an Array of Software Receiver MeasurementsJun Wang, Yu (Jade) Morton, Jeffery Spaleta, William Bristow1499 - 1507
Assessment of Simultaneous GNSS Occultation Data on Ionosphere ProbingViet-Cuong Pham and Jyh-Ching Juang1508 - 1512
GPS/Galileo Miniaturised Multi-Frequency Space Receiver (GAMIR)Peter A. Krauss, Georg Klein, Stefan Sassen, Alberto Garcia-Rodriguez, Josep Roselló, Andreas Grillenberger, Markus Markgarf, Angelo Consoli, Francesco Piazza, Eveline Gottzein1513 - 1523
Orbital Accelerometry by LEO GNSS Tracking: Theory and PracticeDa Kuang, Shailen Desai, Bruce Haines and Anthony Sibthorpe1524 - 1535
GNSS-Based Navigation for Lunar MissionsHugo D. Lopes, João S. Silva, Pedro F. Silva, Luciano Musumeci, Fabio Dovis, Damien Serant, Thibaud Calmettes, Rémi Challamel, Jose A. Ospina, Ivan Pessina, Jose V. Perello1536 - 1553
Joint Detection and Estimation of Weak GNSS Signals with Application to Coarse Time NavigationZhe He and Mark Petovello1554 - 1567
Centimeter Positioning with a Smartphone-Quality GNSS AntennaKenneth M. Pesyna, Jr., Robert W. Heath, Jr., Todd E. Humphreys1568 - 1577
Benefits of an Ultra Stable Oscillator for Long Coherent IntegrationNaveen S. Gowdayyanadoddi, Ali Broumandan, James T. Curran, Gérard Lachapelle1578 - 1594
A Novel Multi Image Based Navigation System to Aid Outdoor – Indoor Transition Flights of Micro Aerial VehiclesManuel Popp, Philipp Crocoll, Jan Ruppelt and Gert F. Trommer1595 - 1608
The Potential of Electromyography to Aid Personal NavigationJames Pinchin, Gavin Smith, Chris Hill, Terry Moore, Ian Loram1609 - 1615
Floor Classification Algorithm Based on Stair Awareness Using MEMS IMUSo Young Park, Min Su Lee, Ho Jin Ju, and Chan Gook Park1616 - 1621
Assessment of Indoor Positioning System Using Kriging Fingerprinting Method and IEEE 802.11v StandardYa-Wen Liu and Shau-Shiun Jan1622 - 1628
Locata’s VRay™ Antenna Technology – Multipath Mitigation for Indoor PositioningChris Rizos, Allison Kealy, Binghao Li, Mazher Choudhury, Suelynn Choy, Yanming Feng1629 - 1635
Image-Aided Navigation Using Cooperative Binocular StereopsisJ. Soeder and J. Raquet1636 - 1645
Seamless Indoor/Outdoor Positioning Using Digital Television Terrestrial Broadcasting (DTMB) Technology Integrated with GNSSJinsong Xu, Xiaochun Lu, Haitao Wu, Decai Zou1646 - 1651
Indoor Navigation Based on Computer Vision Utilizing Information from Patterned SurfacesN. Dawar and J. Nielsen1652 - 1660
A Low Overhead Receive Only Wi-Fi Based Location MechanismErik Lindskog, Hong Wan, Raja Banerjea, Naveen Kakani, Dave Huntingford1661 - 1668
Collaborative Wi-Fi Fingerprint Training for Indoor PositioningHao Jing, James Pinchin, Chris Hill, Terry Moore1669 - 1678
Adaptive Estimation of Signals of OpportunityZaher M. Kassas, Vaibhav Ghadiok, Todd E. Humphreys1679 - 1689
Multipath Assisted Positioning using a Single Antenna with Angle of Arrival EstimationsChristian Gentner, Robert Pöhlmann, Thomas Jost and Armin Dammann1690 - 1697
Tightly-Coupled GPS/UWB-Ranging for Relative Navigation During Formation FlightJason N. Gross and Yu Gu, Brandon Dewberry1698 - 1708
Cooperative Positioning for Low Energy Bluetooth TechnologyBassem I. Sheta, Mohamed Youssef1709 - 1719
A Reference Design for the Radionavigation of FemtosatellitesR. Benjamin Harris, Namrata Kamte, Tracie Perez, Joshua Berry and Ziad Bakhaya1720 - 1737
Design and Test of Algorithms and Real-Time Receiver to use Universal Access Transceiver (UAT) for Alternative Positioning Navigation and Timing (APNT)Yu-Hsuan Chen, Sherman Lo, Shau-Shiun Jan, Guan-Jhih Liou, Dennis M. Akos, Per Enge1738 - 1746
High-Precision Image Aided Inertial Navigation with Known Features: Observability Analysis and Performance EvaluationLi Wang, Xiaoji Niu, Quan Zhang, Hui Zhang, Weiping Jiang1747 - 1760
Quasi Tightly Coupled GNSS-INS IntegrationBruno Scherzinger1761 - 1767
Broad Motion Mode Recognition for Portable NavigationMostafa Elhoushi, Jacques Georgy, Michael Korenberg, Aboelmagd Noureldin1768 - 1773
A New Method in Modelling the IMU Stochastic ErrorsYingwei Zhao1774 - 1783
Quadrotor Inertial Navigation Aided by a Vehicle Dynamics Model with In-Flight Parameter EstimationPhilipp Crocoll, Gert F. Trommer1784 - 1795
Continuous Motion Recognition for Natural Pedestrian Dead Reckoning Using Smartphone SensorsJiuchao Qian, Ling Pei, Rendong Ying, Xin Chen, Danping Zou, Peilin Liu, Wenxian Yu1796 - 1801
Observability Improvement of Transfer Alignment for Ground Launchers with Engine VibrationChul Woo Kang and Chan Gook Park1802 - 1806
Inertial Sensor Error Model Selection Based on Dominant Energy FeaturesLi Fu, Kanli Tian, Lingling Wang1807 - 1811
Development of Mini-UAV Based Mobile Mapping SystemShahram Moafipoor, Sudhagar Nagarajan, Lidia Bock and Jeff A. Fayman1812 - 1821
An Investigation on MEMS IMU Error Mitigation Using Rotation Modulation TechniqueShuang Du, Wei Sun, Yang Gao1822 - 1838
Coarray Based Optimum Geometries for DOA Estimation with Multiple CRPA GPS ArraysXiangrong Wang, Moeness Amin, Fauzia Ahmad, Elias Aboutanios1839 - 1846
A Map Aided Localization System for Safety-relevant Automotive Assistance SystemsTobias Scheide and Peter Hecker1847 - 1854
Tightly Coupled INS/DGPS System for Collaborative Navigation in Mobile Ad Hoc NetworksG. Pages, A-D. Nguyen, B. Priot, T. Pérennou and V. Calmettes1855 - 1866
Development of a Positioning Tool for the Navigation of Visually Impaired PeoplePetra Hafner, Katrin Huber, Thomas Moder, Manfred Wieser, Gernot Hollinger, Clemens Strauß1867 - 1878
Automotive WiFi Availability in Dynamic Urban Canyon EnvironmentsJefferey L. Wilson1879 - 1890
Improving Accuracy and Integrity with a Probabilistic Urban Trench ModelingD. Bétaille, F. Peyret, M. Ortiz, S. Miquel, F. Godan1891 - 1896
N-LOS GNSS Signal Detection Using Fish-Eye Camera for Vehicle Navigation in Urban EnvironmentsTaro Suzuki and Nobuaki Kubo1897 - 1906
Kinematic GNSS Shadow Matching Using a Particle FilterL. Wang1907 - 1919
GNSS Collaborative Positioning and Performance AnalysisBin Huang, Zheng Yao, Xiaowei Cui, Mingquan Lu, Jing Guo1920 - 1930
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