Proceedings of the 2013 International Technical Meeting of The Institute of Navigation

January 29 - 27, 2013
Catamaran Resort Hotel
San Diego, California

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Terrain Relative Navigation for Deep Ocean ExplorationSteve Rock1 - 48
A Low-Cost Approach to a High Performance Satellite ConstellationRonny Votel49 - 70
Near Term Improvements to WAAS AvailabilityJuan Blanch, Todd Walter, R. Eric Phelts, and Per Enge71 - 77
L1/L5 SBAS MOPS Ephemeris Message to Support Multiple Orbit ClassesTyler Reid, Todd Walter, and Per Enge78 - 92
Signal Deformation Monitoring for Dual-Frequency WAASR. Eric Phelts, Gabriel Wong, Todd Walter, and Per Enge93 - 106
Doppler Shift Characterization of Chinese Area Positioning SystemMeng Wang and Lihua Ma107 - 111
GAST-D Integrity Risks of Snow Accumulation on GBAS Reference Antennas and Multipath Effects Due to Snow-surface ReflectionTakayuki Yoshihara, Hiroki Motoyoshi, Takeshi Sato, Satoru Yamaguchi, and Susumu Saito112 - 120
Multi-dimensional Ionospheric Gradient Detection for GBASJing Jing, Samer Khanafseh, Steven Langel, Fang-Cheng Chan and Boris Pervan121 - 128
Comparison Study of Wide Area Ionospheric Delay Models for GNSS User in the Asia Pacific RegionAn-Lin Tao and Shau-Shiun Jan129 - 223
Performance Analysis of a USRP Based GPS and GLONASS Signal Recording and Playback SystemRuihui Di, Yu Morton and Eric Vinande136 - 145
Design Considerations for a WARP-Based Real-Time Software-Defined GPS ReceiverJeremy L. Hershbergeer, Elizabeth A. Thompson, Timothy S. Loos146 - 153
Validation of a Controlled Reception Pattern Antenna (CRPA) Receiver Built From Inexpensive General-purpose Elements During Several Live-jamming Test CampaignsYu-Hsuan Chen, Sherman Lo, Dennis M. Akos, David S. De Lorenzo, Per Enge154 - 163
Antenna Induced Biases in GNSS Receiver MeasurementsYing Chieh (Jay) Chuang and Inder J. Gupta164 - 171
The Navigation Satellite Selection using a Subspace Adaptive Genetic Algorithm for High Earth Orbits in Multi-GNSS ScenariosXiaokun Zhang, Hong Yuan, Yingkui Gong, Lijuan Xu172 - 179
Pseudorange Smoothing Technology Based on FilteringBing Hou, Xiaolin Zhang, Yan Tang180 - 309
Operation of Sub-meter Class Augmentation System and Demonstration Experiments with Quasi-Zenith Satellite MICHIBIKI in 2011-2012 and Further Challenge in 2012Ryo Iwama, Hiroshi Soga, Kimikazu Odagawa, Yasuhiro Masuda, Tomoya Osawa, Mitsuhiro Matsumoto187 - 193
The Possibility of Precise Automobile Navigation using GPS/QZS L5 and Galileo E5 Pseudo-rangesHiroko Tokura, Taro Suzuki, Tomoji Takasu, Nobuaki Kubo194 - 202
First Evaluation of the Performance of RTK-QZSS PositioningHideki Yamada, Takeyasu Sakai and Ken Ito203 - 208
QZSS L1-SAIF Supporting GPS/GLONASS Multi-Constellation AugmentationTakeyasu Sakai, Hideki Yamada, Kazuaki Hoshinoo, and Ken Ito209 - 358
Detecting Earth Orientation Parameter (EOP) Faults for High Integrity GNSS Aviation ApplicationsSteven Langel, Fang-Cheng Chan, Joel Meno, Mathieu Joerger and Boris Pervan224 - 233
A New Sequential RAIM Algorithm for Multiple Failures DetectionHo Yun and Changdon Kee234 - 238
Incorporating GLONASS into Aviation RAIM ReceiversTodd Walter, Juan Blanch, Myung Jun Choi, Tyler Reid, and Per Enge239 - 249
GNSS Inter-Constellation Phasing: Validation of the Worst Case AssumptionMarkus Rippl250 - 261
Results on the Optimal Detection Statistic for Integrity MonitoringJuan Blanch, Todd Walter, Per Enge262 - 273
Demonstration of Viability of ARAIM for LPV and LPV-200 Service Using Flight DataKristy Pham, Tom McHugh, Frank Lorge274 - 300
Velocity RAIMBruce Romney301 - 408
Sequential Best Integer-Equivariant Estimation for Geodetic Network SolutionsA. Brack, P. Henkel, and C. Gunther310 - 317
An Efficient Precise Point Positioning Model for Near Real-Time ApplicationsMohamed Elsobeiey and Ahmed El-Rabbany318 - 324
Aiding GNSS Signal Tracking Loops using Vehicle Dead Reckoning SensorsHans-Georg Buesing, Ulrich Haak, Peter Hecker325 - 332
Vector Tracking Aiding for Carrier Phase Estimation in the Presence of Ionospheric ScintillationLina Deambrogio and Christophe Macabiau333 - 342
Reducing GPS Wide Lane Ambiguity Resolution Time: A Novel Carrier Phase Multipath Mitigation TechniqueRamin Moradi, Wolfgang Schuster, Shaojun Feng and Washington Ochieng343 - 350
An Open-Source Real-time Software Vector Tracking GNSS Receiver - Design, Tests and ResultsXin Zhang, Xingqun Zhan, Jun Shen351 - 485
Performance of Multi-Beacon DGPSSimon P. Barr, Peter F. Swaszek, Richard J. Hartnett, Gregory W. Johnson359 - 373
The Impact of using Non-approved PNT Devices at SeaJan Safar, Alan Grant, Martin Bransby and Nick Ward374 - 385
Precise Underwater Autonomous Vehicle Localization and Tracking in Unknown Areas with Sound Speed VariationXiaolin Liang, Ning Liu, Feng Yang, Lianghui Ding, Liang Qian386 - 391
UK eLoran - Initial Operational Capability at the Port of DoverPaul Williams and Chris Hargreaves392 - 402
River Information and Navigation Service with BeiDou in ChinaSun Qian and Yuan Yuan403 - 541
GBAS Approach Guidance Performance - A Comparison to ILSMichael Felux, Thomas Dautermann, Hayung Becker409 - 414
Aerodynamic Flight Simulation in Inertial QualityLorenz Goercke, Florian Holzapfel, Johann Dambeck415 - 425
Potentials of Inertial Navigation Aided by Position Broadcasts and Relative MeasurementsHamid Mokhtarzadeh and Demoz Gebre-Egziabher426 - 443
A Study of ADS-B Data Evaluation and Related ProblemsBusyairah Syd Ali, Wolfgang Schuster, Washington Ochien, Arnab Majumdar, Chiew Thiam Kian444 - 455
Proof of Concept: Real-Time Demonstration of a Measurement-Based ADS-B SystemPengfei Duan, Niklas Peinecke, and Maarten Uijt de Haag456 - 466
Radar Weather Extracting System in Taipei Flight Information RegionShuo-Ju Yeh, Chia-Wei Lin, Shiang-Lin Jeng, Shau-Shiun Jan467 - 472
State of the Art of Image-aided Navigation Techniques for Aircraft Approach and LandingJeremy Vezinet, Anne-Christine Escher, Alain Guillet, Christophe Macabiau473 - 607
DGPS Enhancement to GPS NMEA Output Data: DGPS by Correction Projection to Position-DomainByungwoon Park, Y. Kim, H. Yun, C. Kee486 - 494
Collaborative GNSS Receiver Architecture for Weak Signal ProcessingAndrey Soloviev, Jeffrey Dickman, Jacob Campbell495 - 508
Quantization-loss Reduction for 1-bit BOC PositioningFriederike Wendler, Manuel Stein, Amine Mezghani, Josef A. Nossek509 - 518
Two Dimensional Compressed Correlator for Fast Acquisition in GNSSBinhee Kim and Seung-Hyun Kong519 - 525
Analysis of L1C Acquisition by Combining Pilot and Data Components over Multiple Code PeriodsKelly C. Seals, William R. Michalson, Peter F. Swaszek, Richard J. Hartnett526 - 535
A New Adaptive Code Processing Scheme for High-Sensitivity Acquisition in Dual-Frequency GPS L1-L2C ReceiversSana Ullah Qaisar and Mohamed Khalaf-Allah536 - 656
International Space Weather InitiativeSharafat Gadimova and Hans Haubold542 - 544
The Effect of Tropospheric Delay Modeling on the Determination of GPS-Derived Ellipsoidal Height in Permanent GNSS Networks using OPUS-ProjectsM.A. Ugur, T. Richardson, D.A. Grejner-Brzezinska, C. Toth, and G.L. Mader545 - 558
Optimized GNSS Network Station Selection to Support the Development of Ionospheric Threat Models for GBASMinchan Kim, Jiyun Lee, Sam Pullen, Joseph Gillespie559 - 570
Nighttime Medium-Scale Traveling Ionospheric Disturbance (MSTID) in GPS TEC MeasurementsGeoff Crowley, Irfan Azeem, Adam Reynolds, Julio Santana, and Qian Wu571 - 578
High Latitude Ionosphere Scintillation CharacterizationYu Jiao, Yu Morton, Steve Taylor and Wouter Pelgrum579 - 584
Direct Measurement of the Residual in the Ionosphere-Free Linear Combination during ScintillationCharles S. Carrano, Keith M. Groves, William J. McNeil, and Patricia H. Doherty585 - 596
Onboard FFT Data Processing for GNSS ReflectometryPeter J. Buist and G.J. Vollmuller597 - 603
Individual Global Navigation Satellite Systems in the Space Service VolumeDale A. Force604 - 716
GNSS Survey - Signal Quality Assessment of the Latest GNSS SatellitesSteffen Thoelert, Johann Furthner, Michael Meurer608 - 615
Code Biases in Multi-GNSS Point PositioningO. Montenbruck and A. Hauschild616 - 628
Constant Envelope Combination for Components on Different Carrier Frequencies with Unequal Power AllocationZheng Yao and Mingquan Lu629 - 637
GNSS Data Message Performance: A New Methodology for its Understanding and Ideas for its ImprovementM. Anghileri, M. Paonni, D. Fontanella, B. Eissfeller638 - 650
Evolution of Interplex Scheme with Variable Signal ConstellationMariano Vergara and Felix Antreich651 - 770
Unified Model Technique for Inertial Navigation Aided by Vehicle Dynamics ModelPhilipp Crocoll, Lorenz Goercke, Gert F. Trommer, and Florian Holzapfel657 - 669
Sensor Performance Characteristic Pre-filter using Multiple Model Estimation for NavigationYunqian Ma and Shrikant Rao670 - 674
Monte Carlo Error Characterization of EKF-Based Image Aided NavigationDaniel A. Marietta, Kenneth A. Fisher, Clark N. Taylor675 - 686
Boresighting a LiDAR without Accurate Range Measurements for Relative NavigationJoseph Curro, Thomas Pestak and John Raquet687 - 695
Robust DME Carrier Phase Tracking under Flight DynamicsKuangmin Li and Wouter Pelgrum696 - 708
Architecture for Asymmetric Collaborative Navigation – Considerations for Real Time Implementation of the Collaborative Robust Integrated Sensor Positioning (CRISP) SystemZhen Zhu, Elizabeth Boroson, Steve Berardi, Han Park, Don Venable709 - 827
Bandwidth Efficient ATSC TDOA Positioning in GPS-Denied EnvironmentsKaylene L. Carter, Rohan Ramlall, Murali Tummala, John McEachen717 - 725
Indoor Geo-Location with Cellular RF Pattern Matching and LEO Communication Satellite SignalsDi Qiu, David S. De Lorenzo and Tarun Bhattacharya726 - 733
WPI Precision Personnel Locator: Inverse Synthetic Array Reconciliation Tomography PerformanceAndrew Cavanaugh, Matthew Lowe, David Cyganski and R. James Duckworth734 - 741
Multipath Benefits of BOC vs. BPSK Modulated Signals Using On-Air MeasurementsChiawei Lee, Yu-Hsuan Chen, Gabriel Wong, Sherman Lo and Per Enge742 - 751
An Enterprise Service Oriented Architecture-Based High Resolution WiFi Indoor Positioning SystemMohamed M. Atia, Jacques Georgy, Aboelmagd Noureldin752 - 757
Integrity Performance Analysis of GPS-GLONASS with EGNOS for Applications in Complex GNSS EnvironmentsRasika Winit, Kyle O'Keefe, Antonella di Fazio, Daniele Bettinelli, Antonio Nardi758 - 900
Intelligent Behavioral Action Aiding for Improved Image NavigationKwee Guan Eng, Gilbert L. Peterson, Jared T. Kresge, Jacob L. Campbell771 - 779
Vision Aided INS/GNSS Integration for Improving the Robustness of a Navigation System for Mini Unmanned Aerial VehiclesC. Cheng, V. Calmettes, B. Priot, Q. Pan, J.-Y. Tourneret780 - 791
Dual Hypothesis Filter for Robust INS/Camera FusionChen-Chi Chu, F. Adhika Pradipta Lie, and Demoz Gebre-Egziabher792 - 802
Combined Global Navigation Satellite Systems in the Space Service VolumeDale A. Force and James J. Miller803 - 807
Multi-GNSS Precise Orbit Determination of the International Space StationO. Montenbruck, M. Wermuth, A. Hauschild, G. Beyerle, A. Helm, S. Yudanov, A. Garcia, L. Cacciapuoti808 - 820
Observability Analysis for Transfer Alignment Technique Considering the Lever Arm Effect with Time DelayCheol-Kwan Yang and Duk-Sun Shim821 - 135
GNSS Jamming Interference: Characterization and CancellationGiulio Gabelli, Roberta Casile, Alessandro Guidotti, Giovanni E. Corazza828 - 834
Theory and Practice of the Interference Mitigation Technology (AIM+) in Septentrio ReceiversT. Willems & W. De Wilde835 - 842
GNSS Interference Detection Using a Compressed Sensing Analog to Information Converter ApproachAlexander Rugamer, Ivana Lukcin, Gunter Rohmer, Jorn Thielecke843 - 855
In-Band Cancellation of Jamming for Robust GPS NavigationRick Vosburgh, Charley Wilson, Vrinda Haridasan856 - 863
Performance Analysis of Joint Multi-Antenna Spoofing Detection and Attitude EstimationAndriy Konovaltsev, Manuel Cuntz, Christian Haettich, Michael Meurer864 - 872
WAAS Reference Station Performance with Pulsed Interference: Current Environment and Additional MarginKarl Shallberg and Swen Ericson873 - 883
Analysis of a Simple, Multi-Receiver GPS Spoof DetectorPeter F. Swaszek, Richard J. Hartnett, Matthew V. Kempe, Gregory W. Johnson884 - 892
Studying the Effects of Interference on GNSS SignalsPaul Craven, Ronald Wong, Neal Fedora, Paul Crampton893 - 186
A General Approach to Online Sensor Calibration for Navigation using Factor GraphsNhon H. Trinh, Xun S. Zhou, Han-Pang Chiu, Supun Samarasekera, Rakesh Kumar901 - 908
Development of GNSS-based Transportation Infrastructure for Intelligent Transportation SystemJae-Ik Park, Eunsung Lee, Moon-Beom Heo909 - 914