Proceedings of the 25th International Technical Meeting of the Satellite Division of The Institute of Navigation (ION GNSS 2012)

September 17 - 21, 2012
Nashville Convention Center, Nashville, Tennessee
Nashville, TN

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Crime, Punishment and the Global Positioning SystemDavid Last1 - 27
A New Adaptive Scheme for High-Sensitivity GNSS Acquisition in Presence of Large Doppler ShiftsP. Esteves, M. Sahmoudi, N. Ziedan, M.-L. Boucheret28 - 40
A Novel Parallel Carrier Tracking Architecture for Weak GNSS SignalsMuhammad Tahir and Letizia Lo Presti41 - 46
PLL Unwrapping Structures using Polynomial Prediction Algorithm for Noisy Carrier Phase TrackingS. Roche, S. Bidon, O. Besson, M. Monnerat, L. Ries, P. Thevenon47 - 55
Effect of Oscillator Quality on Ultra-Tight GPS/INS Aided Carrier Phase TrackingSrinivas Bhaskar, James T. Curran, Gerard Lachapelle56 - 66
Estimation of Multipath Parameters using Hilbert Huang TransformA. Hirrle, H.-J. Jentschel, O. Michler67 - 78
GNSS NLOS and Multipath Error Mitigation using Advanced Multi-Constellation Consistency Checking with Height AidingZiyi Jiang and Paul D. Groves79 - 88
Assessing the Impact of Time Correlation Uncertainty on Cycle Ambiguity Resolution for High Integrity Aviation ApplicationsSteven Langel, Samer Khanafseh and Boris Pervan89 - 97
Seamless Navigation via Dempster Shafer Theory Augmented by Support Vector MachinesDeepak Bhatt, Priyanka Aggarwal, Vijay Devabhaktuni, Prabir Bhattacharya98 - 104
A Geometric Interpretation Approach Tracing PN Sequence Code Phase Information and its ApplicationsChieh-Fu Chang, Wan-Hsin Hsieh, Ming-Seng Kao105 - 112
Expanding GNSS Testing with Multiple Synchronized Signal RecordersIurie Ilie and Stephane Hamel113 - 117
Massive Parallel Algorithms for Software GNSS Signal Simulation using GPUIva Bartunkova and Bernd Eissfeller118 - 126
Multi-Level GNSS Signal Simulator for Multi-System GNSS Receiver DevelopingXin Zhang, Weihua Mou, Guangfu Sun, Gang Ou127 - 135
Broadband GPS Data Capture for Signal and Interference AnalysisAlison Brown, Jarrett Redd, and Phillip A. Burns136 - 140
The Future of Multi-Constellation GNSS Test Standards for Cellular LocationP. Anderson, E. Anyaegbu and R. Catmur141 - 150
Tracking Multipath in Received GNSS Signals through use of a Signal Decomposition and Parameterization AlgorithmMarshall E. Haker and John F. Raquet151 - 156
Algorithm and Software Design Tricks and Methods for Multi GNSS Simulator DesignP.K. Nerella, V. Chaddha, S.K. Desai, S. Vadlamani, C. Gopinath157 - 160
Test of Pseudorange Accuracy in GNSS RF Constellation SimulatorYanhong Kou, Jingtao Sui, Yibo Chen, Zhengwen Zhang, Haitao Zhang161 - 173
Flight Test Results of a Conflict Detection Method using ADS-B with Raw GNSS MeasurementsPengfei Duan, Maarten Uijt de Haag, James L. Farrell174 - 187
The EGNOS NOTAM Proposals ServiceJuan Vazquez, Miguel Angel Sanchez, Jesus Cegarra188 - 202
Performance Impact of Mountainous Topography for Cloud Break GNSS ProcedureMarc Troller, Maurizio Scaramuzza, Pascal Truffer, Heinz Wipf, and Sergio Raemi203 - 209
GNSS Multipath Error Model for Airport Surface OperationsLeslie Montloin, Laurent Azoulai, Adrien Chen, Anais Martineau, Carl Milner, Alexandre Chabory, Christophe Macabiau210 - 228
Optimization of the Multiple Hypotheses Solution Separation RAIM MethodY. Jiang and J. Wang228 - 234
Impact of Personal Privacy Device for WAAS Aviation UsersGrace Xingxin Gao, Kazuma Gunning, Todd Walter and Per Enge235 - 241
Monitoring Measurement Noise Variance for High Integrity Navigation with Cycle ResolutionSamer Khanafseh and Boris Pervan242 - 249
Conception, Implementation and Validation of a GAST-D Capable Airborne Receiver SimulationMirko Stanisak, Roman Schork, Marita Kujawska, Thomas Feuerle, Peter Hecker250 - 257
Advanced GNSS Procedures and Operations in Europe: A Step ForwardAlejandro Fransoy, Luis Chocano, Emilio Gonzales, Javier Murcia, Richard Farnworth, Hans de With258 - 265
Europe's Progress Towards a Full Scale LPV Implementation. Current Status (First Implementations), Lessons Learnt and Challenges for the FutureF. Javier de Blas, Aline Troadec, Carmen Aguilera, Pablo Haro, Miguel A. Sanchez266 - 276
Analytical Transmission Model of POCET Technique for Compass B1 and B3 SignalsKai Zhang, Yuanlin Li, Hongwei Zhou, Feixue Wang277 - 285
Ionospheric Delay Estimation Using Galileo E5 Signals OnlyOlivier Julien, Jean-Luc Issler, and Laurent Lestarquit286 - 301
Combined GPS and GALILEO Real-time Clock Estimation with DLR's RETICLE SystemA. Hauschild, P. Steigenberger302 - 309
Single-epoch Compass Carrier-phase Ambiguous Resolution Using Three Civil Frequencies and Special ConstellationsJ. Qu, H.Yuan, X. Zhang, G. Ouyang310 - 316
A Comparative Study of Ground Based Augmentation System for Beidou and GPSRui Xue and Yanbo Zhu317 - 322
Real-time Simulation of QZSS Regional Satellite NavigationHideki Yamada, Seigo Fujita, Shinji Saitoh, Takeyasu Sakai and Ken Ito323 - 330
What is Achievable with Current COMPASS Constellations?Maorong Ge, Hongping Zhang, Xiaolin Jia, Shuli Song, Jens Wickert331 - 339
Compass Satellite Orbit Determination Based on Inter-satellite and Satellite-to-station Ranging:Wang Donghui, Ni Shaojie, Liu Wenxiang, Yong Shaowei340 - 346
GNSS Payload and Signal Characterization using a 3m Dish AntennaJose Vicente Perello Gisbert, Nikolaos Batzilis, Gustavo Lopez Risueño, Julia Alegre Rubio347 - 356
Crosswise Reconstructing and Folding Based Rapid Acquisition Method for Time Division Data Multiplexing Long PN-code SignalsHong Li, Mingquan Lu, Zhenming Feng357 - 364
A Novel Computationally Efficient Galileo E1 OS Acquisition Method for GNSS Software ReceiverMyriam Foucras, Olivier Julien, Christophe Macabiau, Bertrand Ekambi365 - 383
Analysis of Coherent Combining for GPS L1C AcquisitionKelly C. Seals, William R. Michalson, Peter F. Swaszek, Richard J. Hartnett384 - 393
Multipath Channel Estimation and Pattern Recognition for Environment-Based Adaptive TrackingNesreen I. Ziedan394 - 407
Low Power ASIC GPS Tracking Loops: Quantifying the Trade-Offs Between Area, Power and AccuracyBenjamin Z. Tang, Stephen Longfield, Jr., Sunil A. Bhave, Rajit Manohar408 - 414
Multi-constellation - to Receive EverythingPhilip G. Mattos and Fabio Pisoni415 - 422
GNSS Shadow Matching: Improving Urban Positioning Accuracy Using a 3D City Model with Optimized Visibility Prediction ScoringLei Wang, Paul D Groves, Marek K Ziebart423 - 437
GNSS Positioning with Multipath Simulation using 3D Surface Model in Urban CanyonTaro Suzuki and Nobuaki Kubo438 - 447
Improving High Sensitivity Receiver Performance in Multipath Environment for Vehicular ApplicationsPeng Xie and Mark G. Petovello448 - 458
Intelligent Urban Positioning using Multi-Constellation GNSS with 3D Mapping and NLOS Signal DetectionPaul D. Groves, Ziyi Jiang, Lei Wang, Marek K. Ziebart458 - 472
Hybrid Positioning with 3GPP-LTE and GPS Employing Particle FiltersChristian Gentner, Jean-Marc Rawadi, Estefania Munoz, Mohammed Khider473 - 481
Sychronization of Pulsed Pseudolite Signals: Analysis and ComparisonDaniele Borio, Eduardo Cano and Gianmarco Baldini482 - 493
Non-Linear Modeling of Pseudorange Errors for Centralized Non-Linear Multi-Sensor System IntegrationUmar Iqbal, Jacques Georgy, Walid F. Abdelfatah, Mohammad Tamazin, Michael Korenberg, and Aboelmagd Noureldin494 - 502
Investigating Indoor GPS Doppler and Pseudorange CharacteristicsSeyed Nima Sadrieh, Ali Broumandan, Gerard Lachapelle503 - 512
The Analysis of Optimum Bandwidth of High Sensitivity Dual Mode GPS & Galileo ReceiverLiu Haitao, Wang Zhan, Cheng Zhu, Lou Shengqiang513 - 516
GPS Phase Estimation Beyond the Maximum Likelihood TheoryMohamed Youssef and Phani K. Sagiraju517 - 520
Global Positioning Systems DirectorateBarnard Gruber521 - 537
GLONASS Status and ModernizationSergey Revnivykh538 - 552
Galileo Programe Status UpdateDavid Blanchard553 - 587
Program Update: QZSS (Quasi-Zenith Satellite System)Satoshi Kogure588 - 608
An OFDMA Wireless Integrated Communications and Navigation SystemA. Fernandez, S. Gomez de Aguero, Jose M. Palomo, Jean-Baptiste Thevenet, Jean-Pierre Prost, Jose Vicente Perello609 - 620
Observability and Estimability of Collaborative Opportunistic Navigation with Pseudorange MeasurementsZaher M. Kassas and Todd E. Humphreys621 - 630
Compensating UAV GPS Through use of Relative Positioning to a UGVSunghun Jung, Tamzidul Mina, and Kartik B. Ariyur631 - 635
GPS/IMU Integrated Relative Positioning for Moving Land Vehicles with V2V (Vehicle-to-Vehicle) Communication ModuleYoungmin Han, Sungyong Lee, Younsil Kim, Junesol Song, Heekwon No, Changdon Kee, Youngwon Kim, Hankrel Noh, Daesung Hwang636 - 641
On-line Smoothing for Mobile Mapping Systems Utilizing a Low Cost MEMS IMUThank-Trung Duong, Kai-Wei Chiang, Chin-Chia Chang, Jia-Ming Cai, Shih-Ching Huang642 - 649
Analysis of Positioning Capabilities of 3GPP LTEJose A. del Peral-Rosado, Jose A. Lopez-Salcedo, Gonzalo Seco-Granados, Francesca Zanier, and Massimo Crisci650 - 659
Affine Feature Matching via Stochastic PredictionKenneth A. Fisher, Jared Kresge and John F. Raquet660 - 669
Autonomous Navigation for Navigation Satellite Constellation Using X-ray PulsarsFalin Wu, Xiaohong Sui and Yan Zhao670 - 677
Ellipsoidal Set Based Filter for Bearing-only Maneuvering Target TrackingYushuang Liu and Yan Zhao678 - 684
GNSS/Star Tracker Integrated Orbit and Attitude Determination System for Garada MissionLi Qiao, Chris Rizos, Andrew G. Dempster685 - 692
Advanced Timing Monitoring and Control Systems in SpaceA. Zenzinger, N. Rentzsch, M. Lantschner, T. Bartusch, C. Kuehl, S. Fischer, A. Shrestha693 - 698
Robust Estimation of the Offset Between UTC and SBAS Network TimeJavier Simon, Hugues Secretan, Norbert Suard699 - 710
Experimental Evaluation of Fine-Time Aiding in Unsynchronized NetworksNicolas Couronneau, Peter J. Duffett-Smith711 - 716
Evaluation of Relative GPS Timing Under Jamming ConditionsRyan J.R Thompson, Ediz Cetin, Andrew G. Dempster717 - 730
Results from Navigator GPS Flight Testing for the Magnetospheric MultiScale MissionTyler D. Lulich, William A. Bamford, Luke M.B. Winternitz, Samuel R. Price731 - 742
Avionics-Based Integrity Augmentation System for Mission-and Safety-Critical GNSS ApplicationsRoberto Sabatini, Terry Moore, Chris Hill743 - 763
Interacting Multiple Model and Probabilistic Data Association Filter on Radar Tracking for ATM SystemYu-Chun Kao and Shau-Shiun Jan764 - 773
Automated Aerial Refueling Position Estimation Using a Scanning LiDARJoseph Curro, John Raquet, Thomas Pestak, Jared Kresge, Mark Smearcheck774 - 782
Integrated GNSS/INS Positioning Combined with SRTM Digital Elevation Model for Safe Approach, Landing and Takeoff Phase of a FlightA. Ciecko and W. Jarmolowski783 - 789
Multiconstellation GNSS/INS to Support LPV200 Approaches and AutolandingMartin Orejas, Zdenek Kana, Jindrich Dunik, Jolana Dvorska, Nuri Kundak790 - 803
Flight Test Evaluation of Enhanced DME(eDME) Performance EnhancementsKuangmin Li and Wouter Pelgrum803 - 811
eDME Architecture Development and Flight-Test EvaluationWouter Pelgrum, Kuangmin Li, Matt Smearcheck, Frank van Graas812 - 825
Flight Test Evaluation of Image Rendering Navigation for Close-Formation FlightSean M. Calhoun, John Raquet, Joe Curro826 - 832
GLONASS Signal-in-Space Anomalies Since 2009Liang Heng, Grace Xingxin Gao, Todd Walter, and Per Enge833 - 842
GNSS Guaranteed OD&TS Performance Optimisation by the Innovative MiniMax Estimate ApproachTakeyasu Sakai, Hideki Yamada, and Kazuaki Hoshinoo843 - 853
GPS/GLONASS Multi-Constellation SBAS Trial and Preliminary Results for East-Asia RegionTakeyasu Sakai, Hideki Yamada, and Kazuaki Hoshinoo854 - 866
A Tightly-Coupled GNSS/IMU Integration Algorithm for Multi-Purpose INSA.Y. Shatilov and I.A. Nagin867 - 873
High Fidelity Chip Shape Analysis of GNSS Signals using a Wideband Software ReceiverSanjeev Gunawardena and Frank van Graas874 - 883
Evaluation of Multi-constellation Advanced RAIM for Vertical Guidance Using GPS and GLONASS Signals with Multiple FaultsMyungjun Choi, Juan Blanch, Todd Walter, Dennis Akos, Per Enge884 - 892
Implementation of Constant Envelope Multiplexing Based on Extended Interplex and Inter-Modulation Construction MethodX.M. Zhang, X. Zhang, Z. Yao, M. Lu893 - 900
In-car GNSS Jammers Tracking System Evaluation ResultsE.N. Boldenkov, I.V. Korogodin, I.V. Lipa901 - 906
A Study of Geometry and Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Antennas for Controlled Reception Pattern Antenna (CRPA) ArraysYu-Hsuan Chen907 - 914
Phased Array GNSS Antenna for the FORMOSAT-7/COSMIC-2 Radio Occultation MissionDmitry Turbiner, Larry E. Young, Tom K. Meehan915 - 916
Compact Adaptive Multi-antenna Navigation ReceiverAchim Dreher, Nikola Basta, Stefano Caizzone, Gotz Kappen, Matteo Sgammini, Michael Meurer, Safwt Irteza, Ralf Stephan, Matthias A. Hein, E. Schafer, Muhammad A. Khan, Andre Richter, Bjorn Bieske, Lothar Kurtz, Tobias G. Noll917 - 925
Blind Adaptive Beamformer Based on Orthogonal Projections for GNSSMatteo Sgammini, Felix Antreich, Lothar Kurz, Michael Meurer, and Tobias G. Noll926 - 935
Research on All-pass Network for Wideband Satellite Receiver's RF Front-end Group Delay EqualizationPengpeng Li, Yangbo Huang, Bing Zhou, Gang Ou936 - 941
Compensation of Group Delay Differences in the GNSS Receiver Front EndFabio Pisoni and Philip G. Mattos942 - 946
Development of a Multi-Antenna GPS/Beidou Receiver for Troposphere/Ionosphere MonitoringJyh-Ching Juang, Chiu-Teng Tsai, and Yu-Hsuan Chen947 - 952
Physical-Statistical Channel Model for Joint GNSS and Mobile Radio Based PositioningWei Wang, Thomas Jost, Andreas Lehner, Uwe-Carsten Fiebig and Christian Gentner953 - 959
Bootstrapped Learning of WiFi Access Point in Hybrid Positioning SystemJing Yu, Thandapani Venkataramani, Xing Zhao, Zhike Jia960 - 966
Real Time Location Using WiFi Fingerprints and Multiple Targets Tracking ApproachLev Rapoport, Yi Youwen Zheng, Yanxing, Shen Jianqiang, Sergey Shatilov967 - 975
Experiment Results of Seamless Navigation using IMES for Hospital Resource ManagementDinesh Manandhar, Hideyuki Torimoto, Masakazu Aihara976 - 982
OFDM Symbol Timing Acquisition for Collaborative WLAN-based Assisted GPS in Weak Signal EnvironmentsMahsa Shafiee, Kyle O’Keefe, Gerard Lachapelle983 - 995
Ranging Performance of the Positioning Reference Signal in LTE Cellular SystemT-Y. Chiou, Y-W. Ting, Y-C. Lin996 - 1003
Improved Velocity Estimation with High-Sensitivity Receivers in Indoor EnvironmentsZhe He, Mark Petovello and Gerard Lachapelle1004 - 1016
EGNOS Program StatusPatrick Feuillet1017 - 1033
SDCM Program StatusSergey Karutin1034 - 1044
ESA GNSS L5 Implementation Plan & StatusD. Flament and G. Bulsa1045 - 1056
EGNOS System Performance: Lessons Learned on IonosphereS. Schluter and G. Bulsa1057 - 1069
The Impact of the Ionosphere on GNSS AugmentationTodd Walter1070 - 1078
EGNOS Extension to Eastern Europe - Early Simulation ResultsESA1079 - 1114
Introducing Ambiguity Resolution in Web-hosted Global Multi-GNSS Precise Point Positioning with Trimble RTX-PPKen Doucet, Michael Herwig, Adrian Kipka, Philip Kreikenbohm, Herbert Landau, Rodrigo Leandro, Matthias Moessmer, Christian Pagels1115 - 1125
Galileo AltBOC Signal Processing for Precise Positioning - Experimental ResultsPedro F. Silva, Joao S. Silva, Tiago Peres, A. Fernandez, Jose M. Palomo, Marcus Andreotti, Chris Hill, Ismael Colomina, Christian Miranda, M. Eulalia Pares1126 - 1135
Real-Time Geometry-Based Cycle Slip Resolution Technique for Single-Frequency PPP and RTKSebastien Carcanague1136 - 1148
Test of RTCM Version 3.1 Network RTK Correction Messages (MAC) in the Field and on Board a Ship for Uninterrupted NavigationDan Norin, Johan Sunna, Rebecka Lundell, Gunnar Hedling, Ulf Olsson1147 - 1157
RTK Water Level Determination in Precise Inland Bathymetric MeasurementsDariusz Popielarczyk1158 - 1163
Recent Updates to the WGS 84 Reference FrameRobert F. Wong, Craig M. Rollins, Clifton F. Minter1164 - 1172
Using a New Type of GPS Buoy for Determining the Mean Sea LevelPo-Hsien Hsu and Ching-Liang Tseng1173 - 1178
GNSS Antenna Orientation and Detection of Multipath Signals from Direction of ArrivalD.E. Grimm, L. Steiner, R. Mautz1179 - 1185
An Enhanced Prototype Personal Inertial Navigation SystemYunqian Ma, Wayne Soehren, Wes Hawkinson, Justin Syrstad1186 - 1194
On the Foundation of GNSS Authentication MechanismsEmmanuel Schielin, Alexandre Allien, Christophe Taillandier, Marc Jeannot, Daniel Brocard1194 - 1207
Mobile Positioning with DTV Signals (ATSC 8VSB and M/H) Standards)Chun Yang, Thao Nguyen, Di Qiu, Morgan Quigley, Jared Casper, Ben Wilson1208 - 1216
Instantaneous Cycle Slip Detection, Code Multipath Mitigation and Improved Ionospheric Correction for Enhanced GPS Single-Frequency PositioningJohn A. Momoh and Marek Ziebart1217 - 1232
A Low-Complexity GPS Anti-Spoofing Method Using a Multi-Antenna ArraySaeed Daneshmand, Ali Jafarnia-Jahromi, Ali Broumandon, Gérard Lachapelle1233 - 1243
Reliability of an Adaptive Integrated System through Consistency Comparisons of Accelerometers and GNSS MeasurementsAnup Dhital, Jared B. Bancroft, Gerard Lachapelle1244 - 1252
Mobile Robot Indoor Autonomous Navigation Based on Multi-sensor IntegrationHui Tang and Don Kim1253 - 1262
Tight Integration of GNSS and a 3D City Model for Robust Positioning in Urban CanyonsA. Bourdeau, M. Sahmoudi, J-Y. Tourneret1263 - 1269
GPS Anti-Spoofing Techniques for Smart Grid ApplicationsMatthew Trinkle, Zhenghao Zhang, Husheng Li, Aleksandar Dimitrovski1270 - 1278
Restriction-free Initializations for Low-cost and High-rate Integrated Navigation Systems Even in GNSS Challenged EnvironmentsJacques Georgy, Zainab Syed, Husain Syed, Zhi Shen, Chris Goodall1279 - 1286
L1/L5 SBAS MOPS to Support Multiple ConstellationsTodd Walter, Juan Blanch, and Per Enge1287 - 1297
On the Performance of Dual-frequency Multi-constellation SBAS: Real Data Results with Operational State-of-the-art SBAS PrototypeJ. Simon, J. Ostolaza, J. Moran, M. Fernandez, J. Caro, A. Madrazo1298 - 1309
Using Kriging to Optimize WAAS Performance Over the Entire Solar CycleN. Pandya, F. Sheng, O. Castaneda, H. Jeong, N. Haveman, D. Goble1310 - 1333
SBAS Errors Modelling for Category I AutolandL. Azoulai, P. Neri, C. Milner, C. Macabiau, T. Walter1334 - 1337
Overbounding Missed-Detection Probability for a Chi-Square MonitorJason H. Rife1348 - 1368
GPS L5 Cross-correlation Detection in WAAS G-III Reference ReceiverSurendran Shanmugam, Allan Manz, and Owen Thistle1369 - 1378
Expanding SBAS Service Area Toward the Southern HemisphereTakeyasu Sakai, Kazuaki Hoshinoo, and Ken Ito1377 - 1388
High Integrity System Test Bed (HISTB) The Laboratory for EGNOS EvolutionsH. Delfour, J-A. Gicquel, P. Larhantec, D. Joly, D. Lekaim, M. Jeannot1389 - 1398
Acquisition of Weak GNSS Signals Using Fast Orthogonal SearchM. Tamazin, A. Noureldin and M. Korenberg1399 - 1405
Improving the Performance of the FFT-based Parallel Code-phase Search Acquisition of GNSS Signals by Decomposition of the Circular CorrelationJérôme Leclère, Cyril Botteron, Pierre-André Farine1406 - 1416
High Resolution Delay Estimation in Urban GNSS Vehicular NavigationNegin Sokhandan, Ali Broumandan, James T. Curran and Gerard Lachapelle1417 - 1427
A Cross-Correlation Mitigation Method Based on Subspace Projection for GPS ReceiverLei Chen, Weixiao Meng, Shuai Han, Enxiao Liu1428 - 1434
Multipath Mitigation in SoL Environments Using a Combination of Squared CorrelatorsEmanuela Falletti, Beatrice Motella, Micaela Troglia Gamba, Claudia Facchinetti1435 - 1443
ARTEMISA: Preliminary Results of Advanced Receiver Techniques for Multipath MitigationA. Fernandez, J.A. Pulido, M. Wis, Pau Closas, Carles Fernandez-Prades, Francesca Zanier, Roberto Prieto-Cerdeira, Massimo Crisci1444 - 1453
Probabilistic Multipath Mitigation for GNSS-based Vehicle Localization in Urban AreasMarcus Obst, Christian Adam, Gerd Wanielik, Robin Schubert1454 - 1461
Assisted GNSS in LTE-Advanced Networks and its Application to Vector Tracking LoopsCarles Fernandez-Prades, Pau Closas, Jordi Vila'Valls, Marta Figueroa Naharro, Albert Torne Sanjose1462 - 1476
A Comparison of Differential-Power and Differential-Phase FLLs for GNSS ReceiversJames T. Curran1477 - 1487
A Low-complexity Acquisition Implementation for the Modernized GNSS Hardware ReceiversRentian Ding, Liyan Li, Jie.Zhong, Minjian. Zhao1488 - 1494
The Performance of Optimized Carrier Tracking Loop in Weak SignalTang Xiaomei, Zhang Yonghu, Li Baiyu, Wang Feixue1495 - 1499
The Performance Evaluation of a Real-time Low-cost MEMS INS/GPS Integrated Navigator with Aiding from ZUPT/ZIHR and Non-holonomic Constraint for Land ApplicationsCheng-Yueh Liu1500 - 1520
Observability Analysis of Non-Holonomic Constraints for Land-Vehicle Navigation SystemsYou Li, Xiaoji Niu, Quan Zhang, Yahao Cheng, Chuang Shi1521 - 1529
Comparison of State Estimation Filters for Safety Relevant Localization in Rail Applications, Based on the Milestone Based SiPoS-Rail ApproachRene Rutters, Michael Breuer, Junjie Zhang, Dirk Abel, Daniel Ludicke1530 - 1536
The Estimation of Wild-animal Moving Path Based on Elevation HistoryKatsuhiro Morishita and Nagahisa Mita1537 - 1544
Availability Improvement of RTK-GPS with IMU and Vehicle Sensors in Urban EnvironmentN. Kubo and C. Dihan1545 - 1555
Implementation of V2X with the Integration of Network RTK: Challenges and SolutionsScott Stephenson, Xiaolin Meng, Terry Moore, Anthony Baxendale, Tim Edwards1556 - 1567
Augmentation of Carrier-Phase DGPS with UWB Ranges for Relative Vehicle PositioningYuhang Jiang, Mark Petovello and Kyle O'Keefe1568 - 1579
Cost-effective Selection of Inertial Sensor for Cycle-slip Detection for Land VehicleYounsil Kim, Junesol Song, Ho Yun, Byungwoon Park, Changdon Kee, Sebum Chun1580 - 1588
Robust, Secure and Precise Vehicle Navigation System for Harsh GNSS Signal ConditionsH. Niedermeier, H. Beckmann, B. Eissfeller1589 - 1600
Three-Axis Magnetometer Navigation in Suburban AreasJeremiah A. Shockley and John F. Raquet1607 - 1618
Investigating the use of Rotating Foot Mounted Inertial Sensors for PositioningC. Hide, T. Moore, C. Hill, K. Abdulrahim1619 - 1625
A Smartpower Hybrid Positioning SystemXin Zhang, Jiangping Deng, Xing Zhao, Zhike Jia1626 - 1633
MEMS versus FOG's for Machine Guidance and ControlN. El-Sheimy, C. Goodall, W. Abdelfatah, M.M. Atia, B. Scannell1634 - 1640
On the Evaluation of Galileo E5 AltBOC Signals for GNSS-INS IntegrationHugo D. Lopes, Pedro F. Silva, Joao S. Silva1641 - 1650
Performance Analysis of a Deep Integration with Controllable Tracking Loops in High Dynamic EnvironmentsRongbing Li, Fei Xie, Junyi Huang, Jianye Liu1651 - 1657
Robust Attitude Estimation for Indoor Pedestrian Navigation Application using MEMS SensorsMahesh Chowdhary, Manish Sharma, Arun Kumar, Sankalp Dayal, Mayank Kumar1658 - 1665
An Integrated Research Platform for Real-time Deeply IntegrationTisheng Zhang, Xiaoji Niu, Hongping Zhang, Di Zhang, Yalong Ban1666 - 1673
Integrated Navigation and Data Matching for Vehicle Augmented Reality SystemSeong Yun Cho, Munkhzul Enkhtur, Kyong-Ho Kim1674 - 1678
Evaluation of Doppler Frequency Aiding for GPS/INS Integration SystemYan Zhao, Jing Yang, Falin Wu and Cai Hu1679 - 1685
BeiDou Navigation Satellite System - of China, for the WorldXiancheng Ding and Jian Yang1686 - 1727
Positioning Performance and Contribution of COMPASSYuanxi Yang1728 - 1761
Closed-loop Testing of GNSS RF Constellation Simulators: Using High Performance Software ReceiverYanhong Kou, Zhengwen Zhang, Haitao Zhang1762 - 1791
Application of COMPASS in Civil Application of ChinaRui Xue1792 - 1823
Research on GNSS Time InteroperabilityXiaochun Lu, Xiaohui Li, Shaowu Dong1824 - 1851
Design Technology and Tests for Multi GNSS ReceiverShaowei Han1852 - 1875
Optimized Modulation and Multiplexing for COMPASS B1C SignalMingquan Lu and Jun Shen1876 - 1904
Standard Positioning Performance and Precise Application of BeiDouQile Zhao, Zhigang Hu, Jing Guo, Ming Li, Dongkai Yang1905 - 1929
SX-NSR-R: A Software Receiver for Next Generation Reflectometry SystemsJ. Dampf, T. Pany, N. Falk, B. Riedl, J. Winkel1930 - 1940
Error Analysis of Sea Surface Wind Speed Estimation Based on GNSS Airborne ExperimentK. Yu, C. Rizos, A.G. Dempster1941 - 1946
The Performance Analysis of a UAV Borne Direct Georeferenced Photogrammetric Platform in GCP Free ApplicationsMeng-Lun Tsai and Chien-Hsun Chu1947 - 1964
INS/GPS/SAR Integrated Navigation With Image GeocodingMartin Espana1965 - 1971
Scintillation Characteristics Across the GPS Frequency BandCharles S. Carrano, Keith M. Groves, William J. McNeil, and Patricia H. Doherty1972 - 1989
The ROSA Project for Radio-Occultation: Findings and Current StatusL. Marradi, A. Zin, S. Zago, S. Landenna, E. Mangolini, V. Catalano, R. Notarpietro, S. Radicella, B. Nava1990 - 1997
Impact of Ionospheric Scintillation on Spaceborne SAR Observations Studied Using GNSSXiaoqing Pi, Franz J. Meyer, Kancham Chotoo, Anthony Freeman, Ronald G. Caton, and Christopher T. Bridgwood1998 - 2006
Single-frequency Ionospheric Profiles from the CANX-2 Nano-satelliteMichael Swab, Kyle O'Keefe, Susan Skone2007 - 2021
Evaluation Test of GPS Local Area Remote Sensing SystemJian Cui and Nobuyoshi Kouguchi2022 - 2028
Ionospheric Scintillation Monitoring Using GPS Based Space Weather MonitorG. Crowley, I. Azeem, A. Reynolds, J. Santana, O. de la Beaujardiere, P. Roddy, G. Wilson2029 - 2037
Mixed One-way and Two-way Ranging to Support Terrestrial Alternative Position Navigation & TimingJiangping Chu2034 - 2039
Vector Tracking with a Multi Antenna GNSS ReceiverM. Cuntz, A. Konovaltsev, C. Hättich, G. Kappen, M. Meurer2050 - 2056
The Need for a Robust Precise Time and Frequency Alternative to Global Navigation Satellite SystemsMitch Narins, Per Enge, Ben Peterson, Sherman Lo, Yu-Hsuan Chen, Dennis Akos, Michael Lombardi2057 - 2062
Robust Time Synchronization Methods for Future APNTM. Suess, B. Belabbas, J. Furthner and M. Meurer2063 - 2072
The UHARS Non-GPS Based Positioning SystemDesiree Craig, Derek Ruff, Steve Hewitson, Joel Barnes and John Amt2073 - 2082
Performance Evaluation of A Novel Terrain Aiding Algorithm for GNSS Tracking in Forested EnvironmentsC. Danezis and V. Gikas2083 - 2090
Performance of Current Distance Measuring Equipment and Implications on Alternative Position Navigation and Timing for AviationMatt Harris, Tim Murphy, Robert W. Lilley, Robert H. Erikson2091 - 2103
Performance Analysis and Flight Data Results of Innovative Vision-based Navigation in GPS-denied EnvironmentB. Polle2104 - 2115
Flight Testing the GAST D Solution at DLR's GBAS Test BedMichael Felux, Thomas Dautermann, Boubeker Belabbas2116 - 2122
GBAS GAST D Parametric Study and Availability Simulations to Support Category III OperationsLaurent Azoulai, Fabien Souchon, Cedric Brunet, Andreas Lipp, David Duchet2123 - 2140
Generation of Precise Long-Term Orbit and Clock Prediction Products for A-GNSSMiguel M. Romay, Maria D. Lainez2133 - 3139
Analysis of GPS Pseudorange Natural Biases using a Software ReceiverSanjeev Gunawardena and Frank van Graas2141 - 2149
Measuring Code-Phase Differences due to Inter-Satellite Hardware DifferencesGabriel Wong, Yu-Hsuan Chen, R. Eric Phelts, Todd Walter, Per Enge2150 - 2158
Data Quality Improvements and Applications of Long-Term Monitoring of Ionospheric Anomalies for GBASMinchan Kim, Jiyun Lee, Sam Pullen, Joseph Gillespie2159 - 2174
Ionosphere Gradient Detection for Cat III GBASRandy Reuter, Doug Weed and Mats Brenner2175 - 2183
Absolute Gradient Monitoring for GAST-D with a Single-frequency Carrier-phase Based and Code-aided TechniqueSusumu Saito, Takayuki Yoshihara, and Seigo Fujita2184 - 2190
Distributed Ionosphere Monitoring by Collaborating Mobile ReceiversOkuary Osechas and Jason Rife2191 - 2200
Carrier Phase and Code Based Absolute Slant Ionosphere Gradient Monitor for GBASBoubeker Belabbas and Michael Meurer2201 - 2208
Integrity Risk Analysis for Double Satellite Ephemeris Fault Events of Regional Augmentation SystemZhipeng Wang, Jun Zhang, Yanbo Zhu, Rui Xue2209 - 2215
Time Diferencing and Filtering Technique for Mitigating Errors in GPS Carrier Phase and Pseudorange ObservationsJohn A. Momoh2216 - 2230
A Comparative Study of Mathematical Modelling for GPS/GLONASS Real-Time Kinematic (RTK)Al'Shaery, S. Zhang, S. Lim, C. Rizos2231 - 2238
Improvement of Processing Time of GNSS Data for Point Positioning Through Parallel ComputingM. Khoshmanesh and A. Abouhamzeh2239 - 2248
Using LEO GNSS Data for Precise Calibration of Space HW BiasesJ. David Calle Calle, Irma Rodriguez Perez, Marta Cueto Santamaria, Esther Sardon Perez, F. Amarillo2249 - 2258
RAIM with Kalman Code Carrier SmoothingNicolas Martin, David Depraz, Herve Guichon2259 - 2274
Evaluating the Probability of Correctly Identifying a Fault in GNSS PositioningLing Yang, Nathan L. Knight, Jinling Wang2275 - 2284
Verification of High Integrity and Continuity Reference ReceiverMassimo Crisci and Herve Guichon2285 - 2300
A Smart Format Floating-point Engine for GNSS ReceiverHongbin Zhou, Rendong Ying, Peilin Liu, Ji Kong2301 - 2306
Adaptive Ionosphere Electron Content Estimation MethodSébastien Trilles, Gonzague de la Hautière, Mathias van den Bossche2307 - 2315
Combination Forecasting Algorithm and Effectiveness Evaluation for DGPS Carrier Phase and Pseudo-range Correction PredictionChengJun Guo, Zhong Tian, XinChun Zhang, Zhi Chen2316 - 2325
Performance Analysis of the FPGA-based Software Defined GPS ReceiverYa-Tzu Chen and Shau-Shiun Jan2326 - 2332
Assessment of Vector-Tracking-Loop Performance Under Radio Frequency Interference EnvironmentsSun-Jun Ko, Bernd Eissfeller, Jong-Hoon Won, and Thomas Pany2333 - 2341
GPS-Based Attitude Determination for a Spinning RocketKaren Q.Z. Chiang, Mark L. Psiaki, Steven P. Powell, Robert J. Miceli, Brady W. O'Hanlon2342 - 2350
Moon-to-Earth: Eavesdropping on the GRAIL Inter-spacecraft Time-transfer Link Using a Large Antenna and a Software ReceiverStephan Esterhuizen2351 - 2356
Assisted-GPS Based Snap-shot GPS Receiver with FFT-accelerated Collective Detection: Time Synchronisation and Search Space AnalysisJoon Wayn Cheong, Jinghui Wu, Andrew G. Dempster, Chris Rizos2357 - 2370
Performance Analysis of GPU Based GNSS Signal ProcessingUlrich Haak, Hans-Georg Büsing, Prof. Peter Hecker2371 - 2377
A Flexible and Portable Multiband GNSS front-end SystemAlexander Ruegamer, Frank Foerster, Manuel Stahl, Guenter Rohmer2378 - 2389
Design and Verification of Built-in IF Data Record and Playback Function in GNSS ReceiversTisheng Zhang, Hongping Zhang, Kunlun Yan, Jinfeng Liu, Xiaoji Niu2390 - 2397
Implementation of the Unscented Kalman Filter and a Simple Augmentation System for GNSS SDR ReceiversR. Capua and A. Bottaro2398 - 2407
Continuous Indoor Positioning Using GNSS, Wi-Fi, and MEMS Dead ReckoningJ. Blake Bullock, Mahesh Chowdhary, Dimitri Rubin, Donald Leimer, Greg Turetzky, Murray Jarvis2408 - 2416
A Preliminary Research on Time-difference-of-arrival (TDOA) Based Indoor Optical PositioningH. Xu, M. Niu, X. Zhang, X. Zhan2417 - 2421
Visual Gyroscope and Odometer for Pedestrian Indoor Navigation with a SmartphoneLaura Ruotsalainen2422 - 2431
An Improved Personal Dead-Reckoning Algorithm for Dynamically Changing Smartphone User ModesA. S. Ali, S. Siddharth, N. El-Sheimy, Z.F. Syed2432 - 2439
Indoor Navigation with iPhone/iPad: Floor Plan Based Monocular Vision NavigationBei Huang and Yang Gao2440 - 2449
Towards a Practical Indoor Lighting Positioning SystemAhmed Arafa, Richard Klukas, Jonathan F. Holzman and Xian Jin2450 - 2453
Utilizing Visual Measurements for Obtaining Robust Attitude and Positioning for PedestriansLaura Ruotsalainen, Jared Bancroft, Heidi Kuusniemi, Gerard Lachapelle, Ruizhi Chen2454 - 2461
3D Image-based Navigation in Collaborative Navigation EnvironmentAndrew Zaydak, Charles K. Toth, Dorota A. Grejner-Brzezinska, Bence Molnar, Yudan Yi and J.N. Markiel2462 - 2468
Augmenting Cell Phone Geolocation via Magnetic MappingYan Cui and Kartik B. Ariyur2469 - 2473
Status of GalileoHillar Tork2474 - 2502
IOV Status and ResultsThomas Burger2503 - 2549
Galileo Signals and the Open Service Signal-in-Space Interface Control DocumentDominic Hayes2550 - 2571
Galileo Integrated Approach to Service ProvisionMarco Lisi2572 - 2596
Galileo Services OverviewHillar Tork2597 - 2655
Fostering European GNSS AdoptionFiammetta Diani2656 - 2681
Discriminating Underground Nuclear Explosions and Earthquakes in GPS-detected Traveling Ionospheric Disturbances: Case StudyJihye Park, Dorota A. Grejner-Brzezinska, R.R.B. von Frese, Y. Jade Morton2682 - 2691
Ionospheric Monitoring Using "Integer-Levelled" ObservationsSimon Banville, Wei Zhang, Reza Ghoddousi-Fard and Richard B. Langley2692 - 2701
GNSS-BICS - GNSS Bias Calibration SystemP. D'Angelo, J. Pulido, A. Fernandez, J. Bandeiras, P. Vieira, P. Silva, M. Bento, F. Amarillo2702 - 2708
Characterization of Equatorial Ionospheric Features on the Verge of the Next Solar Cycle MaximumM. Cueto, S. Magdaleno, A. Cezon, E. Sardon2709 - 2721
High Latitude Scintillation Analysis for Marine and Aviation ApplicationsF. Ghafoori and S. Skone2722 - 2730
Preliminary Investigation of Solar Cycle 24 Storms and their Effects on SBAS NavigationSeebany Datta-Barua, Gary S. Bust, Todd Walter, Geoff Crowley2731 - 2741
Integrity for Advanced Precise Positioning ApplicationsMiguel M. Romay Merino, Maria D. Lainez2742 - 2758
Advanced Fault Detection and Exclusion with Future GNSS ConstellationsShih-Yih (Ryan) Young and Mahesh Surathu2758 - 2769
An Analytical Evaluation for Hazardous Failure Rate in a Satellite-based Train Positioning System with Reference to the ERTMS Train Control SystemsA. Neri, A. Flip, F. Rispoli, A.M. Vegni2770 - 2784
RAIM Detector and Estimator Design to Minimize the Integrity RiskMathieu Joerger, Fang-Cheng Chan, Steven Langel, and Boris Pervan2785 - 2807
Integrity Performance of an ARAIM Algorithm - PORIMA:Two-Year GPS SIS Monitoring ResultsHua Su, Patrick Rosenthal and Frederic Narbonne2808 - 2817
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Advanced RAIM user Algorithm Description: Integrity Support Message Processing, Fault Detection, Exclusion, and Protection Level CalculationJuan Blanch, Todd Walter, Per Enge, Young Lee, Boris Pervan, Markus Rippl, Alex Spletter2828 - 2849
A Framework for Analyzing Architectures that Support ARAIMJuan Blanch, Todd Walter, Per Enge, Young Lee, Boris Pervan, Markus Rippl, Alex Spletter2850 - 2857
Multi-Constellation RAIM in the Presence of Multiple Faults-a Bottom Up ApproachShaojun Feng, Altti Jokinen and Washington Ochieng, Carl Milner2858 - 2867
Personal Privacy Device Interference in the WAASB.J. Potter, Karl Shallberg, Joe Grabowski2868 - 2874
GNSS Spoofing Detection Based on Receiver C/No EstimatesVahid Dehghanian, John Nielsen, Gerard Lachapelle2878 - 2884
In-Car GNSS Jammer Localization with a Vehicular Ad-Hoc NetworkD. Fontanella, R. Bauernfeind, B. Eissfeller2885 - 2893
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Civilian GPS Jammer Signal Tracking and GeolocationRyan H. Mitch, Mark L. Psiaki, Brady W. O'Hanlon, Steven P. Powell and Jahshan A. Bhatti2901 - 2920
Considerations for GPS Spectrum Interference StandardsChristopher J. Hegarty2921 - 2929
Interference Localisation within the GNSS Environmental Monitoring System (GEMS) - Initial Field Test ResultsMatthew Trinkle, Ediz Cetin, Ryan J.R. Thompson and Andrew G. Dempster2930 - 2939
Weak GPS Interference Direction of Arrival Estimation Using GPS Signal CancellationZili Xu and Matthew Trinkle2940 - 2945
The RTCM Multiple Signal Messages: A New Step in GNSS Data StandardizationAlexey Boriskin, Dmitry Kozlov, Gleb Zyryanov2947 - 2955
Proposed NAV Data Signal Design for Optimal TTFF in a Single Frequency IRNSS ReceiverVyasaraj Guru Rao, Sumadhva B Pappu, Gerard Lachapelle2956 - 2967
Design and Implementation of a Single-Frequency L1 Multiconstellation GPS/EGNOS/GLONASS SDR Receiver with NIORAIM FDE IntegritySabina Viola, Michele Mascolo, Paola Madonna, Luca Sfarzo, Mauro Leonardi2968 - 2977
Integration of A Consumer Single-chip Receiver for Multi-Constellation GNSSChin-Tang Weng, Chih-Wei Chen, Sheng-Yu Huang, Kuan-I Li2978 - 2985
Using the Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP N210) as a RF Front-End for a Wide-Band Multi-Constellation GNSS Signal ReceiverNingyan Guo, Staffan Backen, Dennis Akos2986 - 2994
Origin and Compensation of GLONASS Inter-frequency Carrier Phase Biases in GNSS ReceiversJ-M. Sleewaegen, A. Simsky, W. De Wilde, F. Boon, T. Willems2995 - 3001
A Digitally Configurable Receiver for Multi-Constellation GNSSAlper Ucar, Yacine Adane, and Izzet Kale3002 - 3006
Robust Joint Multi-Antenna Spoofing Detection and Attitude Estimation using Direction Assisted Multiple Hypotheses RAIMMichael Meurer, Andriy Konovaltsev, Manuel Cuntz, Christian Hättich3007 - 3016
Model-Based Multipath Estimation Technique for GPS ReceiversDeok Won Lim, Moon Beom Heo, Heon Ho Choi, Sang Jeong Lee3017 - 3026
Improving Real-time PPP Ambiguity Resolution with Ionospheric Characteristic ConsiderationXingxing Li3027 - 3037
Aspects of Using the QZSS Satellite in the Trimble CenterPointTM RTXTM Service: QZSS Orbit and Clock Accuracy, RTX Positioning Performance ImprovementsHerbert Landau, Markus Glocker, Adrian Kipla, Rodrigo Leandro, Markus Nitschke, Ralf Stolz, Feipeng Zhang3038 - 3045
Nexteq's Integer Ambiguity-Resolved Precise Point Positioning SystemLandon Urquhart, Yufeng Zhang, Suen Lee, Jianping Chan3046 - 3054
External Ionospheric Constraints for Improved PPP-AR Initialisation and a Generalised Local Augmentation ConceptPaul Collins, Francois Lahaye and Sunil Bisnath3055 - 3065
Demonstrating In-The-Field Real-Time Precise PositioningÁlvaro Mozo, J. David Calle, Pedro Navarro, Ricardo Piriz, Daniel Rodriguez, Guillermo Tobias3066 - 3076
Real-time Clock Jump Detection and Repair for Precise Point PositioningFei Guo and Xiaohong Zhang3077 - 3088
Developments on Global Centimeter-level GNSS Positioning with Trimble CenterPoint RTXTMRodrigo Leandro, Victor Gomez, Ralf Stolz, Herbert Landau, Markus Glocker, Ralf Drescher, Xiaoming Chen3089 - 3096
Instantaneous Cycle Slip Detection, Code Multipath Mitigation and Improved Ionospheric Correction for Enhanced GPS Single-Frequency PositioningJohn A. Momoh and Marek Ziebart3097 - 3112
Why Insignificant Improvement on the Height Component by PPP Ambiguity Resolution?J. Shi and Y. Gao3113 - 3121
A Comparison of Feature Extraction and Selection Techniques for Activity Recognition using Low-cost Sensors on a SmartphoneSara Saeedi, Zainab Syed and Naser El-Sheimy3140 - 3146
Real-time, Continuous and Reliable Consumer Indoor/Outdoor Localization for SmartphonesZainab Syed, J. Georgy, A.S. Ali, H-W. Chang, M.M. Atia3147 - 3153
Android GPS Jammer Localizer Application Based on C/N0 Measurements and Pedestrian Dead ReckoningI. Kraemer, P. Dykta, R. Bauernfeind and B. Eissfeller3154 - 3162
Motion-Awareness 3D PDR System in GPS-Denied Environment using SmartphoneBeomju Shin, Jung Ho Lee, Jae Hun Kim, Chulki Kim, Seok Lee, Young Tai Byun, Doohee Yun and Taikjin Lee3163 - 3168
Precise Augmented Reality Enabled by Carrier-Phase Differential GPSDaniel P. Shepard, Kenneth M. Pesyna, Jr., and Todd E. Humphreys3169 - 3184
Thermal Vibration's Impacts on a GPS Receiver in a Mobile Phone with Limited PCB Area and PlacementT-Y. Chiou, S-T. Wu, A-B. Chen3185 - 3191
Assessment of Time Delays and Synchronization Errors in Real-time INS/GNSS Systems and its Impact on the Navigation PerformanceHeba N. Abu Abdelsalam, Mohamed M. Atia, Chris Goodall, Aboelmagd Noureldin, Naser El-Sheimy3192 - 3197
QZSS, the System Description Technical and Application DemonstrationsSatoshi Kogure3198 - 3213
Design and Technical Status of the 1st QZS "MICHIBIKI"M. Kishimoto, E. Myojin and S. Kogure3214 - 3232
QZ-vision to Connect the QZSS and the PeopleKiyoshi Yajima3233 - 3261
QZ-tec: The Verification SystemLighthouse Technology and Consulting Co., Ltd.3262 - 3277
Application DemonstrationsKoki Asari3278 - 3294
The Tour of "IS-QZSS" - Providing a SummaryHiroaki Maeda3295 - 3305
The L1-SAIF Signal: How was it Designed to be UsedTakeyasu Sakai3306 - 3330
The LEX Signal, How is it Used?Satoshi Kogure3331 - 3353
Centimeter-class Augmentation System (CMAS)ION-L53354 - 3365
Future Plan of the Quasi-Zenith Satellite SystemOffice of National Space Policy, Cabinet Office, Government of Japan3366 - 3379
Detection of Atmospheric Turbulence in GPS-RO Amplitude SpectraElliot H. Barlow, Penina Axelrad, Scott Palo, Larry Cornman, R. Kent Goodrich3380 - 3391
Advanced Usage of GPS Slant Delay for Detecting Water Vapor Variation Over the Osaka BayS. Oishi, K. Tsuchiya, A. Wada, T. Iwabuchi, E. Nakakita3392 - 3397
Slant Tropospheric Delay Estimation Using the Integration of Operational Numerical Weather Modelling and CORS ObservationsLei Yang, Chris Hill, Chris Hide and Terry Moore3398 - 3405
Analysis of the Temporal and Spatial Variability of the Wet Troposphere at a Local Scale by High-rate PPP Using a Dense GNSS NetworkEugenio Realini, Toshitake Tsuda, Kazutoshi Sato, Masanori Oigawa, Yuya Iwaki3406 - 3412
Ionosphere Scintillation Signal Parameters Modeling Based on Triple Frequency Software GNSS Receiver MeasurementsSenlin Peng, Yu Morton, Wouter Pelgrum3413 - 3419
Kalman Filter Based Robust GNSS Signal Tracking Algorithm in Presence of Ionospheric ScintillationsChristophe Macabiau, Lina Deambrogio, Valentin Barreau, Willy Vigneau, Jean-Jacques Valette, Geraldine Artaud, Paul Thevenon, Lionel Ries3420 - 3434
Performances of GPS Signal Observables Detrending Methods for Ionosphere Scintillation StudiesFei Niu, Yu Morton, Steve Taylor, Wouter Pelgrum, A.J. Van Dierendonck3435 - 3443
New Correction Approaches for Mitigating Ionospheric Higher Order Effects in GNSS ApplicationsM.M. Hoque and N. Jakowski3444 - 3453
GPS Precipitable Water Vapor Dataset for Climate ScienceM. Fujita, A. Wada, T. Iwabuchi, C. Rocken3454 - 3458
Spatial Characterization of High Latitude Ionosphere ScintillationsJun Wang, Yu Morton, Qihou Zhou, Wouter Pelgrum3459 - 3464
Detection and Characterization Algorithm of Swept Continuous Wave Interference for Safe GBAS OperationChang Ho Kang, Sun Young Kim, Jeong Kwan Yang, Chan Gook Park3465 - 3470
A GBAS Receiver Prototype Based on FPGA for Integrity Monitoring Test-bedChien-Ho Chen and Shau-Shiun Jan3471 - 3480
SBAS in Urban Environment: Scenarios, Applicability and ChallengesU. Bestmann, S. Batzdorfer, M. Becker, T. Scheide, P. Hecker3481 - 3487
EVT-SIAM: A Tool Based on Extreme-Value Theory for the Assessment of SBAS Accuracy and IntegrityGuillaume Buscarlet, Jean-Marc Azaïs, Sébastien Gadat, Norbert Suard3488 - 3495
Adaptive Ionosphere Delay Prediction Algorithm Based on Re-sampling MethodYang Liu, Jun Zhang, Yanbo Zhu3496 - 3504
Sensitivity Analysis of Code Carrier Divergence Monitor AlgorithmsYoungsun Yun, Jeongho Cho and Moon-Beom Heo3505 - 3511
Relative Navigation System for Manned and Unmanned VehiclesS. Moafipoor, L. Bock, J.A. Fayman3512 - 3522
Flight Test Results of Navigating an Aircraft by use of a Position Potential Prediction ModelAdam Ciecko, Janusz Cwiklak, Marek Grzegorzewski, Stanislaw Oszczak3523 - 3529
Performance Comparison of Transformed-Domain Techniques for Pulsed Interference MitigationFabio Dovis, Luciano Musumeci, Jaron Samson3530 - 3541
Pre- and Post-Correlation GNSS Interference Detection within Software Defined RadioKevin Sheridan, Yeqiu Ying, Timothy Whitworth3542 - 3548
FPGA Implementation Issues of a Two-pole Adaptive Notch Filter for GPS/Galileo ReceiversMicaela Troglia Gamba, Emanuela Falletti, Davide Rovelli, Alberto Tuozzi3549 - 3557
Vehicle Impact on Personal Privacy Device (PPD) PerformanceDaniel N. Aloi and Ashley R. Steffes3558 - 3562
Time-Frequency Based Intentional Interference Suppression Techniques in GNSS ReceiversAyse Sicramaz Ayaz, Roland Bauernfeind, Thomas Pany and Bernd Eissfeller3563 - 3568
The Texas Spoofing Test Battery: Toward a Standard for Evaluating GPS Signal Authentication TechniquesTodd Humphreys, Jahshan Bhatti, Daniel Shepard, and Kyle Wesson3569 - 3583
Real-Time Spoofing Detection Using Correlation Between two Civil GPS ReceiverBrady W. O’Hanlon, Mark L. Psiaki, Todd E. Humphreys, Jahshan A. Bhatti3584 - 3590
Evaluation of Smart Grid and Civilian UAV Vulnerability to GPS Spoofing AttacksDaniel P. Shepard, Jahshan A. Bhatti, Todd E. Humphreys, Aaron A. Fansler3591 - 3605
Quasi-Cylic LDPC Codes and Its Application for CompassJiuchao Qian, Rendong Ying, Kai Chen, Peilin Liu, Wenxian Yu3606 - 3612
New Birds in the Sky - Signal in Space (SIS) Analysis of New GNSS SatellitesSteffen Thoelert, Johann Furthner and Michael Meurer3613 - 3619
On the Determination of C/A Code Self-Interference with Application to RFC Analysis and Pseudolite SystemsCillian O’Driscoll, Joaquim Fortuny-Guasch3620 - 3631
Construction of a Sun Sensor for Geolocation and OrientationCheng Liu and Kartik B. Ariyur3627 - 3635
New Approach for Tsunami Detection Based on RTK-GNSS Using Network of ShipsR. Nakasone and N. Kubo3636 - 3641
A Review of Space Weather Events and the Potential Impact on Marine AtoN ServicesAlan Grant, George Shaw & Nick Ward3642 - 3650
Maritime Volumetric Navigation SystemKlaus Aichhorn, Carlos de la Cuesta de Bedoya, Philipp Berglez, Marcos Lopez Cabeceira, Markus Troger, Albert Kemetinger3651 - 3657
ACCSEAS an e-Navigation Test Bed in EuropeMartin Bransby and George Shaw3658 - 3664
USCG NDGPS Accuracy and Spatial Decorrelation AssessmentGregory W. Johnson, Christian Oates, Mark Wiggins, Peter F. Swaszek, Alex T. Page, Richard J. Hartnett, Allen B. Cleveland3665 - 3674
Satellite Bias Determination with Global Station Network and Best-Integer Equivariant EstimationZ. Wen, P. Henkel, A. Brack and C. Gunther3675 - 3682
Precise Point Positioning with GPS Dual-Frequency Carrier-Phase Measurements using WADGPS CorrectionsHyunho Rho and Richard B. Langley3683 - 3695
RTK-PPP Algorithms using GNSS Observables from Few SatellitesA. Chabata, Y. Suzuki, Y. Kubo and S. Sugimoto3696 - 3707
Improving Fixed-ambiguity Precise Point Positioning (PPP) Convergence Time and Accuracy by using GLONASSAltti Jokinen, Shaojun Feng, Wolfgang Schuster, Washington Ochieng, Chris Hide, Terry Moore, Chris Hill, Carl Milner3708 - 3727
A Fast Integer Ambiguity Resolution Method for PPPJ. Shi and Y. Gao3728 - 3734
SBAS-based Single and Dual Frequency Precise Point PositioningL. Wanninger and A. Hesselbarth3735 - 3741
Reduction of Precise Point Positioning Convergence PeriodGarrett Seepersad and Sunil Bisnath3742 - 3752
Cycle-Slip Correction for Single-Frequency PPPSimon Banville and Richard B. Langley3753 - 3761
Navigation Application to an Autonomous LawnmowerRonald Dexter, Brian Roadruck, Nicholas Baine, Kuldip S. Rattan, Scott Thomas, and John Gallagher3762 - 3772
Laser-Guided Autonomous Snowplow DesignSamantha Craig, Ryan Kollar, Kuangmin Li, Pengfei Duan, Wouter Pelgrum, Frank van Graas, Maarten Uijt de Haag3773 - 3790
A Low Cost Multi-Sensors Navigation Solution for Sport Performance AssessmentHsiu-Wen Chang, Jacques Georgy, Naser El-Sheimy3791 - 3798
Performance of A GNSS Receiver Under Portable VibrationH-J. Chen, C-W. Chen, T-Y. Chiou,W-C. Lai3799 - 3804
Development of a Fall Alarm System Based on Multi-sensor IntegrationFalin Wu, Cai Hu, Hengyang Zhao and Yan Zhao3805 - 3813
Assessing Terrestrial Wireless Communications and Broadcast Signals as Signals of Opportunity for Positioning and NavigationChun Yang, Thao Nguyen, Erik Blasch, Di Qiu3814 - 3824
Wide-Area "Sky-Free" Positioning, Navigation, Timing and DataArthur Helwig, Gerard Offermans, Charles Schue3825 - 3833
Orbital Diversity for Satellite NavigationPer Enge, Bart Ferrell, Jeff Bennett, David Whelan, Greg Gutt and David Lawrence3834 - 3846
Experimental Study of UWB-OFDM SAR for Indoor Navigation with INS IntegrationKyle Kauffman, John Raquet, Yu Morton, Dmitriy Garmatyuk3847 - 3852
Ranging/Timing Using the NDGPS SignalPeter F. Swaszek, Simon Barr, Gregory W. Johnson, Richard J. Hartnett, Allen B. Cleveland3853 - 3862
Main Results of The Past GLONASS Program. Objectives and Tasks of the New Federal Program of GLONASS Sustainment, Development and UseSergey Revnivykh3863 - 3877
GLONASS Signals and AugmentationsSergey Karutin3878 - 3911
GLONASS Space Segment: Satellite Constellation, GLONASS-M and GLONASS-K Spacecraft, Main FeaturesR. Fatkulin, V. Kossenko, S. Storozhev, V. Zvonar, V. Chebotarev3912 - 3930
GLONASS Ground Control Segment: Orbit, Clock, Time Scale and Geodesy DefinitionSergey Revnivykh3931 - 3949
Generating and Transferring the National Time Scale in GLONASSAndrey Shchipunov3950 - 3962
GLONASS Performance MonitoringSergey Revnivykh and Ekaterina Oleynik3963 - 3978
GLONASS Application Technologies ImplementationOlga Nugaeva3979 - 4003