Proceedings of the 24th International Technical Meeting of the Satellite Division of The Institute of Navigation (ION GNSS 2011)

September 20 - 23, 2011
Oregon Convention Center, Portland, Oregon
Portland, OR

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An Extreme Test for Autonomous Driving SystemsPier Paolo Porta1 - 54
Ubiquitous Positioning: Are we there yet?Chris Rizos55 - 94
Development of BeiDou Navigation Satellite SystemXiancheng Ding95 - 125
BeiDou Coordinate and Time Reference SystemsYuanxi Yang126 - 173
Positioning Performance Analysis of the Current COMPASS ConstellationMingquan Lu and Jingjun Guo174 - 207
Preliminary Results of GPS/Compass Integrated Positioning and NavigationYuanxi Yang208 - 246
Analysis of the GNSS Augmentation Technology ArchitectureJinping Chen247 - 266
Live COMPASS Signal Monitoring, Tracking, and Positioning Results: Using a Multi-constellation Multi-frequency Software ReceiverYanhong Kou267 - 292
COMPASS Industry Development in ChinaYanping Zhao293 - 303
RedBlade: Miami University's Multi-Functional Autonomous RobotRyan Wolfarth, Steven Taylor, Aditya Wibowo, Brandon Williams, Yu Morton, Peter Jamieson304 - 313
Lane Identification with Real Time Single Frequency Precise Point Positioning: A Kinematic TrialR.J.P. van Bree, P.J. Buist, C.C.J.M. Tiberius, B. van Arem, V.L. Knoop314 - 323
A Comparative Study of Lidar and Camera-based Lane Departure Warning SystemsJordan Britt, Christopher Rose, David M. Bevly324 - 332
Air Target Detection Using Navigation Receivers Based on GPS L5 SignalsV. Behar, C. Kabakchiev, H. Rohling333 - 337
GNSS Interference Monitoring Network Based on Detection in Automotive ITS Station ReceiversRoland Bauernfeind, Ayse Sicramaz Ayaz, Bernd Eissfeller338 - 345
GNSS Shareware Control Software Smart Phone ApplicationsStacey D. Lyle, Richard Smith, Terry Nygaard346 - 348
Automotive Urban Assist Enabled by Satellite Navigation TechnologyE. Wasle, M. Lytvyn, P. Berglez, C. Mongredien, A. Kahmann349 - 355
A GPS/Galileo Tightly-coupled Localization System for Safety-relevant Automotive Assistance SystemsHans-Georg Busing, Martin Escher, Tobias Scheide, Peter Hecker356 - 362
Accurate Relative Localization for Land Vehicles with SBAS Corrected GPS/INS Integration and V2V CommunicationMarcus Obst, Eric Richter, Gerd Wanielik363 - 371
Interference Suppression for High Precision Navigation Using Vector-Based GNSS Software ReceiversTao Lin, Mohammad Abdizadeh, Ali Broumandan, Da Wang, Kyle O'Keefe, and Gerard Lachapelle372 - 383
Field Test: Jamming the DLR Adaptive Antenna ReceiverM. Cuntz, A. Konovaltsev, M. Sgammini, C. Hattich, G. Kappen, M. Meurer, A. Hornbostel, A. Dreher384 - 392
Antenna Array Based GNSS Signal Acquisition: Real-time Implementation and ResultsJavier Arribas, Carles Fernandez-Prades, and Pau Closas393 - 415
Detection of Spoofing Threats by Means of Signal Parameters EstimationFabio Dovis, Xin Chen, Antonio Cavaleri, Khurram Ali, Marco Pini416 - 421
Your GNSS Receiver is Really a GNSS Receiver: Isn't That So?Ilya Khazanov, Dmitry Kozlov, Alexander Osipov, Gleb Zyryanov422 - 429
Survey of In-Car Jammers - Analysis and Modeling of the RF Signals and IF Samples (Suitable for Active Signal Cancelation)Thomas Kraus, Roland Bauernfeind and Bernd Eissfeller430 - 435
Authentication of GNSS Position: An Assessment of Spoofing Detection MethodsYves Bardout436 - 446
Positioning with Mixed Signals of OpportunityChun Yang, Thao Nguyen, Di Qiu, Jared Casper, and Morgan Quigley447 - 456
Aircraft Landing System Utilizing a GPS Receiver with Position Prediction FunctionalityJ. Bialy, A. Ciecko, J. Cwiklak, M. Grzegorzewski, P. Koscielniak, J. Ombach, S. Oszczak457 - 467
Impacts of ADS-B Service Availability Prediction Requirements on Scheduled Airline OperationsMatt Harris and Tim Murphy468 - 482
Simulation Model to Evaluate Collision Avoidance Methods Using Raw Measurements in the Automatic Dependent Surveillance - BroadcastMaarten Uijt de Haag, Sudha Vana, James L. Farrell483 - 494
A Coverage Analysis Methodology for APNT Pseudolite Ground NetworkEuiho Kim495 - 507
Joint Precision Approach and Landing System: WHY JPALS?Eric P. Brown508 - 512
Accounting for Tropospheric Anomalies in High Integrity and High Accuracy Positioning ApplicationsSamer Khanafseh, Mathieu Joerger and Boris Pervan, Axel Von Engeln513 - 522
A Methodology to Elaborate Aircraft Localization Requirements for Airport NavigationAudrey Guilloton, Jean-Pierre Arethens, Christophe Macabiau, Anne-Christine Escher, Damien Koenig523 - 535
Virtual Receiver to Enhance GNSS-based Curved Landing ApproachesFranziska Kube, Steffen Schon, Thomas Feuerle536 - 545
A New Design of Doppler Radar/FOG-SINS/Baro-altimeter Integrated Navigation System for HelicoptersHongyang Bai and Xiaozhong Xue546 - 558
Remote Sensing of the Earth's Lower Atmosphere During Severe Weather Events Using GPS Technology: A Study in Victoria, AustraliaSuelynn Choy, Kefei Zhang, Chuan-Sheng Wang, Ying Li, Yuriy Kuleshov559 - 571
Computation of a High-Precision GPS-Based Troposphere Product by the USNOSharyl Byram, Christine Hackman, Jeffrey Tracey572 - 578
True Real-time Slant Tropospheric Delay Monitoring System with Site Dependent Multipath FilteringTetsuya Iwabuchi, Christian Rocken, Akira Wada, Masayuki Kanzak579 - 587
Integer Ambiguity Resolution to Improve Accuracy and Convergence of PPP-Inferred Troposphere EstimatesJ. Shi and Y. Gao588 - 596
High Latitude Ionosphere Scintillations at GPS L5 BandSenlin Peng, Yu Morton, Woulter Pelgrum, and Frank van Graas597 - 607
GPS Carrier Phase Spectrum Estimation for Ionosphere Scintillation StudiesLei Zhang and Yu Morton608 - 616
Multi-Domain Analysis of the Impact of Natural and Man-Made Ionosphere Scintillations on GNSS signals PropagationsWouter Pelgrum, Yu Morton, Frank van Graas, Praveen Vikram, Senlin Peng617 - 625
Evaluation and Calibration of GNSS Receivers for Ionospheric Delay and Scintillation MeasurementsR. Orus-Perez, R. Prieto-Cerdeira626 - 633
Ionospheric Delay Forecast Using GNSS DataM. Cueto, E. Sardon, A. Cezon, F. Azpilicueta and C. Brunini634 - 642
Ionospheric Imaging Using GNSS: A New Approach for Canadian Polar RegionsO. al-Fanek and Susan Skone643 - 653
The CNES Real-time PPP with Undifferenced Integer Ambiguity Resolution DemonstratorD. Laurichesse654 - 662
Undifferenced Ambiguity Resolution Applied to RTKSebastien Carcanague, Olivier Julien, Willy Vigneau, Christophe Macabiau663 - 678
Issues in Ambiguity Resolution for Precise Point PositioningPaul Collins and Sunil Bisnath679 - 687
Performance Assessment of Long-baseline Integer Ambiguity Resolution with Different Observation ModelsXingwang Yu, Xiaohong Zhang, Jingnan Liu, Junbo Shi, Changsheng Cai, Yang Gao688 - 698
A Novel Device for Autonomous Real-Time Precise Positioning with Global CoverageD. Calle P. Navarro, A. Mozo, R. Piriz, D. Rodriguez, G. Tobias699 - 706
Real-time Combination of GNSS Orbit and Clock Correction Streams Using a Kalman Filter ApproachLeos Mervart and Georg Weber707 - 711
GLONASS Inter-frequency Biases and Their Effects on RTK and PPP Carrier-phase Ambiguity ResolutionNico Reussner and Lambert Wanninger712 - 716
GNSS Positioning of Ocean Buoys in Japan for Disaster PreventionMasayuki Kanzaki, Yasuhiro Matsushita, Hideshi Kakimoto, Christian Rocken, Tetsuya Iwabuchi, Leos Mervart, James Johnson, Zdenek Lukes717 - 723
Robust Multi-Antenna Acquisition in Time, Frequency and Space for a Digital Beamforming ReceiverC. Hattich, M. Cuntz, A. Konovaltsev, G. Kappen, M. Meurer724 - 731
Electro-Textile Ground Planes for Multipath and Interference Mitigation in GNSS Antennas Covering 1.1 to 1.6 GHzB. Rama Rao and E.N. Rosario732 - 745
Design and Implementation of a Novel Multi-constellation FPGA-based Dual Frequency GNSS Receiver for Space ApplicationsAlessandro Avanzi, Paolo Tortora, Alberto Garcia-Rodriguez746 - 752
Wide-band Signal Processing Features for Reference Station use of a PC-based Software Receiver: Cross-Correlation Tracking on GPS L2P, AltBOC and the Inter-frontend Link for up to Eight Frequency BandsT. Pany, N. Falk, B. Riedl, T. Hartmann, J. Winkel, G. Stangl753 - 766
Real-Time Dual-Frequency (L1/L5) GPS/WAAS Software ReceiverYu-Hsuan Chen, Jyh-Ching Juang, David S. De Lorenzo, Jiwon Seo, Sherman Lo, Per Enge, and Dennis M. Akos767 - 774
Efficient Numerical Integration Method of GLONASS Satellite Position ComputationSameet Deshpande, Shubham Kumar, and Yogesh Shekar775 - 779
GNSS-SDR: An Open Source Tool for Researchers and DevelopersCarles Fernandez-Prades, Javier Arribas, Pau Closas, Carlos Aviles, Luis Esteve780 - 794
Implementation, Test and Validation of a Vector-Tracking-Loop with the ipex Software ReceiverJong-Hoon Won, Bernd Eissfeller, Thomas Pany795 - 802
Dual-Tracking Multi-Constellation GNSS Front-End For High-Performance Receiver ApplicationsYacine Adane, Alper Ucar, and Izzet Kale803 - 807
A Real-time GPS Software Receiver Correlator Design for Embedded PlatformJianwei Tao and Wenxian Yu808 - 812
A GNSS Software Receiver for Governmental ApplicationsR. Capua and A. Bottaro813 - 823
Global Positioning Systems Directorate – GPS Program UpdateBernard Gruber824 - 838
GLONASS Status and ModernizationSergey Revnivykh839 - 854
Galileo Programme Statushillar.tork855 - 881
Development of BeiDou Navigation Satellite SystemXiancheng Ding882 - 912
QZSS: The Japanese Quasi-Zenith Satellite System – Program Updates and Current StatusSatoshi Kogure913 - 945
Non-Linear, Non-Gaussian Estimation for INS/GPS IntegrationThanh-Trung Duong, Kai-Wei Chiang946 - 953
Odometer-aided Instantaneous Signal Reacquisition for Automotive GNSS ReceiversHans-Georg Busing, Ulrich Haak, Peter Hecker954 - 959
RTK-GPS Reliability Improvement in Dense Urban AreasT. Shirai and N. Kubo960 - 967
Uncertainty Aware Sensor Fusion for a GNSS-based Collision Avoidance SystemAlexander Katriniok, Jan P. Maschuw, Dirk Abel, Frederick Christen, Lutz Eckstein968 - 978
The Performance Evaluation of Low Cost MEMS IMU/GPS Integrated Positioning and Orientation Systems Using Novel DBPNNs Embedded Fusion AlgorithmsKuan-Yun Chen and Cheng-Yueh Liu979 - 993
The Performance Analysis of 3D Map Embedded INS/GPS Fusion Algorithm for Seamless Vehicular Navigation in GPS Denied EnvironmentsYi-Hsuan Lee, Tsui-Ping Chen, Peng-Yu Chen, Kai-Wei Chiang994 - 1004
Automotive Positioning Based on Bundle Adjustment of GPS Raw Data and Vehicle TrajectoryJun-ichi Meguro, Yoshiko Kojima, Noriyoshi Suzuki, Eiji Teramoto1005 - 1011
Improvement of an MMS Trajectory, in Presence of GPS Outage, Using Virtual PositionsM. Barbarella, S. Gandolfi, A. Burchi1012 - 1018
Data Compression for Assisted-GPS Signal ProcessingJinghui Wu and Andrew G. Dempster1019 - 1027
Bit Transition Cancellation Signal Acquisition Method for Modernized GPS and Galileo SignalSanghoon Jeon, Hyoungmin So, Ghangho Kim, Changdon Kee, Kiho Kwon1028 - 1039
A 2-D Parallel Differential Matched Filter (PDMF) used as Correlator of GPS Acquisition for Low-Complexity DesignChia-Wei Chen, Sih-Huan Chen, Wei-Lung Mao, Hen-Wai Tsao1040 - 1045
A New Frequency Offset Correction Approach for Enhancing Sensitivity of GNSS ReceiversM. Sahmoudi, P. Esteves, M. Bousquet, L. Ries, G. Artaud, M.-L. Boucheret1046 - 1055
Detection of Cycle Slips and Multipath in GNSS RTK Precise Point PositioningM. Kamimura, R. Tomita, T. Nagano, A. Chabata, Y. Kubo, and S. Sugimoto1056 - 1067
Mass-market L1 GPS Receivers for Mobile Mapping Applications: A Novel ApproachPaolo Dabove, Mattia De Agostino, Ambrogio M. Manzino1068 - 1074
Satellites Orbit Design and Determination for the Australian Garada ProjectLi Qiao, Chris Rizos, Andrew Dempster1075 - 1081
A Novel Adaptive EKF GNSS Weak Signal Tracking AlgorithmHonglei Qin, Yang Liu, Tian Jin1082 - 1089
Multi-Frequency Combined Processing for Direct and Multipath Signals Tracking Based on Particle FilteringNesreen I Ziedan1090 - 1101
Precise Calibration of Adaptive Antennas for GNSS Receivers on PlatformsAndrew J. O'Brien and Inder J. Gupta1102 - 1110
A Maximum-likelihood Based Mutual Coupling Calibration Algorithm in the Presence of Multipath for GPS Antenna ArrayZili XU, Matthew Trinkle, Douglas A. Gray1111 - 1119
Space-Time Equalization Techniques for New GNSS SignalsPratibha B Anantharamu, Daniele Borio, Gerard Lachapelle1120 - 1128
A Multi-Circular Ring CRPA for Robust GNSS Performance in an Interference and Multipath EnvironmentChris Bartone and Tom Stansell1129 - 1139
Multisatellite Tracking GNSS Receivers in Multipath EnvironmentsKaspar Giger and Christoph Gunther1140 - 1151
Simulation and Efficient Implementation of a Multipath Estimating Delay Locked Loop Using FIMLA AlgorithmMarkus Langer, Stefan Kiesel, Karl-Friedrich Kief, Gert F. Trommer1152 - 1161
Estimating Multipath in GNSS Signals Through a Novel Stochastic Search and Decomposition AlgorithmMarshall E. Haker and John F. Raquet1162 - 1172
Real-Time Multipath Estimation for Dual Frequency GPS Ionospheric Delay MeasurementsRobert J. Miceli, Mark L. Psiaki, Brady W. O'Hanlon, Karen Q.Z. Chiang1173 - 1178
Compact Dual Frequency RTK AntennasDmitry Tatarnikov, Andrey Astakhov, Pavel Shamatulsky1179 - 1182
GNSS Interference and Multipath Suppression Using Array AntennaSaeed Daneshmand, Ali Broumandan and Gerard Lachapelle1183 - 1192
Signal Amplitude-Based Multipath Envelope Fitting: A Promising Method for Short-Delay Multipath Mitigation in Space ApplicationsRui Sun, Jian Guo, and Eberhard Gill1193 - 1205
QZSS On Orbit Technical Verification ResultsM. Kishimoto, E. Myojin, S. Kogure, H. Noda, K. Terada1206 - 1211
Improvement of Positioning Performance in Urban Canyons Utilizing QZSSY. Sato, M. Miya, Y. Shima, M. Ssaito, J. Takiguchi, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, J. Yamashita1212 - 1218
Assessment on the use of S-Band for Combined Navigation and CommunicationF. Soualle, T. Bey, J-J. Floch, D. Hurd, M. Notter, C. Mathew, P. Mattos, C. Mongredien1219 - 1233
Optimized Modulation for Compass B1-C Signal with Multiple Processing ModesZheng Yao and Mingquan Lu1234 - 1242
Centimeter-class Augmentation System Utilizing Quasi-Zenith SatelliteMasayuki Saito, Yuki Sato, Masakazu Miya, Mitsuhide Shima, Yuji Omura, Junichi Takiguchi, and Koki Asari1243 - 1253
Quasi-Pilot Signals: Improving Sensitivity and TTFF without CompromisesMatteo Paonni, Marco Anghileri, Diana Fontanella, Bernd Eissfeller1254 - 1263
Investigation of Galileo E1 OS/SoL Acquisition, Tracking and Data Demodulation Thresholds for Civil AviationOlivier Julien, Jean-Luc Issler, Lionel Ries1264 - 1276
Generation and Evaluation of QZSS L1-SAIF Ephemeris InformationTakeyasu Sakai, Hideki Yamada, Sonosuke Fukushima, and Ken Ito1277 - 1287
QZS-1 Yaw Attitude Estimation Based on Measurements from the CONGO NetworkA. Hauschild, P. Steigenberger, C. Rodriguez-Solano1288 - 1298
A Method to Optimize the Spreading Code Chip Waveform in Sense of Gabor BandwidthXiaoming Zhang, Zheng Yao, Xin Zhang, Mingquan Lu1299 - 1304
Context-aware Adaptive Extended Kalman Filtering Using Wi-Fi Signals for GPS NavigationMahsa Shafiee, Kyle O'Keefe and Gerard Lachapelle1305 - 1318
A Pedestrian Indoor Positioning System Based on the WiFi and Walk Pattering Algorithm Using Mobile DeviceJ.H. Lee, B.J. Shin, S. Lee, D.H. Woo, J.H. Kim, Y.T. Byun, S.D. Ha, S.C. Lee, J.W. Park, T. Lee1319 - 1327
Gait Classification Using Wavelet Descriptors in Pedestrian NavigationYunqian Ma and Joel A. Hesch1328 - 1336
A Robust Sensor Fusion Algorithm for Pedestrian Heading ImprovementS. Siddharth, A. S. Ali, N. El-Sheimy, C.L. Goodall, Z.F. Syed1337 - 1345
Integration of Heading-Aided MEMS IMU with GPS for Pedestrian NavigationJames Pinchin, Chris Hide, Khari Abdulrahim, Terry Moore, and Chris Hill1346 - 1356
Multi-Sensors Observability Analysis on Pedestrian Navigation SystemXing Zhao1357 - 1365
Collaborative Pedestrian Mapping of Buildings Using Inertial Sensors and FootSLAMPatrick Robertson, Maria Garcia Puyol, Michael Angermann1366 - 1377
Low Cost IMU, GPS and Camera Integration for Handheld Indoor PositioningC. Hide, T. Moore and T. Botterill1378 - 1385
Experimental Validation of Foot to Foot Range Measurements in Pedestrian TrackingMichel Laverne, Michael George, Dale Lord, Alonzo Kelly, Tamal Mukherjee1386 - 1393
Context Aware Mobile Personal Navigation Services Using Multi-Level Sensor FusionS. Saeedi, N. El-Sheimy, X. Zhao, Z. Sayed1394 - 1403
A Smart Phone Based PDR Solution for Indoor NavigationRuizhi Chen, Ling Pei, Yuwei Chen1404 - 1408
Pedestrian Navigation with INS Measurements and Gait ModelsYan Cui and Kartik B. Ariyur1409 - 1418
Some Bits of Warning: How GNSS Can Save LivesDavid P. Spinden1419 - 1428
AsteRx-m - A Very Low-power Compact GPS/GLONASS RTK ReceiverBruno Bougard, Gert Cuypers, Wim De Wilde, Jean-Marie Sleewaegen1429 - 1436
CASES: A Novel Low-Cost Ground-based Dual-Frequency GPS Software Receiver and Space Weather MonitorGeoff Crowley, Gary S. Bust, Adam Reynolds, Irfan Azeem, Rick Wilder, Brady W. O'Hanlon, Mark L. Psiaki, Steven Powell, Todd E. Humphreyes, Jahshan A. Bhatti1437 - 1446
Trusted Portable Navigator for Environment and User Independent PositioningZ. Syed, J. Georgy, C. Goodall, M.M. Atia, N. El-Sheimy1447 - 1452
Nexteq i-PPP: A Low-cost world-wide Precise Point Positioning System and ServiceYufeng Zhang and Suen Lee1453 - 1459
RTX Positioning: The Next Generation of cm-accurate Real-time GNSS PositioningRodrigo Leandro, Herbert Landau, Markus Nitschke, Markus Glocker, Stephan Seeger, Xiaoming Chen,Alois Deking, Mohamed BenTahar, Feipeng Zhang, Kendall Ferguson, Ralf Stolz, Nick Talbot, Gang Lu, Timo Allison, Markus Brandl, Victor Gomez, Wei Cao, Adrian Kipka1460 - 1475
Integrated StarFire GPS with GLONASS for Real-Time Precise Navigation and PositioningLiwen Dai and Ronald R. Hatch1476 - 1485
An Efficient Approach for the Development and Deployment of a Multi-constellation Augmentation System: magicSBASJ. Ostolaza, I. Alcantarilla, J. Caro, J.R. Martin1486 - 1493
GPS M'-code and P-code Signal Simulation Using an Open Source Radio PlatformAlison Brown and Bruce Johnson1494 - 1498
EmbedRF Position Tracking and Mobility Assessment System: A Low-power and Low-cost System for Passive Assessment of Patient Health in a Home Health-care SettingPeter G. Jacobs, Anindya S. Paul, Eric A. Wan1499 - 1506
Development of IMES Installation, Setup and Management SystemDinesh Manandhar, Hideyuki Torimoto1507 - 1513
Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS_ - Program Status UpdatedDeane Bunce1514 - 1534
EGNOS Program UpdatedXavier Maufroid and Didier Flament1535 - 1561
System for Differential Correction and Monitoring UpdatedSergey Karutin1562 - 1573
Global SBAS StatusDeborah Lawrence1574 - 1602
Can LightSquared and GPS Coexist?Tom Stansell1603 - 1611
Cellular Subgroup of TWG – Brief Overview of Activities and OutputsGreg Turetzky1612 - 1622
LightSquaredScott Burgett1623 - 1638
Can GPS & LightSquared Coexist?Pat Fenton1639 - 1674
LightSquared Interference to GNSS and StarFirePaul Galyean1675 - 1730
Inferring Wi-Fi Angle-of-Arrival from Received Signal Strength DistributionR. Mohd Sabri and T. Arslan1731 - 1736
Modeling Pseudo Range Multipath As An Autoregressive ProcessPeter F. de Bakker1737 - 1750
Signal Selection Based on Affinity Propagation Clustering Method for Signals of Opportunity NavigationLei Zheng, Jun Zhang and Rui Xue1751 - 1757
A Differential Photosensor for Indoor Optical Wireless PositioningAhmed Arafa, Xian Jin and Richard Klukas1758 - 1763
Multipath Signal Assessment in the High Sensitivity Receivers for Vehicular ApplicationsPeng Xie, Mark G. Petovello, and Chaminda Basnayake1764 - 1776
A Non-Coherent Block Processing Architecture for Standalone GNSS Weak Signal TrackingShashank Satyanarayana, Daniele Borio, Gerard Lachapelle1777 - 1785
Comparison in the Performance of the Vector Delay/Frequency Lock Loop and Equivalent Scalar Tracking Loops in Dense Foliage and Urban CanyonMatthew Lashley and David M. Bevly1786 - 1803
Flexible Statistical Multipath and Shadowing Model for Software and Hardware SimulationsR. Prieto-Cerdeira, F. Schubert, R. Orus-Perez, J.A. Garcia-Molina, F. Zanier1804 - 1810
GPS/INS Integration for Land Vehicle Navigation Using Source Difference MethodD. Bhatt, P. Aggarwal, P. Bhattacharya, V. Devabhaktuni1811 - 1817
Augmented Reality Precision NavigationBrian Almquist, Thomas Zysk, Jeffrey Luce, James Cunningham1818 - 1824
A New Real-Time Global GPS and GLONASS Precise Positioning Correction Service: ApexChristian Rocken, Leos Mervart, James Johnson, Zdenek Lukes, Tim Springer, Ted Iwabuchi, Shaun Cummins1825 - 1838
Research on Embedded Model-Aided Autonomous Navigation for Miniature AUVsGang Du, Xingqun Zhan, Yunbiao Gu, Chuanrun Zhai1839 - 1844
Performance Analysis of Software-Based GPS/GLONASS Augmentation System for Maritime DGNSS ServiceKi-Yeol Seo, Sang-Hyun Park, and Won-Seok Jang1845 - 1850
A Parity Space Approach for Satellite Anomaly Monitoring of Maritime DGPSSang Hyun Park, Ki Yeol Seo, Deuk Jae Cho, and Sang Hyun Suh1851 - 1855
A Versatile Collaborative PNT Processing Architecture for Tight Coordination Of Distributed GPS SensorsPatrick Y. Hwang, Gary A. McGraw, Michael J. Armatys, Huan T. Phan, David A. Anderson1856 - 1865
GNSS Precise Signal interoperability Solutions for State Aircraft within Single European Sky Master PlanPascal Barret1866 - 1869
Precision Navigation for UAS Critical OperationsAlison K. Brown, Dien Nguyen and Paige Felker, Glenn Colby and Frank Allen1870 - 1876
Differential GPS-Based Ultra-High Accuracy Real Time Attitude DeterminationBenjamin H. Wu, Stephen R. Peck, Shuwu Wu1877 - 1887
Signal Quality Monitoring Applied to Spoofing DetectionM. Pini, M. Fantino, A. Cavaleri, S. Ugazio, L. Lo Presti1888 - 1896
GNSS Threats and Aviation, Mitigation Techniques, Alternatives and RegulationLaurent Azoulai1897 - 1906
Signal Characteristics of Civil GPS JammersRyan H. Mitch, Ryan C. Dougherty, Mark L. Psiaki, Steven P. Powell, Brady W. O'Hanlon, Jahshan A. Bhatti, and Todd E. Humphreys1907 - 1919
Assessment of GPS L1/Galileo E1 Interference Monitoring System for the Airport EnvironmentOscar Isoz, Dennis Akos, Tore Lindgren, Chih-Cheng Sun, Shau-Shiun Jan1920 - 1930
J911: The Case for Fast Jammer Detection and Location Using Crowdsourcing ApproachesLogan Scott1931 - 1940
An Overview of the Effects of Out-of-band Interference on GNSS ReceiversChristopher J. Hegarty, Dan Bobyn, Joe Grabowski, and A.J. Van Dierendonck1941 - 1956
Multi-Channel Wideband GPS Anomalous Event MonitorSanjeev Gunawardena and Frank van Graas1957 - 1968
Real-time GIOVE Signal Performance Using STFT Based Excision Method in the Presence of InterferenceAyse Sicramaz Ayaz, Roland Bauernfeind , Thomas Pany, Jae Gyu Jang, Bernd Eissfeller1969 - 1974
Hybrid Test Bench SINERGHYS "Statistical INERtial Gnss Hybrid in Simulation"S. Gallot, P. Dutot, C. Sajous1975 - 1981
A Labview-Based Assisted GPS Receiver Development, Simulation and Testing PlatformArpine Soghoyan, Grant Huang, Jayanthi Narisetty, David Akopian1982 - 1996
User RAIM Integrity Testing with upgraded German Galileo Test Range GATEG. Heinrichs, E. Loehnert, E. Wittmann1997 - 2003
MLM Technique for Measuring Airborne GPS Accuracy with Ranging InstrumentsTheodore A. Miller2004 - 2008
Record and Playback System for GNSS: What You Need to Know for Successful TestingIurie Ilie, Rachid Hini, Jean-Serge Cardinal, Peter Blood, Dominique Fortin2009 - 2021
Improvement of GNSS Positioning with Proper Calibration of Inter-channel and Inter-element Bias in Receiver Front-endsAnup Dhital, Aiden Morrison, Gerard Lachapelle2022 - 2030
SatGen GNSS Signal Simulation SoftwareAlison K. Brown, Mark-Anthony Hutton and Marc Quigley2031 - 2034
On the Statistical Characteristics of the Residual in Time-Based Position Location SystemsJeannette Nounagnon2035 - 2046
NAVFEST: A Cost Effective Solution to GPS NAVWAR TestingR. Vasta, M. Watson, K. LeBlanc2047 - 2052
Evaluation of the Localization Accuracy of Satellite Systems for Traffic-Flow PredictionsBrian Niehoefer, Andreas Lewandowski and Christian Wietfeld2053 - 2059
Analysis and Verification of Synthetic MulticorrelatorsC. Stober, F. Kneissl, Bernd Eissfeller, T. Pany2060 - 2069
Coherent Multiple Hypotheses Detection and Measurement for Radio NavigationB. Shayevits, M. Tocker, D. Rosenfeld2070 - 2075
Joint Determination of Precorrelation Bandwidth, Sampling Frequency and Quantization in Wideband Compass ReceiversXin Zhang, Hongliang Xu, Yongquan Wang, Xingqun Zhan2076 - 2089
Performance Comparison of Deep Integration and Tight CouplingMatthew Lashley and David M. Bevly2090 - 2104
Gaussian Sum Filters and its Applications to GNSS PositioningYukihiro Kubo, Yuu Matsunaga, Naoki Munetomo, Shinya Fujita, Koji Ohta and Sueo Sugimoto2105 - 2112
A Novel Computationally Efficient Code Phase Acquisition MethodChieh-Fu Chang, Wan-Hsin Hsieh, and Ming-Seng Kao2113 - 2119
Semidefinite Programming for GPSNing Wang and Liuqing Yang2120 - 2126
Monocular Autonomously-Controlled SnowplowSamantha Craig, Matthew Miltner, Derek Fulk, Wouter Pelgrum, Frank van Graas2127 - 2136
Evaluation of Bayesian Approaches for Multi-sensor Multi-network Seamless PositioningHeidi Kuusniemi, Liang Chen, Ling Pei, Jingbin Liu, Yuwei Chen, Laura Ruotsalainen, Ruizhi Chen2137 - 2144
A Modified Tracking Algorithm for MBOC(6,1,1/11) SignalsSichao Li, Jinhai Li, and Yuepeng Yan2145 - 2149
Nonlinear Techniques for Seamless Low-Cost Portable Navigation in all EnvironmentsJacques Georgy, and Aboelmagd Noureldin, Zainab Syed, and Chris Goodall2150 - 2159
Dual Sideband Model for BOC Modulated SignalsLiu Yingxiang, Tang Xiaomei, Zhang Kai, Wang Feixue2160 - 2166
High-Precision Positioning of Asphalt Fleet MachinesE. Wasle, P. Berglez, J. Seybold, A. Ligier, S. Urquijo, H-J. Euler2167 - 2174
Error Sources in Network RTKR. Emardson, P. Jarlemark, J. Johansson and S. Bergstrand, G. Hedling2175 - 2178
Interchangeable Integration of GPS and GLONASS by Using a Common System Clock in PPPTor Melgard, Kees de Jong, Gerard Lachapelle, Dariusz Lapucha2179 - 2184
Multi-Constellation RTK with a Software ReceiverDominik Dotterbock, Sun Jun Ko, Bernd Eissfeller, and Daniel Sanroma Guixens2185 - 2192
Filling in the gaps of RTK with Regional PPPGuillermo Tobias, Cristina Garcia, Alvaro Mozo, Pedro Navarro, Ricardo Piriz, Irma Rodriguez, Daniel Rodriguez2193 - 2201
Indoor Carrier Phase Tracking and Positioning with Difference CorrelatorsT. Pany, H.-J. Euler, and J. Winkel2202 - 2213
Trimble RTX, an Innovative New Approach for Network RTKXiaoming Chen, Timo Allison, Wei Cao, Kendall Ferguson, Simon Grunig, Victor Gomez, Adrian Kipka, Jan Kohler, Herbert Landau, Rodrigo Leandro, Gang Lu, Ralf Stolz, Nick Talbot2214 - 2219
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Europe’s Leading Professional GNSS Receiver ManufacturerPeter A. Grognard2829 - 2835
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Making the GNSS Environment Hostile to Jammers & SpoofersLogan Scott3346 - 3369
GNSS In-Band InterferenceJavad Ashjaee3370 - 3406
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Joint GNSS and 3GPP-LTE Based Positioning in Outdoor-to-Indoor Environments - Performance Evaluation and VerificationArmin Dammann, Emanuel Staudinger, Stephan Sand, Christian Gentner3587 - 3595
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A Unified Paradigm for Autonomous Localization and MappingStephen C. Quebe and Robert P. Burton3628 - 3633
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Towards Multi-Constellation Collective Detection for Weak Signals: A Comparative Experimental AnalysisJoon Wayn Cheong3709 - 3719
Reconfigurable Correlator Accelerators for Software GPS ReceiversAdnan Suleiman, Dushyanth Kinjarapu, David Akopian, Fred Hudson3720 - 3728
Optimization and Convenient Evaluation Model of Differential Coherent Post Detection IntegrationWenxiang Liu, Jingyuan Li, Rui Ge, Feixue Wang3729 - 3736
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Breaking the Ice: Navigating in the ArcticGrace Xingxin Gao, Liang Heng, Todd Walter, and Per Enge3767 - 3772
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Developing GNSS Monitoring System for New Japan Haneda International Airport D-runway Long-term ObservationYun Zhang, Masayuki Uchiyama, Toshiyuki Mori, Kazuhiro Nii3790 - 3795
Study of the Temporal Behavior of GPS/GALILEO NSE and RAIM for LPV200Pierre Neri, Laurent Azoulai, and Christophe Macabiau3796 - 3813
Developing GNSS Network Monitoring System for Sakurajima Volcano ResearchYun Zhang, Masayuki Uchiyama, Toshiyuki Mori, Kazuhiro Nii, Noriko Inamura, Masato Iguchi3814 - 3820
Spreading Codes Compatibility Analysis for GNSSMancang Niu, Xingqun Zhan, Hongliang Xu, Gang Du, Li Liu3821 - 3827
Implementation of Monitoring and Control Subsystem for GNSS Ground StationSeongkyun Jeong and Sanguk Lee3828 - 3834
Exploitation of Cooperative GNSS/IMU Systems for Positioning within UxV SwarmsSimon Batzdorfer, Ulf Bestmann, Alexander Schwithal, Martin Becker, Prof. Peter Hecker3835 - 3841
Applying Quaternion-based Unscented Particle Filter on INS/GPS with Field ExperimentsJunchuan Zhou, Yuhong Yang, Jieying Zhang, Ezzaldeen Edwan3842 - 3855
Integrity Risk of Kalman Filter-Based RAIMMathieu Joerger and Boris Pervan3856 - 3867
Improving Robustness of Aided INS using a Near Real Time Processing Contemplative Kalman FilterArvind Ramanandan, Anning Chen, and Jay A. Farrell3868 - 3873
Low-Complexity Instantaneous GNSS Attitude Determination with Multiple Low-Cost AntennasP.J.G. Teunissen, N. Nadarajah, G. Giorgi, P.J. Buist3874 - 3880
Differential Integer Ambiguity Resolution with Gaussian a Priori Knowledge and Kalman FilteringP. Henkel, P. Jurkowski, and C. Gunther3881 - 3888
Multi-Constellation GNSS Multipath Mitigation Using Consistency CheckingZiyi Jiang, Paul D Groves, Washington Y Ochieng, Shaojun Feng, Carl D Milner, Philip G Mattos3889 - 3902
An Event Driven GPS Data Collection System for Studying Ionospheric ScintillationPraveen Vikram, Yu Morton, Wouter Pelgrum3903 - 3909
New Developments in the GPS ToolkitSusan M. Cummins and Brent A. Renfro3910 - 3915
Instantaneous Cycle Slip Detection and Repair for Standalone Triple-frequency GPS ReceiverDongyang Xu, Yanhong Kou3916 - 3922
Performance Bounds of RSSI-based Wi-Fi Positioning Under Different Estimation ScenariosMohamed Mansour, Deric Waters, and Tarkesh Pande3923 - 3929
Development of a Single Chip 6 DOF MEMS IMU for Robotic and UV NavigationR.M. Boysel, T.E. Fiscus, L.J. Ross3930 - 3936
Adaptive Hybrid Positioning EngineMohamed Youssef and Ashkan Izadpanah3937 - 3944
Cooperative GNSS Positioning & NavigationDeric W. Waters, Tarkesh Pande, Jaiganesh Balakrishnan3945 - 3951
GNSS Antenna-Human Body InteractionJared B. Bancroft, Valerie Renaudin, Aiden Morrison, and Gerard Lachapelle3952 - 3958
Ultra-wideband Aiding of GPS for Quick Deployment of Anchors in a GPS-denied Ad-hoc Sensor Tracking and Communication SystemJeff Johnson and Brandon Dewberry3959 - 3966
An Efficient Method of Self-Generated Assistance Data for Fast-Fix ApplicationsC.T. Weng, Y.C. Chien, C.W. Chen, K.S. Huang, and W.G Yau3967 - 3974
Three Dimensional Positioning with Two GNSS Satellites and DSRC for Vehicles in Urban CanyonsNima Alam3975 - 3983
Spatial Antenna Diversity Performance for Indoor GNSS ApplicationsSeyed Nima Sadrieh3984 - 3992
Development of IMES ChipDinesh Manandhar, Hideyuki Torimoto3993 - 3997