Proceedings of the 54th Annual Precise Time and Time Interval Systems and Applications Meeting

January 23 - 26, 2023
Hyatt Regency Long Beach
Long Beach, California
ISSN: 2333-2069
ISBN: 978-0-936406-34-3
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Progress on a Tactical Ytterbium Microwave Ion ClockXianli Zhang, Jay Noble, Jonathan Tallant, Hyunwook Park, Michelle Nguyen, Jackie Ellett, Dan Boschen, Mike Silveira, Cody Dutra, Luan Vo, Anders Herrmann, Kevin Wellwood, Armando Martins, and K. Richard Overstreet1 - 9
Measurement of Transient Environmental Effects in GPS-Disciplined ClocksAndrew Novick, Michael A. Lombardi, Demetrios Matsakis, John Clark10 - 14
Development of Laser-Optical Clocks for Future QZSS and Experimental Evaluation of a Seven-Satellite ConstellationSaya Matsushita, Hiroshi Takiguchi, Toshitaka Sasaki, Aru Suemasa, Hideki Narita, Hideki Yamada, Kyohei Akiyama, Isao Kawano, Satoshi Kogure, Takashi Tsuruta, Yuichi Takeuchi, Mitsuru Musha15 - 22
On Error Modeling in GNSS-based Frequency Transfer: Effects of Temperature Variations and Satellite Orbit Repeat TimesAhmed Elmaghraby, Thomas Krawinkel, Steffen Schön, Dirk Piester, Andreas Bauch23 - 37
Sub-Microsecond Holdover Timing Capabilities of the Miniature Atomic Clock (MAC) Rubidium OscillatorWill Krzewick, John Bollettiero, Peter Cash, Igor Kosvin, Jay Noble, Matt Stanczyk, and Michelle Nguyen38 - 47
Effects of Solar Flare Activity on GPS Satellite Timing SourcesEdith Szarkowski48 - 54
Empirical Measurements of Teledyne CSAC TempCo and Drift PerformanceNicholas Kotsianas, Katherine Tyler, Robert Borwick III55 - 60
A Robust Time Scale Based on Maximum Likelihood EstimationHamish McPhee, Jean-Yves Tourneret, David Valat, Philippe Paimblanc, Jérome Delporte, Yoan Grégoire61 - 75
Fast and Reliable Forecasting for Satellite Clock Bias Correction with Transformer Deep LearningWahyudin P. Syam, Shishir Priyadarshi, Andrés Abelardo García Roqué, Alejandro Pérez Conesa, Guillaume Buscarlet, Mickael Dall’ Orso76 - 96
Common Calendar Timestamp SystemBrooks Harris97 - 105
Detecting Manipulated Spaceborne Positioning and Timing Using Ground-Based Commercial-Off-The-Shelf Assets and ServicesSon VoBa106 - 139
Time Transfer using High-Definition Television (HDTV) Broadcast Transmitters in Common ViewKonstantin Tarasov, Bethany Bauer, Sebastian Olsen, Eugene Grayver, Howard Feil, Jeffrey Sherman, Aidan Montare, Matt Deutch, Glenn Nelson, Michael Lombardi, Timothy Marczewski, David Howe140 - 149
Wireless Precision Time Synchronization Alternatives and PerformanceGanesh Basawapatna, Joshua White, Phillip Van Hooser150 - 164
Development and Performance of a Digital Rubidium Atomic Frequency Standard (DRAFS) as a Next-Generation Space ClockChristopher Varuolo, Igor Shtaerman, Daniel J. Clark, Jason Napodano, Paul Skibiel, Nicholas Aji, Thomas McClelland165 - 178
Clock Development Activities at the U.S. Naval ObservatoryT. G. Akin, Bryan Hemingway, Steven Peil, J. D. Whalen179 - 182
NIST-F3, a Cesium Fountain Frequency ReferenceGregory W. Hoth, Jeff A. Sherman, Alexander G. Radnaev, Peter Mitchell, Vladislav Gerginov183 - 188
Preventing Time from Becoming Obsolete: Supporting the 5071A Cesium Primary Frequency Reference into the Next DecadeDavid M. Chandler, Christopher Liessner, Peter Cash189 - 196
Precision Timing with LEO Satellite Time and Location SignalsAustin M. Smith and David M. Bevly197 - 206
Measuring the Timing Accuracy of Satellite Time and Location (STL) ReceiversPeter B. Johnson, Andrew N. Novick, Michael A. Lombardi207 - 215
Two-Way Time Transfer Over a 10 Gbit/s Optical Link for Synchronization and Distributed Sensing ApplicationsJustin Zobel, Raef Youssef, Stephen Rintoul, Jane Gilligan, Michael Brown, Lindsey Marinello, Elad Siman-Tov, Sean O’Connor, Krunal Patel, Michelle O’Toole, Eric Adles216 - 222
A Multi-Platform Clock Ensemble TestbedChristopher Flood, Justin Pedersen, Penina Axelrad223 - 235
Optical Time & Frequency Activities in the GÉANT Project (Past & Future)Josef Vojtech, Vladimir Smotlacha, Susanne Naegele-Jackson, Nicolas Quintin, Krzysztof Turza, Wojbor Bogacki, Guy Roberts, Fabian Mauchle, Joel Busch236 - 241
Experience with Time Transfer in the Optical Infrastructure CITAFVladimír Smotlacha, Josef Vojtech242 - 246