Proceedings of the 53rd Annual Precise Time and Time Interval Systems and Applications Meeting

January 25 - 27, 2022
Hyatt Regency Long Beach
Long Beach, California
ISSN: 2333-2069
ISBN: 978-0-936406-31-2

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Introduction to the Engineering Research Visioning Alliance (ERVA) an NSF PartnershipDorota A. Grejner-Brzezinska1 - 17
The Future of Industrial Atomic ClocksDavid R. Scherer18 - 42
Low-noise Microwave Oscillators using Integrated Lasers and Ultra-high-Q MicroresonatorsJohn E. Bowers, Chao Xiang, Warren Jin, Lin Chang, Bohan Li, Lue Wu, Heming Wang, Boqiang Shen, Kerry J. Vahala43 - 44
Signal Generation in a Low-SWaP Atomic Clock EnsembleChristopher Flood, William Watkins, Penina Axelrad45 - 57
A GPS Spacecraft Atomic Clock Flight Simulation and Test Station RevisitedGabe H. Iyanu, He Wang, Zachary Warren, Michael Huang, and James C. Camparo58 - 66
Development of a Next-Generation Compact Pulsed Optically Pumped Rubidium Atomic Frequency Standard (POPRAFS)Daniel J. Clark, Jaroslaw Zacharski, Thomas McClelland67 - 79
Measuring Multipole Moments of the CPT Density Matrix Under Optical Field Polarization-Modulation ConditionsZachary Warren and James Camparo80 - 86
Numerical Simulation of Clock Error, Given Allan VarianceThomas J. Blenk Jr.87 - 95
Photographic and Spectroscopic Measurements of the Hg Mass and its Oxide Coatings in Low Pressure, RF-Excited Discharge LampsCharles Klimcak, Arielle Little, Kaitlin Fundell, and James Camparo96 - 107
Uncertainty Analysis of Interpolation Prediction for the Blind Period: Using the Portable Clock Measurement as an ExampleWen-Hung Tseng and Shinn-Yan Lin108 - 118
Enhancement of On-Board GNSS Timing Integrity by Operating with Multiple Atomic Frequency StandardsNicholas F. Quackenbush, John P. Janis, Michael R. Jones119 - 136
Machine Learning based Characterization of GPS Satellite Oscillator AnomalyYunxiang Liu, Y.T. Jade Morton137 - 145
Comparison of GPS Frequency-Transfer Performance between JPL’s GIPSY PPP and BIPM’s IPPPDaphna G. Enzer and David W. Murphy146 - 157
COMPASSO: In-orbit Verification of Optical Key Technologies for Future GNSSTobias D. Schmidt, Stefan Schlüter, Thilo Schuldt, Martin Gohlke, Ramon Mata Calvo, Daniel Lüdtke, Matthias Dauth, Matthias Lezius, Christian Michaelis, Andrej Brzoska, Christian Steimle158 - 182
Compensated Fiber Optic Frequency Distribution Equipment George Conway and Bruce Nyman Linear PhotonicsGeorge Conway Bruce Nyman183 - 187
Exploring the Technical Limits of GNSS-based Frequency TransferThomas Krawinkel, Ahmed Elmaghraby, Steffen Schön188 - 198
Galileo System StatusJörg Hahn199 - 215
GNSS Timescales Monitoring and Assessment at ESA-ESTECG. Galluzzo, P. Waller, J. Hahn, C. Plantard, D. Ibañez, S. Circiu, C. García, F.J. Sobrero, D. Jiménez, E. López, A. Lobit, D. Del Valle216 - 234
National Infrastructure for Dissemination of Precise Time and Coherent Ultra-stable Op-tical Frequency - CITAFJosef Vojtech, Vladimir Smotlacha, Ondrej Havlis, Martin Slapak, Lada Altmannova, Jan Kundrat, Sarbojeet Bhowmick, Rudolf Vohnout, Radek Velc, Petr Pospisil, Martin Cizek, Jan Hrabina, Simon Rerucha, Lenka Pravdova, Josef Lazar, Ondrej Cip, Alexander Kuna, Jaroslav Roztocil235 - 242
Increasing the Resilience of a UTC Realization by Steering Multiple EnsemblesJeffrey Zhu and Michael J. Coleman243 - 258
Perspectives on the Systematic (type B) Uncertainties of UTC-UTC(k)Demetrios Matsakis259 - 270
The NRL-USNO Time-Transfer TestbedChristine Hackman and Kenneth L. Senior271 - 280
Best Sync Practices & Architecture Strategies for Secure, Resilient PNT in Smart GridsNino De Falcis281 - 298
Client and Server Considerations when using the Network Time Protocol (NTP)Steven Sommars299 - 322
Machine Learning-based Adaptive Clock Synchronization Technique for Ground-based Navigation SystemXinyang Zhao and Bocheng Zhu323 - 335
Pulsed Optical Timing Distribution System with Subps Accuracy for Applications in GeodesyPablo N. Dominguez, Tobias D. Schmidt, Ross Boland, Richard Zeltner, Ronald Holzwarth, Thomas Klügel, Jan Kodet, Ulrich Schreiber336 - 345
Resilient, Trustworthy, Ubiquitous Time Transfer using DTM and NTPRicardo Píriz, Esteban Garbin, Raúl Nieto, Magnus Danielson, Javier González, Dirk Piester, Andreas Bauch, Kristof Teichel, Gianluca Caparra, Roberto Prieto-Cerdeira346 - 357
Updates on UTC(NRC) Generation and DisseminationBin Jian, Scott Beattie, André Charbonneau, and Marina Gertsvolf358 - 374