Proceedings of the 34th International Technical Meeting of the Satellite Division of The Institute of Navigation (ION GNSS+ 2021)

September 20 - 24, 2021
Union Station Hotel
St. Louis, Missouri
ISSN: 2331-5954
ISBN: 978-0-936406-29-9
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Triple-Band Automotive GNSS/INS Using Novel Silicon Photonic Optical Gyroscope and Custom Positioning EngineMike Horton and YuDan Yi1 - 21
Highly Automated Vehicle Absolute Positioning Using LiDAR Unique SignaturesHadi Wassaf, Katie Bernazzani, Pratik Gandhi, Jason Lu, Karen Van Dyke, Karl Shallberg, Swen Ericson, John Flake, Michael Herman22 - 52
Advanced Integrity Concept as one Step Further in GNSS-based Positioning for Autonomous DrivingIrma Rodríguez, David Calle, Guillermo Tobías, Enrique Carbonell, Ana González, Pedro Navarro53 - 76
AUTO: Multiple Imaging Radars Integration with INS/GNSS for Reliable and Accurate Positioning for Autonomous Vehicles and RobotsDylan Krupity, Abdelrahman Ali, Billy Chan, Medhat Omr, Abanob Salib, Amr Al-Hamad, Qingli Wang, Jacques Georgy, and Christopher Goodall77 - 92
Comparison of Rectangular and Elliptical Alert Limits for Lane-Keeping ApplicationsOlivier N. Kigotho and Jason H. Rife93 - 104
Multi-sensor Fusion for Autonomous Positioning of Indoor RobotsZipei Shuai and Hongyang Yu105 - 112
Precise Relative Positioning for Tandem Drifting CarsAdyasha Mohanty, Remy Zawislak, Sriramya Bhamidipati, and Grace Gao113 - 124
A Predictive GNSS Performance Monitor for Autonomous Air Vehicles in Urban EnvironmentsEvan Dill, Julian Gutierrez, Steven Young, Andrew Moore, Arthur Scholz, Emily Bates, Ken Schmitt, Jonathan Doughty125 - 137
A New Approach of Detecting NLOS Signals Based on Modified Residual Error CheckTomohiro Ozeki and Nobuaki Kubo138 - 167
A Novel Self-Learning GNSS/INS Integrated Navigation MethodChengjun Guo and Weijuan Tu168 - 179
Machine Learning Based Overbound Modeling of Multipath Error for Safety Critical Urban EnvironmentHeekwon No and Carl Milner180 - 194
Multi-Epoch 3D-Mapping-Aided Positioning using Bayesian Filtering TechniquesQiming Zhong, Paul D. Groves195 - 225
UrbanNav:An Open-Sourced Multisensory Dataset for Benchmarking Positioning Algorithms Designed for Urban AreasLi-Ta Hsu, Nobuaki Kubo, Weisong Wen, Wu Chen, Zhizhao Liu, Taro Suzuki, Junichi Meguro226 - 256
Validation of Urban Multipath Models with Record and Playback SimulationNeil Bennett, Mark Hunter, Guy Buesnel257 - 277
Continuity and Availability Evaluation in Horizontal ARAIMMathieu Joerger, Danielle Racelis, Juan Blanch, Boris Pervan278 - 289
Blockchain for CORS NetworksMike Horton, Xiaohua Wen, and Yudan Yi290 - 310
Architecture and Performance of the Long Loop Algorithm for EGNOS V3 NLES StationsSergi Locubiche-Serra, Marc Solé-Gaset, Miguel Ángel Suárez-Gopar, Nasser Zaidi, Arnault Sfeir, G. Secon-Granados, J.A. López-Salcedo311 - 334
Cycle Slip Detection to Provide Stable Precision Positioning under Severe Ionospheric ConditionsYebin Lee, Cheolsoon Lim, Byungwoon Park335 - 363
Enhanced EGNOS NOTAM Predictions Through Machine Learning TechniquesRomán Rodríguez Pérez, Victor Castro Moreno, Jorge Morán García, Elena Rodríguez Rojo, Miguel Ángel Sánchez364 - 384
Galileo Open Service Navigation Message Authentication: Preparation Phase and Drivers for Future Service ProvisionMartin Götzelmann, Evelyn Köller, Ignacio Viciano Semper, Dirk Oskam, Elias Gkougkas, Javier Simon, Antoine de Latour385 - 401
Harmonization of NPRS Observations for a Seamless RTK Positioning Service in Automated Driving ApplicationsCarsten Rieck, Per Jarlemark, Stefan Nord, Samieh Alissa, Fredrik Gunnarsson402 - 423
Introducing the Next Generation of Trimble’s RTX Positioning ServiceUlrich Weinbach, Markus Brandl, Xiaoming Chen, Christian Gruber, Michael Herwig, Herbert Landau, Christian Pagels, Fabian Pastor, Nico Reussner, Moritz Rexer, Ralf Schmid, Martin Warmhold, Feipeng Zhang424 - 442
Message Authentication Candidates for the SBAS Dual Frequency Multi-Constellation StandardIgnacio Fernandez-Hernandez, Todd Walter, Mikael Mabilleau, Luciano Tosato, Andrea Dalla Chiara, Daniele Pozza, Oscar Pozzobon, Alessandra Calabrese, Jason Anderson, Eric Châtre443 - 452
PPP Augmentation Based on GEO-E5b SignalDavid Calle, Irma Rodríguez, Guillermo Tobías, Julián Barrios, José Gabriel Pericacho, Javier Arenas453 - 473
SBAS Message Schemes to Support Inline Message Authentication Todd Walter, Jason Anderson, and Sherman Lo474 - 484
Improving Meteorological Models Using Ships’ Weather Data Communicated via AISGregory Johnson, Kenneth Dykstra, Sophie Ordell, Brian Tetreault, and Kevin Kohlmann485 - 501
An Initial Assessment of VDES ASM Channel PerformanceGregory Johnson, Kenneth Dykstra, Sophie Ordell, John Forster502 - 520
Distribution of the Adapted-NRTK Correction Data via VDES for the Shipping Navigation SafetySamieh Alissa, Martin Håkansson, Carsten Rieck, Uttama Dutta, Stefan Nord, Peter Bergljung, and Anders Bagge521 - 534
Feasibility of Ocean Farming through Fusion of GNSS-R and Other Earth Observation DataEva Fernández-Rodríguez, Zahra Okba, Lisah Ligono, and Cristhian Timoté535 - 548
Low-cost Real-time Software Receiver for IRNSS/NavIC Short Broadcast Messaging ServicesRavindar Reddy D, Chittimalla Srinu, Laxminarayana Parayitam549 - 558
R-Mode based Positioning at the Baltic SeaStefan Gewies and Michael Hoppe559 - 579
Software Receiver Implementation of SBAS Guidelines for Maritime Including RAIMJ. Martínez, G. Moreno, M. López, K. Callewaert, M. López580 - 590
The Feasibility of a VDE-SAT Ranging Service as an Augmentation to GNSS for Maritime ApplicationsAlexander J. Owens, Terri Richardson, Joshua Critchley-Marrows591 - 616
VHF Data Exchange System On-air Trials: The Journey so far Jan Šafár and Alan Grant617 - 635
A New Point-Cloud-Based LiDAR/IMU Localization Method with Uncertainty EvaluationAli Hassani and Mathieu Joerger636 - 651
Advanced Multipath Estimation and Interference Mitigation for High-precision RTK PositioningMiguel González-Calvo, Xiaoguang Luo, José Aponte, Bernhard Richter652 - 678
Use of Mass-Market Wide-Area Correction Networks for Traditional Centimeter-Accurate GNSS Applications in Construction, Survey, and FarmingMike Horton679 - 696
Added Benefit of the BDS III B2a Signal for Precise GNSS Positioning with Automotive Grade ReceiversStefan Junker, Nataliya Mishukova, Victor Gomez, Aeson Copeland, Michael Reupold, Christian Schmidt, Ramzi El Khayat, Divya Santhanam, Tobias Koeglsberger, Michele Iafrancesco697 - 724
GEONAV IoT - Study of Hybrid 5G / GNSS PositioningMargaux Fabius, Didier Lapeyre, Fabien Messager, Ian Kiely, Laurent Arzel, Axelle Pomies725 - 752
Performance of a Collaborative Peer PPP-RTK with Ionospheric and Tropospheric Estimation Exchanges for Short-range Networks of Selfdriving UsersRoberto Capua and Kyle O’Keefe753 - 771
Qualification of GNSS in Railway EnvironmentE.P. Mrohs, S.K.S. Machiraju, M. Aichinger-Rosenberger772 - 777
VehiCal – GNSS Antenna Calibration for CarsJannes B. Wübbena, Alexander Nietsch, Norbert Matzke, Temmo Wübbena, Gerhard Wübbena778 - 795
A Study on the Effects of Out-of-Band Interference on RNSS Receivers in S-bandKahee Han, Young-Jin Song, Jong-Hoon Won796 - 802
Developing a Practical GNSS Spoofing Detection Thresholds for Receiver Power MonitoringSherman Lo, Fabian Rothmaier, Damian Miralles, Dennis Akos, Todd Walter803 - 815
Evaluation of PNT Situational Awareness Algorithms and MethodsSandeep Jada, Mark Psiaki, Sean Landerkin, Steven Langel, Arthur Scholz, Mathieu Joerger816 - 833
From ICAO GNSS Interference Mask to Jamming Protection Area For Safe Civil Aviation OperationGuillaume Novella, Christophe Macabiau, Axel Garcia-Pena, Anaïs Martineau, Pierre Ladoux, Philippe Estival, Olivier Troubet-Lacoste, Christian Fleury, Catherine Ronfle-Nadaud834 - 854
GNSS Interference Signal Recognition Based on Deep Learning and Fusion Time-Frequency FeaturesChengjun Guo and Weijuan Tu855 - 863
GNSS RFI Monitoring and Classification on Norwegian Highways – An Authority PerspectiveNicolai Gerrard, Anders Rødningsby, Aiden Morrison, Nadezda Sokolova, Christian Rost864 - 878
Future Mobility - The Case Study of ARTC WinBusStephen Teng879 - 896
Where Drones are Going and What we Need to doIan Kiely897 - 906
GNSS Receiver Architecture Trends in Highly-Automated DrivingNikolay Mikhaylov907 - 935
Autonomous and Decentralized Orbit Determination and Clock Offset Estimation of Lunar Navigation Satellites Using GPS Signals and Inter-Satellite RangingKeidai Iiyama, Yosuke Kawabata, and Ryu Funase936 - 949
Design Considerations of a Lunar Navigation Satellite System with Time-Transfer from Earth-GPSSriramya Bhamidipati, Tara Mina and Grace Gao950 - 965
Design of Earth Moon Halo Orbits for a Global Lunar PNT ServiceDaniele Musacchio, Luciano Iess, Mattia Carosi, Jacopo Capolicchio, Massimo Eleuteri, Cosimo Stallo, Carmine Di Lauro966 - 980
Four Satellites to Navigate the Moon’s South Pole: An Orbital StudyClaudia Iannone, Mattia Carosi, Massimo Eleuteri, Cosimo Stallo, Carmine Di Lauro, Daniele Musacchio981 - 1003
GNSS-Based Dual-Constellation and Dual-Frequency Real-Time Reduced-Dynamics P2OD for LEO SatellitesFrancesco Darugna, Stefano Casotto, Massimo Bardella, Mauro Sciarratta, Paolo Zoccarato, Pietro Giordano1004 - 1017
Reaching and Navigating in Geostationary Orbit with a GNSS Receiver: Challenges and In-flight ResultsA. Zin, S. Zago, A. Piccolo, A. Ferrario, L. Siniscalco, L. Marradi, A.E. Colombo, D. Martella, P. Bidart1018 - 1032
Simulation Evaluation of Moon Transfer Orbit Navigation Using GPS Carrier PhasesMasaya Murata, Isao Kawano, Koichi Inoue1033 - 1038
The full Potential of an Autonomous GNSS Signalbased Navigation System for Moon MissionsMarco Mangialardo, María Manzano Jurado, David Hagan, Pietro Giordano, Javier Ventura-Traveset1039 - 1052
Triple-band GNSS Receiver with E6 HAS corrections for Precise Onboard Orbit Determination in LEOC. Bastos, R. Fernandes, R. Prata, J.M. Palomo, A. Fernandez, F. Darugna, M. Bardella, M. Sciarratta, S. Casotto, P. Giordano, P. Zoccarato1053 - 1065
Pure-Inertial AHRS for Navigation of Accelerated Vehicles at High LatitudesPavol Malinak, Zdenek Kana, Milos Sotak, Radek Baranek, Tomas Vaispacher1066 - 1078
Sequential ARAIM Evaluation Using Time-Domain Versus Frequency-Domain Error-Correlation Bounding MethodsDanielle Racelis, Sandeep Jada, Mathieu Joerger1079 - 1091
Miniature Short-Term Navigation Grade Quartz MEMS AccelerometerSergey Zotov, Semen Shtigluz, John Paxton, and David Hoyh1092 - 1107
Aviation GNSS Interference Analysis Based on ADS-B Out DataJeremy Kazmierczak, Angelo Joseph, George Cook1108 - 1121
DFMC SBAS Approach ConceptMikael Mabilleau, Ricardo De Sousa, Joseph Dennis, Richard Farnworth, Philippe Estival, Francisco Salabert, and Daniel Salos1122 - 1132
GAST D (GBAS Approach Service type D) in the Low Latitude Region and use for CAT I ServiceSusumu Saito1133 - 1141
Impact of RFI on GNSS and Avionics – A View from the CockpitOkuary Osechas, Michael Felux, Friederike Fohlmeister, Thomas Dautermann1142 - 1159
PROARAIM: Towards the Early Adoption of ARAIM Air Navigation ServicesJ. Gabriel Pericacho, José Celada, David Sánchez, Konrad W. Janicki, Fernando Díaz, Xavier Quiles, Victor Arribas, Javier Andrés, Carlos López de Echazarreta1160 - 1175
Robust Modeling of Geodetic Altitude from Barometric Altimeter and Weather DataMaximilian Simonetti and Omar García Crespillo1176 - 1189
SAR/GALILEO Return Link Service Evolutions: 2 Way Communication Service Prototype and DemonstrationAntonio Rolla, Sylvain Delattre, Laurent Arzel, Alain Bouhet, Kevin Salsac, Josep Montolio1190 - 1204
SBAS Monitoring Platform for ANSPsMiguel A. Fernández, Fernando Bravo, Jorge Hernández, Ernestas Gibavicius, Remigijus Malinauskas1205 - 1216
UnmannedSim: Urban and Multi-Agent Navigation Network-Enabled Drones Simulator for Path Planning and Localization ResearchSugata Ahad, Wai Ching Lucas Shiu, Xin Yue Huang, DM Zahin Sajid, Max Jwo Lem Lee, Meiling Su, Li Ta Hsu1217 - 1227
Update of QZSSSatoshi Kogure1228 - 1240
BeiDou: Navigation Satellite System Development Xiaochun Lu1241 - 1279
GPS Enterprise Modernization BriefingMike Dunn1280 - 1293
The Status of GLONASS SystemSergey Karutin1294 - 1304
Galileo Status UpdateEric Chatre, Paul Verhoef, and Javier Benedicto1305 - 1333
Alternative Architecture for Dual Frequency Multi-Constellation GBASTim Murphy, Matt Harris, Gary McGraw, Joel Wichgers, Linda Lavik, Morten Topland, Mutaz Tuffaha, Susumu Saito1334 - 1374
Galileo H-ARAIM Characterization and Galileo Integrity Support Message (ISM)Stefan Wallner, Santiago Perea, Miguel Odriozola, Phillip Brieden, Kerstin Binder, A. Nuckelt, Alessandro Donatelli, Damien Joly, Cosimo Stallo, Matteo Sgammini, Ilaria Martini, Juan Pablo Boyero, Mikael Mabilleau, Ettore Canestri1375 - 1391
A New Integrity Risk Allocation Method for BDS GBASZhen Gao, Kun Fang, Xiao Li, Jichao Dong, Yanbo Zhu, Zhipeng Wang1392 - 1409
Analysis of GNSS Constellation Performance for Advanced RAIMJuan Blanch, Xinwei Liu, Kaz Gunning, Todd Walter1410 - 1434
Assessment of Performance Forecast and Monitoring Service for UASG. Moreno, L.J. Álvarez, J. Morais, M. Cueto, J. Martínez, M. Trezza, P. Menéndez-Ponte, K. Callewaert, Z. Laftit, M. García, A. Jiménez, A. Viguria, J.M. Lorenzo, M. Aguilera, I. Alcantarilla1435 - 1450
BDS/LEO ARAIM Subset Selection MethodZiyi Yang, Kun Fang, Zhiqiang Dan, Qiang Li, Zhipeng Wang, Yanbo Zhu1451 - 1468
Feasibility Analysis of GBAS/INS and RRAIM Integration for Surface Movement OperationJunesol Song, Carl Milner, Christophe Macabiau, Heekwon No, Philippe Estival1469 - 1480
Ground Monitoring to Support ARAIM for Military Users: Alternatives for Rapid and Rare Update RatesSam Pullen, Sherman Lo, Alec Katz, Juan Blanch, Todd Walter, Andrew Katronick, Mark Crews, Robert Jackson1481 - 1507
Integrity Monitoring for GNSS Positioning Via Factor Graph Optimization in Urban CanyonsWeisong Wen, Qian Meng, and Li-Ta Hsu1508 - 1515
Lessons Learned from SBAS Systems and Testbeds for the Global SBAS ConceptJulián Barrios, José Gabriel Pericacho, Javier Arenas, John Xihua Liu, Susana Domenech, Jose María Bernárdez, Guillermo Tobías, Robert Jackson, Patrick E. Reddan, Deane Bunce1516 - 1549
Modeling and Performance Analysis of Ionospheric Anomaly Front Velocity for GBASCong Du, Kun Fang, Zhiqiang Dan, Qiang Li, Zhipeng Wang, Yanbo Zhu1550 - 1564
New Bounds on the Horizontal Protection Level for the Non-Zero Mean CaseSteven Langel1565 - 1576
Protection Level of the Trimble RTX Positioning Engine for Autonomous ApplicationsCarlos Rodriguez-Solano, Nick Talbot, Gleb Zyryanov, Xiaoming Chen, Ken Doucet, Lorenz Goercke, Stefan Junker, Herbert Landau, Nico Reussner, Diogo Sampaio1577 - 1595
Weighted Dilution of Precision (WPDOP) with Consideration of the Range Errors and Elevation of GNSS Satellites During the High Ionospheric Activity Period for the Equatorial RegionLoram Siqueira and João Francisco Galera1596 - 1605
Autonomous Direct Calibration of an Inertial Measurement Unit Gregory Mifflin and David Bevly1606 - 1617
Cloud-Based GNSS Solution Agnostic to any Telecom NetworkGuillaume Carrie and Thierry Torlotin1618 - 1646
Towards More Robust Vision-based Map Matching Through Machine Learning & Improved Feature MatchingTyler Hussey, Robert C. Leishman, David Woodburn1647 - 1653
GPS Non-Standard CodesKarl Kovach1654 - 1671
A Fault Detection and Exclusion Estimator Designed for IntegrityJuan Blanch and Todd Walter1672 - 1686
A Case Study for Potential Implications on the Reception of Galileo E6 by Amateur Radio Interference on German Highways Considering Various Transmitter-receiver-signal CombinationsAndreas Schütz, Thomas Kraus, Christian A. Lichtenberger, Thomas Pany1687 - 1696
Combining Navigation Message Authentication with Strong Interference Robustness, a New State-of-the-Art for GNSS Network SynchronisationPierre Nemry, François Freulon, Jean-Marie Sleewaegen1697 - 1720
Development of SBAS L5 and of H-ARAIM Realtime Capabilities within a DFMC SBAS GNSS ReceiverPatrick Bartolone, Joseph Griggs Collins, David Gondy, Angelo Joseph1721 - 1745
Flight Test Validation of New Honeywell DFMC GNSS Prototype – Future Aviation Grade ReceiverMatej Kucera, Radek Reznicek, Michal Pfleger, Milos Sotak, Zdenek Kana, Tomas Vaispacher, Pavel Ptacek1746 - 1766
High Integrity Multi-Sensor Navigation System For Safety Critical ApplicationsM. Saidani, D. Gallego Maya, A. Guinamard1767 - 1781
Interference Immunity of Pure L5 GNSS Receivers in Mobile DevicesAnthony Tsangaropoulos and Pradeep Gubbi Prakash1782 - 1795
Multi-layered Multi-constellation GNSS Interference MitigationCiro Gioia and Daniele Borio1796 - 1808
Navigation Context Adaptive Fault Detection and Exclusion Strategy based On Deep Learning & Information Theory: Application to a GNSS/IMU IntegrationNesrine Harbaoui, Nourdine Ait Tmazirte, Khoder Makkawi, Maan El Badaoui El Najjar1809 - 1827
Providing Continuity and Integrity in the Presence of GNSS SpoofingFabian Rothmaier, Yu-Hsuan Chen, Sherman Lo, Juan Blanch, Todd Walter1828 - 1842
Safety-Critical Automotive Positioning Based on SEPB without Atmospheric CorrectionsRod Bryant, Olivier Julien, Chris Hide, M. Skorupa, H. Dorahy, Ian Sheret1843 - 1858
Quasi-Pilot Signal Design – Facilitating New Signal Processing ConceptsStefan Wallner, Jose Antonio Garcia-Molina, Jörg Hahn, Gustavo Lopez Risueno, Giacomo da Broi, Jean-Jacques Floch, Francis Soualle, Till Schmitt, Mohamoudou Ouedraogo, Thomas Wörz, César Vazquez, Gerarda De Pasquale, Matteo Paonni1859 - 1876
A High-Level RF Compatibility Analysis for RNSS Signal DesignSubin Lee, Kahee Han, Jong-Hoon Won1877 - 1883
Modified CEMIC Scheme for Multiplexing Signals over Single Frequency BandVijay Singh Bhadouria, Dhaval J. Upadhyay, Parimal J. Majithiya, Subhash Chandra Bera1884 - 1902
Monitoring and Performance Assessment of GNSS Inter-constellation Timescale BiasesYoaz Bar-Sever, Robert Meyer, Kannan Muthuraman, Zoltan Biacs1903 - 1916
New Thoughts on Clock Technology for Future GNSS SatellitesFrank Czopek1917 - 1926
Ranging and Demodulation Performance of QZSS L1C Signal in Forest/Urban EnvironmentsTaro Suzuki, Yuki Ichikawa, Akira Komine, Kiyoshi Takejima, Shigeru Matsuoka, Kyohei Akiyama, Jun Matsumoto1927 - 1953
3D Mapping Aided GNSS Using Gauss-Newton Algorithm: An Example on GNSS Shadow MatchingHoi-Fung Ng, Guohao Zhang, Weisong Wen, and Li-Ta Hsu1954 - 1960
A Technique for Finding Indoor Rescuer using GNSS and Barometer Sensors on Android Smartphones in Building Disaster SituationsJeonghyeon Yun and Byungwoon Park1961 - 1980
An Application for Detecting GNSS Jamming and SpoofingNicholas Spens, Dong-Kyeong Lee, Dennis Akos1981 - 1988
Prototype Development of an Online Spoofer Localization System Using Raw GNSS Measurements of Android SmartphonesZhongxiao Wang, Hong Li, Jian Wen, Mingquan Lu1989 - 1999
Time-Synchronized GNSS/IMU Data Logging from Android Smartphone and its Influence on the Positioning AccuracyHimanshu Sharma, Mohamed Bochkati, Thomas Pany2000 - 2011
Opportunities in Commercial LEO Satellite NavigationTyler Reid2012 - 2048
MediaTek GNSS Chipset TechnologyClark Jau2049 - 2069
GNSS Chipset Technology, Trends, Opportunities and ChallengesDimitri Rubin2070 - 2081
GNSS Chipset Technology – Trends, Opportunities and ChallengesRamsey Faragher2082 - 2109
GNSS Chip TrendsDavid Bartlett2110 - 2120
Evaluating INS/GNSS/LiDAR Availability for Self-Driving Cars in Urban EnvironmentsKana Nagai, Matthew Spenko, Ron Henderson, Boris Pervan2121 - 2132
Indoor Navigation Using Convolutional Neural Networks and Floor PlansRicky Anderson and Joseph Curro2133 - 2150
Honeywell Vision-Aided Navigation for GPS-Denied EnvironmentsKevin Sweeney, Annis Nusseibeh, Tim Kukowski, Sally Ann Keyes2151 - 2165
Evaluating the Urban Signal Environment for GNSS and LTE SignalsKirsten Strandjord, Y. Jade Morton, Pai Wang2166 - 2182
Optimizing a Bank of Kalman Filters for Navigation Integrity using Efficient Software DesignLuis E. Sepulveda, Robert C. Leishman, Kyle Kauffman, Jonathon S. Gipson2183 - 2200
Universal Receiver Architecture for Blind Navigation with Partially Known Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial Signals of OpportunityJoe Khalife, M. Neinavaie, and Zaher M. Kassas2201 - 2211
3D LiDAR Aided GNSS Real-time Kinematic PositioningWeisong Wen and Li-Ta Hsu2212 - 2220
Challenge Accepted: Multi-modal Localization with the LoRa EdgeTM LR1110 for GNSS-Challenged EnvironmentsJoseph Knapp and Richard Fuller 2221 - 2241
Range-Domain Fault Monitoring for Terrestrial Ranging SystemsGianluca Zampieri, Brandon Weaver, Okuary Osechas, Gerhard Berz, Michael Meurer 2242 - 2252
TerraPoiNT - An Advanced Terrestrial Technology to Enhance Navigation in a GNSS-Denied EnvironmentsSameet Deshpande2253 - 2271
Magnetic Localization Through INS Integration and Improvements in Map MatchingRyan McWilliams, Howard Chen, Luke Kamrath, David Bevly2272 - 2284
Evaluation of Simultaneous Localization and Calibration of a Train Mounted MagnetometerBenjamin Siebler, Andreas Lehner, Stephan Sand, Uwe D. Hanebeck2285 - 2293
A Lower Bound for the Error Covariance of Radio SLAM with Terrestrial Signals of OpportunityAlexander A. Nguyen, Zeinab Shadram, and Zaher M. Kassas2294 - 2306
Cooperative Estimation of Maps of Physical and Virtual Radio TransmittersMarkus Ulmschneider, Christian Gentner and Armin Dammann2307 - 2317
Environmental Feature Enabled Digital Track Map for GNSS-based Train Localization Safety Boundary EstimationDebiao Lu, Baigen Cai, Dezhang Tang, Jian Wang, Jiang Liu2318 - 2327
High-precision Positioning using Height-constraint RTK Method under Urban EnvironmentsYuli He, Hongbo Zhao, Chen Zhuang, Shan Hu, Wenquan Feng2328 - 2340
Low-cost Star Tracker Development with a Laboratory SimulationWen-Chiao Chen and Shau-Shiun2341 - 2352
Radar-Based Localization Using Visual Feature MatchingMohamed Elkholy, Mohamed Elsheikh, and Naser El-Sheimy2353 - 2362
Safe Position Estimation for Train-borne Localisation using INS and Digital Map DataAndreas Wenz and Ohrendorf-Weiss2363 - 2372
Set-Valued Shadow Matching using ZonotopesSriramya Bhamidipati, Shreyas Kousik and Grace Gao2373 - 2390
Evaluation of Cooperative UAV-UGV Navigation Strategies with Maneuvering UAVsJacob Pryor, Scott Martin, David Bevly2391 - 2404
Analysis of Receiver-To-Receiver Aiding in Cooperative Vector TrackingTanner M. Watts, Scott M. Martin, and David M. Bevly2405 - 2429
A Study on Multipath Spatial Correlation for GNSS Collaborative PositioningGuohao Zhang, Lucy Icking, Li-Ta Hsu, and Steffen Schön2430 - 2444
Decentralized Connectivity Maintenance for Multi-robot Systems Under Motion and Sensing UncertaintiesAkshay Shetty, Timmy Hussain and Grace Gao2445 - 2458
Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulations for Distributed Localization without GPSJames Nance, David Brough, James Herring, James Huang, Abhi Kesbhat, Joseph Knuth, and Adam Rutkowski2459 - 2473
Satellite Selection in the Context of Network RTK for Limited Bandwidth ApplicationsUttama Dutta, Carsten Rieck, Martin Håkansson, Daniel Gerbeth, Samieh Alissa, Stefan Nord2474 - 2492
SIR Particle Filter in Float Solution for Ambiguity ResolutionRene Manzano-Islas and Kyle O’Keefe2493 - 2506
Comparison of Neural Network Architectures for Simultaneous Tracking and Navigation with LEO SatellitesSharbel E. Kozhaya , Jamil A. Haidar-Ahmad, Ali A. Abdallah, Zaher M. Kassas, and Samer S. Saab2507 - 2520
An Efficient Approach to Sensor Fusion Development Christopher J. Hogstrom and Robert N. Stoddard2521 - 2525
Precise Relative Positioning in GPS-Degraded Environments using a DGPS/UWB Navigation FilterChristian J. Campos-Vega, Dan Kamarath, John David Sprunger, Scott Martin, David Bevly2526 - 2543
Ephemeris Closed-Loop Tracking of LEO Satellites with Pseudorange and Doppler MeasurementsNadim Khairallah and Zaher M. Kassas2544 - 2555
Conservative Estimation of Inertial Sensor Errors using Allan Variance DataKyle Lethander and Clark Taylor2556 - 2564
Development of Stochastic IMU Error Models for INS/GNSS IntegrationElisa Gallon, Mathieu Joerger, Boris Pervan2565 - 2577
AssuredPNT Intelligent Virtual Sensors for Dynamic ModelingShahram Moafipoor, Brad Despres, Jeff A. Fayman, Lydia Bock, Robert Stadel2578 - 2590
A Survey on Integrity Monitoring of GNSS Navigation for Ground VehiclesXiankun Wang, Charles Toth, Dorota Grejner-Brzezinska2591 - 2601
3D LiDAR-IMU Integration for State Estimation and Verification Using a GNSS/INS/LiDAR Simulation ChainDaniela Sánchez-Morales, Mohamed Bochkati, Andreas Schütz, Shan Zhao, Thomas Pany2602 - 2620
A Comparison of Robust Kalman Filters for Improving Wheel-Inertial Odometry in Planetary RoversShounak Das, Cagri Kilic, Ryan Watson, and Jason Gross2621 - 2632
A Continuous Positioning Algorithm Based on Differential GNSS Techniques, MARG Sensors, and Barometers with SmartphonesZun Niu, Fugui Guo, Qiangqiang Shuai, Guangchen Li, Bocheng Zhu2633 - 2645
A Particle Filtering Framework for Tight GNSS-Camera Fusion using Convolutional Neural NetworksAdyasha Mohanty and Grace Gao2646 - 2655
Data Fusion and Machine Learning for Innovative GNSS Science Use CasesVicente Navarro, Raffaella Grieco, Benedikt Soja, Marco Nugnes, Grzegorz Klopotek, Giulio Tagliaferro, Linda See, Roberto Falzarano, Rudolf Weinacker, Javier VenturaTraveset2656 - 2669
High Accuracy High Integrity Train Positioning based on GNSS and Image Processing IntegrationAlessandro Neri, Federica Battisti, Sara Baldoni, Michele Brizzi, Luca Pallotta, Agostino Ruggeri, Gianluigi Lauro2670 - 2680
High-precision RTK Positioning with Tilt Compensation: Data Fusion AlgorithmHuan Lin2681 - 2695
Implementation and Integrity Analysis of an Innovation Detector for GNSS Fault Detection in Graph Optimization based SLAM Tightly Coupled with GNSSYimin Wei, Hong Li, and Mingquan Lu2696 - 2704
Integration of Low-Cost IMU with MEMS and NavIC/IRNSS Receiver for Land Vehicle NavigationSaraswathi Sirikonda and Laxminarayana Parayitam2705 - 2717
Rapid Position Initialization for Automated Automotive ApplicationsNacer Naciri, Sudha Vana, Garrett Seepersad and Sunil Bisnath2718 - 2732
Recent Enhancements of the Multi-Sensor Navigation Analysis Tool (MuSNAT)Markel Arizabaleta, Hepzibah Ernest, Jürgen Dampf, Thomas Kraus, Daniela Sanchez-Morales, Dominik Dötterböck, Andreas Schütz, Thomas Pany2733 - 2753
Survey on Recent Advances in Integrated GNSSs Towards Seamless Navigation Using Multi-Sensor Fusion TechnologyMahmoud Elsanhoury, Janne Koljonen, Petri Välisuo, Mohammed Elmusrati, Heidi Kuusniemi2754 - 2765
Exploiting Starlink Signals for Navigation: First ResultsMohammad Neinavaie, Joe Khalife, and Zaher M. Kassas2766 - 2773
Ionospheric Effects on Future Navigation Signals: Frequency Hopping ModulationNoah Francis, Brian Breitsch, Jade Morton, Joanna Hinks2774 - 2782
GDOP of Navigation using Pseudorange and Doppler Shift from a LEO ConstellationBrian McLemore and Mark L. Psiaki2783 - 2803
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Application of UofC Model based Multi-GNSS PPP to Smartphones GNSS PositioningFarzaneh Zangenehnejad and Yang Gao2986 - 3003
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Complementary PNT Technology DemonstrationAndrew Hansen, Stephen Mackey, Hadi Wassaf, Karen Van Dyke3127 - 3141
WiFi-RTT-SLAM: Simultaneously Estimating the Positions of Mobile Devices and WiFi-RTT Access PointsChristian Gentner and Diana Avram3142 - 3148
Multispectral Visual-Inertial Navigation Using a Dual-Layer Estimator and Targeted Histogram EqualizationMatthew Boler and Scott Martin3149 - 3161
A Coarse-to-Fine LiDAR-Based SLAM with Dynamic Object Removal in Dense Urban AreasFeng Huang, Donghui Shen, Weisong Wen, Jiachen Zhang and Li-Ta Hsu3162 - 3172
Deterministic Visual MappingPierre Bénet and Alexis Guinamard3173 - 3188
Developing a Low-Cost, High Performance, SDR-Based Local Positioning SystemFernando Palafox, Lyndsay Ruane, Scott Palo, Dennis Akos3189 - 3196
Dynamic Deployment of Wireless Localization System in PNT Deficient AreasZizheng Dou, Zheng Yao, Ziyue Sun, and Mingquan Lu3197 - 3211
Extend the RTK Survey to GNSS-Denied Areas Using a Low-Cost Inertial-Aided Positioning PoleChangxin Lai and Ruonan Guo3212 - 3226
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Low-cost, Triple-frequency Multi-GNSS PPP and MEMS IMU Integration for Continuous Navigation in Urban EnvironmentsSudha Vana3234 - 3249
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An LUT-based Adaptive DPLL for SSV GNSS ReceiversYoung-Jin Song, Sanguk Lee, Jong-Hoon Won3360 - 3367
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Multipath and Attitude Estimation Phase Lock Loop for Antenna Array Signal ProcessingDaniel S. Maier and Thomas Pany3402 - 3421
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Optimized Position Estimation in Multipath Environments using Machine LearningNesreen I. Ziedan3437 - 3451
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Pure L5Paul McBurney3523 - 3537
Achieving Smartphone RTK with Antenna CalibrationJannes B. Wübbena3538 - 3548
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Design and Implementation of the Discrete-Update Frequency-Locked LoopRyan S. Cassel3783 - 3803
GNSS Reconfigurable Antenna Design for Multipath CharacterizationS. Caizzone, M.-S. Circiu, W. Elmarissi3804 - 3811
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Data Assimilation of Ion Drift Measurements for Estimation of Ionospheric Plasma DriversJiahui Hu, Aurora López Rubio, Alex Chartier, Gary S. Bust, Seebany Datta-Barua3833 - 3847
Applying Machine Learning to Predict Alaskan Ionospheric IrregularitiesAnnabel R. Gomez and Xiaoqing Pi3848 - 3858
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Pulsed Laser Links for Small Satellite PNT and NetworkingDanielle E. Coogan, Tyler Ritz, Myles Clark, John W. Conklin4002 - 4011
Research on Improved Strategies of Regional Ionospheric Tomography AlgorithmYun Sui, Haiyang Fu, Denghui Wang, Shaojun Feng, Feng Xu, Yaqiu Jin4012 - 4014
Retrieval of Ne(h) Profile for Ionosonde by Assimilating Collocated Radio Occultation Data into NeQuick2Muhammad Mubasshir Shaikh and Ilias Fernini4015 - 4020
Tropospheric Error Budget for GNSS-R Altimetry at Low Grazing AnglesMargaret Scott, Carolyn Roesler, Yang Wang, Y. Jade Morton, and Steve Nerem4021 - 4029
AI-based Analysis of Sat/Aerial Images for Autonomous DrivingPeter Reinartz4030 - 4044
Deep Learning for Geospatial DataJan Dirk Wegner4045 - 4049
PSCR - Location-Based Services PortfolioJoe Grasso4050 - 4062
AI Enabled Navigation in Smart Cities: (All-Domain Support)Erik Blasch4063 - 4079
Enhanced Local-Area DGNSS for Autonomous Vehicle Navigation: Optimal Smoothing StrategyGihun Nam, Dongwoo Kim, Noah Minchan Kim, Jiyun Lee, Sam Pullen4080 - 4096
Evil Waveforms Detection Solutions for Autonomous Navigation IntegrityAntónio Negrinho, Pedro Fernandes, Pedro Boto, Fernando Nunes, Fernando Sousa4097 - 4115
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GNSS Fault Monitoring using Android DevicesDong-Kyeong Lee, Yebin Lee, Dennis Akos, Sang Hyun Park, Sul Gee Park, Byungwoon Park4128 - 4140
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Integrity Bounds for Rail and Road Applications Based on Local Hazard MapsAlessandro Neri, Roberto Capua, Aleš Filip, Agostino Ruggeri, Sara Baldoni4157 - 4169
Mitigation of the Phase Wind-up Effect for PPP Ambiguity Resolution using INS and Geometryfree Approach in UAV ExperimentsHideki Yamada, Saya Matsushita, Isao Kawano, Koichi Inoue, Tomoji Takasu4170 - 4182
Test of GNSS Receiver Behavior in Presence of Multiple Correlation Peaks Induced by Evil WaveformIkhlas Selmi, Paul Thevenon, Christophe Macabiau, Jaron Samson4183 - 4197
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Resilient Smartphone Positioning using Native Sensors and PPP AugmentationSihan Yang, Ding Yi, Sudha Vana and Sunil Bisnath4208 - 4222
Robust Vehicle Positioning in Multipath Environments Based on Graph OptimizationTaro Suzuki4223 - 4233
Continuous GPS Authentication with Chimera using Stochastic Reachability AnalysisTara Mina, Ashwin Kanhere, Shreyas Kousik and Grace Gao4234 - 4248
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GNSS Interference Detection Using Machine Learning Algorithms on ADS-B DataZixi Liu, Sherman Lo, Todd Walter4305 - 4315
Long-term Evaluation of Noise and Interference Statistics in GPS L1-bandSofia Bergström, Karina Fors, Sara Linder4316 - 4322
Using the Swedish CORS Network SWEPOS for GNSS Interference DetectionKarina Fors, Niklas Stenberg, Tobias Nilsson4323 - 4333