Proceedings of the 2021 International Technical Meeting of The Institute of Navigation

January 25 - 28, 2021

ISSN: 2330-3646
ISBN: 978-0-936406-27-5

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An Assessment of the Difficulties Spoofing Live Sky vs Simulated GNSS SignalsG. Buesnel, M. Hunter, D. Martin1 - 10
Broadcast Data Authentication Concepts for Future SBAS ServicesLuciano Tosato, Andrea Dalla Chiara, Oscar Pozzobon, Guillermo Fernandez Serrano, Alessandra Calabrese, Chris Wullems, Adrian Perrig, Mikael Mabilleau, Giovanni Vecchione11 - 25
Dynamic Time Warping (DTW) based GNSS Interference Detection Algorithm for Edge DevicesWilbur Myrick, Daniel Goff, Stanley Radzevicius26 - 32
AGC on Android Devices for GNSSDong-Kyeong Lee, Nicholas Spens, Benon Gattis, Dennis Akos33 - 41
GNSS Spoofing Mitigation in the Position DomainFabian Rothmaier, Yu-Hsuan Chen, Sherman Lo, Todd Walter42 - 55
GNSS Spoofing Discrimination Method Based on Doppler Frequency Double Difference for Multiple Independent Moving ReceiversZhongxiao Wang, Hong Li, Jian Wen, Mingquan Lu56 - 68
Leveraging Worldwide, Publicly-Available Data to Create an Automated Satnav Interference Detection SystemJohn Stader and Sanjeev Gunawardena69 - 83
Management of Active Data and Authentication in Future SBAS ReceiversChristian Wullems, Luciano Tosato, Andrea Dalla Chiara, Oscar Pozzobon, Guillermo Fernandez Serrano, Mikael Mabilleau84 - 97
Performance Analysis and Tests for GNSS Spoofing Detection Based on the Monitoring of Cross Ambiguity Function and Automatic Gain ControlTao Zhang, Xin Chen, Di He, Yi Jin98 - 110
SBAS Message Authentication: A review of Protocols, Figures of Merit and Standardization PlansIgnacio Fernández-Hernández, Todd Walter, Andrew M. Neish, Jason Anderson, Mikael Mabilleau, Giovanni Vecchione, Eric Châtre111 - 124
Time Synchronized Signal Generator GNSS Spoofing Attacks against COTS Receivers in over the Air Tests Ronny Blum, Nikolas Dütsch, Jürgen Dampf, Thomas Pany125 - 148
A Signal Quality Monitoring Algorithm Based on Chip Domain Observables for BDS B1C SignalXiang Wang, Yang Gao, Xiaowei Cui, Gang Liu, Mingquan Lu149 - 161
Analysis of BDS B1C/B2a Acquisition, Tracking and Data Demodulation Thresholds for Civil AviationChuanrui Wang, Xiaowei Cui, Xiao Li, Gang Liu, Mingquan Lu162 - 172
ARAIM for Military Users: ISM Parameters, Constellation-Check Procedure and Performance EstimatesAlec Katz, Sam Pullen, Sherman Lo, Juan Blanch, Todd Walter, Andrew Katronick, Mark Crews, Robert Jackson173 - 188
Investigation into September 2020 GPS SVN 74 Performance AnomalyTodd Walter, Zixi Liu, Juan Blanch, Kristy Pham, John Mick, William Wanner189 - 200
Nominal Range Error Analysis of BDS for ARAIMHengwei Zhang and Yiping Jiang201 - 211
Vertical Protection Level Optimization Method for BDS/GPS Navigation SystemErshen Wang, Xidan Deng, Jing Guo, Gang Tong, Pingping Qu, Yi Zhang, Tao Pang212 - 217
Reevaluating the Message Loss Rate of the Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) in FlightMatthew J. Hirschberger, Sherman Lo, Todd Walter218 - 228
Development of a Navigation and Information Service for a University LibraryGuenther Retscher and Alexander Leb229 - 242
Evaluating INS/GNSS Availability for Self-Driving Cars in Urban EnvironmentsKana Nagai, Matthew Spenko, Ron Henderson, Boris Pervan243 - 253
Exploring the Chip Scale Atomic Clock Within a GPS Disciplined OscillatorLuke Littleton-Strand, Filip Nedelkov, Erin Griggs, Dennis Akos254 - 268
Multipath Rejection Using Multicorrelator Based GNSS Receiver With an Extended Kalman FilterChristian Siebert, Andriy Konovaltsev, Michael Meurer269 - 281
Performance Analysis of GNSS Spoofing Mitigation Techniques based on Array Antennas in Various Spoofing ScenariosJ. H. Noh, B. H. Gong, Y. S. Lee, B. C. Jung, S. J. Lee, H. H. Choi282 - 294
Positioning Performance in Deep Pit Mines using GNSS Augmented with LocataMaria J. Evans and Sean Evans Eagen295 - 306
Scalability and Latency Analysis of the Centralized 3D Mapping Aided GNSS-Based Collaborative PositioningGuohao Zhang, Hoi-Fung Ng, Li-Ta Hsu, Han Gao, and Dingzhong Yao307 - 316
A Feasibility Study on Smartphone Localization using Image Registration with Segmented 3D Building Models based on Multi-Material ClassesMax Jwo Lem Lee and Li-Ta Hsu317 - 323
Resilient Distributed Positioning Networks: A New Approach to Extreme Low-Latency, High-Precision Positioning and TimingBrian G. Agee324 - 338
Evaluation of Sensor-Agnostic All-Source Residual Monitoring for NavigationAndrew Appleget, Robert C. Leishman, and Jonathon Gipson339 - 353
Evaluation of Ground Vehicle Protection Level Reduction due to Fusing GPS with Faulty Terrestrial Signals of Opportunity Mu Jia, Joe Khalife, and Zaher M. Kassas354 - 365
Precise Real-Time Relative Orbit Determination for Large-Baseline Formations Using GNSSVincent Giralo and Simone D’Amico366 - 384
Real-Time Horizontal Velocity Estimation of a Landing Craft using Computer IntelligenceLavanya Karthikeyan, Malavika R. Nair, S.V. Apoorva, Vinod Kumar385 - 399
Why, How and When Redefining the SI SecondElisa Felicitas Arias 400 - 427
A Feasibility Study on the Position Hypothesis Based RTK with the Aids of 3D Building ModelsHoi-Fung Ng and Li-Ta Hsu428 - 438
Attitude Determination and RTK Performances Amelioration Using Multiple Low-Cost Receivers with Known GeometryXiao Hu, Paul Thevenon, Christophe Macabiau439 - 453
BIE using multivariant t-distribution and the iFlex method for GNSS PPPViet Duong, Suelynn Choy, Chris Rizos454 - 464
Square Root Information Filtering Method of GPS / BDS Dynamic Precise Point Positioning in Complex EnvironmentHepeng Wang, Huixia Li, Hang Guo, Ping Jiang, Cong Huang465 - 477
Autonomous Lunar Satellite Navigation System: Preliminary Performance Assessment on South PoleMauro Leonardi, Gheorghe Sirbu, Cosimo Stallo, Massimo Eleuteri, Carmine Di Lauro, Claudia Iannone, Ersilia Del Zoppo478 - 490
Navigation Technology Satellite – 3: A Vanguard for Space-based Position, Navigation, and TimingJoanna Hinks, David Chapman, Jon Anderson491 - 496
Single Differenced Doppler Positioning with Low Earth Orbit Signals of Opportunity and Angle of Arrival EstimationSterling Thompson, Scott Martin, and David Bevly497 - 509
Terrestrial Precise Positioning System Using Carrier Phase from Burst Signals and Optically Distributed Time and Frequency ReferenceHan Dun, Christian C. J. M. Tiberius, Cherif Diouf, and Gerard J. M. Janssen510 - 524
Trusted Radionavigation via Two-Way RangingSami Ruponen, Tapio Suihko, Juha Zidbeck, Ondrej Daniel, Tatjana Petkovic, Gianluca Caparra, Lionel Ries525 - 538
A High Performance Easily Configurable Satnav SDR for Advanced Algorithm Development and Rapid Capability DeploymentSanjeev Gunawardena539 - 554
An Improved Frequency Domain Interference Suppressor for DBT Processing of High Order BOC SignalsZhenyu Tian, Xiaowei Cui, Gang Liu, Mingquan Lu555 - 566
Cooperative Vector Processing of GPS SignalsTanner M. Watts and Scott M. Martin567 - 584
Multi-Band Antenna Array Geometry Impact on Array InterpolationMarco A. M. Marinho, Alexey Vinel, Per Gustafson, Felix Antreich, Stefano Caizzone585 - 590
Signal Quality Monitoring Spoofing Identification Methods for GNSS Vector Tracking StructureXinran Zhang, Hong Li, Chun Yang, Mingquan Lu591 - 605
A Risk Assessment of Geomagnetic Conditions Impact on GPS Positioning Accuracy Degradation in Tropical Regions Using Dst IndexNenad Sikirica, Franc Dimc, Oliver Jukic, Teodor B. Iliev, Darko Spoljar, Renato Filjar606 - 615
Assessment of Ionospheric Correction Behavior for Use with Precise Point Positioning (PPP)Todd Walter, Juan Blanch, Lance de Groot, Laura Norman616 - 624
Bobcat-1, the Ohio University CubeSat: Preliminary Data AnalysisKevin Croissant, Gregory Jenkins, Ryan McKnight, Brian C. Peters, Sabrina Ugazio and Frank van Graas625 - 636
Machine Learning-based Investigation of Feature Importance for High-latitude Ionospheric Scintillation ForecastingAlexis J. Wu and Yunxiang Liu637 - 647
Measuring Small- and Medium-Scale TEC Spatial Variations and Irregularities from Ground-Based GNSS ObservationsXiaoqing Pi, Shadi Oveisgharan, Ekaterina Tymofyeyeva, Heresh Fattahi, Paul Rosen, and Vardan Akopian648 - 655
Reporting Pre-Sunset Scintillation on GNSS Frequencies over Arabian PeninsulaM. M. Shaikh and I. Fernini656 - 661
An Overview of the Proposed Mode N System in the Context of Alternative Position, Navigation, and Timing (APNT) DevelopmentBrandon Weaver, Gianluca Zampieri, Okuary Osechas662 - 673
A Rényi Divergence Based Approach to Fault Detection and Exclusion for Tightly Coupled GNSS/INS SystemChangwei Chen and Solmaz S. Kia674 - 687
Antenna Group Delay Variation Bias Effect on Advanced RAIMEugene Bang, Mihaela-Simona Circiu, Stefano Caizzone and Markus Rippl688 - 702
Gaussian Bounding Improvements and an Analysis of the Bias-sigma Tradeoff for GNSS IntegrityJuan Blanch, Xinwei Liu, and Todd Walter703 - 713
Final Results on Airborne Multipath Models for Dualconstellation Dual-frequency Aviation ApplicationsMihaela-Simona Circiu, Stefano Caizzone, Christoph Enneking, Friederike Fohlmeister, Markus Rippl, Michael Meurer, Michael Felux, Ioana Gulie, David Rüegg, Joseph Griggs, Rémy Lazzerini, Florent Hagemann, Francois Tranchet, Pierre Bouniol, Matteo Sgammini714 - 727
On The Impact Of Temporal Variation On GNSS Position Error ModelsSyed Ali Kazim, Nourdine Aït Tmazirte, Juliette Marais728 - 737
Sigma-Z: A New Parametric and Constrained-by-Design GNSS Observation Weighting Model for Land ApplicationsNourdine Aït Tmazirte, Syed Ali Kazim, Juliette Marais, Maan El Badaoui El Najjar738 - 752
A Testbench with Increased Accuracy for the Calibration of Inertial Navigation Systems and Inertial SensorsBernard Vau, Mehdi Bussutil, Joachin Honthaas, Colin Stevens753 - 765
Accurate Covariance Estimation for Pose Data from Iterative Closest Point AlgorithmRick H. Yuan, Clark N. Taylor, Scott L. Nykl766 - 774
Calibration of Fixed-Wing UAV Aerodynamic Coefficients with Photogrammetry for VDM-based NavigationGabriel Laupré and Jan Skaloud775 - 786
New SLAM Fusion Algorithm based on Lidar/IMU SensorsPing Jiang, Hang Guo, Hepeng Wang, Min Yu, Jian Xiong787 - 797