2020 IEEE/ION Position, Location and Navigation Symposium (PLANS)

April 20 - 23, 2020
Hilton Portland Downtown
Portland, Oregon
ISSN: 2153-3598

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A Chip-based Brillouin Laser GyroscopeYu-Hung Lai, Myoung-Gyun Suh, Jiang Li, Yu-Kun Lu, Boqiang Shen, Qi-Fan Yang, Heming Wang, Ki Youl Yang, Kerry Vahala1 - 8
High-g Capacitive Accelerometer Arrays with Low Bias InstabilityGary K. Fedder, Vincent P.J. Chung, Metin G. Guney, Xiaoliang Li, Yi Chung Lin, Suresh Santhanam, Jeyanandh Paramesh, Tamal Mukherjee9 - 15
Environmentally-Robust High-Performance Silicon TIMU ChipFarrokh Ayazi, Haoran Wen, Anosh Daruwalla, Pranav Gupta16 - 23
Manufacturing Transition of High-Performance MEMS GyroscopesJeffrey DeNatale, Stephane Martel, Francois Dion, Jonathan Lachance24 - 26
A UAV-based Algorithm to Assist Ground SAR Teams in Finding Lost Persons Living with DementiaDalia Hanna and Alexander Ferworn27 - 35
Intercepting Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Swarms with Neural-Network-Aided Game-Theoretic Target AssignmentNicholas G. Montalbano and Todd E. Humphreys36 - 43
Maneuver Optimization for Synthetic Aperture based DOA estimation of GNSS JammersGerald LaMountain and Pau Closas44 - 49
Model Predictive Control for Vision-Based Quadrotor GuidanceKarsten Mueller, Michael Fennel, Gert F. Trommer50 - 61
A Fault Detection and Isolation Design for a Dual Pitot Tube Air Data SystemKerry Sun and Demoz Gebre-Egziabher62 - 73
Low SWaP-C Radar for Urban Air MobilityWilliam A. Lies, Lakshay Narula, Peter A. Iannucci, Todd E. Humphreys74 - 80
Navigation Error Sensitivity of Autonomous Carrier Landing Systems in GPS-denied EnvironmentsTerran Gerratt, Amanda Strate and Randall Christensen81 - 90
Q-Learning Applied to Soft-Kill Countermeasures for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)Douglas L. da Silva, Felix Antreich, Olympio L. Coutinho, and Renato Machado91 - 99
Adaptive Cooperative Navigation Strategies for Complex EnvironmentsFlavia Causa and Giancarmine Fasano100 - 111
Autonomous UAV-based Forest Mapping Below the CanopyJoakim Rydell, Michael Tulldahl, Erika Bilock, Linnéa Axelsson, Pontus Köhler112 - 117
Real-time Trajectory Optimization for Collaborative Self-Localization in Random Aircraft FormationsJonathon S. Gipson, Christine M. Schubert Kabban, Robert C. Leishman, Juan D. Jurado118 - 124
Development Challenges and Performance Analysis of Drone Visual/Inertial SLAM in a Global ReferenceRami Ronen, Anton Jigalin, Zeev Berman125 - 136
Object Classification and Semantic MappingJamal Atman and Gert F. Trommer137 - 143
Comparison of Nonlinear Filtering Methods for Terrain Referenced Aircraft NavigationBurak Turan144 - 149
Visual Servoing of Micro Aerial Vehicles with the Cooperation of Ground VehicleJiayi Li, Wei Dong, Xinjun Sheng, Sen Xu150 - 155
Scorpion: A Modular Sensor Fusion Approach for Complementary Navigation SensorsKyle Kauffman, Daniel Marietta, John Raquet, Daniel Carson, Robert C. Leishman, Aaron Canciani, Adam Schofield, Michael Caporellie156 - 167
An Investigation of GPS-Denied Navigation Using Airborne Radar TelemetryColton Lindstrom, Randall Christensen, Jacob Gunther168 - 176
Application of Neural Network and Improved Unscented Kalman Filter for GPS/SINS Integrated Navigation SystemDi Zhao, Huaming Qian, Feng Shen177 - 185
Global Localization of Ground Vehicles Using Self-Describing Fiducials Coupled with IMU DataJustin Whitaker, Randall Christensen, Greg Droge186 - 196
Identification of Geometric Displacements of Odometers in a GNSS/Inertial Navigation System Installed on a Land VehicleNikolay Vasilyuk and Dmitry Tokarev197 - 207
Influence of Receiver Clock Modeling in GNSS-based Flight Navigation: Concepts and Experimental ResultsAnkit Jain and Steffen Schön208 - 218
Precise Positioning Through a Loosely-coupled Sensor Fusion of GNSS-RTK, INS and LiDAR for Autonomous DrivingAndreas Schütz, Daniela E. Sánchez-Morales, and Thomas Pany219 - 225
Stand-Alone Orientation System Based on Visual SLAMSergey Zotov226 - 233
Geomagnetic Storm Induced Mid-latitude Ionospheric Plasma Irregularities and Their Implications for GPS Positioning over North America: A Case StudyZhe Yang, Sebastijan Mrak, Y. Jade Morton234 - 238
Robust Modeling of Tropospheric Delay Dynamics for Sequential PositioningElisa Gallon, Mathieu Joerger, Boris Pervan239 - 246
Alternative Strategy for Estimating Zenith Tropospheric Delay from Precise Point PositioningJareer Mohammed, Terry Moore, Chris Hill, Richard M. Bingley 247 - 258
Conjugate Transfer Function Compensation of Ionospheric Refractive EffectsWilliam Krier and Jade Morton259 - 262
Triple-Frequency GNSS Cycle Slip Detection Performance in the Presence of Diffractive Ionosphere ScintillationBrian Breitsch and Y. Jade Morton263 - 269
Look Around You: Sequence-based Radar Place Recognition with Learned Rotational InvarianceMatthew Gadd, Daniele De Martini, and Paul Newman270 - 276
TEX-CUP: The University of Texas Challenge for Urban PositioningLakshay Narula, Daniel M. LaChapelle, Matthew J. Murrian, J. Michael Wooten, Todd E. Humphreys, Elliot de Toldi, Guirec Morvant, Jean-Baptiste Lacambre277 - 284
Cross-Modal Localization: Using Automotive Radar for Absolute Geolocation within a Map Produced with Visible-light ImageryPeter A. Iannucci, Lakshay Narula, and Todd E. Humphreys285 - 296
New Integrated Navigation Scheme for the Level 4 Autonomous Vehicles in Dense Urban AreasLi-Ta Hsu and Weisong Wen297 - 305
On Robot Localization Safety for Fixed-Lag Smoothing: Quantifying the Risk of MisassociationOsama Abdul Hafez, Guillermo Duenas Arana, Yihe Chen, Mathieu Joerger, and Matthew Spenko306 - 317
A New Data Association Method Using Kalman Filter Innovation Vector ProjectionsMathieu Joerger and Ali Hassani318 - 327
Intelligent Navigation in Urban Environments Based on an H-infinity Filter and Reinforcement Learning AlgorithmsIvan Smolyakov and Richard B. Langley328 - 333
LiDAR Lateral Localisation Despite Challenging Occlusion from TrafficTarlan Suleymanov, Matthew Gadd, Lars Kunze, and Paul Newman334 - 341
Satellite Navigation for the Age of AutonomyTyler G.R. Reid, Bryan Chan, Ashish Goel, Kazuma Gunning, Brian Manning, Jerami Martin, Andrew Neish, Adrien Perkins, Paul Tarantino342 - 352
Cooperative Swarm Localization and Mapping with Inter-agent RangingYoung-Hee Lee, Chen Zhu, Gabriele Giorgi, and Christoph Gunther353 - 359
An UWB-based Communication Protocol Design for an Infrastructure-free Cooperative NavigationJianan Zhu and Solmaz S. Kia360 - 366
Maplets: An Efficient Approach for Cooperative SLAM Map Building Under Communication and Computation ConstraintsKevin Brink, Ryan Sherrill, Jamie Godwin, Jincheng Zhang, Andrew Willis367 - 374
Matching Maps of Physical and Virtual Radio Transmitters Using Visibility RegionsMarkus Ulmschneider, Christian Gentner and Armin Dammann375 - 382
Centralized UAV Swarm Formation Estimation with Relative Bearing Measurements and Unreliable GPSJohn Akagi, Randall S. Christensen and Matthew W. Harris383 - 391
Update on BeiDou Navigation Satellite System and PNT SystemXiaochun Lu, Xia Guo, Shuren Guo, Xing Li, Kun Jiang, Jade Morton392 - 398
GPS Modernization and BeyondRanwa Haddad, Karl Kovach, Rhonda Slattery, James Gillis399 - 406
Comparing the ‘Big 4’ – A User’s View on GNSS PerformanceOliver Montenbruck, Peter Steigenberger, André Hauschild407 - 418
PPP: Perhaps the Natural Processing Mode for Precise GNSS PNTSunil Bisnath419 - 425
Economical Fused LEO GNSSPeter A. Iannucci and Todd E. Humphreys426 - 443
Exploring the Design Space of Lunar GNSS in Frozen Orbit ConditionsFilipe Pereira and Daniel Selva444 - 451
A Rigid Message Scheduler for SBASTodd Walter, Andrew Neish, and Juan Blanch452 - 460
An Integrity Monitoring Method for Multi-sensor Collaborative NavigationJun Xiong, Joon Wayn Cheong, Andrew G. Dempster, Zhi Xiong461 - 468
Potential Candidates for New SBAS SignalsAxel Garcia-Pena, Rémi Chauvat, Christophe Macabiau, Jaron Samson, Ivan Lapin, Cyrille Boulanger469 - 480
Overbounding GNSS/INS Integration with Uncertain GNSS Gauss-Markov Error ParametersOmar García Crespillo, Mathieu Joerger, Steve Langel481 - 489
Analyzing Satellite Orbit Error for ARAIM Offline MonitoringJaymin Patel and Boris Pervan490 - 501
Evaluating Integrity and Continuity Over Time in Advanced RAIMCarl Milner, Boris Pervan, Juan Blanch, Mathieu Joerger502 - 514
Flight Testing of Advanced Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring and Dual Polarized AntennaChris Fulton, Chiawei Lee, Dallas Wright, Gregory Eastburg, Josh Rivey, Shawn Whitney, and Tristan Atkins515 - 527
Air-Traffic-Based Synchronization of Ground InfrastructureOkuary Osechas and Gabriele Giorgi528 - 537
Demonstration of a Multi-Layer Spoofing Detection Implemented in a High Precision GNSS ReceiverAli Broumandan, Sandy Kennedy, John Schleppe538 - 547
Detecting GNSS Spoofing of ADS-B Equipped Aircraft using INSBirendra Kujur, Samer Khanafseh, and Boris Pervan548 - 554
GNSS Spoofing Mitigation Using Multiple ReceiversNiklas Stenberg, Erik Axell , Jouni Rantakokko, Gustaf Hendeby555 - 565
Spoofing Detection by Distortion of the Correlation FunctionMichael Turner, Stephen Wimbush, Christoph Enneking, Andriy Konovaltsev566 - 574
Protecting GNSS-based Services using Time Offset ValidationKewei Zhang, Marco Spanghero, Panagiotis Papadimitratos 575 - 583
Model and Observation of the Impact of JTIDS/MIDS on GNSS C/N0 DegradationAxel Garcia-Pena, Christophe Macabiau, John Ashley, Dmitri Baraban, Pierre Durel, Mikael Mabilleau584 - 595
High-rate DFT-based Data Manipulator (HDDM) Algorithm for Effective Interference MitigationJ. Rossouw van der Merwe, Fabio Garzia, Alexander Rügamer, and Wolfgang Felber596 - 605
ITAR Free Smart Antenna Array for Resilient GNSS in AviationE. Pérez-Marcos, L. Kurz, M. Cuntz, S. Caizzone, A. Konovaltsev, M. Meurer606 - 611
Improved Spatial Processing through High-Fidelity Antenna ModelingJohn N. Spitzmiller 612 - 623
Mitigation of Frequency-Hopped Tick Jamming SignalsDaniele Borio and Ciro Gioia624 - 630
Evaluating the Urban Trench Model for Improved GNSS Positioning In Urban AreasLucy Icking, Tobias Kersten, Steffen Schön631 - 638
Evaluating GNSS Navigation Availability in 3-D Mapped Urban EnvironmentsKana Nagai, Titilayo Fasoro, Matthew Spenko, Ron Henderson, and Boris Pervan639 - 646
GNSS/LiDAR Integration Aided by Self-adaptive Gaussian Mixture Models in Urban Scenarios: An Approach Robust to Non-Gaussian NoiseWeisong Wen, Xiwei Bai, Li-Ta Hsu, Tim Pfeifer647 - 654
Optimal GPS Integrity-Constrained Path Planning for Ground VehiclesMahdi Maaref and Zaher M. Kassas655 - 660
Robust Vehicle Localization and Integrity Monitoring based on Spatial Feature Constrained PFJelena Gabela, Ivan Majic, Allison Kealy, Mark Hedley, Shenghong Li661 - 669
Novel Snapshot Integrity Algorithm for Automotive Applications: Test Results Based on Real DataR. Bryant, O. Julien, C. Hide, S. Moridi, I. Sheret670 - 681
Effect of Wheel Odometer on Low-cost Visual-Inertial Navigation System for Ground VehiclesJaehyuck Cha, Jae Hyung Jung, Jae Young Chung, Tae Ihn Kim, Chan Gook Park, Myung Hwan Seo, Sang Yeon Park, and Jong Yun Yeo682 - 687
Deep Learned Multi-Modal Traffic Agent Predictions for Truck Platooning Cut-InsSamuel Paul Douglass Jr., Scott Martin, Andrew Jennings, Howard Chen, David M. Bevly688 - 697
Continuous Time Rate Gyro Calibration and Monocular Camera Misalignment Estimation using a Nonlinear ObserverJoseph Conroy, Sangjin Han, William Nothwang, Gregory Gremillion698 - 703
A Fast In-motion Alignment Based on Inertial Frame and Reverse NavigationBo Xu, Lianzhao Wang, Tenghui Duan, Kunming Jin, Jiao Zhang704 - 713
Research on Faraday Error of Axial Magnetic Field Based on Photonic Crystal Fiber Optic GyroZicheng Wang, Guocheng Wang,Yanyan Wang, Weiqi Miao, Chao Liu714 - 717
Research on Multi-model Adaptive Hull Deformation Measurement AlgorithmWang Yanyan, Zhang Ya, Wang kai, Wang Zhuo, Chang Jiachong, Xu Dingjie718 - 722
Determination of Allan Variance Coefficients Using Genetic AlgorithmAnil Sami Önen and Bagis Altinöz723 - 727
Compact In-Run Navigation Grade IMU Based on Quartz MEMSSergey Zotov, Arvind Srivastava, Ken Kwon, Jeremy Frank, Erwin Parco, Martin Williams, Semen Shtigluz, Kenneth Lyons, Michael Frazee, David Hoyh, Albert Lu728 - 733
Optimal Inner Lever-arm Parameters Calibration Method of High-precision FOG-IMU Based on Sinusoidal Swing SchemeChang Jiachong, Zhang Ya, Wang Zhuo, Liu Chao, Wang Yanyan734 - 739
Research on the Calibrated Method for MEMS Magnetometer ArraysZetao Guo, Xiuli Ning, Tao Zhang, Xiang Xu740 - 745
Novel Approach to Improve Performance of Inertial Navigation System Via Neural NetworkEvgeniy Pukhov and Haim Israel Cohen746 - 754
Dedicated Calculation Strategy for Atom Interferometry Sensors in Inertial NavigationBenjamin Tennstedt and Steffen Schön755 - 764
Gyro Bias Estimation with Quasi-static Magnetic Field in Foot-mounted Pedestrian Dead ReckoningJae Hong Lee, Soyoung Park, Seoung Yun Cho, Chan Gook Park765 - 769
Stochastic Modeling of Gravity Compensation Error in GNSS-aided Inertial Navigation SystemsTimothy G. Needham and Michael S. Braasch770 - 780
UWB Ranging Aided Pedestrian Geolocation with GPB-based Filtering for LoS and NLoS Measurement ProcessingJianan Zhu and Solmaz S. Kia781 - 787
Performance Validation and Comparison of Range/INS Integrated System in Urban Navigation Environment using Unity3D and PILSEunhak Koh, Gwangsoo Park, Byoungjin Lee, Donggyun Kim and Sangkyung Sung788 - 792
A Closed-Form Analytical Estimation of Vertical Displacement Error in Pedestrian NavigationChi-Shih Jao, Yusheng Wang, Sina Askari, and Andrei M. Shkel793 - 797
High-speed Railway Track Integrated Inspecting by GNSS-INS MultisensorRichie Li, Zhengdong Bai, Bobo Chen, Haohao Xin, Yuhang Cheng, Qiong Li, Fei Wu798 - 809
Monocular Visual Odometry with Unmanned Underwater Vehicle Using Low Cost SensorsPaolo Dabove, Vincenzo Di Pietra, Marco Piras810 - 816
INS/Log Integrated Navigation System with Ocean Current Velocity Model Based on Multiple Model Adaptive EstimationXinle Zang, Yueyang Ben, and Qian Li817 - 821
Designing a Ranging Signal for use with VDE R-ModeMarkus Wirsing, Armin Dammann, and Ronald Raulefs822 - 826
Redesigned Waveforms in the Maritime Medium Frequency BandsLars Grundhoefer, Stefan Gewies, Niklas Hehenkamp, Giovanni Del Galdo827 - 831
Machine Learning-Assisted Anomaly Detection in Maritime Navigation Using AIS DataSandeep Kumar Singh and Frank Heymann832 - 838
Test and Evaluation of Autonomous Surface Vehicles: A Case StudyBrian C. Reitz and Joshua L. Wilkerson839 - 850
A Review of Polar Marine Navigation SchemesWenting Cui, Yueyang Ben, and Hanxuan Zhang851 - 855
Automotive-Radar-Based 50-cm Urban PositioningLakshay Narula, Peter A. Iannucci, Todd E. Humphreys856 - 867
A New Approach for Modeling Correlated Gaussian Errors Using Frequency Domain OverboundingSteven Langel, Omar García Crespillo, Mathieu Joerger868 - 876
GNSS Interference Source Tracking using Kalman FiltersSanat K Biswas and Ediz Cetin877 - 882
A Graph Approach to Dynamic Fusion of SensorsXin Zhang and Haipeng Sun883 - 887
Relational Database for PNT DataSean Mochocki, Kyle Kauffman, Robert Leishman, John Raquet888 - 899
Pedestrian Inertial Navigation System Augmented by Vision-Based Foot-to-foot Relative Position MeasurementsChi-Shih Jao, Yusheng Wang, Andrei M. Shkel 900 - 907
Localization Based on Lidar and GNSS for Connected VehiclesJae-Hoon Ahn and Jong-Hoon Won908 - 914
GPS Positioning in Reduced Coverage Environments Using Batched Doppler and Pseudorange MeasurementsJoshua Wood, Sterling Thompson, Scott Martin and David Bevly915 - 924
Navigation and Estimation Improvement by Environmental-Driven Noise Mode DetectionJindrich Dunik, Oliver Kost, Ondrej Straka, Erik Blasch925 - 932
Recursive Gaussian Processes and Fingerprinting for Indoor NavigationTales Imbiriba, Peng Wu, Gerald LaMountain, Deniz Erdogmus, and Pau Closas933 - 940
Joint Train Localization and Track Identification based on Earth Magnetic Field DistortionsBenjamin Siebler, Oliver Heirich, Stephan Sand, Uwe D. Hanebeck941 - 948
Celestial Navigation – Correcting the FolklorePeter F. Swaszek, Richard J. Hartnett and Kelly C. Seals949 - 959
The Utilization of DNN-based Semantic Segmentation for Improving Low-Cost Integrated Stereo Visual Odometry in Challenging Urban EnvironmentsHany Ragab, Mohamed Elhabiby, Sidney Givigi, Aboelmagd Noureldin960 - 966
Quantifying Feature Association Error in Camera-based PositioningChen Zhu, Mathieu Joerger, Michael Meurer967 - 972
Smart Features for Dynamic Vision SensorsZachary P. Friedel and Robert C. Leishman973 - 978
A Hybrid Position Estimation Framework Based on GNSS and Visual Sensor FusionSara Baldoni, Federica Battisti, Michele Brizzi, Alessandro Neri979 - 986
Landmark Aided GPS-Denied Navigation for Orchards and VineyardsAustin Costley and Randall Christensen987 - 995
Performance Analysis for Autonomous Vehicle 5G-Assisted Positioning in GNSS-Challenged EnvironmentsZohair Abu-Shaban, Gonzalo Seco-Granados, Craig R. Benson, Henk Wymeersch996 - 1003
Reinforcement Learning for UAV Autonomous Navigation, Mapping and Target DetectionAnna Guerra, Francesco Guidi, Davide Dardari, Petar M. Djuric1004 - 1013
Localization Based on Channel Impulse Response EstimatesZehao Yu, Zhenyu Liu, Florian Meyer, Andrea Conti, and Moe Z. Win1014 - 1021
Multipoint Channel Charting with Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Convolutional AutoencoderChunhua Geng, Howard Huang, and Jack Langerman1022 - 1028
WiFi-RTT Indoor PositioningChristian Gentner, Markus Ulmschneider, Isabel Kuehner, Armin Dammann1029 - 1035
Metric Learning for Fingerprint RSSI-LocalizationKevin Elgui, Pacal Bianchi, Olivier Isson, Francois Portier, Renaud Marty1036 - 1042
Mobile Positioning with Signals of Opportunity in Urban and Urban Canyon EnvironmentsChun Yang and Andrey Soloviev1043 - 1059
Combining TDoA and AoA with a Particle Filter in an Outdoor LoRaWAN NetworkMichiel Aernouts, Noori BniLam, Nico Podevijn, David Plets, Wout Joseph, Rafael Berkvens and Maarten Weyn1060 - 1069
Enhanced Multilateration Methods With A Global ApproachRabih Chrabieh, Mazen Neifer, Ganda Ouedraogo, Ines Ben Hamida, Peter Bagnall, and Serdar Sezginer1070 - 1078
Seamless Navigation Using UWB-based Multisensor SystemVincenzo Di Pietra, Paolo Dabove, Marco Piras1079 - 1084
Solution Separation-based FD to Mitigate the Effects of Local Threats on PPP IntegrityJuan Blanch, Todd Walter, Laura Norman, Kazuma Gunning, Lance de Groot1085 - 1092
Benefits of Motion Constraining for Robust, Low-cost, Dual-frequency GNSS PPP + MEMS IMU NavigationSudha Vana, Nacer Naciri and Sunil Bisnath1093 - 1103
From Single to Precise Point Positioning: The Impact on Time RetrievalCiro Gioia, Daniele Borio, Eugenio Realini, Andrea Gatti, Giulio Tagliaferro1104 - 1110
Assessment of Real-time Multipath Detection with Android Raw GNSS Measurements by Using a Xiaomi Mi 8 SmartphoneLotfi Massarweh, Marco Fortunato, Ciro Gioia1111 - 1122
Cycle Slip Detection and Repair Using an Array of Receivers with Known Geometry for RTK PositioningXiao Hu, Paul Thevenon, Christophe Macabiau1123 - 1134
GNSS Attitude Determination Using a Constrained Wrapped Least Squares ApproachXing Liu, Tarig Ballal, and Tareq Y. Al-Naffouri1135 - 1139
Demonstration of Fused RTK (Fixed) + Inertial Positioning Using Android Smartphone Sensors OnlyMohamed Bochkati, Himanshu Sharma, Christian A. Lichtenberger, Thomas Pany1140 - 1154
Deployment and Evaluation of a Real-time Kinematic System Using tinc-VPN SoftwareXing Liu, Tarig Ballal, Martins Bruvelis, and Tareq Y. Al-Naffouri1155 - 1159
Theoretical and Practical Evaluation of an Overlay Multi-band Front-endAlexander Rügamer, J. Rossouw van der Merwe, Iñigo Cortes, and Wolfgang Felber1160 - 1167
Optimizing Signal Processing Kernels for GNSS Software ReceiversCillian O’Driscoll1168 - 1177
Adaptive Loop-Bandwidth Control Algorithm for Scalar Tracking LoopsIñigo Cortés, Johannes Rossouw van der Merwe, Alexander Rügamer and Wolfgang Felber1178 - 1188
Robust GNSS Phase Tracking in Case of Slow Dynamics using Variational Bayes InferenceFabio Fabozzi, Stéphanie Bidon, Sebastien Roche and Benoît Priot1189 - 1195
High-resolution Correlator Based Detection of GPS Spoofing Attacks Using the LASSOErick Schmidt, Nikolaos Gatsis, David Akopian 1196 - 1201
On Efficient and Low-Complexity Decoding of Binary LDPC-Coded CSK Signals for GNSS Links with Increased Data RatesRémi Chauvat, Axel Garcia-Pena, Matteo Paonni1202 - 1213
Deep Neural Network Approach to GNSS Signal AcquisitionParisa Borhani-Darian and Pau Closas1214 - 1223
A Machine Learning Approach for GPS Code Phase Estimation in Multipath EnvironmentsMohamad Orabi, Joe Khalife, Ali A. Abdallah, Zaher M. Kassas, and Samer S. Saab1224 - 1229
Real Time Results of Vector Delay Lock Loop in a Light Urban ScenarioKatrin Dietmayer, Florian Kunzi, Fabio Garzia, Matthias Overbeck and Dr. Wolfgang Felber1230 - 1236
Design and Implementation of a Software Defined Radio GNSS receiver based on OpenCLJanos Buttgereit, Timo Schwarte, Götz C. Kappen1237 - 1246
Accurate Position and Attitude Determination in a Severe Multipath Environment Using an Uncalibrated Multi-Antenna-SystemSoeren Zorn, Christian Siebert, Michael Niestroj, Marius Brachvogel, Michael Meurer1247 - 1255
A Subspace-based Spatial and Temporal Multipath Mitigation for Multi-antenna GPS ReceiverXi Hong, Tian Gan, Menghan Lin, Ning Chang, Wenjie Wang, Qinye Yin1256 - 1266
Sparse Spatial and Temporal Estimation for Multipath Mitigation in GNSSNing Chang, Wenjie Wang, Xi Hong, Jose A. Lopez-Salcedo, Gonzalo Seco-Granados1267 - 1272
A Cellular-Modem-Hosted Low-Cost Single-Shot Dual-Mode Assisted-GNSS Receiver for the Internet of ThingsMatthias Korb, Qiuting Huang, Philipp Stockel, Goetz C. Kappen, Benjamin Weber, Miguel Garcia1273 - 1279
Acoustic Positioning and Navigation System for GNSS Denied/Challenged EnvironmentsRohan Kapoor, Alessandro Gardi and Roberto Sabatini1280 - 1285
Approach for Autonomous Robot Navigation in Greenhouse Environment for Integrated Pest ManagementSmita Tiwari, Yuheng Zheng, Michael Pattinson, María Campo-Cossio, Raúl Arnau, David Obregon, Ander Ansuategui, Carlos Tubio, Iker Lluvia, Oscar Rey, Jeroen Verschoore, Vojtch Adam, Joaquin Reyes1286 - 1294
A Motion Induced Passive Infrared (PIR) Sensor for Stationary Human Occupancy DetectionJack Andrews, Meghana Kowsika, Asad Vakil, Jia Li1295 - 1304
A Power-Efficient BLE augmented GNSS Approach to Site-Specific NavigationZhuangzhuang Dai and Frank JW Podd1305 - 1310
Evaluation of Virtual Reality Tracking Performance for Indoor NavigationRui Wu, Jeevitha Pandurangaiah, Grayson Morgan Blankenship, Christopher Xavier Castro, Shanyue Guan, Andrew Ju, Zhen Zhu1311 - 1316
Centimeter-Level Indoor Localization using Channel State Information with Recurrent Neural NetworksJianyuan Yu, Hussein Metwaly Saad and R. Michael Buehrer1317 - 1323
Deep Learning-Aided Spatial Discrimination for Multipath MitigationAli A. Abdallah and Zaher M. Kassas1324 - 1335
SLAM based Topological Mapping and NavigationWuyang Xue, Rendong Ying, Zheng Gong, Ruihang Miao, Fei Wen, and Peilin Liu1336 - 1341
An Enhanced Indoor Ranging Method using CSI Measurements with Extended Kalman FilterJingjing Wang and Joon Goo Park1342 - 1348
Advanced TOA Estimation For Multipath ChannelsRabih Chrabieh, Peter Bagnall, Serdar Sezginer, and Dirk Slock1349 - 1357
Improved Time-of-Arrival Estimation Algorithm for Cellular Signals in Multipath Fading ChannelsPai Wang and Y. Jade Morton1358 - 1364
Implementation and Performance Evaluation of Cellular NB-IoT OTDOA PositioningMauro Salomon, Stefan Lippuner, Matthias Korb, Qiuting Huang1365 - 1371
Sparse Signal Bands Selection for Precise Time-based Ranging in Terrestrial PositioningHan Dun, Christian C.J.M. Tiberius, Cherif Diouf, Gerard J.M. Janssen1372 - 1380
Algorithm for Three-Dimensional Geodetic Positioning Based on Measurements of Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast SignalsNicholas A. Baine and Richard A. Gross1381 - 1392
Navigation With Differential Carrier Phase Measurements From Megaconstellation LEO SatellitesJoe Khalife, Mohammad Neinavaie, and Zaher M. Kassas1393 - 1404
Using UWB Aided GNSS/INS Integrated Navigation to Bridge GNSS Outages Based on Optimal Anchor Distribution StrategyRongge Zhang, Feng Shen, Yi Liang, Di Zhao1405 - 1411
Urban Wi-Fi RSSI Analysis Along a Public Transport Route for Kinematic LocalizationGuenther Retscher and Aizhan Bekenova1412 - 1419
Compass Aided TDoA Tracking in LoRaWAN NetworksNico Podevijn, Jens Trogh, Michiel Aernouts, Rafael Berkvens, Luc Martens, Maarten Weyn, Wout Joseph, David Plets1420 - 1424
Sub-Degree-Per-Hour MEMS Gyroscope for Measurement While Drilling at 300°CDavid Lin, Robert MacDonald, Dorin Calbaza, Brian Scherer, Tammy Johnson, Tim Toepfer, David Shaddock, Emad Andarawis1425 - 1431
Universal ASIC for Low C-SWaP INSAnthony Dorian Challoner, Jeremy Daniel Popp, Peter Bond1432 - 1438
Low Cost MEMS Based Systems Augmenting Location and Navigation Performance in Consumer and Industrial Electronics ApplicationsMarcellino Gemelli, Ryotaro Sakauchi, Thomas Block, Sergej Scheiermann1439 - 1443
Low-Cost Validation for Complementary Filter-Based AHRSPavlo Vlastos, Gabriel Elkaim, and Renwick Curry1444 - 1451
Compensation of Systematic Errors in ZUPT-Aided Pedestrian Inertial NavigationYusheng Wang, Yu-Wei Lin, Sina Askari, Chi-Shih Jao, and Andrei M. Shkel1452 - 1456
On the Calibration Aspects of MEMS-IMUs used in Micro UAVs for Sensor OrientationPhilipp Clausen and Jan Skaloud1457 - 1466
3D Dual-Shell Micro-Resonators for Harsh EnvironmentsMohammad H. Asadian, Danmeng Wang, Yusheng Wang, Andrei M. Shkel1467 - 1471
Efficient GPS Scheduling in Wildlife Tags using an Extended Kalman Filter-based Uncertainty Suppression StrategyMax Lichtenstein and Gabriel Elkaim1472 - 1475
Development of GNC for Optimal Relative Spacecraft TrajectoriesWyatt Harris, Dax Linville, Joshuah Hess, Richard Cobb1476 - 1487
Terrestrial Testing of Multi-Agent, Relative Guidance, Navigation, and Control AlgorithmsMark Mercier, Sean Phillips, Matt Shubert, Wenjie Dong1488 - 1497
Effect of Sensor Quality on Relative State Estimation of Formation Flying of SatellitesRussell Babb, Trevor Pratt, Brian Merrell, and Randall Christensen1498 - 1505
Precision Onboard Navigation for LEO Satellite based on Precise Point PositioningMasaya Murata, Isao Kawano, Koichi Inoue1506 - 1513
Improve GNSS Orbit Determination by using Estimated Tropospheric and Ionospheric ModelsCazabonne Bryan and Maisonobe Luc1514 - 1523
Linear Covariance Navigation Analysis of Range and Image Measurement Processing for Autonomous Lunar Lander MissionsRandall Christensen, David Geller, Michael Hansen1524 - 1535
CubeSat-Based Lunar Map Refinement Utilizing Surface Beacons and a Monocular CameraTyler Gardner, Michael Hansen, Natalie Wisniewski, and Randall Christensen1536 - 1546
An End-to-End Process for Local Space Situational Awareness from Optical ObserversDavid Zuehlke, Troy Henderson, T. Alan Lowell, and Alex Sizemore1547 - 1555
Demonstration of LEO Object Detection Using GNSS Passive Radar: A Proof of ConceptMd Sohrab Mahmud, Sana Ullah Qaisar, Andrew Lambert and Craig Benson1556 - 1562
Perception-aided Visual-Inertial Integrated Positioning in Dynamic Urban AreasXiwei Bai, Bo Zhang, Weisong Wen, Li-Ta Hsu, Huiyun Li 1563 - 1571
Feature Assisted Direct Visual Odometry with Virtual Wide Field-of-View TrackingRuihang Miao, Peilin Liu, Fei Wen, Zheng Gong, Wuyang Xue, Rendong Ying1572 - 1577
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