Proceedings of the 50th Annual Precise Time and Time Interval Systems and Applications Meeting

January 28 - 31, 2019
Hyatt Regency Reston
Reston, Virginia
ISSN: 2333-2069
ISBN: 0-936406-20-8

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GNSS – From a Single Point of Failure to Multiple Points of Success or How to Avoid a PNT Zombie ApocalypseDana A. Goward1 - 7
The Development of Coordinated Universal TimeDennis D. McCarthy8 - 52
The BIPM Time Department: Report on ActivityPatrizia Tavella, Gérard Petti, Gianna Panfilo, Frédéric Meyenadier, Aurélie Harmegnies, Johanna Goncalves, Laurent Tisserand53 - 61
Improvements of TA(SU) and UTC(SU) During Last YearIgor Yu. Blinov, Alexander I. Boyko,  Nikolai B. Kosheliaevskii and Olga Yu. Sokolova62 - 67
Frequency Comparisons via GPS Carrier-phase: Jump Processing, Temperature Compensation and Zero/Short-baseline Noise-floorsDaphna G. Enzer, David W. Murphy, and William A. Diener68 - 82
Suppression of Dick Effect by Interleaving Lock in a Ramsey-CPT Atomic ClockPengfei Cheng, Jianwei Zhang, Daonong Zhang, L.J. Wang83 - 84
The CLONETS – Clock Network Services Strategy and Innovation for Clock Services Over Optical-Fibre NetworksJosef Vojtech, Jan Radil, Vladimir Smotlacha, Radek Velc, Przemyslaw Krehlik, Lukasz Sliwczynski, Mauro Campanella, Davide Calonico, Cecilia Clivati, Filippo Levi, Ondrej Cíp, Lenka Pravdova, Simon Rerucha, Ronald Holzwarth, Maurice Lessing, Sarah Saint-Jalm, Fabiola Camargo, Bruno Desruelle, Jean Lautier-Gaud, Elizabeth Laier English, Jochen Kronjäger, Peter Whibberley, Eva Bookjans, Paul-Eric Pottie, Philip Tuckey, Tomáš Müller, Jirí Štefl, Pawel Nogas, Robert Urbaniak, Artur Binczewski, Wojbor Bogacki, Krzysztof Turza, Gesine Grosche, Harald Schnatz, Emilie Camisard, Nicolas Quintin, Javier Diaz, Eduardo Ros, Trinidad García, Alessandro Galardini, Alwyn Seeds, Zhen Yang, Anne Amy-Klein85 - 91
Asymmetry Effects of Satellite Motion on Two-Way Time and Frequency TransferWen-Hung Tseng, Shinn-Yan Lin92 - 105
Bilateral Phase Noise Comparison between Tubitak UME and SASO NMCCAdem Gedik, Ramiz Hamid, Khalid S. AlDawood, Fahad A. AlMuhlaki, Waleed M. Al Harbi106 - 111
To the Issue of Frequency Band and Frequency Measurement AccuracyIgor Yu. Blinov, Yuri S. Domnin, N. Kosheliaevskii112 - 116
Thinking on GNSS System Time Scale and InteroperabilityNikolai B. Kosheliaevskii117 - 121
Amelioration of the usage and Monitoring of GNSS Signals at PTBAndreas Bauch, Dirk Piester, Thomas Polewka, Egle Staliuniene122 - 130
Time Transfer via BDS and Galileo Compared to Time Transfer via GPSK. Liang, Q. Chen, K. Han, Z. Yang, A. Zhang, C. Ding131 - 136
Precise Time in your Pocket: Timing Performance of Android PhonesCiro Gioia, Sophie Damy, Daniele Borio137 - 148
High Stability Reference Clock for Small SatellitesDamon Van Buren, Scott Palo, Penina Axelrad149 - 167
Ensemble AT1 Ensemble Timekeeping for a Satcom SystemJames Camparo and Travis Driskell168 - 176
GNSS Stability Monitoring using the Three-Cornered Hat MethodCiro Gioia, Daniele Borio, Sophie Damy177 - 190
PulChron: A Pulsar Time Scale Demonstration for PNT systemsRicardo Píriz, Esteban Garbin, Pedro Roldán, Michael Keith, Benjamin Shaw, Setnam Shemar, Kathryn Burrows, John Davis, Stefano Binda191 - 205
Time Keeping and Time Transfer Activities at NIMAimin Zhang, Kun Liang, Yuan Gao, Zhiqiang Yang, Yuzhuo Wang, Qinghua Xu206 - 213
Space CSAC: From Concept to Qualified ProductStewart Hampton, Matt Stanczyk, Peter Cash, Mike Silveira214 - 234
European Union Funded Projects for Time and Frequency Transfer in Optical FiberVladimir Smotlacha, Josef Vojtech235 - 241
Galileo Programme: Opportunities for Timing and SynchronisationValeria Catalano242 - 264
Comparison of Clock Models in View of Clock Composition, Clock Steering and Measurement FittingChristian Trainotti, Tobias D. Schmidt, Johann Furthner265 - 283
The New TA(TL) Model Composited by Hydrogen Maser and Cesium Clock EnsemblesShinn Yan Lin284 - 289
Comparing Clock Steering Technique Performances in Simulations and MeasurementsTobias D. Schmidt, Christian Trainotti, Johann Furthner290 - 298
The Unification of the Pole Placement and Linear Quadratic Gaussian TechniquesDemetrios Matsakis299 - 335
On Disciplined Oscillators for Traceable Frequency and Time in Metrology and Financial SectorsDirk Piester, Andreas Bauch, Thomas Polewka, Egle Staliuniene, Kristof Teichel336 - 348
Implementation of UTC-compliant Leap Seconds in Microsoft WindowsDaniel Cuomo, Travis Luke, Sarath Madakasira349 - 363
Accurate Local TimestampsBrooks Harris364 - 373
Rethinking Timekeeping for Modern IT SolutionsSon VoBa, Charles L. Ulland, Michael A. Lombardi, Arno Lentfer374 - 397