Proceedings of the 2019 International Technical Meeting of The Institute of Navigation

January 28 - 31, 2019
Hyatt Regency Reston
Reston, Virginia
ISSN: 2330-3646
ISBN: 0-936406-21-6

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GNSS – From a Single Point of Failure to Multiple Points of Success or How to Avoid a PNT Zombie ApocalypseDana A. Goward1 - 7
The Development of Coordinated Universal TimeDennis D. McCarthy8 - 52
Development and Evaluation of Airborne Multipath Error Bounds for L1-L5Juan Blanch, Todd Walter, R. Eric Phelts53 - 61
Towards Airborne Multipath Models for Dual Constellation and Dual-frequency GNSSMichael Felux, Mihaela-Simona Circiu, Stefano Caizzone, Christoph Enneking, Friederike Fohlmeister, Markus Rippl62 - 68
Galileo Model of Group Delay Accuracy for Advanced RAIM usersIlaria Martini, Matteo Sgammini, Juan Pablo Boyero69 - 84
Sample Temporal Correlation Effect on PHMIEugene Bang, Carl Milner, Christophe Macabiau, Philippe Estival85 - 99
Integrity Risk Evaluation of Impact of Ionospheric Anomalies on GAST D GBASMoonseok Yoon and Jiyun Lee, Sam Pullen100 - 112
Safety Analysis of Ranging Biases on the WAAS GEOsTodd Walter, Juan Blanch, Eric Altshuler113 - 130
Field Data Collection to Validate the Usage of WAAS for Maritime Navigation in Canadian WatersGregory Johnson, Christopher Grayson, Gaurav Dhungana, Jean Delisle131 - 145
An Evaluation of WAAS to Meet Maritime Navigation Requirements in Canadian WatersGregory Johnson, Christopher Grayson, Gaurav Dhungana, Jean Delisle146 - 161
A GPS and GLONASS L1 Vector Tracking Software-Defined ReceiverTanner Watts, Scott Martin, David Bevly162 - 176
Characterization of Line-of-sight and Non-line-of-sight Pseudorange Multipath Errors in Urban Environment for GPS and GalileoEustachio Roberto Matera, Axel Garcia-Pena, Olivier Julien, Carl Milner, Bertrand Ekambi177 - 196
A High-Fidelity Wideband Signal Software Simulator for GNSS Antenna Arrays Accelerated by GPUGuifeng Fan, Xueyong Xu, Xiaowei Cui, Mingquan Lu197 - 208
Exploiting Wideband Characteristics for GNSS Interference Geo-localisation: Theory and Field TestJoon Wayn Cheong, Andrew G. Dempster, Ryan J. Thompson, Joe Fleming, Graeme Hooper209 - 223
GNSS Interference in L-Band SAR Missions – Assessment and MitigationOliver Montenbruck, Markus Markgraf, Michel Tossaint224 - 232
A Comparison of Optimized Mitigation Techniques for Swept-frequency JammersWenjian Qin, Fabio Dovis, Micaela Troglia Gamba, Emanuela Falletti233 - 247
IMM Methods for Carrier Phase Tracking and Navigation Data Bits Estimation Through InterferenceWengxiang Zhao, Boris Pervan248 - 256
GNSS/INS Integration with Partial-ZUPT for Land Vehicle NavigationJingxuan Su, Zheng Yao, Mingquan Lu257 - 269
FQS: Feature Quality Supervision for Visual-Inertial NavigationHongyan Liu, Huimin Ma, Jinghuan Wen, Jingxuan Su, Zheng Yao, Lin Zhang270 - 282
Fusion of Dual Optical Position Solutions for Augmentation of GNSS-based Aircraft Landing SystemsM. Angermann, S. Wolkow, A. Dekiert, U. Bestmann, P. Hecker283 - 295
Diagnostics of GNSS-based Virtual Balise in Railway Using Embedded Odometry and Track GeometryHeekwon No, Jérémy Vezinet, Carl Milner296 - 305
Performance Evaluation of Navigation Using LEO Satellite Signals with Periodically Transmitted Satellite PositionsChristian T. Ardito, Joshua J. Morales, Joe Khalife, Ali. A. Abdallah, Zaher M. Kassas306 - 318
Ultrasonic Wheel Based Aiding for Land Vehicle Navigation in GNSS Denied EnvironmentM. Moussa, A. Moussa, N. El-Sheimy319 - 333
UWB-based Infrastructure-free Cooperative Navigation with NLoS Ranging bias Compensation for Indoor Pedestrian GeolocationJianan Zhu, Solmaz S. Kia334 - 344
Investigation of the Vulnerability of Mobile Networks Against Spoofing Attacks on their GNSS Timing-receiver and Developing a Meaconing ProtectionRonny Blum, Dominik Dötterböck, Thomas Pany345 - 362
On the Effects of Distance-decreasing Attacks on Cryptographically Protected GNSS SignalsKewei Zhang, Panos Papadimitratos363 - 372
Test of Crowdsourced Smartphones Measurements to Detect GNSS Spoofing and Other DisruptionsSherman Lo, Yu Hsuan Chen, Dennis Akos, Brandon Cotts, Damien Miralles373 - 388
Increasing International Civil Aviation Resilience: A Proposal for Nomenclature, Categorization and Treatment of New Interference ThreatsIgnacio Fernández-Hernández, Todd Walter, Ken Alexander, Barbara Clark, Eric Châtre, Chris Hegarty, Manuel Appel, Michael Meurer389 - 407
On Cyber-security of Augmentation NetworksAlessandro Neri, Sara Baldoni, Roberto Capua408 - 422
A Novel Authentication Signal Component for Codeless CorrelationE. Gkougkas, M. Arizabaleta, T. Pany, B. Eissfeller423 - 434
A Machine Learning Approach for Wi-Fi RTT RangingNir Dvorecki, Ofer Bar-Shalom, Leor Banin, Yuval Amizur435 - 444
Single Transmitter based Precise Positioning System using Multiple Antenna: Experimental TestsO-Jong Kim, Beomju Shin, Changdon Kee, Chongwon Kim, Taikjin Lee, Hyungmin So, Gapjin Kim445 - 458
An Experimental Receiver for Positioning by Triangulating on Non-Cooperating Cell TowersGennady Y. Poberezhskiy, David E. Lewis, Paul H. Grobert, Paul G. Quinn, William K. Wallace459 - 470
Aerial Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Using Earth's Magnetic Anomaly FieldTaylor N. Lee, Aaron J. Canciani471 - 485
Comparison of Transfer Alignment Methods for Fixed-Wing Air Vehicles with Actual F-16 Flight DataMehmet Erçin Özgeneci, Evrim Özten486 - 494
Magnetic Gradient Tensor Framework for Attitude-Free Position EstimationTimothy Getscher, Paul Frontera495 - 507
DME Multipath Simulations as a Critical enabler to Support DME/DME RNP ReversionVictor M. Gordo, Gema A. Paz, Javier San-Juan508 - 521
Rethinking Star Selection in Celestial NavigationPeter F Swaszek, Richard J. Hartnett and Kelly C. Seals522 - 535
Surface Correlation based Localization Technology using only LTE Signals in Urban CanyonJung Ho Lee, Beomju Shin, Seo Ho Lee, Jinwoo Park, Taikjin Lee536 - 542
Integrity for High Accuracy GNSS Correction ServicesLandon Urquhart, Rodrigo Leandro, Paola Gonzales543 - 553
A New Cycle-Slip Detection Algorithm for Network RTK Using Optimal Dual-Frequency Carrier-Phase CombinationsDonguk Kim, Junesol Song, Sunkyoung Yu, Changdon Kee554 - 567
Analysis of GPS-DCM Clock Corrections in Support of 1Hz PPP-AR ApplicationsOmid Kamali, François Lahaye568 - 576
Emulating the Smartphone GNSS Receiver to Understand and Analyze the Anomalies in RTK Positioning using GNSS Raw MeasurementsHimanshu Sharma, Andreas Schütz, Thomas Pany577 - 582
Performance of Dual-Channel Codeless and Semicodeless ProcessingJohn W. Betz, Alessandro P. Cerruti583 - 597
On-the-fly Ambiguity Resolution without Requirements of Priori Position Information for Passive Pseudolite ReceiverShijie Yun, Zheng Yao, Tengfei Wang, Jingxuan Su, Mingquan Lu598 - 607
Integrity Monitoring for Collaborative Air-to-Air Alternative PNT ServicesOkuary Osechas, Michael Meurer608 - 617
Assessment of Ionospheric Spatial Decorrelation for Daytime Operations of GBAS in the Brazilian RegionHyeyeon Chang, Moonseok Yoon, Jiyun Lee, Sam Pullen, Leonardo Marini Pereira618 - 631
A Comparative Analysis of Polar and Equatorial Scintillation Effects on GPS L1 and L5 Tracking LoopsCaner Savas, Gianluca Falco, Fabio Dovis632 - 646
Evaluation of Low Latitude Scintillation Data with a Dual Kalman SmootherFriederike Fohlmeister, Felix Antreich, Volker Wilken, Martin Kriegel, João Cesar Moura Mota, André Lima Ferrer  de Almeida, Francisco Geraldo de Melo Pinheiro, Josef A. Nossek647 - 659
Half-year Comparison of Precipitable Water Vapor Retrieved with Novel Ground-based Microwave Radiometer and GPS Receiver at Tsukuba and Numerical Weather Analysis DataRyuichi Ichikawa, Taketo Nagasaki, Osamu Tajima, Hiroshi Takiguchi, Kentaro Araki, Takuya Tajiri660 - 664
Monitoring Sea Level Change in Arctic using GNSS-ReflectometrySu-Kyung Kim, Jihye Park665 - 675
GPS and InSAR Inversion for Coseismic Deformation Field and Slip Distribution of the Ms7.0 Jiuzhaigou EarthquakeHuixia Li, Wenhao Wu, Hang Guo, Richard B. Langley676 - 685
Flight Results of GPS-Based Attitude Determination for the Canadian CASSIOPE SatelliteA. Hauschild, O. Montenbruck, R.B. Langley686 - 695
A Star Tracker for Cubesats - Implementation and AnalysisWen-Chiao Chen, Shau-Shiun Jan696 - 706
SBAS Corrections for PPP Integrity with Solution SeparationKazuma Gunning, Juan Blanch, Todd Walter707 - 719
Reducing Computational Load in Solution Separation for Kalman Filters and an Application to PPP IntegrityJuan Blanch, Kaz Gunning, Todd Walter, Lance De Groot, Laura Norman720 - 729
Reliability and Integrity Measures of GPS Positioning via Geometrical ConstraintsHani Dbouk, Steffen Schön730 - 743
Demonstration of Integrity Protection for Multi-Constellation Carrier Phase Solution using RANSAC-based FDEZhen Zhu, Eric Vinande744 - 761
Dual-Constellation Aided High Integrity and High Accuracy Navigation Filter for Maritime ApplicationsShuchen Liu, Jan-Jöran Gehrt, Dirk Abel, René Zweigel762 - 774
Ground Monitor Threshold Models of BDS GBASZhipeng Wang, Yu Yin, Qiang Li, Dan Song, Yue Zhang775 - 789
An Augmentation and Integrity Monitoring Network for Railway and Automotive TransportationPietro Salvatori, Cosimo Stallo, Andrea Coluccia, Sam Pullen, Sherman Lo, Alessandro Neri790 - 801
Implementation and Evaluation of GPS/GLONASS RAIMNatasha Norris, Frank van Graas, Eric Vinande802 - 815
Questions for Providers of Expert Opinion on Logged GNSS EvidenceAndrew G. Dempster, Gary Edmond, Allison Kealy, Terry Moore816 - 827
Rural Positioning Challenges for Connected and Autonomous VehiclesJoseph G. Walters, Xiaolin Meng, Chang Xu, Hao (Julia) Jing, Stuart Marsh828 - 842
2D Positioning of Ground Vehicles using Stereo Vision and a Single Ranging LinkChen Zhu, Gabriele Giorgi, Young-Hee Lee, Christoph Günther843 - 855
Computationally Efficient Vision-based UAV PositioningJoakim Rydell, Erika Bilock, Michael Tulldahl856 - 861
Place Classification and Semantic Mapping for MAV ApplicationsJamal Atman, Gert F. Trommer862 - 869
Detection, Classification, and Tracking of Objects for Autonomous VehiclesMilan Aryal, Nicholas Baine870 - 883
Accuracy and Availability of an Optical Positioning System for Aircraft LandingStephan Wolkow, Alexander Schwithal, Maik Angermann, Andreas Dekiert, Ulf Bestmann884 - 895
Advantages and Challenges of using Infrared Cameras for Relative Positioning during LandingAndreas M. Dekiert, Stephan Wolkow, Maik Angermann, Ulf Bestmann, Peter Hecker896 - 908
BeiDou 3 Signal Quality Analysis and its Impact on UsersSteffen Thoelert, Felix Antreich, Christoph Enneking, Michael Meurer909 - 924
Pure Pilot Signals: How Short can we Choose GNSS Spreading Codes?Christoph Enneking, Felix Antreich, Manuel M. Appel, André L.F. de Almeida925 - 935
Effect of GPS III Weighted Voting on P(Y) Receiver Processing PerformanceDavid William Allen, Alberto Arredondo, Daniel R. Barnes, John W. Betz, Alessandro P. Cerruti, Benjamin Davidson, Karl L. Kovach, Alexander Utter936 - 950
A MBOC Signal Tracking Algorithm based on Split Processing TechniqueTengfei Da, Xueyong Xu, Xiaowei Cui, Guifeng Fan, Mingquan Lu951 - 965
Single-Chip Delivers Multi-Band Multi-GNSS Raw Measurement and Built-In RTK Engine for Mass Market ApplicationsRyan K.Y. Yang, Shi Xian Yang, Gary Hau, Chia Wei Sung, Hongtao Yu966 - 981