Proceedings of the 31st International Technical Meeting of the Satellite Division of The Institute of Navigation (ION GNSS+ 2018)

September 24 - 28, 2018
Hyatt Regency Miami
Miami, Florida
ISSN: 2331-5954
ISBN: 0-936406-10-0

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Emergency Location Service (ELS) in AndroidSteve Malkos1 - 42
A Lidar History: From Ship to Air to SpacePaul E. LaRocque43 - 129
Continuous Environment Mapping for Enhanced Low-cost Urban NavigationIvan Smolyakov, Evgeny Klochikhin, and Richard B. Langley130 - 142
Collaborative GNSS Positioning with the Aids of 3D City ModelsGuohao Zhang, Weisong Wen and Li-Ta Hsu143 - 149
NLOS Signal Detection Based on the Signal Characteristics in Dense Urban EnvironmentYuze Wang, Peilin Liu, Qiang Liu, Jiuchao Qian, Xiaoxi Jin, and Rendong Ying150 - 156
Detecting and Measuring Erroneous GNSS Pseudorange based on Measurement HistoryAndrew (Jong-Ki) Lee, Jiao Yu, Mojtaba Bahrami, and Geraint Ffoulkes-Jones157 - 179
Validation of Land Mobile Satellite Channel Model for GNSS Receiver Performance AssessmentJuan M. Parro, Jose A. Garcia-Molina, Till Schmitt and Gustavo López-Risueño180 - 189
Precise Localization Technology of Mobile Phone on a Vehicle in Tunnel using LTE Signal Based Surface CorrelationBeomju Shin, Sanghoon Jeon, Jungho Lee, Changdon Kee, and T. Lee190 - 222
Positioning with Mixed Signals of Opportunity Subject to Multipath and Clock Errors in Urban Mobile Fading EnvironmentsChun Yang and Andrey Soloviev223 - 243
Cluster Sampling Kalman Filter for Urban Canyon NavigationYeongkwon Choe, Jin Woo Song, and Chan Gook Park244 - 252
Framework and Techniques for Cooperative Group Situational Awareness in Urban EnvironmentsKirsten Strandjord and Penina Axelrad253 - 270
A Probabilistic Graphic Model based GPS/SINS Integration Algorithm for Low-cost Sensors on SmartphoneLingxiao Zheng, Xingqun Zhan, and Xin Zhang271 - 283
Positioning with Single and Dual Frequency Smartphones Running Android 7 or LaterRené Warnant, Laura Van De Vyvere, Quentin Warnant284 - 303
Assessing the Performance of Raw Measurement from Different Types of SmartphonesYangwei Lu, Shengyue Ji, Wu Chen, Zhenjie Wang304 - 322
Dual Frequency Mass-market Chips: Test Results and Ways to Optimize PVT PerformancePaolo Crosta, Paolo Zoccarato, Rafael Lucas, G. De Pasquale323 - 333
Android Raw GNSS Measurements as the New Anti-Spoofing and Anti-Jamming SolutionDamian Miralles, Nathan Levigne, Dennis M. Akos, Juan Blanch, and Sherman Lo334 - 344
Real-Time 3D Mapping Aided GNSS on and Android DevicesMounir Adjrad and Paul D. Groves345 - 356
Supercorrelation: Enhancing the Accuracy and Sensitivity of Consumer GNSS Receivers with a DSP UpgradeRamsey Faragher, Nicolas Couronneau, Matthew Powe, Paulo Esteves, Mark Crockett, Henry Martin, Emanuele Ziglioli, Chris Higgins, and Darren Buckle357 - 375
L6 Adaptor for QZSS CLAS to Develop Smartphones MarketIzumi Mikami, Koki Asari, and Msayuki Saito376 - 391
A Comprehensive Assessment of Raw Multi-GNSS Measurements from Mainstream Portable Smart DevicesJianghui Geng, Guangcai Li, Ran Zeng, Qiang Wen, Enming Jiang392 - 412
Performance Analysis of Smart-phone Measurements based Positioning with External CorrectionsVijaykumar Bellad and Thyagaraja Marathe413 - 431
Preliminary Analysis of the RTK Positioning using Android GNSS Raw Measurements and Application Feasibility for the Trajectory Mapping using UAV’sHimanshu Sharma, Andreas Schütz, Thomas Pany432 - 444
MEMS-based IMU Assisted Real Time Difference Using Raw Measurements from SmartphoneZida Wu, Peilin Liu, Qiang Liu, and Yuze Wang445 - 454
L1 SFMC SBAS System to Improve the Position Accuracy of Android DeviceCheolsoon Lim, Donghyun Shin, Byungwoon Park, Changdon Kee, Seungwoo Seo, Junpyo Park, Am Cho455 - 481
Progress and Test Results for the Location Corrections through Differential Networks (LOCD-IN)Russell Gilabert, Evan Dill, and Maarten Uijt de Haag482 - 488
FLAMINGO - Fulfilling Enhanced Location Accuracy in the Mass-market through Initial Galileo ServicesWilliam Roberts, Joshua Critchley-Marrows, Marco Fortunato, Maria Ivanovici, Karel Callewaert, Thiago Tavares, Laurent Arzel, Axelle Pomies489 - 502
Accurate Positioning in GNSS-Challenged Environments with Consumer-Grade SensorsUrs Niesen, Jubin Jose, and Xinzhou Wu503 - 514
Sony’s CXD5603GF - The Lowest Power Consumption GNSS Chip in the IoT Tracker MarketTakanohashi Kazukuni, Futami Tetsuhiro, Tanaka Katsuyuki, Takaoka Katsumi, Mohamed Youssef515 - 537
Adopting Machine Learning to GNSS Positioning on MediaTek P60 PlatformPei-Hung Jau, Hung-Wen Chen, Po-Yu Chen, Hao Chen, Mu-Han Tsai, Chin-Tang Weng, and Demarco Chou538 - 553
Android GNSS Measurements - Inside the BCM47755Steven Shade and Premal H. Madhani554 - 579
Multi-Band Multi-GNSS RTK for Mass-Market ApplicationsCécile Mongrédien, Alex Parkins, Chris Hide, Marten Ström, and Daniel Ammann580 - 595
Precise Positioning for Automotive with Mass Market GNSS ChipsetsLance de Groot, Eduardo Infante, Altti Jokinen, Brett Kruger, and Laura Norman596 - 610
Topcon’s Innovative B210 Receiver Board: Advanced Multi-Engine Platform (AMP™) is a Key to Unparalleled PerformanceSergey V. Averin, Andrey V. Plenkin, Michael Y. Vorobiev, Pavel I. Ignatev, and Andrey V. Veitsel611 - 625
A Fast-rate WLAN Measurement Tool for Improved Miss-rate in Indoor NavigationErick Schmidt and David Akopian626 - 634
Simultaneous Localization of a Receiver and Mapping of Multipath Generating Geometry in Indoor EnvironmentsChristian Gentner, Markus Ulmschneider, Thomas Jost, Rostislav Karásek635 - 652
A Novel Approach of Passive Localization for Indoor PositioningMartin Schmidhammer and Christian Gentner653 - 665
A Novel Dimension Reduction Algorithm for Fingerprint Positioning based on GrDOP and Geometric ConstraintsWen Liu, Xinyu Zheng, Zhongliang Deng, Lianming Xu666 - 673
Fast Prototyping of an SDR WLAN 802.11b Receiver for an Indoor Positioning SystemsErick Schmidt and David Akopian674 - 684
Augmented Reality and UWB Technology Fusion: Localization of Objects with Head Mounted DisplaysFrancisco Molina Martel, Juri Sidorenko, Christoph Bodensteiner, and Michael Arens685 - 692
Design and Implementation of High-Precision UWB Indoor Positioning System with Numerous UsersWei Wang, Zhenyu Wei, Junjie Yang, and Ping Liu693 - 702
Indoor Autonomous Vehicle Navigation Based on a Wireless Position and Orientation Determination SystemZheng Cao, Sihao Zhao, Xiaowei Cui, Wei Li, and Mingquan Lu703 - 716
GPS Status and Modernization Progress: Service, Satellites, Control Segment, and Military GPS User EquipmentLuke Schaub717 - 732
Galileo Programme Status UpdateEric Chatre and Paul Verhoef733 - 767
Update on the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS)Jun Shen768 - 803
QZSS UpdateTakeyasu Sakai and Satoshi Kogure804 - 848
Kepler – Satellite Navigation without Clocks and Ground InfrastructureChristoph Günther849 - 856
Optical Clock Technologies for Future GNSSThilo Schuldt, Martin Gohlke, Josep Sanjuan, Klaus Abich, Markus Oswald, Klaus Döringshoff, Evgeny Kovalchuk, Achim Peters, Claus Braxmaier857 - 860
Laboratory Demonstrator of Optical Inter-satellite Links for the Kepler SystemJuraj Poliak, Ramon Mata Calvo, Janis Surof, Mathias Richerzhagen, Raphael Wolf861 - 867
Investigation on the Relationship between GNSS Signal Design Parameters and its Navigation Performance for the Next Generation GNSS Signal DesignKahee Han, Jong-Hoon Won868 - 875
FUNTIMES – Future Navigation and Timing Evolved SignalsMarco Anghileri, Jean Jacques Floch, Davide Margaria, Beatrice Motella, Axel Garcia Peña, Olivier Julien, Christophe Macabiau, R. Chauvat, Matteo Paonni876 - 912
Tentative New Signals and Services in Upper L1 and S Bands for Galileo EvolutionsEric Sénant, Benjamin Gadat, Christophe Charbonnieras, Sébastien Roche, Marion Aubault, François-Xavier Marmet913 - 942
Multi-purpose TDM Component for GNSSAxel Garcia-Pena, Olivier Julien, Marco Anghileri, Jean-Jacques Floch, Matteo Paonni943 - 962
Composite Clock Algorithms for System Time in Global Navigation Satellite SystemsTobias D. Schmidt, Christian Trainotti, Jacques Isoard, Gabriele Giorgi, Johann Furthner, and Christoph Günther963 - 967
Precise Orbit Determination with Inter-satellite Links and Ultra-stable Time for a Future Satellite Navigation SystemGrzegorz Michalak, Karl Hans Neumayer and Rolf Koenig968 - 1001
Using Future GNSS Multi-tone Signals for Increased Success in Carrier Phase Integer Ambiguity FixingDominik Dötterböck and Thomas Pany1002 - 1011
EGNOS CPF, Evolving from GPS Single Frequency to GPS and Galileo Dual FrequencyJuan Pedro Lam, Jean Manuel Melinotte, and Francisco Javier Esteban1012 - 1037
Update on Australia and New Zealand DFMC SBAS and PPP System ResultsJulián Barrios, José Caro, Jesús D. Calle, Enrique Carbonell, José Gabriel Pericacho, Guillermo Fernández, Victor M. Esteban, Miguel A. Fernández, Fernando Bravo, Borja Torres, Alessandra Calabrese, Armais Diaz, Irma Rodríguez, María Dolores Laínez, Miguel M. Romay, Robert Jackson, Patrick E. Reddan, Deane Bunce, Claudio Soddu1038 - 1067
Australia/New Zealand DFMC SBAS and Navigation Message AuthenticationKennon Cogdell and Patrick Reddan1068 - 1083
A Proposed Concept of Operations for Advanced Receiver Autonomous Integrity MonitoringJuan Blanch, Todd Walter, Per Enge, Jason Burns, Mikael Mabilleau, Ilaria Martini, Juan Pablo Boyero, and Gerhard Berz1084 - 1090
The Impact and Mitigation of One Satellite Outage to ARAIM Worldwide AvailabilityQian Meng, Jianye Liu, Qinghua Zeng, Shao-jun Feng, Rui Xu1091 - 1102
A Fully Flexible Methodology for GNSS Receiver Performance Assessment under Ionospheric ScintillationJuan M. Parro, Rui Sarnadas, Paolo Crosta, Juan de Mateo, Raul Orús, Mariana Spangenberg1103 - 1123
RO-SISMON: Results and Multi-SBAS Fusion at user Level for Non-SoL ApplicationsAlexandru Pandele, Antonia Croitoru, Mihnea Ion, and Simon Buehler1124 - 1143
Support to Maritime and Inland Waterways Service Providers for the Transmission of EGNOS Corrections via IALA Beacons and AIS/VDES StationsM. López, L. Bella, R. Martínez, X. Roca, C. Álvarez, L. Tavira, J. Morán, V. Antón, J. Vázquez1144 - 1155
Worldwide Real-Time GNSS Performance MonitoringBernard Bonhoure, C. Rouch, A. Kanj, D. Laurichesse, A. Blot, and M. Peyrezabes1156 - 1168
Analysis of Performance of the Satellite Orbit Fault Detection Method Using Inter-Satellite Link (ISL) Range Measurement and Trigonometry LawJinHyeok Jang, SangHoon Koo, Jung Min Joo, Moon Beom Heo, SangKyung Sung, Gyu-In Jee, and Young Jae Lee1169 - 1179
SBAS L1/L5 Enhanced ICD for Aviation: Experimentation Results Trade-off Analysis for a European GNSS Regional ServiceM. Cueto, A. Cezón, J. J. Arias Picazo, M. Pesce, M. Hutchinson, F. Soualle, M. Caparrini, K. A. Aarmo, J. P. Boyero1180 - 1190
Space User Visibility Benefits of the Multi-GNSS Space Service Volume: An Internationally-Coordinated, Global and Mission-Specific AnalysisWerner Enderle, Francesco Gini, Henno Boomkamp, Joel J.K. Parker, Benjamin W. Ashman, Bryan W. Welch, Mick Koch, O. Scott Sands1191 - 1207
Characterization of On-Orbit GPS Transmit Antenna Patterns for Space UsersJennifer E. Donaldson, Joel J. K. Parker, Michael C. Moreau, Dolan E. Highsmith, and Philip Martzen1208 - 1245
Development of an Interoperable GNSS Space Service VolumeJoel J. K. Parker, Frank H. Bauer, Benjamin W. Ashman, James J. Miller, Werner Enderle, and Daniel Blonski1246 - 1256
In-orbit Experimental of Satellite-induced Code Pseudorange Deviations of BeiDou SystemShaojun Bi, Changgang Zheng, Congwei Yang, Jinjun Zheng, Chengyan He, and Jiaxing Liu1257 - 1267
Satellite Geometry and Attitude Mode of BDS-3 MEO Satellites Developed by SECMXia Lin, Lin Baojun, Liu Yingchun, Xiong Sujie, and Bai Tao1268 - 1289
GNSS-Based Precise Orbit Determination of LEO Satellites Using Un-Differenced and Double-Differenced ObservationsZhigui Kang, Byron Tapley, and Sinivas Bettadpur1290 - 1298
Effective Jammer Detection and Classification using GNSS Receivers on a Highway Overhead StructureW. De Wilde, J.-M. Sleewaegen1299 - 1323
Updated Aviation Assessment of Interference in the L5/E5A Bands from Distance Measuring EquipmentKarl Shallberg, John Flake, Dmitri Baraban, Christopher Hegarty1324 - 1337
Interference Mapping Using Received PowerPaul Alves and Michael Himmelfarb1338 - 1349
Spoofing Detection for Airborne GNSS EquipmentChristopher Hegarty, Ali Odeh, Karl Shallberg, Kyle Wesson, Todd Walter, Ken Alexander1350 - 1368
Investigations into Observed Anomalous GNSS Receiver Behaviour when Subjected to Adjacent Band NoiseGuy Buesnel, Mark Hunter, and Charlotte Perry1369 - 1388
Sensitivity Analysis of Potential Future Authentication Components for Open Service GNSS SignalsElias Gkougkas, Thomas Pany, Bernd Eissfeller1389 - 1401
The Use of Bearing Measurements for Detecting GNSS SpoofingPeter F. Swaszek, Richard J. Hartnett, and Kelly C. Seals1402 - 1417
Evaluation of Commercial GNSS Receivers Performance Under Chirp JammingHaidy Y. Elghamrawy, Malek O. Karaim, Mohamed E. Tamazin, Aboelmagd M. Noureldin1418 - 1426
GNSS Data as Court Evidence: Lessons from Remote SensingAndrew Dempster1427 - 1433
A New SAE Standard for GPS ReceiversWilliam Woodward and James L. Farrell1434 - 1437
GNSS Performance Characterization FrameworkP. Crosta, R. Sarnadas, J. Clua, M. Solé, R. Romero, L. Tavira, G. Seco-Granados, and A. Tripiana1438 - 1454
The User Consultation Platform: Overview and First OutcomesOmar Valdés, Antonio Danesi, Juan Pablo Boyero, Justyna Redelkiewicz, and Gian-Gherardo Calini1455 - 1467
GNSS for Rail Automation & Driverless Cars: A Give and Take ParadigmFrancesco Rispoli, Per Enge, Alessandro Neri, Fabio Senesi, Massimiliano Ciaffi, and Elena Razzano1468 - 1482
Introduction of GNSS in Railway Safety of Life Applications: Virtual Balise Detection in ERTMSMiguel Azaola, Javier Fidalgo, Julián Barrios, Marta López, Ana Cezón and Juan José Arias1483 - 1496
GNSS/INS Fusion for Automotive with Mass Market SensorsRyan Dixon, Michael Bobye, Brett Kruger, Anil Sinha1497 - 1509
Comparison of Airborne Processing Modes for Dual-Frequency Multi-Constellation GBASDavid Duchet, Mirko Stanisak, Natali Caccioppoli, Pierre Ladoux, and Andreas Lipp1510 - 1522
Integrity, the Key Enabler for Autonomous Vessels and Other VehiclesG. Moreno, C. Moriana, P. Navarro, A. Cezón, and M. Azaola1523 - 1537
Enhanced Navigation, Robustness, and Safety Assurance for Autonomous Vehicles as Part of the Globalstar Connected Car ProgramSam Pullen, Jim Kilfeather, Jim Goddard, Tom Nowitzky, Brinda Shah, Wen Doong, Andy Welton, David Kagan, and Kerry Greer1538 - 1565
High Accuracy Positioning Engine with an Integrity Layer for Safety Autonomous VehiclesE. Domínguez Tijero, L. Martínez Fernández, J. I. Herrero Zarzosa, J. García, J. Ibañez-Guzmán, E. Stawiarski, Philippe Xu, G. Avellone, F. Pisoni, E. Falletti, M. Ortiz1566 - 1572
GNSS Multipath Error Modeling for Automotive ApplicationsSamer Khanafseh, Birendra Kujur, Mathieu Joerger, Todd Walter, Sam Pullen, Juan Blanch, Kevin Doherty, Laura Norman, Lance de Groot, Boris Pervan1573 - 1589
Collaborative Ground Vehicle Navigation Utilizing an IMM Radar Tracking AlgorithmJoseph Selikoff and David M. Bevly1590 - 1604
A Multi-sensor Autonomous Integrity Monitoring Approach for Railway and Driver-less CarsAlessandro Neri, Pietro Salvatori, Cosimo Stallo, and Andrea Coluccia1605 - 1621
Localization, Mapping, and Navigation using only a single 2D LiDaRMatt Stiehm, Austin Stroming, Brad Eisenschenk, Clay McCarthy, and Ryan Sjostrand 1622 - 1638
Autonomous Fault Detection and Exclusion for Relative Positioning of Multiple Moving Platforms Using Carrier PhaseYuan Sun and Li Fu1639 - 1646
GNSS Ambiguity Resolution and Attitude Determination by Leveraging Relative Baseline and Frequency InformationXing Liu, Tarig Ballal, and Tareq Y. Al-Naffouri1647 - 1660
Proposal of Acceptable Means of BOC(1,1) False Locks Mitigation for DFMC SBAS EquipmentDenis Bouvet and Nicolas Martin1661 - 1674
Carrier Phase Based Relative Positioning above the GNSS ConstellationsErin Kahr, Kyle O’Keefe, Hannes Filippi1675 - 1690
From Shipboard Landing to Aerial Refueling: Autonomous Relative NavigationShahram Moafipoor, Lydia Bock, Jeffrey A. Fayman1691 - 1702
The Earth Radiation Pressure Modelling for Beidou SatellitesXiaoya Wang, Qunhe Zhao, Kewei Xi, and Xiaogong Hu1703 - 1709
Results on use of GNSS for High Altitude Orbital MissionsMariano Wis, Enrique Santiago, Antonio Fernández, Pedro F. Silva, Ricardo Prata, Rui Nunes, José Antonio García Molina1710 - 1721
PLaNS: An Autonomous Local Navigation SystemEnrico Varriale, Pablo Corbalán, Timofei Istomin, Gian Pietro Picco1722 - 1727
BinoNav® - A New Positioning System for MaritimeMartin Bransby1728 - 1735
R-Mode Baltic - A User Need Driven Testbed Development for the Baltic SeaMarek Dziewicki, Stefan Gewies, and Michael Hoppe1736 - 1764
Fusion of VSLAM/GNSS/INS for Augmented Reality Navigation in PortsHiraku Nakamura, Tatsuya Sonobe, Hiroyuki Toda, Naomi Fujisawa, Takafumi Taketomi, Alexander Plopski, Christian Sandor, Hirokazu Kato1765 - 1775
Implementation of SBAS Services for Enhanced Maritime NavigationManuel López, José Manuel Álvarez, María Mota1776 - 1787
GNSS Augmentation using the VHF Data Exchange System (VDES)Jan Safar, George Shaw, Alan Grant, Hans Christian Haugli, Lars Løge, Stig Erik Christiansen, Nader Alagha1788 - 1805
Study for a Resilient Position, Navigation and Timing (PNT) Backup Solution in CanadaCaroline Huot, André Châteauvert, and Jean Delisle1806 - 1816
Study of EGNOS V3 Maritime Safety ServiceG. Cueto-Felgueroso, A. Cezón, G. Moreno, A. Grant, G. Shaw, K. Callewaert, T. Tavares, S. Porfili, J. Ostolaza, K. A. Aarmo1817 - 1831
Analysis of GNSS Measurement Error on High Latitude Precise Maritime NavigationSulGee Park, Don Kim, Tae Hyun Fang, and Sang Hyun Park1832 - 1840
Public Key Authentication for AIS and the VHF Data Exchange System (VDES)Gareth Wimpenny, Jan Safar, Alan Grant, Martin Bransby and Nick Ward1841 - 1851
SBAS Guidelines for Shipborne Receiver and EGNOS Performances based on IMO Res. A.1046 (27)Sergio Magdaleno, Manuel López, Carlos de la Casa, Elisabet Lacarra, Nuria Blanco, David Jiménez, Kjell Arne Aarmo1852 - 1865
NovAtel CORRECT with Precise Point Positioning (PPP): Recent DevelopmentsAltti Jokinen, Cameron Ellum, Iain Webster, Surendran Shanmugam and Kevin Sheridan1866 - 1882
Network Modelling Considerations for Wide-area Ionospheric CorrectionsSimon Banville, Michele Bavaro, Sébastien Carcanague, Anthony Cole, Kevin Dade, Paul Grgich, Alex Kleeman, Benjamin Segal1883 - 1892
Testing and Analysis of Instant PPP Using Freely Available Augmentation CorrectionsMohamed Elsheikh, Hongzhou Yang, Zhixi Nie, Fei Liu, Yang Gao1893 - 1901
Integrity of the Trimble® CenterPoint RTX Correction ServiceUlrich Weinbach, Markus Brandl, Xiaoming Chen, Herbert Landau, Fabian Pastor, Nico Reussner, Carlos Rodriguez-Solano1902 - 1909
Design and Evaluation of Integrity Algorithms for PPP in Kinematic ApplicationsKazuma Gunning, Juan Blanch, Todd Walter, Lance de Groot, Laura Norman1910 - 1939
Precise Positioning Galileo E5 AltBOC: Results with Live SignalsP.F Silva, T. Peres, R. Fernandes C. Bastos, J. M. Palomo, M. Wis, A. Fernandez, I. Colomina, A. de la Rosa, C. J. Hill, O. Pena1940 - 1956
Effective Monitoring of Ground Instability with SFMC GNSS NetworkElisa Benedetti, Nicholas Boreham, William Roberts, Ben Wales, Davide Guerrini, Chiara Tagliacozzi1957 - 1966
A Technology-agnostic GNSS/INS Real-time Sensor Fusion Platform with Ultra Wide Band Cooperative Distance Measurements for Terrestrial Vehicle NavigationJavier Arribas, Monica Navarro, Ana Moragrega, David Calero, Enric Fernández, Jordi Vilà-Valls, Carles Fernández-Prades1967 - 1984
Radar-Aided INS with Magnetometer Attitude DeterminationJohn Williams, Scott M. Martin, and David Bevly1985 - 1998
Modelling the Connection between GNSS Positioning Performance Degradation, and Space Weather and Ionospheric Conditions using RReliefF Features SelectionMia Filic and Renato Filjar1999 - 2006
Embedded GNSS-receiver for Multi-Constellation Localization in Railway ApplicationsJiaying Lin, Jan-Jöran Gehrt, Thomas Konrad, Michael Breuer, Dirk Abel, Rene Zweigel2007 - 2017
EDAS (EGNOS Data Access Service) Differential GPS Corrections: A Reliable Free-of-Charge Alternative for Precision Farming in EuropeJ. Vázquez, E. Lacarra, J. Morán, M.A. Sánchez, J. Rioja, J. Bruzual2018 - 2033
A Novel High-performance Attitude Determination System Based on MEMS IMU and a Single High-precision GNSS AntennaStefan Schaufler, Xiaoguang Luo, Matteo Carrera, Ismail Celebi, and Bernhard Richter2034 - 2050
An Efficient and Novel Method of Evaluating the Impact of MEMS Inertial Sensor Errors on the Performance of Automotive Dead ReckoningTsung-Yu Chiou, An-Lin Tao, Pei-Shan Kao, Tzu-Hao Kuo, Li-Min Lin, and Pei-Yu Huang2051 - 2073
Real-Time Monitoring of Structure Movements Using Low-Cost, Wall-Mounted, Hand-held RTK-GNSS ReceiversSo Takahashi, Nobuaki Kubo, Norihiro Yamaguchi, Takashi Yokoshima2074 - 2086
Efficient Datacenter Multi-zone GNSS Timing & Distribution, or How to Stop Your Roof Looking Like a Mushroom FarmRichard Jacklin2087 - 2103
New Integrity SBAS Test Bed NISTB - DFMC Simulation Results for EGNOS V3 ServicesKathrin Fielitz, Quirin Meindl, Andreas Breitenacher, Julian Daubrawa, Harald Frankenberger, Roland Braun, Andreas Schmitz-Peiffer, Anne Ridings, Manuel Marcote, Aitor Auz, Katarzyna Urbanska2104 - 2118
SBAS Australian-NZ Test Bed: Exploring New ServicesHugo Sobreira, Bruno Bougard, Julián Barrios, Jesus David Calle2119 - 2133
EGNOS High Integrity System Test Bed (HISTB): A First Implementation of Dual Frequencies Multi Constellations StandardD. Joly and C. Lopez de Echazarreta2134 - 2141
A Virtual Receiver for Pseudolites: Enhancing the Positioning and Heading Determination of a FerrySteffen Schön and Peter Alpers2142 - 2154
Parameter Selection for the TESLA KeychainAndrew Neish, Todd Walter, Per Enge2155 - 2171
Automated GPS Signal-in-Space Anomalies Monitoring Over More than 11 YearsJ. Sanz, J. M. Juan, C. López de Echazarreta, G. Gonzalez-Casado, A. Rovira García, M.T. Alonso, Deimos Ibáñez2172 - 2185
Impact Assessment of Ionospheric Scintillation Associated with Plasma Bubbles on GAST-D Ground Integrity MonitorsSusumu Saito and Takayuki Yoshihara2186 - 2194
Improved Airborne Multipath ModellingMihaela-Simona Circiu, Stefano Caizzone, Michael Felux, Christoph Enneking, Michael Meurer2195 - 2209
Improving Navigation Reliability with BDS Ground-Based Augmentation Network (BGAN)Shuai Jing, Jinfei Nian, Yi Zhao2210 - 2221
Equatorial Ionosphere Characterization for Sub-Saharan Africa SBASEtienne Foucault, Pierre-Louis Blelly, Aurélie Marchaudon, Damien Serant, Sébastien Trilles2222 - 2240
Benefits of Automation in AgricultureSteve Rounds2241 - 2261
Is Technology Making us Dumber or Smarter?Dorota A. Grejner-Brzezinska2262 - 2296
Managing Uncertainty in the Design of Safety-Critical Aviation Systems - Safety Critical Unmanned Aerial SystemsDemoz Gebre-Egziabher2297 - 2320
Centimeter-Accurate UAV Navigation With Cellular SignalsJoe J. Khalife, Souradeep Bhattacharya, and Zak M. Kassas2321 - 2331
Cooperative Navigation for an UAV Tandem in GNSS Denied EnvironmentsAlexis Stoven-Dubois, Laurent Jospin, Davide A. Cucci2332 - 2339
A DSRC Enhanced RAIM Method using Grid-based Local GNSS Observation Quality ModelsJiang Liu, Bai-gen Cai, De-biao Lu, Jian Wang2340 - 2351
Decentralized Collaborative Localization in Urban Environments using 3D-Mapping-Aided (3DMA) GNSS and Inter-Agent RangingSiddharth Tanwar and Grace Xingxin Gao2352 - 2363
Bounding Visual Odometry Drift With Radio Range Data for Small Unmanned Aerial VehiclesRobert C. Leishman, Jeremy Gray, John Raquet, Adam Rutkowski, and Wil Myrick2364 - 2379
Low-complexity Pseudolite Network Self-location Technique with Incomplete Distance MeasurementsZhen Wu and Zizheng Dou2380 - 2391
Multiple Unmanned Air Vehicle Coordination for Monitoring of Ground Phenomena PropagationSharon Rabinovich, Ren Curry, and Gabriel H. Elkaim2392 - 2398
Tight Integration of GNSS Measurements and GNSS-based Collaborative Virtual RangingAlex Minetto, Andrea Nardin, and Fabio Dovis2399 - 2413
Sequential Iterative Cramer-Rao Bound Containing NLOS Signal in Cooperative LocalizationSiming Li, Guangxia Li, Jing Lv, Weiheng Dai, Shiwei Tian, Shiwei Tian, Qian Meng2414 - 2420
Factor Graph Aided Distributed Multi-navigation Cooperative Positioning AlgorithmChengkai Tang, Lingling Zhang, Yi Zhang, and Ye Wang2421 - 2428
Batch Measurement Error Covariance Estimation for Robust LocalizationRyan M. Watson, Clark N. Taylor, Robert C. Leishman, and Jason N. Gross2429 - 2439
Sequential Integrity Monitoring for Kalman Filter Innovations-based DetectorsCagatay Tanil, Samer Khanafseh, Mathieu Joerger, Boris Pervan2440 - 2455
Integrity Monitoring of LTE Signals of Opportunity-Based Navigation for Autonomous Ground VehiclesMahdi Maaref, Joe Khalife, and Zak M. Kassas2456 - 2466
LiDAR Data Association Risk Reduction, Using Tight Integration with INSAli Hassani, Mathieu Joerger, Guillermo Dueas Arana, and Matthew Spenko2467 - 2483
Integrity assurance of Kalman-filter based GNSS/IMU integrated systems against IMU faults for UAV applicationsJinsil Lee, Minchan Kim, Jiyun Lee, and Sam Pullen2484 - 2500
PF-DOP Hybrid Path Planning for Safe and Efficient Navigation of Unmanned Vehicle SystemsYujin Shin and Euiho Kim2501 - 2517
Distributed Multi-GNSS Timing and Localization for NanosatellitesVincent Giralo and Simone D'Amico2518 - 2534
Applying Sensor Integrity Concepts to Detect Intermittent Bugs in Aviation SoftwareJason H. Rife, Hu Huang, and Sam Z. Guyer2535 - 2548
The Development of a Mapping Hovercraft for GNSS Denied Environments Utilizing a SLAM Aided Navigation SchemeMin-Chuan Tsai2549 - 2566
Impact of Sample Correlation on SISRE Overbound for ARAIMSantiago Perea, Micheal Meurer, Boris Pervan2567 - 2582
Prototyping an ARAIM Offline Ground Monitor Using Experimental DataJaymin Patel, Yawei Zhai, Shahriar Kiarash, Samer Khanafseh, Mathieu Joerger, and Boris Pervan2583 - 2597
Global Integrity Combining ARAIM and SBAS – Method and Operational BenefitMarkus Rippl, Santiago Perea, Stefan Schlüter, and Christoph Günther2598 - 2608
Further Analysis of Sensitivity of RAIM Performance to Integrity Support Message DeviationYoung C. Lee, Brian Bian, and Ali Odeh2609 - 2631
Assessing of Aircraft Banking on ARAIM PerformanceR. Eric Phelts, Juan Blanch, Kazuma Gunning, Todd Walter, and Per Enge2632 - 2641
Positioning Integrity, Availability and Precision for Journey Planning and Navigation using GNSS Integrated with Low-Cost SensorsAhmed El-Mowafy and Davide Imparato2642 - 2653
Comparison of Fault Detection and Exclusion Algorithms for Multi-Constellation Carrier Phase SolutionsZhen Zhu and Eric Vinande2654 - 2671
Multiple GPS Fault Detection and Isolation Using a Graph-SLAM FrameworkSriramya Bhamidipati and Grace Xingxin Gao2672 - 2681
ARAIM Temporal Correlation Effect on PHMIEugene Bang, Carl Milner, Christophe Macabiau, and Philippe Estival2682 - 2694
GNSS Attitude Determination for Long Duration HAPS MissionsM. Turner and T. Reynolds2695 - 2702
Enhancing Integrated Navigation System Reliability and Resilience by Decentralized FilteringInchara Lakshminarayan and Demoz Gebre-Egziabhe2703 - 2717
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Vision Based UAS Navigation for RFI LocalizationAdrien Perkins, Yu-Hsuan Chen, Sherman Lo, and Per Enge2726 - 2736
Using Aircraft Onboard Surveillance and Navigation Signals for Unusual Aviation Weather DetectionYa-Tzu Chen2737 - 2749
Assessment of a Robust MEMS-based RTK/INS System for UAV ApplicationsRichard Deurloo, Marnix Volckaert, Bei Huang, Kristof Smolders, and Valentin Barreau2750 - 2760
Spoofing Resistant UAVsAlexander Rügamer, Daniel Rubino, Xabier Zubizarreta, Wolfgang Felber, Jan Wendel, and Daniel Pfaffelhuber2761 - 2770
Influence of Electromagnetic Emissions of High Voltage Overhead Lines on GNSS-ComponentsHenrik Brockhaus and Albert Claudi2771 - 2779
Analysis of Quantitative Terminal Area Well-Clear Volumes for Unmanned Aircraft SystemsSamantha Smearcheck, Sean Calhoun, and Tony Adami2780 - 2795
Validation of GNSS Receiver Chain Absolute CalibrationEsteban Garbin, Piotr Krystek, Ricardo Piriz, Pierre Waller, Pascale Defraigne and Bruno Bertrand2796 - 2803
GPS-based Spacecraft Formation Flying Simulation and Applications to Ionospheric Remote SensingYuXiang Peng, Wayne Scales, Thom R. Edwards2804 - 2818
Investigating The Sensitivity of Delay Doppler Maps to Wind Direction Using Ambiguous Stare ProcessingBenjamin J. Southwell2819 - 2833
Multi-sensor Study of Lake Michigan’s Surface using GNSS-ReflectometryRoohollah Parvizi, Houshine Sabbagh Zadeh, Li Pan, Boris Pervan,  Seebany Datta-Barua2834 - 2847
Characterization and Mitigation of Interference between GNSS Radio Occultation and Reflectometry Signals for Low Altitude OccultationsIan Collett, Y. Jade Morton, and Brian Breitsch2848 - 2858
Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Altimetry with Ocean-Reflected GNSS SignalsSantiago Ozafrain, Pedro A. Roncagliolo, Carlos H. Muravchik2859 - 2868
Real-Time Detection of Ionospheric Disturbances Induced by Earthquake with Detection Window Considering Ionospheric ActivityJunesol Song, Seonho Kang, Deokhwa Han, Bugyeom Kim, Changdon Kee2869 - 2878
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Detecting GPS Spoofing via a Multi-Receiver Hybrid Communication Network for Power Grid Timing VerificationTara Yasmin Mina, Sriramya Bhamidipati, and Grace Xingxin Gao2963 - 2977
Enhanced APNT in Critical Terminal AreasOkuary Osechas, Markus Rippl, Alexander Kuenz, Rachit Kumar, and Giuseppe Battista2978 - 2986
An Experimental Study of an Improved BLE Indoor Positioning Scheme Based on Differential Distance CorrectionYun-Tzu Kuo2987 - 3000
Hybrid AOA/DTOA Approach to 1090 MHz ADS-B Wide Area MultilaterationSiang-Lin Jheng and Shau-Shiun Jan3001 - 3009
Relative Positioning and Velocity Estimation Using V2V Delay and Doppler InformationMichael Walter and Armin Dammann3010 - 3017
Doppler-aided Line-of-sight Identification and Localization in Future Cellular NetworksLiangchun Xu and Jason Rife3018 - 3027
Low Power Selective Denial of Service Attacks Against GNSSGianluca Caparra, Silvia Ceccato, Francesco Formaggio, Nicola Laurenti, Stefano Tomasin3028 - 3041
Integrity Potential of Landmark-Based NavigationRachit Kumar and Okuary Osechas3042 - 3054
Modelling and Understanding LiDAR Data for Absolute and Relative PositioningDaniela E. Sánchez, Harvey C. Gómez, Thomas Pany3055 - 3069
Tightly Coupled GNSS with Stereo Camera Navigation Using Graph OptimizationZheng Gong, Peilin Liu, Qiang Liu, Ruihang Miao, and Rendong Ying3070 - 3077
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GNSS/INS/Visual Deeply Coupled Integration: Preliminary Investigation on Dynamic Jammed DatasetsCalogero Cristodaro, Laura Ruotsalainen, and Fabio Dovis3088 - 3097
Leveraging Vision-Based Structure-from-Motion for Robust Integrated Land Vehicle Positioning Systems in Challenging GNSS EnvironmentsHany Ragab, Sidney Givigi, and Aboelmagd Noureldin3098 - 3110
Visual-UWB Navigation System for Unknown EnvironmentsQin Shi, Xiaowei Cui, Wei Li, Yu Xia, Mingquan Lu3111 - 3121
An Improved Ambiguity Resolution Algorithm Based on Particle Filter for INS/RTK Integration in Urban EnvironmentsWei Li, Xiaowei Cui, Xueyong Xu, Mingquan Lu3122 - 3135
A Modified Adaptive Square-root Cubature Kalman Filter for GNSS/INS IntegrationZhe Yue, Baowang Lian, Yang Gao, Shaohua Chen, Ye Wang3136 - 3144
Integrity for GPS/LiDAR Fusion Utilizing a RAIM FrameworkAshwin Vivek Kanhere and Grace Xingxin Gao3145 - 3155
Correcting GNSS NLOS by 3D LiDAR and Building HeightWeisong Wen, Guohao Zhang and Li-Ta Hsu3156 - 3168
Low-cost PPP/INS Integration for Continuous and Precise Vehicular NavigationMohamed Elsheikh, Walid Abdelfatah, Ahmed Wahdan and Yang Gao3169 - 3178
Implementation of Deep Reinforcement Learning on High Precision GNSS/INS Augmentation SystemHyeoncheol Shin, Jungshin Lee and Chang-ky Sung3179 - 3185
Virtual Spatial Diversity Antenna for GNSS Based Mobile Positioning in the Harsh EnvironmentsHoda Tahami, Anahid Basiri, Terry Moore, Jihye Park, Lukasz Bonenberg3186 - 3198
Performance Verification of Ultra-tight GPS/INS System Using a Comprehensive GPS/INS Data Simulation ToolMalek O. Karaim, Mohamed Youssef, Aboelmagd Noureldin3199 - 3208
Real Time Roll Angle Estimation for Fast Spinning ProjectilesSertaç Erdemir and K. Can Tasan3209 - 3216
Sensor Fusion for Vehicle ControlDavid Bevly3217 - 3236
Challenges of Integrated NavigationPaul Groves3237 - 3264
Sensor Fusion for GNSS-Degraded PNT: Trends and ChallengesAndrey Soloviev3265 - 3282
Behaviour-Aided Environment Detection for Context Adaptive NavigationHan Gao3283 - 3296
Optical Navigation using Sodium Layer Guide Stars, System Definition and ObservabilityMark L. Psiaki, Brien R. Flewelling, and Shawn Hackett3297 - 3316
Performance Improvement of Laser TRN using Particle Filter Incorporating Gaussian Mixture Noise Model and Novel Fault Detection AlgorithmKyung Jun Han, Chang Ky Sung, Myeong Jong Yu, and Chan Gook Park3317 - 3326
Environment-RF-Based Positioning Using Machine LearningAndres I. Vila Casado, Alon Krauthammer, Sebastian Olsen, and Esteban Valles3327 - 3334
Multi-Epoch 3D Mapping Aided GNSS using a Grid FilterPaul D. Groves and Mounir Adjrad3335 - 3356
Rao-Blackwellized Point Mass Filter and its Application to Tightly-Coupled INS/TRN IntegrationChang-Ky Sung and Sang-Jeong Lee3357 - 3366
Improving Maps of Physical and Virtual Radio TransmittersMarkus Ulmschneider and Christian Gentner3367 - 3373
Indoor Positioning Based on LTE Carrier Phase Measurements and an Inertial Measurement UnitAli A. Abdallah, Kimia Shamaei, and Zak M. Kassas3374 - 3384
Particle Filter-based GNSS Positioning with NLOS Multipath DetectionTaro Suzuki3385 - 3397
A Comparison of Particle Propagation and Weight Update Methods for Indoor Positioning SystemsTanner N. Ray, J. Dan Pierce, and David M. Bevly3398 - 3408
Multi-sensor-based Train Localization Integrity Monitoring Aided with Digital Track MapDebiao Lu, Xin Han, Baigen Cai, and Jiang Liu3409 - 3422
Positioning Performance of LTE Signals in Rician Fading Environments Exploiting Antenna MotionKimia Shamaei, Joshua J. Morales, and Zak M. Kassas3423 - 3432
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Exploiting Spatial Diversity for NLOS Indoor PositioningJ. A. García-Molina, J. A. Fernández-Rubio, J. M. Parro3457 - 3462
An HW-In-the-Loop Approach for the Assessment of GNSS Local Channel Effects in the Railway EnvironmentGianluca Falco, Mario Nicola, and Emanuela Falletti3463 - 3477
Multipath Rejection Capability Analysis of GNSS AntennasS. Caizzone,  M.-S. Circiu, W. Elmarissi, C. Enneking,  M. Felux, K. Yinusa3478 - 3489
Analysis of Parameters Influencing Weak GNSS Signal ProcessingThyagaraja Marathe, Ali Broumandan, Gérard Lachapelle3490 - 3503
Multiple Frequency Tracking Method Based on the Cardinalised Probability Hypothesis Density Filter with Cardinality CompensationSun Young Kim3504 - 3517
Multipath-Aware Carrier Tracking Loop for High Dynamics Real-Time GNSS ReceiversPedro A. Roncagliolo and Javier G. García3518 - 3529
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Assessment of the Delay-Locked Loop Error due to Multipath Models Regarding a Deterministic-stochastic Channel and a GPS L1 Receiver Model for Kinematic TrajectoriesAlexandra Avram, Noha El Gemayel, Volker Schwieger3552 - 3561
Open Loop Algorithm Based on Circular Distributions for Robust Phase TrackingSébastien Roche, Eric Senant, Laurent Lestarquit, Franck Barbiero3562 - 3574
Bayesian Covariance Estimation for Kalman Filter based Digital Carrier SynchronizationGerald LaMountain, Jordi Vilà-Valls, Pau Closas3575 - 3586
Which GNSS Tracking Loop Configuration is Most Robust Against Spoofing?Tobias Bamberg, Manuel M. Appel, Michael Meurer3587 - 3595
Performance Evaluation and Comparison of GPS L5 Acquisition Methods under ScintillationsCaner Savas, Fabio Dovis, Gianluca Falco3596 - 3610
Implementation and Performance Evaluation of a Vector-based Receiver during Strong Equatorial Scintillation on Dynamic PlatformsDongyang Xu, Y. Jade Morton, Yu Jiao, Charles Rino, and Rong Yang3611 - 3622
A Novel Wavelet Packet-based Jamming Mitigation Technique for Vector Tracking-based GPS Software ReceiverHaidy Y. Elghamrawy, Mohamed Youssef and Aboelmagd M. Noureldin3623 - 3631
A Novel Non-orthogonal Projection Method based on Antenna Array for GNSS Spoofing MitigationJiaqi Zhang, Xiaowei Cui, Mingquan Lu, and Li Gong3632 - 3642
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The Power of GNSS for Ionospheric ResearchPatricia H. Doherty3671 - 3688
CYGNSS: Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite SystemChris Ruf3689 - 3703
GPS-Interferometric Reflectometry (GPS-IR)Clara Chew3704 - 3719
GPS Time Series as Proxies for Regional Climate ChangeShimon Wdowinski3720 - 3745
Satellite Selection Method According to Signal Levels of Multi-Constellation GNSSHongPyo Kim, JinHyeok Jang, Jun-Pyo Park, Gyu-In Jee, and Young Jae Lee3746 - 3752
Kinematic Performance Analysis of Joint Vector Architecture Based Carrier Phase TrackingShaohua Chen3753 - 3766
Signal Acquisition Performance Analysis of Spreading Codes for GNSS SignalHeejae Jang, Deok Won Lim, Sebum Chun, Moon Beom Heo, Jin Hyuk Lee, Sang Jeong Lee3767 - 3774
Huber's Non-linearity for Robust Transformed Domain GNSS Signal ProcessingDaniele Borio, Haoqing Li, and Pau Closas3775 - 3787
Subspace-based Joint DOA, Delay and DFO Estimation for GNSS Multipath SignalsXi Hong, Ning Chang, Wenjie Wang, Qinye Yin3788 - 3801
A New Satellite Selection Algorithm for a Multi-constellation GNSS ReceiverErshen Wang, Chaoying Jia, Shaojun Feng, Gang Tong, He He, Pingping Qu, Yuxia Bie, Chuanyun Wang, Yi Jiang3802 - 3811
Using of the SDP Relaxation Method for Optimization of the Satellites Set Chosen for PositioningLev Rapoport and Timofey Tormagov3812 - 3820
Research on Dependency of Carrier Phase Biases on Correlator SpacingYe Wang, Lin Zhao, Shaohua Chen, and Yang Gao3821 - 3826
Statistical Models to provide Meaningful Information to GNSS End-users Under Ionospheric Scintillation ConditionsS. Vadakke Veettil, M. Aquino, G. De Franceschi, L. Spogli, C. Cesaroni, and V. Romano3827 - 3832
Triple-frequency PPP Ambiguity Resolution with BDS-2 and BDS-3 ObservationsXin Li3833 - 3858
Attitude Determination with Multiple Antennas Using SDP RelaxationLev Rapoport and Timofey Tormagov3859 - 3867
Performance Analysis of Triple Carrier Ambiguity Resolution in Precise Point Positioning with Smoothed Ionosphere CorrectionsFrancesco Basile, Terry Moore, Chris Hill, and Gary McGraw3868 - 3880
An Improved Combination Method of Real-time Multi-system Orbit and Clock CorrectionsGong Xiaopeng, Gu Shengfeng, Yang Xinhao, Zheng Fu, and Lou Yidong3881 - 3886
Cycle Slip Detection in Galileo Widelane Signals TrackingPhilippe Paimblanc, Nabil Jardak, Margaux Bouilhac, Thomas Junique, Thierry Robert3887 - 3896
On the Potential of Receiver Clock Modeling in Kinematic Precise Point PositioningThomas Krawinkel and Steffen Schön3897 - 3908
Absolute GNSS Antenna Phase Center Calibration with a RobotDaniel Willi, Donovan Koch, Michael Meindl, Markus Rothacher3909 - 3926
Robust GNSS Differential Processing for All BaselinesCorwin G. Olson, Brian W. Tolman3927 - 3944
Theoretical Analysis and Reconstruction Algorithm for Intermittent Carrier Observations on Low-Power Mobile DevicesQiang Liu, Jiuchao Qian, Peilin Liu, Rendong Ying, Yuze Wang, Zida Wu, and Abdul Rehman3945 - 3955
GPS + Galileo Single-frequency Relative Positioning with Low-cost ReceiversCécile Deprez and René Warnant3956 - 3966
Assessment of Global and Regional Ionospheric Corrections in Multi-GNSS PPPJohn Aggrey3967 - 3981
GNSS Yaw-Attitude Estimation: Results for QZSS Block-II Satellites Using Single- or Triple-Frequency Signals from two AntennasA. Hauschild3982 - 3994
Authenticating GALILEO Open Signal using QZSS SignalDinesh Manandhar and Ryosuke Shibasaki3995 - 4003
Estimation of Antenna Array Manifolds Based on Sparse MeasurementsM. Niestroj, M. Brachvogel, S. Zorn, M. Meurer4004 - 4011
GNSS Received Code Alteration for Enhanced Accuracy Tracking in Multipath EnvironmentsNesreen I. Ziedan4012 - 4026
Accurate Position and Attitude Determination in a Multipath Environment Using an Uncalibrated Multi-Antenna-SystemSoeren Zorn, Brahim Saadi, Michael Niestroj, Marius Brachvogel, Michael Meurer4027 - 4039
Vector Tracking of GNSS Signals from a Multi-Element AntennaMichael C. Esswein and Mark L. Psiaki4040 - 4051
Performance of GNSS Beamforming Algorithms using Distributed Sub-arrays in Automotive ApplicationsMarius Brachvogel, Michael Niestroj, Soeren Zorn, Michael Meurer, Syed N. Hasnain, Ralf Stephan, Matthias A. Hein4052 - 4063
Co-design of Message Structure and Channel Coding Scheme to Reduce the Time to CED for a Galileo 2nd Generation New SignalLorenzo Ortega Espluga, Charly Poulliat, Marie-Laure Boucheret, Marion Aubault, Hanaa Al Bitar4064 - 4078
A Novel Approach for Real-world Performance Assessment of Galileo Navigation Message EvolutionTiago Peres, David Jimenez, Thomas Burger, Birgit E. Schotsch, Marco Anghileri, M. Ouedraogo4079 - 4093
Spatial Decorrelation Analysis of Ionospheric Delay Due to the Medium-Scale Traveling Ionospheric Disturbances using Radio-over-Fiber Devices and a Single Clock Receiver for Extended BaselinesTakayuki Yoshihara and Susumu Saito4094 - 4101
New Cyberinfrastructure for GNSS Ionospheric Scintillation and Total Electron Content ParametersAnthea Coster, Susan Skone, Donald Hampton, Eric Donovan, Allan Weatherwax4102 - 4110
Investigation into the Space Weather Event of September 2017 through GNSS Raw Samples ProcessingNicola Linty, Alex Minetto, Fabio Dovis, Vincenzo Romano, Ingrid Hunstad4111 - 4124
Robust Closed-loop Tracking of Airborne Low-Elevation GPS Radio-Occultation SignalsYang Wang, Y. Jade Morton, Rong Yang, Harrison Bourne, Steve Taylor, Frank van Graas, Jennifer S. Haase4125 - 4133
Auroral E and F Layer Ionospheric Irregularities Sensed by a Kilometer-Spaced GNSS Receiver ArraySeebany Datta-Barua, Vaishnavi Sreenivash, Kshitija B. Deshpande, Yang Su, Gary S. Bust4134 - 4143
Systematic Solar Cycle Variation of the Ionospheric TEC Gradient Magnitude Distribution over the Brazilian AirspaceRezy Pradipta, Endawoke Yizengaw, and Patricia H. Doherty4144 - 4150
Overview of a New Reconstruction Method to Map the Ionosphere at the Brazilian RegionFabricio dos Santos Prol4151 - 4157
Ionospheric Rates of ChangeTodd Walter, Juan Blanch, Lance DeGroot, Laura Norman, and Mathieu Joerger4158 - 4170
Precise Measurement of the Channel Delay for GNSS Signal Simulator based on the Software ReceiverLei Zhao, Tengfei Da, Zhen Wu, Xiaowei Cui, Chuhan Wang, Mingquan Lu, and Li Gong4171 - 4181
Carrier Phase Tracking Considerations for Commodity SDR HardwareCillian O'Driscoll and James T. Curran4182 - 4196
Analysis of GNSS Correction Data Standards for the Automotive MarketSudha Vana, John Aggrey, Sunil Bisnath, Rodrigo Leandro, Landon Urquhart, and Paola Gonzalez4197 - 4214
Implementation of GNSS Receiver Hardware Accelerators in All-programmable System-On-Chip PlatformsMarc Majoral, Carles Fernández-Prades, and Javier Arribas4215 - 4230
The GNSS-Transceiver: Using Vector-tracking Approach to Convert a GNSS Receiver to a Simulator; Implementation and Verification for Signal AuthenticationDaniel S. Maier, Kathrin Frankl, and Thomas Pany4231 - 4244
Nuisance Parameters for Bayesian Direct Position Estimation Targeting Improved StabilityJürgen Dampf and Thomas Pany4245 - 4257
Non-Coherent Processing of Galileo E6b SignalsDaniele Borio and Melania Susi4258 - 4270