2018 IEEE/ION Position, Location and Navigation Symposium (PLANS)

April 23 - 26, 2018
Hyatt Regency Hotel
Monterey, CA
ISSN: 2153-3598

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A New IMU with a Digitally Controlled PZT CVGAnthony Dorian Challoner, Jeremy Daniel Popp, Peter Bond, Jose Beitia, Rongsheng (Ken) Li1 - 6
An Operation and Mechanization of the Hemispherical Resonator GyroscopeAnthony Matthews7 - 14
Design and Fabrication of High-Q Birdbath Resonator for MEMS GyroscopesSajal Singh, Tal Nagourney, Jae Yoong Cho, Ali Darvishian, Behrouz Shiari, Khalil Najafi15 - 19
milli-HRG Inertial Sensor Assembly – a RealityA.D. Meyer, D.M. Rozelle, A.A. Trusov, D.K Sakaida20 - 23
The NG DIVA: A Navigation Grade Differential Inertial Vibrating Beam AccelerometerO. Le Traon, J. Guérard, M. Pernice, C. Chartier, P. Lavenus, A. Andrieux, R. Levy24 - 30
Resonator Optimization of the Resonant Fiber Optic Gyro Under Dynamic ConditionZhuo Wang, Guochen Wang, Wei Gao, Zhenpeng Wang, Zicheng Wang, Weiqi Miao31 - 33
Design and Evaluation of High-order Non-commutativity Error Compensation Algorithm in DynamicsMaosong Wang, Wenqi Wu, Xiaofeng He34 - 41
Rate Table Improvements in Rate Stability using Look-up Tables: Faster Commissioning through Automated ProcessesAndré S.P. Niederberger, Remo Kälin, Sascha Revel, Dino Smajlovic42 - 45
Combining Secondary Code Correlations for Fast GNSS Signal AcquisitionJérôme Leclère, René Jr Landry46 - 55
Quantifying Phase Lock Loop Robustness Through Interference using the Phase Discriminator OutputWengxiang Zhao, Stefan Stevanovic, Boris Pervan56 - 62
Preliminary Assessment on the Vulnerability of NMA-based Galileo Signals for a Special Class of Record & Replay Spoofing AttacksDaniel Maier, Kathrin Frankl, Ronny Blum, Bernd Eissfeller, Thomas Pany63 - 71
Dual-frequency Signal Processing Architecture for Robust and Precise Positioning ApplicationsPadma Bolla, Elena Simona Lohan72 - 80
A Joint TOA and DOA Approach for Positioning with LTE SignalsKimia Shamaei, Joe Khalife, Zaher M. Kassas81 - 91
A Collaborative Technique for Spatial Interference Reduction in Multi-Node Antenna Arrays with Antenna DiversityKenneth L. Collier Jr., Laurie L. Joiner92 - 101
Doppler Considerations and Phase Manifold Effects for Anti-jam ElectronicsAdam Simmons, Russell Powell, Greg Reynolds, Laura McCrain, Timothy Pitt, Caleb Perry, Brian Baeder102 - 107
Improved Stochastic Modelling of Low-Cost GNSS Receivers Positioning ErrorsAhmed Radi, Sameh Nassar, Maan Khedr, Naser El-Sheimy, Roberto Molinari, Stéphane Guerrier108 - 117
Wearable-based Pedestrian Inertial Navigation with Constraints based on Biomechanical ModelsDina Bousdar Ahmed, Kai Metzger118 - 123
Utilizing the ACC-FMCW-Radar for Land Vehicles NavigationAshraf Abosekeen, Aboelmagd Noureldin, Michael J. Korenberg124 - 132
Multiple Ultrasonic Aiding System for Car Navigation in GNSS Denied EnvironmentM. Moussa, A. Moussa, N. El-Sheimy133 - 140
A New Method to Calculate Relative Distance of Closest Terrain Point Using Interferometric Radar Altimeter Output in Real Flight EnvironmentJuhyun Oh, Chang-Ky Sung, Jung-Shin Lee, Myeong-Jong Yu141 - 148
Chained Wireless Synchronization Algorithm for UWB-TDOA PositioningV. Navràtil, J. Krška, F. Vejražka, V. Korecek149 - 157
Exclusion of GNSS NLOS Receptions Caused by Dynamic Objects in Heavy Traffic Urban Scenarios Using Real-Time 3D Point Cloud: An Approach without 3D MapsWeisong Wen, Guohao Zhang, Li-Ta Hsu158 - 165
Three-Axis Magnetometer Calibration based on Optimal Ellipsoidal Fitting under Constraint Condition for Pedestrian Positioning System Using Foot-mounted Inertial Sensor/MagnetometerXufei Cui, Yibing Li, Qiuying Wang, Minghui Zhang, Jia Li166 - 174
Indoor Positioning using Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) Technologies: Positioning Accuracies and Sensors’ PerformancesPaolo Dabove, Vincenzo Di Pietra, Marco Piras, Ansar Abdul Jabbar, Syed Ali Kazim175 - 184
Tightly Coupled RTK/MIMU using Single Frequency BDS/GPS/QZSS Receiver for Automatic Driving VehicleLi Qifen, Ai Lun, Xiao Junpeng, Li-Ta Hsu, Yanlei Gu, Shunsuke Kamijo185 - 189
Analysis of Wing Flexure Deformation Based on ANSYSXueyan Zhang, Yan Zhao, Fan Si190 - 196
SLAM-based Pseudo-GNSS/INS Localization System for Indoor LiDAR Mobile Mapping SystemsTamer Shamseldin, Ankit Manerikar, Magdy Elbahnasawy, Ayman Habib197 - 208
Improvements in Pedestrian Movement Prediction by Considering Multiple Intentions in a Multi-Hypotheses FilterFlorian Particke, Markus Hiller, Christian Feist, Jörn Thielecke209 - 215
A Smart Phone based Multi-Floor Indoor Positioning System for Occupancy DetectionMd Shadab Mashuk, James Pinchin, Peer-Olaf Siebers, Terry Moore216 - 227
Utilization of Weak Received Signal Strength for Accurate Indoor Position EstimationToshiaki Yokoi, Kazuki Oikawa228 - 233
Graphical Kalman FilterBoxian Dong, Thomas Burgess, Hans-Bernd Neuner234 - 245
Indoor Navigation Using Wi-Fi Fingerprinting Combined with Pedestrian Dead ReckoningShan-Jung Yu, Shau-Shiun Jan, David S. De Lorenzo246 - 253
Laser-Camera Based 3D Reconstruction of Indoor EnvironmentsJamal Atman, Gert F. Trommer254 - 260
Wafer-Level-Packaged HARPSS+ MEMS Platform: Integration of Robust Timing and Inertial Measurement Units (TIMU) on a Single ChipHaoran Wen, Anosh Daruwalla, Yaesuk Jeong, Pranav Gupta, Jaehoo Choi, Chang-Shun Liu, Farrokh Ayazi261 - 266
Heading and Attitude Determination System with Low-cost IMU Embedded Inside One of Multiple AntennasNikolay Vasilyuk, Mikhail Vorobiev, Dmitry Tokarev267 - 274
Loosely Coupled GPS/INS Integration With Snap To Road For Low-Cost Land Vehicle Navigation - EKF-STR for Low-cost ApplicationsMohamed Lajmi Cherif, Jérôme Leclere, René Jr. Landry275 - 282
A Piezo-Capacitive BAW Accelerometer with Extended Dynamic Range using a Gap-Changing Moving ElectrodeAnosh Daruwalla, Haoran Wen, Chang-Shun Liu, Hoon Jeong, Farrokh Ayazi283 - 287
MEMS Gyro Drift Compensation Using Multiple Rate Measurements Derived from a Single ResonatorHoward H. Ge, Amir H. Behbahani, Robert T. M'Closkey288 - 293
Using a Mobile Range-Camera Motion Capture System to Evaluate the Performance of Integration of Multiple Low-Cost Wearable Sensors and Gait Kinematics for Pedestrian Navigation in Realistic EnvironmentsChandra Tjhai, Jeremy Steward, Derek Lichti, Kyle O’Keefe294 - 300
Temperature Compensation Model of MEMS Inertial Sensors based on Neural NetworkGolrokh Araghi, René Jr Landry301 - 309
Bi-Orthonormal Based De-Noising for Improving Wellbore Continuous MWD Surveying Utilizing MEMS Inertial SensorsUmar Iqbal, Lu Wang, Chunxi Zhang, Abdalla Osman, Aboelmagd Noureldin310 - 315
A Formula for Solution Separation without Subset Solutions for Advanced RAIMJuan Blanch, Todd Walter, Per Enge316 - 326
Preliminary Integrity Assessment for GPS/GLONASS RAIM with Multiple FaultsEugene Bang, Carl Milner, Christophe Macabiau, Philippe Estival327 - 335
Multi-Constellation Time-Differenced Carrier Phase Solution with Protection from Multiple FailuresZhen Zhu, Eric Vinande, Maarten Uijt de Haag336 - 348
GPS Receiver Failure Detection Method in High Dynamic EnvironmentJunyi Li, Yandong Wang349 - 354
Comparison of Different Bounding Methods for Providing GPS Integrity InformationHani Dbouk, Steffen Schön355 - 366
Vertical Integrity Monitoring with Direct PositioningArthur Hsi-Ping Chu, Grace Xingxin Gao367 - 373
GNSS-based Location Determination System Architecture for Railway Performance Assessment in Presence of Local EffectsC. Stallo, A. Neri, P. Salvatori, A. Coluccia, R. Capua, G. Olivieri, L. Gattuso, L. Bonenberg, T. Moore, F. Rispoli374 - 381
Location Corrections through Differential Networks (LOCD-IN)Russell Gilabert, Evan Dill, Maarten Uijt de Haag382 - 388
DOA Classification and CCPM-PC based GNSS Spoofing Detection TechniqueGuanghui Xu, Feng Shen, Moeness Amin, Chun Wang389 - 396
Analysis of the Baseline Data based GPS Spoofing Detection AlgorithmChanghui Jiang, Shuai Chen, Yuwei Chen, Yuming Bo, Qingyuan Xia, Boya Zhang397 - 403
Stereo Vision-Based Simultaneous Localization and Mapping with Ranging AidYoung-Hee Lee, Chen Zhu, Gabriele Giorgi, Christoph Guenther404 - 409
Integrating Low-Resolution Surveillance Camera and Smartphone Inertial Sensors for Indoor PositioningJiuxin Zhang, Pingqiang Zhou410 - 416
Image-Assisted GNSS/INS Navigation for UAV-based Mobile Mapping Systems During GNSS OutagesMagdy Elbahnasawy, Tamer Shamseldin, Ayman Habib417 - 425
Photogrammetric Visual Odometry with Unmanned Ground Vehicle using Low Cost SensorsPaolo Dabove, Andrea M. Lingua, Marco Piras426 - 431
VO-Sim: A Generic Framework for Tuning and Evaluating Visual Odometry SystemsIslam Alaa, Amr Wassal432 - 439
Enhancing Accuracy in Visual SLAM by Tightly Coupling Sparse Ranging Measurements Between Two RoversChen Zhu, Gabriele Giorgi, Young-Hee Lee, Christoph Günther440 - 446
Low Cost, Standards based EO/IR Payload Simulation for Visual Aided Navigation ApplicationsB. Thompson, C. Newborn, P. Jackson, T. Pitt, G. Reynolds447 - 455
Low-cost Precise Vehicular Positioning in Urban EnvironmentsTodd E. Humphreys, Matthew Murrian, Lakshay Narula456 - 471
Advances on a Null-space-based Approach to Range-only Underwater Steering and PositioningDaniela De Palma, Giovanni Indiveri, António M. Pascoal472 - 479
Optimal Measurement Location Planning for Localizing Underwater TranspondersJesse Garcia, Jay A. Farrell, Zaher M. Kassas480 - 486
Range-based Underwater Target Localization using an Autonomous Surface Vehicle: Observability AnalysisN. Crasta, David Moreno-Salinas, Behzad Bayat, Antonio M. Pascoal, J. Aranda487 - 496
Shipboard Calibration of a Diamond Nitrogen Vacancy Magnetic Field SensorPaul Frontera, Stephen Alessandrini, John Stetson497 - 504
Fast and High Precision Alignment Algorithm Based on Multi VectorDingjie Xu, Pan Jiang, Ya Zhang, Shiwei Fan, Guochen Wang505 - 509
Performance Analysis of Cooperative Positioning SystemFei Yu, Shiwei Fan, Qian Li, Pan Jiang, Zicheng Wang510 - 515
Use of Situation and Risk Modeling in Guidance SolutionsEdwin A. Williams, Yan Jin516 - 521
Improved Strapdown Inertial Measurement Unit Calibration ProceduresPaul G. Savage522 - 533
A Two-Step Computationally Efficient Procedure for IMU Classification and CalibrationGaetan Bakalli, Ahmed Radi, Sameh Nassar, Stephane Guerrier, Yuming Zhang, Roberto Molinari534 - 540
Fast Self - Calibration of Fiber - Optic Strapdown Inertial Navigation SystemDingjie Xu, Pan Jiang, Ya Zhang, Shiwei Fan, Guochen Wang541 - 545
Accelerated Aging Test for MEMS Inertial Measurement Units using Temperature CyclingAnil Sami Önen, Yesim Günhan546 - 551
Determining Efficient Temperature Test Points for IMU CalibrationBagis Altinöz, Derya Ünsal552 - 556
Research on Dual-MIMU Trajectory Tracking Based on Support Vector Machine ConstraintQiuying Wang, Ming Cheng, Xufei Cui, Zheng Guo, Jia Li557 - 564
Research on Pedestrian Location Based on Dual MIMU/ Magnetometer/ Ultrasonic ModuleWang Qiuying, Guo Zheng, Zhang Minghui, Cui Xufei, Wu Hui, Jia Li565 - 570
Spatial Gradient Monitor for GBASJaymin Patel, Samer Khanafseh, Boris Pervan571 - 582
ECEF Position Accuracy and Reliability in the Presence of Differential Correction LatencyFarzana Rahman, Elahe Aghapour, Jay A. Farrell583 - 588
Evaluation of Kinematic Precise Point Positioning Convergence with an Incremental Graph OptimizerRyan M. Watson, Jason N. Gross589 - 596
On the Kalman Filtering Formulation for RTK Joint Positioning and Attitude Quaternion DeterminationDaniel Medina, Anja Heßelbarth, Rauno Büscher, Ralf Ziebold, Jesús García597 - 604
Robust Multipath Detection by Intra- and Inter-Domain Fusion with Real-Time CapabilityArtem Gostishchev, Friederike Fohlmeister, Andriy Konovaltsev605 - 614
Preliminary Analysis of URA Characterization for GPS Real-time Precise Orbit and Clock ProductsChun Cheng, YuXin Zhao, Liang Li, Jianhua Cheng, Xiangyu Sun615 - 621
An Empirical Study of the Relative Phase Center Variation of a Ceramic Patch Antenna for Automotive ApplicationsRan Liu, Daniel N. Aloi622 - 626
Outlier Accommodation for Meter-Level Positioning: Risk-Averse Performance-Specified State EstimationElahe Aghapour, Farzana Rahman, Jay A. Farrell627 - 633
An Assessment of the Precise Products on Static Precise Point Positioning using Multi-Constellation GNSSJareer Mohammed, Richard M. Bingley, Terry Moore, Chris Hill634 - 641
A Performance Assessment of Low-Cost RTK GNSS ReceiversJohn Jackson, Brian Davis, Demoz Gebre-Egziabher642 - 649
Attitude and Velocity Estimation of a Projectile using Low Cost Magnetometers and AccelerometersChristophe Combettes, Sebastien Changey, Ronan Adam, Emmanuel Pecheur650 - 657
Modular Tightly Coupled System with Clock Error Estimation for Multi-GNSS for Road Vehicle Applications in Urban ScenariosJohanna Rieke, Martin Escher, Ulf Bestmann658 - 665
A Two-Stage Multiplicative Kalman Filter for Attitude Estimation of the Human WristDaniel S. Eliahu, Gabriel H. Elkaim, Renwick E. Curry666 - 672
Design of Integrated Navigation System using IMU and Multiple Ranges from In-Flight Rotating Hexacopter SystemByungjin Lee, Gwangsoo Park, Kangsoo Ryu, Young Jae Lee, SangKyung Sung673 - 679
A Comparison of Methods for Online Lever Arm Estimation in GPS/INS IntegrationNick Montalbano, Todd Humphreys680 - 687
A Novel Integrated Navigation System Based on the Quadrotor Dynamic ModelPin Lyu, Jizhou Lai, Jianye Liu, Ling Zhang, Shichao Liu688 - 695
Pure-Inertial AHRS with Adaptive Elimination of Non-Gravitational Vehicle AccelerationPavol Malinák, Miloš Soták, Zdenek Kana, Radek Baránek, Jindrich Duník696 - 707
A Designed AKF Algorithm Applied to Unconventional GPS and Multiple Low-cost IMUs Integration StrategyFei Yu, Minghong Zhu, Shu Xiao, Jianguo Wang708 - 714
A Model Based Approach for Sensor Fault Detection in Civil Aircraft Control SurfaceO. Sercekman, A.T. Kutay715 - 729
Multisensor Navigation in Urban EnvironmentAndrea Della Monica, Laura Ruotsalainen, Fabio Dovis730 - 738
A Tripartite Filter Design for Seamless Pedestrian Navigation using Recursive 2-Means Clustering and Tukey UpdatePekka Peltola, Jialin Xiao, Chris Hill, Terry Moore, Fernando Seco, Antonio R. Jiménez739 - 748
Airborne Visual Detection of Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems with and without ADS-BJamey Jacob, Taylor Mitchell, Jon Loffi, Matt Vance, Ryan Wallace749 - 756
Interactive Multiple Model Sensor Analysis for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Detect and Avoid (DAA)Adriano Canolla, Michael B. Jamoom, Boris Pervan757 - 766
Decentralized Collaborative Localization with Deep GPS Coupling for UAVsSiddharth Tanwar, Grace Xingxin Gao767 - 774
Multi-UAV Formation Geometries for Cooperative Navigation in GNSS-challenging EnvironmentsFlavia Causa, Amedeo Rodi Vetrella, Giancarmine Fasano, Domenico Accardo775 - 785
Relative Visual-Inertial Odometry for Fixed-Wing Aircraft in GPS-Denied EnvironmentsGary Ellingson, Kevin Brink, Timothy McLain786 - 792
Observability Driven Path Planing for Relative Navigation of Unmanned Aerial SystemsHe Bai, Clark N. Taylor793 - 800
Wide Baseline Matching for Autonomous Approaches of MAVsKarsten Mueller, Ruben Kleis, Gert F. Trommer801 - 808
Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in Locating Wandering Patients with DementiaDalia Hanna, Alexander Ferworn, Michael Lukaczyn, Abdolreza Abhari, Janet Lum809 - 815
Robust Bayesian Filtering for Positioning using GPS & INS in Multipath EnvironmentsShun Taguchi, Takayoshi Yoshimura816 - 821
Gravity Model Error Considerations for High-Integrity GNSS-aided INS OperationsTimothy G. Needham, Michael S. Braasch822 - 832
An Adaptive Cascaded Kalman Filter for Two-antenna GPS/MEMS-IMU IntegrationWei Wang, Zongkai Wu, Hao Zhang833 - 837
GNSS/INS Based Estimation of Air Data and Wind Vector using Flight ManeuversKerry Sun, Christopher D. Regan, Demoz Gebre Egziabher838 - 849
Integrated Navigation Method Using Marine Inertial Navigation System and Star Sensor Based on Model Predictive FilteringWang Qiuying, Zhang Minghui, Guo Zheng, Wu Hui850 - 857
Developmental Test NAVFEST: A Large-Scale, Multi-Aircraft, GPS Jamming Test EventCole Johnson, Chiawei Lee, Marcea Ascencio858 - 868
Fast Alignment Method for Strapdown Navigation System on Stationary BaseBo Xu, Tenghui Duan, Lianzhao Wang869 - 873
An Open Source Flight Dynamics Model and IMU Signal SimulatorJames G. McAnanama, Greg Marsden874 - 881
Real-time Estimation of Dynamic Lever Arm Effect of Transfer Alignment for Wing’s Elastic DeformationChenghao Geng, Falin Wu, Shan Xu, Xueyan Zhang, Fan Si, Yan Zhao882 - 890
Research on Accuracy Enhancement of Low-cost MEMS INS/GNSS Integration for Land Vehicle NavigationQuan Zhang, Xiaoji Niu891 - 898
An Improved Adaptive Multi-Frequency GPS Carrier Tracking Algorithm for Navigation in Challenging EnvironmentsRong Yang, Dongyang Xu, Yu Morton899 - 907
Interference Awareness and Characterization for GNSS Maritime ApplicationsE. Pérez Marcos, S. Caizzone, A. Konovaltsev, M. Cuntz, W. Elmarissi, K. Yinusa, M. Meurer908 - 919
Evaluation of Mitigation Methods Against COTS PPDsJ. Rossouw van der Merwe, Alexander Rügamer, Fabio Garzia, Wolfgang Felber, Jan Wendel920 - 930
A Reduced Complexity Cross-correlation Interference Mitigation Technique on a Real-Time Software-defined Radio GPS L1 ReceiverErick Schmidt, Zach A. Ruble, David Akopian, Daniel J. Pack931 - 939
Simultaneous Localization of Multiple Jammers and Receivers Using Probability Hypothesis DensitySriramya Bhamidipati, Grace Xingxin Gao940 - 944
Analysis of the Impact of a Non-Standard GPS C/A Code on Galileo SignalsFabio Dovis, Davide Margaria, Beatrice Motella945 - 955
On the Achievable Equivalent Security of GNSS Ranging Code EncryptionGianluca Caparra, James T. Curran956 - 966
SNAP: An Authentication Concept for the Galileo Open ServiceBeatrice Motella, Davide Margaria, Matteo Paonni967 - 977
Precise UAV Navigation with Cellular Carrier Phase MeasurementsJoe Khalife, Zaher M. Kassas978 - 989
Algorithm for Geodetic Positioning Based on Angle-of-Arrival of Automatic Dependent Surveillance-BroadcastsRichard A. Gross, Nicholas A. Baine990 - 1001
Evaluation of Feature Points Descriptors’ Performance for Visual Finger Printing for Localization using SmartphonesI. Abadi, A. Moussa, N. El- Sheimy1002 - 1008
A Self-learning Fingerprinting Matching Algorithm for Indoor Wi-Fi PositioningGuenther Retscher, Anton Stangl1009 - 1019
Exchanging Transmitter Maps in Multipath Assisted PositioningMarkus Ulmschneider, David Calvo Luz, Christian Gentner1020 - 1025
Multi-radio Integrated Navigation System M&S Software Design for GNSS Back-upJunhak Lee, Heyone Kim, Dong-Hwan Hwang, Sang Heon Oh, Hyoungmin So1026 - 1033
Preliminary Study of Multichain-Based Loran Positioning Accuracy for Dynamic Users in South KoreaPyo-Woong Son, Joon Hyo Rhee, Younghoon Han, Kiyeol Seo, Jiwon Seo1034 - 1038
High Accuracy SFOL DME/N Pulse and its Recommended Implementation in South Korea for Alternative Aircraft NavigationEuiho Kim, Hwankee Cho1039 - 1041
A Combined Approach to Single-Camera-Based Lane Detection in Driverless NavigationXin Zhang, Maolin Chen, Xingqun Zhan1042 - 1046
Combination of Computer Vision Detection and Segmentation for Autonomous DrivingYu-Ho Tseng, Shau-Shiun Jan1047 - 1052
GNSS Multipath Detection in Urban Environment Using 3D Building ModelShiwen Zhang, Sherman Lo, Yu-Hsuan Chen, Todd Walter, Per Enge1053 - 1058
Integrity and Continuity of Sensor-Based Collision Warning Systems using Vehicle-to-vehicle CommunicationGustavo Lee, Mathieu Joerger1059 - 1068
Behavioral Cloning for Driverless Cars using Transfer LearningXin Zhang, Maolin Chen, Xingqun Zhan1069 - 1073
Quantitative Analysis of GNSS Performance under Railway Obstruction EnvironmentDebiao Lu, Shuxian Jiang, Baigen Cai, Wei Shangguan, Kiankai Liu, Jin Luan1074 - 1080
Impact of Positioning Uncertainty on Eco-Approach and Departure of Connected and Automated VehiclesNigel Williams, Guoyuan Wu, Pau Closas1081 - 1087
Tightly Coupled Navigation System of a Differential Magnetometer System with a MEMS-IMU for EnceladusSabine Macht, Martin Escher, Markus Bobbe, Barbara Kohn, Ulf Bestmann1088 - 1096
Application of Atom Interferometric Technology for GPS Independent Navigation and Time SolutionsHugh F. Rice, Vincent Benischek, Les Sczaniecki1097 - 1106
Maritime Magnetic Anomaly Mapping with a Diamond Nitrogen Vacancy SensorTyler Fleig, Paul Frontera1107 - 1112
The Heights for the Time Measurement and the Time for the Heights MeasurementAlberto Cina, Paolo Dabove, Davide Calonico1113 - 1121
AUV Geophysical Navigation using Magnetic Data - the MEDUSA GN SystemJoão Quintas, Francisco Curado Teixeira, António Pascoal1122 - 1130
LRF Assisted SLAM for Airborne PlatformsKerem Eyice, Onur Çulha1131 - 1134
Enhanced UAV Navigation in GNSS Denied Environment Using Repeated Dynamics Pattern RecognitionS. Zahran, A. Moussa, N. El-Sheimy1135 - 1142
Simulation and Tracking Algorithm Evaluation for Scintillation Signals on LEO Satellites Traveling Inside the IonosphereDongyang Xu, Yu Morton, Yu Jiao, Charles Rino1143 - 1150
Dual Kalman Filtering Based GNSS Phase Tracking for Scintillation MitigationFriederike Fohlmeister, Felix Antreich, Josef A. Nossek1151 - 1158
Application of Machine Learning to Characterization of GPS L1 Ionospheric Amplitude ScintillationYunxiang (Leo) Liu, Y. Jade Morton, Yu (Joy) Jiao1159 - 1166
On-line Model Learning for Adaptive GNSS Ionospheric Scintillation Estimation and MitigationJordi Vilà-Valls, Carles Fernández-Prades, Javier Arribas, James T. Curran, Pau Closas1167 - 1172
An End-to-End Approach for Near Real Time Ionosphere Monitoring Over Mid-Latitudes from GPS Data Using Kriging Interpolation and IGS ProductsElhadi Takka, Aichouch Belhadj-Aissa, Hocine Kimouche1173 - 1180
Development of a European Ionosphere Threat Model in Support of GBAS DeploymentEmilien Robert, Petr Jonas, Jonathan Vuillaume, Daniel Salos, Louis Hecker, Philippe Yaya1181 - 1190
Real-time Estimation of Atmospheric Disturbance for Unmanned Helicopter Based on Multi-Source Navigation DataKe-cheng Sun, Qing-hua Zeng, Jian-ye Liu, Ya-jing Zhou, Yu-ting Dai1191 - 1196
Cooperative Simultaneous Localization and Mapping for Pedestrians using Low-Cost Ultra-Wideband System and GyroscopeChristian Gentner, Markus Ulmschneider, Thomas Jost1197 - 1205
Enhanced Acceleration Phase Tracking for Moving Platform Detection in 3D Indoor NavigationSusanna Kaiser1206 - 1212
First-Person Indoor Navigation via Vision-Inertial Data FusionAmirreza Farnoosh, Mohsen Nabian, Pau Closas, Sarah Ostadabbas1213 - 1222
A Machine Learning Approach for Localization in Cellular EnvironmentsAli A. Abdallah, Samer S. Saab, Zaher M. Kassas1223 - 1227
Relative Train Localization with Magnetic Field MeasurementsBenjamin Siebler, Oliver Heirich, Stephan Sand1228 - 1233
Geolocalization via Tracking of Wideband Radio Astronomical Sources in the Presence of Radio Frequency InterferenceMuhammet Emin Yanik, Murat Torlak1234 - 1238
A Methodology for Estimation of Ground Phenomena PropagationSharon Rabinovich, Renwick E. Curry, Gabriel Hugh Elkaim1239 - 1244
A Probabilistic Measurement Method for Terrain Aided Navigation for Airborne PlatformsGörkem Kandemir, Haluk Erdem Bingöl1245 - 1249
An Environment Recognition Method for MAVs using a SmartphoneYaning Wang, Li Fu, Lingling Wang, Yandong Wang1250 - 1255
Performance Evaluation of the 3D MAP Based Precise Positioning and its ApplicationNobuaki Kubo, Rei Furukawa1256 - 1263
Importance Sampling Kalman Filter for Urban Canyon NavigationYeongkwon Choe, Chan Gook Park, Jin Woo Song1264 - 1269
Study on the use of Q-R Codes as Landmarks for Indoor Positioning: Preliminary ResultsZheqi Li, Jidong Huang1270 - 1276
Navigating to Small-Bodies using Small-SatellitesStephen Schwartz, Ravi Teja Nallapu, Pranay Gankidi, Graham Dektor, Jekan Thangavelautham1277 - 1285
Simulation Toolset for Localization and Control of Swarming Vehicles using Random Finite Set TheoryVaughn A. Weirens, Chuck S. Hisamoto, Suneel I. Sheikh1286 - 1293
Smart Camera System On-board a CubeSat for Space-based Object Reentry and TrackingRavi Teja Nallapu, Aaditya Ravindran, Himangshu Kalita, Vishnu Reddy, Roberto Furfaro, Erik Asphaug, Jekan Thangavelautham1294 - 1301
Planning and Navigation of Climbing Robots in Low-Gravity EnvironmentsSteven Morad, Himangshu Kalita, Jekan Thangavelautham1302 - 1310
Path Planning and Navigation Inside Off-World Lava Tubes and CavesHimangshu Kalita, Steven Morad, Aaditya Ravindran, Jekan Thangavelautham1311 - 1318
Towards an Online Sensor Model Validation and Estimation FrameworkJuan D. Jurado, John F. Raquet1319 - 1325
State and Measurement Noise in Positioning and Tracking: Covariance Matrices Estimation and Gaussianity AssessmentJ. Dunik, O. Kost, O. Straka, E. Blasch1326 - 1335
Construction of Dynamically-Dependent Stochastic Error ModelsPhilipp Clausen, Jan Skaloud, Samuel Orso, Stéphane Guerrier1336 - 1341
An Optimal Virtual Inertial Sensor Framework using Wavelet Cross CovarianceYuming Zhang, Haotian Xu, Ahmed Radi, Roberto Molinari, Stephane Guerrier, Mucyo Karemera, Naser El-Sheimy1342 - 1350
Deriving Confidence from Artificial Neural Networks for NavigationJoseph Curro, John Raquet1351 - 1361
Driver Behavior Assessment Based on Loosely Coupled GPS/INS Integration in Harsh EnvironmentOussama Derbel, Mohamed Lajmi Cherif, René Jr. Landry1362 - 1367
Evaluation of the Detection and Mitigation of Time Synchronization Attacks on the Global Positioning SystemAli Khalajmehrabadi, Nikolaos Gatsis, David Akopian1368 - 1371
A Method of Inertial Integrated Navigation Based on Low Cost MEMS SensorsZheng-chun Wang, Zhi Xiong, Pin Lyu, Jian-xin Xu, Xin Huang, Li-min Xu1372 - 1378
Use of SBAS Corrections with Local-Area Monitoring for Railway Guidance and Control ApplicationsPietro Salvatori, Cosimo Stallo, Sam Pullen, Sherman Lo, Per Enge1379 - 1387
Multi-Frequency Precise Point Positioning using GPS and Galileo Data with Smoothed Ionospheric CorrectionsFrancesco Basile, Terry Moore, Chris Hill, Gary McGraw, Andrew Johnson1388 - 1398
New Solutions to Reduce the Time-To-CED and to Improve the CED Robustness of the Galileo I/NAV MessageLorenzo Ortega Espluga, Charly Poulliat, Marie-Laure Boucheret, Marion Aubault, Hanaa Al bitar1399 - 1408
Galileo Open Service Time PerformanceAmale Kanj, Jérôme Delporte, Norbert Suard, Bernard Bonhoure, Pascale Defraigne1409 - 1413
BeiDou Signal Acquisition based on a New Double Block Zero-padding MethodShan Xu, Falin Wu, Chenghao Geng1414 - 1421
Pre- and Post-Correlation Methods for Acquisition of New GNSS Signals with Secondary CodeJirí Svaton, František Vejražka1422 - 1427
Multiplex Modulation Techniques for a Navigation Constellation SimulatorPhilipp Neumaier, Markus Bochenko, Andreas Blumenschein, Nikolas Hansen, Josef Lex, Sowmyashree Lakshmaiah1428 - 1438
An Optimized and Payload Achievable Multiplexing Design Technique for GNSS SignalsJiayi Zhang, Zheng Yao, Junjie Ma, Mingquan Lu, Xin Zhang1439 - 1444
Information Fusion Strategies for Collaborative Radio SLAMJoshua Morales, Zaher M. Kassas1445 - 1454
Evaluating an LKF Simulation Tool for Collaborative Navigation SystemsNicolás García Fernández, Steffen Schön1455 - 1464
A Novel GNSS based V2V Cooperative Localization to Exclude Multipath Effect Using Consistency ChecksGuohao Zhang, Weisong Wen, Li-Ta Hsu1465 - 1472
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