Proceedings of the 2018 International Technical Meeting of The Institute of Navigation

January 29 - 1, 2018
Hyatt Regency Reston
Reston, Virginia
ISSN: 2330-3646
ISBN: 0-936406-13-5

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Design of Extended “Lock-in Range” Multi-Mode PLL to Simultaneously Track and Demodulate two GNSS or any Received SignalsMaher Al-Aboodi, Ihsan Alshahib Lami1 - 12
An Unambiguous Acquisition Technique for Sine BOC(m,n) SignalsTian Li, Jiaolong Wei, Zuping Tang, Zhihui Zhou, Xuan Xia, Boyi Wang13 - 20
Acquisition of 3 GNSS Signals of GPSL1CA, GPSL1C and GalileoE1OS Simultaneously in a Single Processing Chain that Halves Processing and Battery PowerAli Albu-Rghaif, Ihsan Alshahib Lami21 - 34
High Precision Localisation with Dual-Constellation for Railway ApplicationsJan-Jöran Gehrt, Thomas Konrad, Jiaying Lin, Michael Breuer, Dirk Abel, René Zweigel35 - 45
Improved Ambiguity Searching Method of Ultra-Short Baseline with Nonlinear ConstraintHang Guo, Baolian Tian, Min Yu, Linkun Deng, Haitao Wang46 - 55
Development and Verification of Attitude Determination and Control Algorithm for "SNUGLITE" Cube SatelliteMinkyu Choi, Sunkyoung Yu, O-Jong Kim, Heekwon No, Hanjoon Shim, and Changdon Kee56 - 71
Statistical Analysis of User Range Errors on BDS for ARAIMZhipeng Wang, Wei Shao, Sikun Wang, and Lei Zheng72 - 87
Fixed Subset Selection to Reduce Advanced RAIM ComplexityJuan Blanch, Todd Walter and Per Enge88 - 98
ARAIM Test Statistic CorrelationEugene Bang, Carl Milner, Christophe Macabiau, Philippe Estival99 - 113
The Signal Quality Monitoring Method based on Multi-correlation Algorithm for GNSS Modernized SignalsChen Zhuang, Chao Sun, Hongbo Zhao, Wenquan Feng114 - 128
Determination of Required Positioning Integrity Parameters for Design of Vehicle Safety ApplicationsYanming Feng, Charles Wang, Charles Karl129 - 141
Adaptive Algorithm for Low-cost Single-frequency Positioning in Urban Environments: Design and Performance AnalysisIvan Smolyakov and Richard B. Langley142 - 153
Development and Test of a Space Capable Miniaturized GPS/GNSS Receiver for Space ApplicationsYung-Fu Tsai, Min-Yu Hsieh, Hung-Yuan Chang, and Chen-Tsung Lin154 - 159
Limits on GNSS Performance at High LatitudesPeter F. Swaszek, Richard J. Hartnett, Kelly C. Seals, Joseph D. Siciliano, Rebecca M. A. Swaszek160 - 176
Preliminary Results of Impacts of Ionospheric Scintillations on GAST-D Ground Integrity MonitorsSusumu Saito, Sabine Zureikat, Takayuki Yoshihara177 - 187
Navigation Augmentation based on LEO Communication Satellite ConstellationsRuidan Luo, Hong Yuan, Ying Xu188 - 195
Video-based Classification of Railway Track Areas for GNSS-based Virtual Balise Solutions in the ERSAT GGC ProjectJuliette Marais, Rihab Hmida, Amaury Flancquart, Salvatore Sabina, and Massimiliano Ciaffi196 - 205
Characterization of Feature Matching Errors for Consistent Estimation in Vision-Aided NavigationChun Yang, Ananth Vadlamani, Andrey Soloviev, Michael Veth, Clark Taylor206 - 223
Ground Reflection Elimination Algorithms for Enhanced Distance Measurement to the Curbs Using Ultrasonic SensorsJoon Hyo Rhee and Jiwon Seo224 - 231
Assessing Indoor Environments with sUAS through Real-Time Virtual Reality and Assured NavigationMaarten Uijt de Haag, Jessie Robinson, Adam Schultz, and Joel Huff232 - 239
Demonstrating Single Element Null Steering Antenna Direction Finding for Interference DetectionYu-Hsuan Chen, Sherman Lo, Adrien Perkins, Fabian Rothmaier, Dennis Akos, Per Enge240 - 259
Distortionless Spatial Frequency Adaptive Processing in Antenna Array GNSS ReceiversHailong Xu, Xiaowei Cui, Jianfeng Li, Mingquan Lu260 - 266
The Effect of Aircraft Antenna Group Delay Variations on Dual Solution Ionospheric Gradient MonitoringAnurag Raghuvanshi and Frank van Graas267 - 282
Visualizing Each and Every Layer in a CNN Trained for Receiver ClassificationXin Zhang, Xingqun Zhan, Ruopu Liu, Hang Guo283 - 291
BASS Algorithm for Enhanced Position Estimation of MEOSAR COSPAS-SARSAT ReceiversJung-Hoon Lee, Incheol Jeong, Jong-Hoon Won292 - 300
WAAS at 15Todd Walter, Karl Shallberg, Eric Altshuler, William Wanner, Chris Harris, Robert Stimmler301 - 321
An Availability Prediction Method of Ground-Based Augmentation System Based on Support Vector Machine AlgorithmZhipeng Wang, Jingtian Du, Wei Zhi, Yanbo Zhu, Yuan Liu, Qian Sun322 - 338
Evaluation of Quasi – Zenith Satellite System L5S SignalChiu-Mei Wu and Shau-Shiun Jan, Takeyasu Sakai339 - 352
Development of DFMC SBAS Prototype System using L1 and L5 Band Signals of GPS, Galileo, and QZSSMitsunori Kitamura, Takahiro Aso, Takeyasu Sakai, Kazuaki Hoshinoo353 - 364
Quantum Resistant Authentication Algorithms for Satellite-Based Augmentation SystemsAndrew Neish, Todd Walter, and Per Enge365 - 379
Multiple Reference Consistency Check Method for BDS Sea-Based JPALSYue Zhang, Zhipeng Wang, Yanbo Zhu, Lei Zheng380 - 392
Avoiding Improper Modeling in SBAS Ionospheric Correction with Shrunk ObservationsTakeyasu Sakai, Mitsunori Kitamura, Takahiro Aso, and Kazuaki Hoshinoo393 - 401
Phase Locked Loop Performance Metrics Based on the Distribution of the Discriminator OutputStefan Stevanovic and Boris Pervan402 - 411
An Adaptive Inter-frequency Aiding Carrier Tracking Algorithm for the Mountain-top GPS Radio Occultation SignalRong Yang and Yu Morton412 - 419
Ionosphere Scintillation Effects on GPS Measurements, a New Carrier-Smoothing Technique, and Positioning Algorithms to Improve AccuracyGregory T. Myer and Yu T. (Jade) Morton420 - 439
Advanced Anti-Jam Indoor Adaptive GNSS Signal Acquisition: Part 2, Bessel Distribution - TheoryIlir F. Progri440 - 466
Interference Likelihood Mapping with Case StudiesPaul Alves, Carmen Wong, Matthew Clampitt, Eric Davis and Eunju Kwak467 - 482
Vehicular Lane-Level Positioning using Low-Cost Map-Aided GNSS/MEMS IMU Sensors IntegrationMohamed M. Atia, Allaa Hilal483 - 494
Distributed GPS Beamforming with Low-Cost Software Defined RadiosWilbur L. Myrick495 - 501
Low Cost Precise Navigation in Urban Area with Multi-Constellation GNSS and Inertial-AidingYu Wang and Olivier Julien502 - 520
Real-time Game Theory Based Artificial Potential Field Method for Multiple Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Path PlanningYuan Sun and Li Fu521 - 528
New Compensation Method of Magnetometer Time-varying Bias for UAVHeekwon No, Am Cho, Changdon Kee529 - 541
Analysis of Limiting Factors in and Trade-offs for Positioning Performance ManagementChun Yang and Andrey Soloviev542 - 557
Oceanic APNT Using Air-to-Air RangingOkuary Osechas, Thomas Graeupl, and Gerhard Berz558 - 569
Recent PNT Improvements and Test Results Based on Low Earth Orbit SatellitesGregory Gutt, David Lawrence, Stewart Cobb, and Michael O’Connor570 - 577
Flight Results of GPS-Based Attitude Determination for the Microsatellite Flying-LaptopA. Hauschild, U. Mohr, M. Markgraf and O. Montenbruck578 - 588
Maximum Likelihood GNSS Parameter Estimation: Part 2, Bessel Distribution-Theory and SimulationIlir F. Progri589 - 610
Updated Assessment of GNSS Intrasystem and Intersystem Interference for Airborne EquipmentChristopher Hegarty, Kevin Bean, Olivier Julien, Sai Kalyanaraman, A.J. Van Dierendonck, Sam Pullen, Karl Shallberg, Swen Ericson611 - 625
Crowdsourcing GNSS Jammer Detection and LocalizationLuka Strizic, Dennis M. Akos, Sherman Lo626 - 641
Variation Analysis of Satellite Navigation Message and its Application to Anti-spoofingJianfeng Li, Hong Li, Fei Wang, Hang Ruan, ZhongXiao Wang, and Mingquan Lu642 - 659
Development of a Prototype System for Spoofer Localization Based on TOA MeasurementsJian Wen, Hong Li, Fei Wang, Weiyu Gao, Jianfeng Li, and Mingquan Lu660 - 671
Effective GPS Spoofing Detection Utilizing Metrics from Commercial ReceiversEsteban Garbin Manfredini, Dennis M. Akos, Yu-Hsuan Chen, Sherman Lo, Todd Walter, and Per Enge672 - 689
Accurate Position and Attitude Determination in a Jammed or Spoofed Environment Using an Uncalibrated Multi-Antenna-SystemSoeren Zorn, Tobias Bamberg, Michael Meurer690 - 702
GNSS RFI Localization using a Hybrid TDOA/PDOA ApproachRyan C. Blay and Dennis M. Akos703 - 712
The 4-Parameter Ionospheric Channel Model: Part 1—Theory and SimulationIlir F. Progri713 - 750
Research on Klobuchar Improved Model Based on the Measured Data of BeiDou Satellite Navigation System in Tianjin AreaKaimin Xue, Ruihua Liu, Jian Wang, Jie Bai751 - 762
Study of the Spatial Scale of Plasma Bubbles for Ionospheric Threat Model for GBASMaho Nakamura, Susumu Saito, Takayuki Yoshihara763 - 770
Spatial-temporal Correlation Analysis of Ionospheric Delay in China based on iGMASZhipeng Wang, Sikun Wang, Wei Shao, Qian Sun771 - 789
Galileo System Status, Performance Metrics and ResultsG. Galluzzo, R. Lucas Rodriguez, R. Morgan-Owen, S. Binda, D. Blonski, P. Crosta, F. Gonzalez, J. Molina Garcia, X. Otero, N. Sirikan, M. Spangenberg, E. Spinelli, R. Swinden, S. Wallner790 - 809
New Solutions on the Design of a Galileo Acquisition-Aiding Signal to Improve the TTFF and the SensitivityLorenzo Ortega Espluga, Charly Poulliat, Marie-Laure Boucheret, Marion Aubault, Hanaa Al Bitar810 - 825
An Open Source BDS-3 B1C/B2a SDR ReceiverYafeng Li, Nagaraj C. Shivaramaiah and Dennis M. Akos826 - 836
Development of the Stanford GNSS Navigation Testbed for Distributed Space SystemsVincent Giralo and Simone D'Amico837 - 856
Characterization of Phase and Amplitude Quantization Effects in a Direct Digital Synthesis-based Waveform Generator for Future Software-Defined GPS PayloadsPranav R. Patel, Sanjeev Gunawardena, Richard K. Martin857 - 868
Dynamic Power Allocation with Constant Envelope Transmission for Next Generation Software-Defined GPS PayloadsSeeley Pentecost and Sanjeev Gunawardena869 - 877
Rapid Synchronization for Spread Spectrum Communication SystemKerry Frohling878 - 883