Proceedings of the 30th International Technical Meeting of the Satellite Division of The Institute of Navigation (ION GNSS+ 2017)

September 25 - 29, 2017
Oregon Convention Center
Portland, Oregon
ISSN: 2331-5954
ISBN: 0-936406-11-9

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Navigation Adventures: A Lifetime of Navigation (Boats, Cars, Sports)Stan Honey1 - 49
Positioning, Navigation and Timing – an Enabling Technology for smart Mobility and Smart CitiesCarla J. Bailo50 - 65
GNSS Raw Measurement on the Latest MediaTek PlatformPei-Hung Jau and ShengYu Huang66 - 84
Assessing Galileo Readiness in Android Devices Using Raw MeasurementsMoises Navarro-Gallardo, Nils Bernhardt, Michael Kirchner, Justyna Redenkiewicz Musial, Martin Sunkevic85 - 100
Preliminary Performance Analysis with a GPS+Galileo Enabled Chipset Embedded in a SmartphoneGabriele Pirazzi, Augusto Mazzoni, Ludovico Biagi, Mattia Crespi101 - 115
On the Path to Precision - Observations with Android GNSS ObservablesStuart Riley, Will Lentz and Adam Clare116 - 129
SSR Assist for Smartphones with PPP-RTK ProcessingKoki Asari, Masayuki Saito, and Hisao Amitani130 - 138
Trends, Innovations and Enhancements for Low-Cost PPPD. Calle, E. Carbonell, P. Navarro, I. Rodríguez, P. Roldán, G. Tobías139 - 170
Smartphone Applications for Precise Point PositioningDenis Laurichesse, Cedric Rouch, Francois-Xavier Marmet, Matthieu Pascaud171 - 187
Single-Frequency Divergence-free Hatch Filter for the Android N GNSS Raw MeasurementsDonghyun Shin, Cheolsoon Lim, Byungwoon Park, Youngsun Yun, Euiho Kim, Changdon Kee188 - 225
Precise Point Positioning (PPP) using Low-Cost and Ultra-Low-Cost GNSS ReceiversManinder Gill, Sunil Bisnath, John Aggrey, Garrett Seepersad226 - 236
Robust Precise LocationTodd Humphreys237 - 327
Ubiquitous Navigation using S-GPS and D-TailRamsey Faragher328 - 344
Google Analysis Tools for GNSS Raw Measurements, van Diggelen345 - 356
Behaviors Recognition and Step Detection for Pedestrian Navigation via a Foot-mounted Inertial Measurement UnitZebo Zhou, Shanhui Mo, Shuang Du, Jianghui Geng357 - 367
Garage DRive - Navigation Engine for under Roof ParkingRuslan Budnik and Boris Oblakov368 - 386
3D LIDAR Based Vehicle Localization using Vertical Structure Landmark in Urban RoadJun-Hyuck Im, Kyu-Won Kim, and Gyu-In Jee387 - 401
The Ride-hailing Spoof Detection based on the Sensor Measurement ConsistencyDa-Peng Li and Hai-Tao Wu402 - 407
Multi-GNSS Dynamic High Precision Positioning in Urban EnvironmentJavier Míguez, José V. Perello Gisbert, J.A. Garcia-Molina, Paolo Zoccarato, Paolo Crosta, Lionel Ries, Raül Orús Pérez, Gonzalo Seco-Granados, Massimo Crisci408 - 416
An Integrated WLAN and GPS Localization for Urban Canyon Environments using Sparse Data ProcessingAli Khalajmehrabadi, Nikolaos Gatsis, and David Akopian417 - 426
Evaluation of a GNSS Receiver Performance in Different Multipath Environments with a Novel Real-time Multipath Simulation SystemTommaso Panicciari, Mohamed Ali Soliman, Grégory Moura427 - 435
Low-cost GNSS/INS/Odometric Sensor Fusion Platform for Ground Intelligent Transportation SystemsJavier Arribas, Ana Moragrega, Carles Fernández-Prades, Pau Closas436 - 455
Localization in Urban Canyon: Machine Learning based Localization Using LTE or LoRa Signal for ‘GNSS-denied’ AreasBoseon Yu, Beomju Shin, Jungho Lee, Seoho Lee, Taikjin Lee456 - 462
3D Modeling of Buildings Based on RTK and Image ProcessingLei Shi, Haifen Deng, Chunshui Fang, Chenggang Li463 - 471
Localisation of Wearable Ultra-wideband Antenna for Indoor Positioning ApplicationF. Wang, G. Wang, X. Wang472 - 478
Mixed Near-Field and Far-Field Sources Localization using Uniform Linear ArrayKai Wang, Ling Wang, Zhaolin Zhang, and Jian Xie479 - 489
DOA Estimation and Localization Using Multi-Base Station Spatial Spectrum FusionMadhu Kumari Choudhary, Di He, Lav Dutta, Fei Wen, Peilin Liu, Wenxian Yu, Yi Zhang490 - 500
Method to Characterize Driving Behavior Based on Attitude Determination with Only Accelerometer and GyroPaul McBurney501 - 520
Method to Measure and Validate Daily Mobile Phone Distance TraveledPaul McBurney521 - 540
The Design of an Energy-saving Vector-based GNSS/INS Deep Integration SystemXinhua Tang, Xuehao Yu, Xin Chen, Haiying Wang541 - 548
Smart Fusion of Multi-sensor Ubiquitous Signals of Mobile Device for Localization in GNSS-denied ScenariosJichao Jiao, Zhongliang Deng, Fei Li, Lianming Xu549 - 572
Smartphone-based Hybrid Indoor Positioning System with Magnetic Fingerprint MatchingGuohua Wang, Xinyu Wang, Fengzhou Wang573 - 579
IndoorGuide – Pedestrian Navigation based on a Foot-Mounted IMUJan Ruppelt, Nikolai Kronenwett and Gert F. Trommer580 - 602
Development of an Accuracy Enhancement Algorithm on Pedestrian Positioning based on GNSS and PDR Using the UWB Radio Navigation TechniqueYong-Gu Jang and Seok-Jin Song603 - 606
Development of a 3D GNSS/PDR-Integrated Sensor Capable of Tracking the Position of a Moving Object on the Ground and UndergroundSeok-Jin Song and Yong-Gu Jang607 - 610
Computer Vision Combined with Convolutional Neural Network aid GNSS/INS Integration for Misalignment Estimation of Portable NavigationTz-Chiau Su and Hsiu-Wen Chang611 - 621
Vehicle-to-vehicle Angular Determinations by Means of DSRC SignalsIlya V. Korogodin, Evgeniy N. Boldenkov, and Vladimir V. Dneprov622 - 636
A New Path Planning Algorithm Based on GNSS Localization Error MapGuohao Zhang and Li-Ta Hsu637 - 654
Advanced GNSS Algorithms for Safe Autonomous VehiclesE. Domínguez Tijero, E. Carbonell Pons, J.D. Calle Calle, L. Martínez Fernández, P.F. Navarro Madrid, C. Moriana Varo, M. Azaola Sáenz655 - 664
Systems and Algorithms of OTTO-XL: An Autonomous Snow Removal VehicleMatthew Klein, Charles Hart, Buck Baskin, Roger Quinn665 - 699
First Testing Results in using V2X Technology to Enhance N-RTK Availability in the UKXiaolin Meng, Chang Xu, Xinao Wang, Simon Roberts, Yijian Cui, Qiyi He, Qusen Chen700 - 717
JTIDS/INS Based on Global-Measurements-Sharing for UAV Flight FormationJianwen Fan, Chuang Lei, Guoliang Sun718 - 726
Inertial Attitude Determination Systems in Reduced Gravity and Dynamics EnvironmentA. Szumski, T. Pany, B. Eissfeller727 - 735
Carrier Phase Tracking of OFDM-Based DVB-T Signals for Precision RangingChun Yang, Liang Chen, Olivier Julien, Andrey Soloviev, Ruizhi Chen736 - 748
Positioning and Analytics from Consumer Mobile Devices in Retail StoresAmr Shebl Ahmed, Sheng Mao, Jacques Georgy, Chris Goodall, Rahul Bakshi, Ardalan Heshmati749 - 757
A Compact, Lightweight Sensor to Measure Bearing Angle to a Radio TransmitterLiangchun Xu758 - 766
Design and Implementation of a Wireless Time Synchronization based Positioning SystemSihao Zhao, Xiaowei Cui, Tianyi Ma, Mengdi Jia, Shuang Xu, Mingquan Lu767 - 772
Robust Navigation for Autonomous Fixed-wing Unmanned Aerial VehiclesRobert C. Leishman, Clark N. Taylor773 - 807
Joint GPS and Vision Estimation Using an Adaptive FilterShubhendra Vikram Singh Chauhan and Grace Xingxin Gao808 - 812
Indoor Navigation using Consumer Portable Devices in Cart/StrollerAmr Al-Hamad, Abdelrahman Ali, Mostafa Elhoushi and Jacques Georgy813 - 825
GPSSteven Whitney826 - 842
Galileo Program Status UpdateEric Chatre843 - 864
Galileo System Status UpdateAlfredo Quiles865 - 886
Development of BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) – A System Update Report (2016-2017)Jianqing Ma and Jun Shen887 - 920
QZSS UpdateSatoshi Kogure921 - 957
Performances Monitoring and Analysis for KASST. Authié, M. Dall’Orso, S. Trilles, H. Choi, H. Kim, J. Lee, E. Lee, G. Nam958 - 978
Australian and New Zealand Second Generation Satellite Positioning Augmentation System Supporting Global SBAS ConceptJulián Barrios, Jose Caro, Jesus D. Calle, Enrique Carbonell, Irma Rodríguez, Miguel M. Romay, Robert Jackson, Patrick E. Reddan, Deane Bunce, Claudio Soddu979 - 996
Development of Prototype Dual-frequency Multi-constellation SBAS for MSASMitsunori Kitamura, Takahiro Aso, Takeyasu Sakai, Kazuaki Hoshinoo997 - 1007
ARAIM Ground Architecture Based on GNSS Monitoring InfrastructuresSantiago Perea, Michael Meurer, Ilaria Martini, Markus Rippl, Boris Pervan1008 - 1018
GPS Simultaneous Uploads and GPS Constellation Fault Probability DeterminationNorbert Suard1019 - 1026
Characterization of the Galileo Ranging Accuracy and Integrity Performance: Methodologies and ResultsI. Martini, P. Steigenberger, O. Montenbruck, S. Perea Diaz, M. Meurer1027 - 1050
Multi-GNSS Constellation Anomaly Detection and Performance MonitoringKazuma Gunning, Todd Walter and Per Enge1051 - 1062
A Dedicated ARAIM Ground Monitor to Validate the Integrity Support MessageYawei Zhai, Shahriar Kiarash, Michael Jamoom, Mathieu Joerger, Boris Pervan1063 - 1076
Integrity Based on MT28 for EGNOS: New Algorithm Formulation & ResultsT. Authié, S. Trilles, J-C Fort, J-M Azaïs1077 - 1088
Performance Analysis on Multi-Constellation SBAS of the Modified L1-only SBAS MessageCheolsoon Lim, Donghyun Shin, Ho-Yon Hwang, Byungwoon Park, Euiho Kim, Changdon Kee, Seungwoo Seo, Junpyo Park1089 - 1094
New Trends for Space Based PositioningOscar Pozzobon, Samuele Fantinato, Giacomo Da Broi, Luca Canzian, Andrea Dalla Chiara, Giovanni Gamba, Alessandro Pozzobon1095 - 1113
New High-Altitude GPS Navigation Results from the Magnetospheric Multiscale Spacecraft and Simulations at Lunar DistancesLuke B. Winternitz, William A. Bamford, Samuel R. Price1114 - 1126
Performance Analysis of Multi-Constellation and Multi-Frequency GNSS Receivers in Deep SpaceYohan Park, Jong-Hoon Won, Ki-Ho Kwon1127 - 1132
Angles-Only Relative Navigation Activities during AVANTIJean-Sébastien Ardaens and Gabriella Gaias1133 - 1154
Autonomous Orbit Determination using Observations of a Sodium Guide-Star NetworkMark L. Psiaki1155 - 1168
Improving GPS AutoNav Orbit Accuracy with Onboard AccelerometersJing Qiao and Wu Chen1169 - 1177
Performance Analysis and Progress of Inter-satellite-link of Beidou SystemWang Haihong, Xie Jun, Zhuang Jianlou, Wang Ziyu1178 - 1185
Emerging GNSS Resilience Standards – How Good are they Likely to be?Guy Buesnel, Joshua Stubbs, Paul Crampton1186 - 1203
Air Traffic Radar Interference Event in the Galileo E6 Band: Detection, Analysis and MitigationJavier Arribas, Antonio Ramos de Torres, Carles Fernández-Prades, Jordi Vilà-Valls, Pau Closas1204 - 1228
Hypothesis Test for Spoofing Signal Identification using Variance of Tangent Angle of Baseline Vector ComponentsSeong-Hun Seo, Gyu-In Jee, Byung-Hyun Lee, Sung-Hyuck Im, Kwan-Sung Kim1229 - 1240
A Novel Interference Suppression Method Based on Eigenanalysis Interference Canceler for Satellite NavigationYanyun Gong, Ling Wang, Zhaolin Zhang1241 - 1257
Jamming of Aviation GPS Receivers: Investigation of Field Trials Performed with Civil and Military AircraftPascal Truffer, Maurizio Scaramuzza, Marc Troller, Marc Bertschi1258 - 1266
Real-time Pre-correlation Anti-jamming System for Civilian GNSS ReceiversJorge Querol and Adriano Camps1267 - 1288
Spoofing Threats: Reality Check, Impact and CureWim De Wilde, Jan Van Hees, Gert Cuypers, Jan Dumon, Jean-Marie Sleewaegen, Bruno Bougard1289 - 1327
Morphometrics for Early WarningJames L. Farrell1328 - 1332
The Galileo Return Link Service Provider in the WorksXavier Maufroid, Jesús Cegarra, José Caro, Laura García, Chiara Scaleggi1333 - 1346
Clock-Unrelated Features for GNSS Receiver FingerprintingDaniele Borio, Ciro Gioia, Gianmarco Baldini1347 - 1353
SBAS Service Based in IMO Res. A.1046 (27): EGNOS Maritime PerformancePedro Pintor, Carlos de la Casa, Manuel Lopez-Martinez, Roberto Roldan1354 - 1372
A Practical Way Forward for Aviation Multi-Constellation Service Provision based on the ICAO GNSS CharterGerhard E. Berz, Federico Bergamasco1373 - 1382
Spoofing of Electrical Power Grid: It’s Easier Than You ThinkIurie Ilie, Serge Malo, Romain Guilbault, Thomas Kirk1383 - 1408
GNSS Data Provenance Traceability ResearchYi Qu, Haitao Wu, Ting Liu1409 - 1417
Using a Wide Area Receiver Network to Support GBAS Ionospheric MonitoringMaria Caamano, Daniel Gerbeth, Michael Felux, and Mihaela-Simona Circiu1418 - 1428
Development and Implications of the Singapore GBAS Ionospheric Threat Model (GITM)Tim Cashin, Bakry El-Arini, Vince Massimini, Rick Niles, Ali Odeh, and Guijin Zheng, Sam Pullen, Chew Guang Wei and Gao Shu1429 - 1449
SAR/Galileo Initial Service: A European Contribution to International Search and Rescue EffortsXavier Maufroid, Eric Chatre, Igor Stojkovic, Chiara Scaleggi1450 - 1465
Observing the Behaviour of High Stable Galileo Satellite Clocks and Exploring Potential Associated BenefitsP.F. Navarro Madrid, P.J. Roldán Gómez, J.D. Calle Calle, I. Rodríguez Pérez, C. Cela López, M.D. Laínez Samper, M.M. Romay Merino1466 - 1484
Overview of the Galileo Reference Centre: Mission, Architecture and Operational ConceptPeter Buist, Alvaro Mozo, Hillar Tork1485 - 1495
Fountain Codes for GNSSI. Fernández-Hernández, D. Calle, S. Cancela, A. Fernández, R. Martínez, G. Seco-Granados, P. Walker1496 - 1507
Implementation and Testing of OSNMA for GalileoCarlo Sarto, Oscar Pozzobon, Samuel Fantinato, Stefano Montagner, Ignacio Fernández-Hernández, Javier Simon, Jesus David Calle, Simon Cancela Díaz, Paul Walker, Daniel Burkey, Gonzalo Seco-Granados, Eckart Göhler1508 - 1519
Multicarrier Constant Envelope Composite Signal - A Solution to the Next Generation Satellite Navigation SignalsZheng Yao, Junjie Ma, Jiayi Zhang, Mingquan Lu1520 - 1533
An Optimal Joint Processing Method for BDS B1I and B1C Signals Chuhan Wang, Xiaowei Cui, Tianyi Ma, Mingquan Lu1534 - 1543
Joint Time-to-CED Reduction and Improvement of CED Robustness in the Galileo I/NAV MessageBirgit E. Schotsch, Marco Anghileri, Mahamoudou Ouedraogo, Thomas Burger1544 - 1558
Feasibility Study of Using UAVs as GNSS SatellitesDaniel S. Maier, Thomas Kraus, Ronny Blum, Mathias Philips-Blum, Thomas Pany1559 - 1566
Evaluation of New Message Structures for Navigation Message AuthenticationE. Gkougkas, T. Pany and B. Eissfeller1567 - 1578
Analytic Efficiency Optimal Constant-Envelope Multiplexing Technique for GNSS SignalsJunjie Ma, Zheng Yao, Mingquan Lu1579 - 1588
GPS IIR-M L1 Transmit Power Redistribution: Analysis of GNSS Receiver and High-Gain Antenna DataSteffen Thoelert, André Hauschild, Peter Steigenberger, Richard B. Langley1589 - 1602
Multi-Antenna GNSS Receiver for Space LauncherJérémy Vezinet and Olivier Julien1603 - 1612
Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation of GPS L1 C/A, Galileo E1b and BeiDou B1 Weak Signal Tracking in Highly Elliptical OrbitsErin Kahr1613 - 1632
Quality Assessment of GNSS Simulations for Flight Procedures based on Onboard Recorded Flight DataM. Scaramuzza, P. Truffer, M. Troller, H. Leibundgut, M. Bertschi1633 - 1643
Scintillation Simulation on Equatorial GPS Signals for Dynamic PlatformsYu Jiao, Charles Rino, Yu (Jade) Morton, Charles Carrano1644 - 1657
Accurate and Efficient Terrain Referenced Navigation Using Multiple Measurements by Flash LiDARHyun Cheol Jeon, Woo Jeong Park, Chan Gook Park1658 - 1668
Performance Assessment of the Radio Occultation Experiment for Commercial of-the-shelf Receivers on VELOX-CI MicrosatelliteBing-Xuan Li, Bo Han, Wee Seng Lim, Yung-Fu Tsai, Kay-Soon Low1669 - 1677
Autonomous One-Way Deep Space Navigation Methods and Clock Stability RequirementsY. Meng, W. Lei, W. Lei, L. Bian, Y. Wang, X. Wang1678 - 1687
A High Sensitive GNSS Receiver for High Altitude Space MissionsYansong Meng, Bo Qu, Yanguang Wang, Lang Bian, Longlong Li, Xiaoliang Wang1688 - 1694
Airborne GPS Interference Cancellation Algorithm Based on Deep LearningQiong Yang, Yi Zhang, Baowang Lian, Chengkai Tang1695 - 1700
Design and Analysis of High Sensitivity Algorithms for HEO Orbit GNSS ReceiversMariano Wis, Giovanni Veccione, Joao Silva, Pedro F. Silva, Jose A. Garcia-Molina1701 - 1708
RFI-Resilient Positioning for RNPOkuary Osechas, Emilio Pérez Marcos, Rachit Kumar, Michael Meurer1709 - 1721
Application of GPS to Enable Launch Vehicle Upper Stage Heliocentric DisposalEvan J. Anzalone, T. Emerson Oliver1722 - 1734
Autonomous Single-frequency Ionospheric Correction Model for Safety-of-life ApplicationsDenis Bouvet1735 - 1746
GNSS-Based Precise Orbit Determination of LEO Satellites Using Double-Differenced ObservationsZhigui Kang, Byron Tapley, Sinivas Bettadpur1747 - 1753
P2OD: Real-time Precise Onboard Orbit Determination for LEO SatellitesPietro Giordano, Paolo Zoccarato, Michiel Otten, Massimo Crisci1754 - 1771
Validation of Existing GNSS Multipath ModelCapucine Amielh, Alexandre Chabory, Christophe Macabiau, Laurent Azoulai1772 - 1789
Kalman Filtering: Still More Work to be DoneJames L. Farrell1790 - 1799
Cyber-Security and a Potential Role for the Maritime CloudG. Wimpenny, J. Safar, A. Grant, M. Bransby and N. Ward1800 - 1808
A Sea-Sky Line Detection Aided GNSS/INS Integration Method for Unmanned Surface Vehicle NavigationLi Fu, Changqing Hu and Lingbing Kong1809 - 1815
PPP-RTK Service for Port Navigation using State Space Representation in DGNSS Medium Frequency WaveSul Gee Park, Won Seok Jang, Sang Hyun Park1816 - 1821
GEURIW: GNSS Environment and user Requirements Characterization on the Danube RiverA.C. Pandele, Al. Radutu, M. Porretta, N.A. Croitoru, I.B. Stefanescu, C.G. Dragasanu, M.F. Trusculescu, M. Balan1822 - 1851
The VHF Data Exchange System, a New Communications System for MaritimeJan Šafár, Martin Bransby, Alan Grant, Nick Ward1852 - 1865
Towards a Reliable Bridge Collision Warning System for Inland Vessel Navigation Based on RTK Height DeterminationAnja Hesselbarth, Ralf Ziebold, Martin Sandler, Jürgen Alberding, Maik Uhlemann, Michael Hoppe, Martin Bröschel, Larisa Burmisova1866 - 1885
Landmark Data Selection and Unmapped Obstacle Detection in Lidar-Based NavigationMathieu Joerger, Guillermo Duenas Arana, Matthew Spenko, and Boris Pervan1886 - 1903
A New Gravity Absorption Modeling for GPS/RISS in Land VehicleJungbeom Kim, Younsil Kim, Heekwon No, Minho Kang, Byungwoon Park, Changdon Kee1904 - 1927
Monitoring Rail Infrastructure using Multisensor Navigation on a Moving Platform and Autonomous RobotsSimon J. Roberts, Lukasz K. Bonenberg, Hao Jing, Andrew Sowter, Xiaolin Meng, Terry Moore, Chris Hill, and Paul Bhatia1928 - 1935
GNSS for Monitoring the Forth Road Bridge Structural Failures and Assisting Re-opening Decision MakingQusen Chen, Xiaolin Meng, Weiping Jiang, John Owen, Panagiotis Psimoulis, Simon Roberts, Yilin Xie1936 - 1946
Precise Attitude and Position Determination of the Trailer using a Single Camera System for Agricultural ApplicationsHimanshu Sharma, Arkadiusz Szumski, Mathias Philips-Blum, Thomas Pany and Bernd Eissfeller1947 - 1958
Development of a Plug-and-Play ROS-based Land Vehicular Navigation SuiteJyh-Ching Juang, Wen-Lin Hsieh, Che-Cheng Chang1959 - 1963
An Analysis of Multi-sensor Navigation System based on PPP-GNSS, Wheel Speed Sensor and Inertial Navigation SystemSi-Rui Chan, Wei Jiang, Bai-Gen Cai, Wei-Jie Tao, Jian Wang, Wei Shangguan1964 - 1977
Digital Track Map Generation for Safety-Critical Railway Applications Wei-Jie Tao, Bai-Gen Cai, Jian Wang, Jiang Liu, Wei Shang-guan1978 - 1987
EDAS (EGNOS Data Access Service): Differential GPS corrections Performance Test with State-of-the-art Precision Agriculture SystemJ. Vázquez, E. Lacarra, M.A. Sánchez, J. Rioja, J. Bruzual1988 - 1998
Multiple Interactive Model for MEMS IMU in GPS/INS Integrated Navigation SystemMaged Ismail, Eldin Abd Elkawy, Nesreen I. Ziedan1999 - 2010
Statistical Model Based on Markov Chain for GPS and BDS Signal in Different EnvironmentsYuze Wang, Peilin Liu, M. Adeel and Xin Chen2011 - 2018
SBAS DFMC Analysis with a Software PrototypeDaniel Salos, Mikael Mabilleau, Catalina Rodriguez, Hugues Secretan, Norbert Suard, François Dufour, Philippe Estival2019 - 2030
High-Integrity and Low-Cost Local-Area Differential GNSS Prototype for UAV ApplicationsDongwoo Kim, Jinsil Lee, Minchan Kim and Jiyun Lee, Sam Pullen2031 - 2054
Monitoring Space Weather with GNSS Networks: Expanding GNSS networks into Northern Alaska and Northwestern CanadaAnthea J. Coster, Susan Skone, Donald Hampton, Eric Donovan2055 - 2066
Second Generation Real Time GEO-based SBAS-PPP Combined System for Australia and New ZealandJulián Barrios, José Caro, Jesús D. Calle, Enrique Carbonell, Jose Gabriel Pericacho, Guillermo Fernández, Victor M. Esteban, Miguel A. Fernández, Fernando Bravo, Cecilia Mezzera, Borja Torres, Carlos Moriana, Irma Rodríguez, María Dolores Laínez, Miguel M. Romay, Robert Jackson, Patrick E. Reddan, Deane Bunce, Claudio Soddu2067 - 2084
Impact of Ionospheric Anomalies on GBAS GAST D Service and Validation of Relevant ICAO SARPs RequirementsSam Pullen, Rick Cassell, Bruce Johnson, Mats Brenner, Doug Weed, and Lucas Cypriano, Morten Topland, Morten Stakkeland, Boris Pervan, Matt Harris, Susumu Saito, Jiyun Lee, Barbara Clark, Shelly Beauchamp, Joseph Dennis2085 - 2105
SBAS Authentication Proposals and Performance AssessmentAndrea Dalla Chiara, Giacomo Da Broi, Oscar Pozzobon, Silvia Sturaro, Gianluca Caparra, Nicola Laurenti, Javier Fidalgo, Miguel Odriozola, Gines Moreno Lopez, Ignacio Fernandez-Hernandez2106 - 2116
Predictive Intelligence for a Rail Traffic Management SystemSimon Roberts, Lukasz Bonenberg, Xiaolin Meng, Terry Moore, Chris Hill2117 - 2125
Innovation vs Residual KF Based GNSS/INS Autonomous Integrity Monitoring in Single Fault ScenarioOmar García Crespillo, Anja Grosch, Jan Skaloud, Michael Meurer2126 - 2136
Precise Orbit Determination of Combined GNSS and LEO Constellations with Regional Ground StationsBofeng Li, Liangwei Nie, Haibo Ge, Maorong Ge, Ling Yang2137 - 2147
Projected Performance of a Baseline High Integrity GNSS Railway Architecture under Nominal and Faulted ConditionsSherman Lo, Sam Pullen, Juan Blanch, Per Enge, Alessandro Neri, Veronica Palma, Maurizio Salvitti, Cosimo Stallo2148 - 2171
Modelling the Range and Position Error after EGNOS Orbit and Clock CorrectionsQuentin Tessier, Christophe Macabiau, Carl Milner, Laurent Azoulai, Francisco Amarillo Fernandez2172 - 2190
Performance Analysis of Atmospheric Constrained Uncombined Multi-GNSS PPPJohn Aggrey, Garrett Seepersad and Sunil Bisnath2191 - 2203
Do We Need Ambiguity Resolution in Multi-GNSS PPP for Accuracy or Integrity?G. Seepersad, J. Aggrey and S. Bisnath2204 - 2218
Quality Analysis for Satellite Bias Estimation and GNSS PPP Ambiguity ResolutionShuyang Cheng2219 - 2234
Real-Time GPS PPP-RTK Experiments for Mining Applications using Quasi-Zenith Satellite System (QZSS) Augmentation SignalLuis Elneser, Suelynn Choy, Ken Harima, James Millner2235 - 2243
VPPP Algorithms with Multiple Antennas and Highly Accurate Attitude Estimation by the Ambiguity Resolution Methods G. Okuda, A. Mouri, H. Hasegawa, Y. Arakawa, Y. Kubo, S. Sugimoto2244 - 2262
GISMO: A Smart Sensor to Mitigate and Monitor Ionospheric EffectsL. Siniscalco, N. Pastori, A. Zin, A. Emmanuele, A. Ferrario, C. Manno, B. Forte2263 - 2272
Relative Target Estimation using a Cascade of Extended Kalman FiltersJerel Nielsen and Randal W. Beard2273 - 2289
Precise RTK Positioning with GNSS, INS, Barometer and VisionPatrick Henkel, Alexander Blum, Christoph Günther2290 - 2303
Navigating without a Navigator – A Review of Positioning and Navigation Technologies for UAVsTerry Moore2304 - 2320
Utilization of UAV Autopilots in Vision-Based Alternative NavigationRobert C. Leishman, Jeremy Gray, and John Raquet2321 - 2331
Positioning Autonomy of a Fixed-Wing UAV through VDM/INS Integration with Experimental ResultsMehran Khaghani and Jan Skaloud2332 - 2337
Advanced RAIM Performance Sensitivity to Deviation of ISM Parameter ValuesYoung C. Lee and Brian Bian2338 - 2358
Feasibility of Fault Exclusion Related to Advanced RAIM for GNSS Spoofing DetectionHeidi Kuusniemi, Juan Blanch, Yu-Hsuan Chen, Sherman Lo, Anna Innac, Giorgia Ferrara, Salomon Honkala , M. Zahidul H. Bhuiyan, Sarang Thombre, Stefan Söderholm, Todd Walter, R. Eric Phelts, Per Enge2359 - 2370
Methods of Integrity Risk Computation for ARAIM FDECarl Milner, Eugene Bang, Christophe Macabiau, Philippe Estival2371 - 2387
Chips-Message Robust Authentication (Chimera) for GPS Civilian SignalsJon M. Anderson, Katherine L. Carroll, Nathan P. DeVilbiss, James T. Gillis, Joanna C. Hinks, Brady W. O’Hanlon, Joseph J. Rushanan, Logan Scott, Renee A. Yazdi2388 - 2416
Sequential Change Detection for Next-Generation RAIM AlgorithmsDaniel Egea-Roca, Gonzalo Seco-Granados, and José A. López-Salcedo2417 - 2427
Integrity Measures in Direct-positioningPau Closas, Adrià Gusi-Amigó, Juan Blanch2428 - 2435
A New Look at Bounding Integrity Risk in the Presence of Time-Correlated ErrorsSteven E. Langel, Mathieu Joerger, Samer M. Khanafseh and Boris S. Pervan2436 - 2451
A Framework for Regional GNSS Situational AwarenessKirsten L. Strandjord and Penina Axelrad2452 - 2466
Derivation of Spherical Overbounding for Quadratic Integrity Monitors with Non Gaussian Random InputsJason H. Rife2467 - 2476
ARAIM with Weighted False Alarm AllocationJakub Skalicky, Martin Orejas and Ute Ziegler2477 - 2481
Integrity Monitoring Improvement by Exploiting the Raw GNSS SignalsChristophe Charbonnieras, François Vincent, Jonathan Israel, Guillaume Carrie, Marion Aubault-Roudier2482 - 2500
A Distributed Cooperative UAV Swarm Localization System: Development and AnalysisSalil Goel2501 - 2518
Distributed Signals of Opportunity Aided Inertial Navigation with Intermittent CommunicationJoshua J. Morales and Zaher M. Kassas2519 - 2530
Planar Pose Estimation using a Camera and Single-Station Ranging MeasurementsChen Zhu, Gabriele Giorgi, Christoph Günther2531 - 2540
Evaluation of Hybrid Positioning Scenarios for Autonomous Vehicle ApplicationsJosé A. del Peral-Rosado, Roger Estatuet-Castillo, José A. López-Salcedo, Gonzalo Seco-Granados, Zdenek Chaloupka, Lionel Ries, José A. García-Molina2541 - 2553
Evaluation of Relative Clock Stability in Cellular NetworksJoe J. Khalife and Zaher M. Kassas2554 - 2559
Opportunistic Landmark Registration for Long Distance Relative Path FollowingDan Pierce, Scott Martin, and David M. Bevly2560 - 2573
Skyline-based Positioning in Urban Canyons Using a Narrow FOV Upward-Facing CameraPaul Verlaine Gakne and Kyle O'Keefe2574 - 2586
Ultra-Tightly Coupled GNSS/INS for Small UAVsDaniel Olesen, Jakob Jakobsen and Per Knudsen2587 - 2602
Graphical Approach to Representation and Inference in Multi-sensor State EstimationXin Zhang and Xingqun Zhan2603 - 2611
Hostile MAVs – An Introduction to Threats and CountermeasuresMichael Meurer2612 - 2647
Hostile MAVs: Resiliency Considerations in the Transportation SectorAndrew Hansen2648 - 2663
Counter-UAV Challenges: Is GNSS Spoofing Effective?Todd Humphreys2664 - 2690
Future of GNSS in Civil AviationKen Alexander2691 - 2722
Future of GNSS in Civil AviationTim Murphy2723 - 2741
The Future of GNSS in Civil Aviation: Opportunities and ChallengesFrancisco Salabert2742 - 2757
Development of a Three-Element Beam Steering Antenna for Bearing Determination Onboard a UAV Capable of GNSS RFI LocalizationAdrien Perkins, Yu-Hsuan Chen, Wei Lee, Sherman Lo, Per Enge2758 - 2769
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Advanced GPS-based Attitude Estimation Scheme for Various IMU Failure Scenarios of Low-Cost UAVHeekwon No, Changdon Kee, Am Cho, Byungwoon Park3061 - 3070
Signal and Data Structure for Navigation with a Terahertz InterferometerJohn Scott Parker and Jason Rife3071 - 3087
Comparisons of SR-UKF Family for a Visual-IMU Tightly-coupled System Based on Tri-focal Tensor GeometryMaosong Wang, Wenqi Wu, Naser El-Sheimy3088 - 3101
Robust Attitude Determination Using GNSS Multi Baseline Carrier Phase and IMU Sensor FusionHiraku Nakamura, Hiroyuki Toda, Naomi Fujisawa, and Takuo Kashiwa3102 - 3110
Assured PNT: How to Get There?Grace Xingxin Gao3111 - 3131
Assured Navigation and TimingTodd Humphreys3132 - 3155
PNT Assurance - Moving Towards AnswersJoseph Rushanan3156 - 3166
“Trust, but Verify”Logan Scott3167 - 3190
Assured PNTDavid W.A. Taylor3191 - 3202
Assured Navigation for Aviation: Threats and MitigationsTodd Walter3203 - 3214
Thoughts from a GPS Non-expert: With Input from GPS ExpertsJesse Wodin3215 - 3223
Bounding INS Positioning Errors with Magnetic-Field-Signatures in Railway EnvironmentsBenjamin Siebler, Oliver Heirich, Stephan Sand3224 - 3230
Onboard Train Localization with Track Signatures: Towards GNSS RedundancyOliver Heirich and Benjamin Siebler3231 - 3237
Sound Based PositioningDavid L. Weathers and John Raquet3238 - 3252
Urban Positioning Accuracy Enhancement Utilizing 3D Buildings Model and Accelerated Ray Tracing AlgorithmNesreen I. Ziedan3253 - 3268
SIAM: Extruded Shapefile based Interference Avoidance and Mitigation for GNSS Navigation in Urban CanyonsGuoyu Fu, Colton Riedel, Tyler Holmes and Jyh-Charn Liu3269 - 3284
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Integrated IMU/Image Collaborative Navigation for Indoor EnvironmentsLin Zhang, Haowei Xu, Baowang Lian, Charles K. Toth, Dorota A. Grejner-Brzezinska3289 - 3300
Visual Odometry with Dynamic Object Detection by Complementary Integration of Optical Flows and Pattern RecognitionKojiro Takeyama, Takashi Machida, Yoshiko Kojima, Nobuaki Kubo3301 - 3310
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Research and Performance Analysis of Tightly Coupled Vision, INS and GNSS System for Land Vehicle ApplicationsMuhammad Adeel, Zheng Gong, Peilin Liu, Yuze Wang, Xin Chen3321 - 3330
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Spaced Multi-GNSS Receiver Array as Ionosphere Radar for Irregularity Drift Velocity Estimation during High Latitude Ionospheric ScintillationJun Wang, Yu (Jade) Morton, Robert Robinson3389 - 3401
Measuring and Monitoring Systematic Movements of Equatorial Plasma Bubbles Using Regional GPS TEC Data MapsRezy Pradipta and Patricia H. Doherty3402 - 3408
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Codelesss Processing of BOC(10,5) SignalsCillian O'Driscoll, James T. Curran3508 - 3518
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A Correlation, Measurement and Data Decoding Co-processor for Multi-GNSS ReceiversNagaraj C. Shivaramaiah and Dennis M. Akos3584 - 3592
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Using Code Loop Tracking Observations to Characterize GNSS ReceiversBenjamin H. Downing3615 - 3638
Compressed Sensing-aided Vector Tracking Algorithm for GNSS ReceiversJumin Zhao, Xiaofang Zhao, Dengao Li, Doudou Deng, Chong Han3639 - 3647
Detect and Remove the Blocked Channel in the Vector Tracking Loop based on Carrier to Noise Density RatioXiaojun Zou, Baowang Lian, Peng Wu, Haowei Xu, Lin Zhang3648 - 3660
Preliminary Test Results of Variable IF Tracking Loop (VITAL) for GNSS SignalsChun Yang, Thomas Pany, Andrey Soloviev3661 - 3679
Combined Algorithm for Satellite Selection for Open-sky and Constrained EnvironmentsYun-En Lee, An-Lin Tao and Shau-Shiun Jan3680 - 3693
Exploiting Acceleration Features of LabVIEW Platform for Real-Time GNSS Software Receiver OptimizationErick Schmidt and David Akopian3694 - 3709
Implementation of a Multi-frequency, Multi-constellation and Real-time GNSS Software Receiver Using Dual Channel USRPKwi Woo Park and Chansik Park, Min Jun Lee3710 - 3717
An Unaided Scheme for BeiDou Weak Signal AcquisitionQian Meng, Jian-ye Liu, Shao-jun Feng, Qing-hua Zeng, Rui Xu3718 - 3730
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Multi-Receiver Direct Position Estimation Tested on a Full-Scale Fixed-Wing AircraftArthur Hsi-Ping Chu and Grace Xingxin Gao3761 - 3766
An Adaptive Carrier Tracking Algorithm for Low Altitude Mountain-based GPS Radio Occultation MeasurementRong Yang, Yu Morton, Bo Han3767 - 3774
Cycle Slip Detection and Correction of GPS/INS Tightly Integrated System Based on Bayesian Compressive SensingDengao Li, Zhiying Ma, Jumin Zhao, Zheng Wei3775 - 3783
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Noise Statistics Estimation Techniques for Robust GNSS Carrier TrackingJordi Vilà-Valls, Carles Fernández-Prades, Pau Closas, Javier Arribas3826 - 3842
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A Low-power Authentication Signal for Open Service SignalsElias Gkougkas, Dominik Dötterböck, Thomas Pany and Bernd Eissfeller3865 - 3878
A New GNSS Scintillation ModelCharles Rino, Brian Breitsch, Yu Jaio, Dongyang Xu, Yu Morton, Charles Carrano3879 - 3887
Adaptive Signal Processing Method using a Single-element Dual-polarized Antenna for GNSS Interference MitigationKwansik Park, Dongkoog Lee, Jiwon Seo3888 - 3897
Multipath Mitigation Using Circular Rotating AntennaLin Xie, Xiaowei Cui, Tianyi Ma, and Mingquan Lu3898 - 3909
Designing and Evaluating Next Generation of Resilience ReceiversS. Cancela, D. Calle, G. Arroyo, A. Dalla Chiara, G. Da Broi, O. Pozzobon, C. Sarto, J. Winkle, I. Krol, P. Webster, I. Fernández-Hernández, J. Simón, G. Seco-Granados3910 - 3923
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Robust Ranging in the Presence of Repeater SignalsAndreas Iliopoulos, Christoph Enneking, Thomas Jost, Omar Garcia Crespillo, Manuel Appel, Felix Antreich3941 - 3957
NLOS Multipath Detection by Using Machine Learning in Urban EnvironmentsTaro Suzuki, Yusuke Nakano, Yoshiharu Amano3958 - 3967
Feasibility and Limitations of Self-Spoofing Attacks on GNSS Signals with Message AuthenticationGianluca Caparra, Silvia Ceccato, Nicola Laurenti, Justan Cramer3968 - 3984
Satellite Phase Bias Estimation with Global Networks and High-Dimensional Integer Ambiguity FixingPatrick Henkel, Dimitrios Psychas, Christoph Günther3985 - 3996
GNSS Antenna Phase Center Variation Calibration for Attitude Determination on Short BaselinesDaniel Willi, Michael Meindl, Hui Xui, Markus Rothacher3997 - 4010
High Availability of Real-time PPP by Extending SSR Orbit and Clock CorrectionsHongzhou Yang4011 - 4025
Single-Epoch Ambiguity Resolution for Urban Ultra-Short Baseline Attitude Determination Using Low-Cost GNSS ReceiversWenyi Li, Xiaowei Cui, Sihao Zhao, Mingquan Lu4026 - 4037
Single-Frequency GNSS Positioning for Assisted, Cooperative and Autonomous DrivingPeter F. de Bakker and Christian C.J.M. Tiberius4038 - 4045
Cycle-slip Detection for Triple-frequency GPS Observations Under Ionospheric ScintillationDongsheng Zhao, Gethin Wyn Roberts, Craig M. Hancock, Lawrence Lau, Ruibin Bai4046 - 4054
GPS/BDS Combined Precise Point Positioning with Geostationary Satellites OffsetLongwei Xu, Hui Liu, Bao Shu, Chuang Qian, Rufei Zhang4055 - 4065
GNSS Enabling New Capabilities in Space on the TechDemoSat-1 SatelliteMartin Unwin, P. Jales, S. Duncan, A. Palfreyman, C. Gommenginger, G. Foti, Philip Moore, Jing Guo, Josep Rosello4066 - 4079
Ground-to-Air Tropospheric Mapping Function for Elevation Angles Below Three DegreesShrivathsan Narayanan, Okuary Osechas and Christoph Günther4080 - 4089
Modified Kriging Based Double-Difference Tropospheric Correction Interpolation Method for Network RTK UserDonguk Kim, Junesol Song, Deokhwa Han, Sunkyoung Yu, and Changdon Kee, Seungwoo Seo and Junpyo Park4090 - 4102
A Machine Learning Approach to GNSS Scintillation Detection: Automatic Soft Inspection of the EventsAlfredo Favenza, Alessandro Farasin, Nicola Linty, and Fabio Dovis4103 - 4111
Robust GPS Carrier Tracking Algorithms During Strong Equatorial Scintillation for Dynamic PlatformsDongyang Xu, Y.T. (Jade) Morton, Yu Jiao, Charles Rino4112 - 4121
Long-Term Analysis of Carrier Phase Residual Variations Using Geometry-Ionosphere-Free Combination of Triple-Frequency GPS ObservationsBrian Breitsch, Jade Morton, Charles Rino4122 - 4138
Analysis of the Interoperability of the GPS and Galileo Ionosphere ModelsHyunho Rho and Richard B. Langley, Bastiaan Ober, Raül Orús Pérez, Roberto Prieto-Cerdeira4139 - 4160
Analysis Impacts of the Varying Heights on Ionospheric Modeling and DCB EstimationYan Xiang and Yang Gao4161 - 4175
Kinematic PPP Ambiguity Resolution with Aid of Map MatchingFei Liu4176 - 4183
Coasting Through Wideband Interference Events using Robust Carrier Phase TrackingStefan Stevanovic and Boris Pervan4184 - 4196
Ephemeris Monitor for GBAS Using Multiple Baseline Antennas with Experimental ValidationSamer Khanafseh, Jaymin Patel, and Boris Pervan4197 - 4209
Satellite Selection in the Operational GBAS ContextDaniel Gerbeth, Maria Caamano, Mihaela-Simona Circiu, Michael Felux4210 - 4220
GDOP Bounds for GNSS Augmented with Range InformationPeter F. Swaszek, Richard J. Hartnett, Kelly C. Seals4221 - 4235
A MATLAB Toolset to Determine Strict Gaussian Bounding Distributions of a Sample Distribution Juan Blanch, Todd Walter, Per Enge4236 - 4247
Multi-Constellation T-RAIM: An Experimental EvaluationCiro Gioia and Daniele Borio4248 - 4256