Proceedings of the 2017 International Technical Meeting of The Institute of Navigation

January 30 - 2, 2017
Hyatt Regency Monterey
Monterey, California
ISSN: 2330-3646
ISBN: 0-936406-14-3

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A Novel Real-time Multipath Mitigation Algorithm for BeiDou GEO Satellites based on the Spacecraft Reflection ModelPeng Wu, Baowang Lian, Haowei Xu1 - 14
National Spatial Reference System Access in 2022Daniel Roman15 - 19
VBOC1(alpha) GMGM Waveforms and ACF PSO: Part 2--Theory and SimulationsIlir F. Progri20 - 50
Evaluation and Comparison of GNSS Navigation Algorithms including FDE for Urban Transport ApplicationsNi Zhu, Juliette Marais, David Bétaille, Marion Berbineau51 - 69
Quantifying the Response of Extended Kalman Filters to Measurement FaultsSteven E. Langel and Kevin S. Martin70 - 91
New 3D-Mapping-Aided Approach for User Integrity Monitoring in Urban Environments using a Nonparametric Positioning Errors ModelingN. Kbayer and M. Sahmoudi92 - 104
Smartphone Orientation Tracking Algorithm for Pedestrian NavigationMaan E. Khedr, and Naser El-Sheimy105 - 115
Particle Filter and Clustering Based Robust Positioning Algorithm in the WiFi Weak Signal EnvironmentBeomju Shin, Bosun Yu, Jaewon Bang, Jeahun Kim, Taikjin Lee116 - 122
Precise Orbit and Baseline Determination for the SAOCOM-CS Bistatic Radar MissionO. Montenbruck, G. Allende-Alba, J. Rosello, M. Tossaint, F. Zangerl123 - 131
Developing a Robust, Interoperable GNSS Space Service Volume (SSV) for the Global Space User CommunityFrank  H. Bauer, Joel J. K. Parker, Bryan Welch, Werner Enderle132 - 149
G-SPHERE-S GNSS: New GNSS Receiver for Operational Orbit Restitution of MICROSCOPE Satellite Thomas Junique, Romain Mathieu, David Pascal, Pierre-Yves Guidotti, Yves Andre, Philippe Bataille150 - 161
The Influence of Atmosphere on GNSS Signals for High Altitude Orbit and Lunar MissionGuoliang Sun and Rui Fan162 - 169
Characterization of GLONASS Broadcast Clock and Ephemeris: Nominal Performance and Fault Trends for ARAIMKazuma Gunning, Todd Walter, Per Enge170 - 183
Initial Results of a Multi-Constellation ARAIM Airborne PrototypeJuan Blanch, R. Eric Phelts, Yu-Hsuan Chen, Per Enge184 - 209
Analysis of Advanced RAIM Performance Degradation Caused by Integrity Support Message Parameter Errors and Neglecting Nominal Bias ErrorsYoung C. Lee and Brian Bian210 - 225
A Novel Markov Model for the Computation of the Continuity Risk in Maritime ApplicationsGiulio Franzese, Ilaria Martini, Letizia Lo Presti226 - 247
RAIM and AUKF for GNSS Performance Enhancement in Multi-ConstellationF. C. Meng, X. Meng, L. Tao, J. R. Sun, Z. Niu, B. C. Zhu248 - 264
GNSS Environment for BDS Based ARAIMBohao Zhao,Rui Xue, Peng Zhao, and Yanbo Zhu265 - 273
RAIM Performance Enhancement for GNSS Receiver Aided By Low-cost SINSSiyuan Tan and Bocheng Zhu274 - 283
Augmenting Navigation Systems of Micro Aerial Vehicles with a Hybrid Laser-Camera SensorJamal Atman, Manuel Popp, Gert F. Trommer284 - 291
Vanishing Point/vehicle Motion Constraints Aided Ground Vehicle NavigationZhenbo Liu, Naser El-Sheimy, Chunyang Yu, Yongyuan Qin292 - 300
Spacecraft Relative Navigation Using Appearance Matching and Sensor FusionChristopher R. McBryde and E. Glenn Lightsey301 - 312
An Airborne LiDAR/INS Integrated Navigation Algorithm based on Fuzzy Controlled SIFTHaowei Xu, Baowang Lian, Charles K. Toth, Dorota Grejner-Brzezinska313 - 326
Performance of Ship’s Heading Autonomous Integrity Monitoring using Multi-CompassKazumichi Oi, Yuji Okutomi, Shigeyuki Okuda, Masatoshi Shimpo, and Yasuo Arai327 - 334
Code and Carrier Tracking for Spectrally Asymmetric SignalsThomas Pany and Chun Yang335 - 346
Pinch the Correlation Function: A Method to Improve Delay Estimation in MultipathChun Yang and Andrey Soloviev347 - 364
The Code Phase Error Compensation Technique in GNSS ReceiversZhibin Luo, Jicheng Ding, Lin Zhao, Mouyan Wu365 - 387
An Optimizing Combined Unambiguous Correlation Functions for BOC Signals TrackingTian Li, Jiaolong Wei, Zuping Tang, Zhihui Zhou, Boyi Wang388 - 400
Performance Evaluation of LQG based Optimal GNSS Tracking Loop using Non-linear MeasurementsSanghoon Jeon, Minhuck Park, Beomju Shin and Changdon Kee, Chongwon Kim, Hyoungmin So, Jaegyu Jang, Kihoon Lee and Kiwon Song401 - 417
Characterization of Timing and Pseudorange Biases Due to GNSS Front-End Filters by Type, Temperature, and Doppler FrequencyJustin M. Guerrero and Sanjeev Gunawardena418 - 444
Analysis of Multi-GNSS PPP Initialization using Dual- and Triple-frequency DataJohn Aggrey and Sunil Bisnath445 - 458
An Improved Multi-frequency Carrier Phase Ambiguity ResolutionXiaoying Gu and Bocheng Zhu459 - 463
GPS/BDS/GLONASS Real-Time Precise Point Positioning using RCTM-SSR for Kinematic Maritime PositioningFuxin Yang, Liang Li, Lin Zhao, Jin Chen464 - 473
Novel VPPP Algorithms with Multiple Antennas and Attitude EstimationA. Mouri, G. Okuda, Y. Kubo and S. Sugimoto474 - 491
Extension of EWF Threat Model and Associated SQMOlivier Julien, Ikhlas Selmi, Jean-Baptiste Pagot, Jaron Samson, Francisco Amarillo Fernandez492 - 507
Catalog and Description of GPS and WAAS L1 C/A Signal Deformation EventsKarl W. Shallberg, Swen D. Ericson, Eric Phelts, Todd Walter, Karl Kovach, Eric Altshuler508 - 520
High-Fidelity Signal Deformation Analysis of the Live Sky GLONASS Constellation using Chip Shape ProcessingMark Wireman, Sanjeev Gunawardena, Mark Carroll521 - 535
Geometric Approximations of Heavy-Tail Effects for Chi-Square Integrity MonitorsJason H. Rife and John Scott Parker536 - 561
Test Statistic Auto- and Cross-correlation Effects on Monitor False Alert and Missed Detection ProbabilitiesBoris Pervan, Samer Khanafseh, and Jaymin Patel562 - 590
Bounding GPS L1 Antenna Group Delay Variation for GNSS Landing System IntegrityMatt Harris, Matt Miltner, Tim Murphy, Anurag Raghuvanshi, Frank van Graas591 - 605
Method to Reduce the Influence of Abnormal Meteorological Conditions for MCDF GBASZhipeng Wang, Pumin Xin, Yanbo Zhu, Taosheng Wang606 - 618
Efficiency Improvement of the Current SBAS System by Removal of RRC and Fast CorrectionCheolsoon Lim, Byungwoon Park, Changdon Kee619 - 626
Performance of EGNOS in North-East European LatitudesMohammad Zahidul H. Bhuiyan, Heidi Kuusniemi, Auryn Soderini, Salomon Honkala, and Simo Marila627 - 636
DOT GPS Adjacent Band Compatibility Assessment Test ResultsStephen Mackey, Hadi Wassaf, Karen Van Dyke, Christopher Hegarty, Karl Shallberg, John Flake and Terence Johnson637 - 661
GNSS Spoofing, Jamming, and Multipath Interference Classification using a Maximum-Likelihood Multi-Tap Multipath EstimatorJason N. Gross and Todd E. Humphreys662 - 670
A More Accurate Evaluation of GPS C/A Code Self-Interference Considering Critical SatellitesAJ Van Dierendonck, Sai Kalyanaraman, Christopher J. Hegarty, Karl Shallberg671 - 680
Use of APNT to Protect GNSS-Based RNP Services from International and Unintentional RF InterferenceOkuary Osechas, Santiago Perea, Boubeker Belabbas, Michael Meurer681 - 692
Results of an Interference Detection and Localization System Operation in an AirportD.W. Lim, S. Chun and M.B. Heo, J.H. Lee and S.J. Lee693 - 704
Interference Testing of the 1st Adjacent-channel of the Ground-Based Augmentation System (GBAS) and the Very High Frequency (VHF) Omni-Directional Radio Ranges (VOR)Ernest Etienne, Victor Hinton, Leonixa Salcedo, Mark Dickinson, Shelly Beauchamp, Christopher Jones705 - 713
A Multiple-Antenna Software GPS Signal Simulator for Rapid Testing of Interference Mitigation TechniquesRussell Powell, Joshua Starling, and David Bevly714 - 729
Effect of Inter-system Biases Estimation for Mixed GPS-BeiDou on Ambiguity ResolutionNobuaki Kubo, Hiroko Tokura, Sam Pullen730 - 744
On the Performance of a Low-cost Single-frequency GPS+BDS RTK Positioning ModelRobert Odolinski, Peter J.G. Teunissen745 - 753
Long Baseline GPS+BDS RTK Positioning with Partial Ambiguity ResolutionAndreas Brack754 - 762
A New Approach for NRTK with Precise Ionosphere Model in Local RegionZhao Jiaojiao, Li Zishen, Wang Liang, Qu Jianghua, Yuan Hong763 - 772
A Novel Geometry-free and Geometry-based Combined TCAR Method: Preliminary Performance Analysis for BeiDou SystemChun Jia, Liang Li, Lin Zhao, Zeyu Xin773 - 781
A Loosely Coupled Decentralized Cooperative Navigation for Team of Mobile AgentsJianan Zhu and Solmaz S. Kia782 - 804
Collaborative Autonomous Vehicles with Signals of Opportunity Aided Inertial Navigation SystemsJoshua J. Morales, Joe Khalife and Zaher M. Kassas805 - 818
Factor Graphs-Based Multi-Robot Cooperative Localization: A Study of Shared Information Influence on Optimization Accuracy and ConsistencyLaith R. Sahawneh, Kevin M. Brink819 - 838
Continuity Risk of Feature Extraction for Laser-Based NavigationMathieu Joerger and Boris Pervan839 - 855
Optical Flow Based Approach for Vision Aided Inertial Navigation Using Regression TreesM.M. Mostafa, A.M. Moussa and Naser El-Sheimy, Abu B. Sesay856 - 865
Nonlinear Control with Adaptive Control Allocation for a Quadrotor with Tiltable RotorsGeorg Scholz and Gert F. Trommer866 - 878
Towards a Practical Single Element Null Steering AntennaYu-Hsuan Chen, Fabian Rothmaier, Dennis Akos, Sherman Lo and Per Enge879 - 889
GNSS Spoofing Detection based on Correlator Outputs Stationarity MonitoringHuiqi Tao, Hong Li, Fengkui Chu, Mingquan Lu, Peng Liu890 - 897
Performance Analysis of Spoofing Signal Ratio for Receiver-SpooferZhou Meng, Liu Ying, Xie Lin, Li Hong, Lu Mingquan, and Liu Peng898 - 911
GNSS Spoofing Detection Ability of a Loosely Coupled INS/GNSS Integrated Navigation System for two Integrity Monitoring MethodsYang Liu, Qiangwen Fu, Zhenbo Liu, Sihai Li912 - 921
Counteracting the Effects of GNSS Jamming in a Maritime Multi-Target Scenario by Fusing AIS with Radar DataGregor Siegert, Pawel Banys, Julian Hoth, Frank Heymann922 - 932
APNT for GNSS Spoof DetectionPeter F. Swaszek, Richard J. Hartnett and Kelly C. Seals933 - 941
An Anti-spoofing Method Based on Doppler PositioningFengkui Chu, Hong Li, Jian Wen, Hailing Wu, Mingquan Lu942 - 956
Error Analysis of Carrier Phase Positioning Using Controlled Reception Pattern Array AntennasJoshua Starling and David M. Bevly957 - 970
Ionospheric Scintillation Effects on GPS Pseudorange and Carrier Phase Measurements and an Adaptive Algorithm to Limit Position Errors during ScintillationGreg Myer, Yu (Jade) Morton, Brian Schipper971 - 988
On the Use and Performance of New Galileo Signals for Ionospheric Scintillation Monitoring over AntarcticaRodrigo Romero, Nicola Linty, Calogero Cristodaro, Fabio Dovis, Lucilla Alfonsi989 - 997
GBAS Ionosphere Monitoring and Assessment Based on GPS Data in Beijing AreaZhipeng Wang, Shujing Wang, Yanbo Zhu, Taosheng Wang998 - 1007
Simultaneous Observations of the Effects of Ionospheric Scintillations on GPS and EGNOS Signals over Equatorial AfricaA.O. Akala, O.A. Arowolo, P.H. Doherty1008 - 1023
Towards Re-Creating Real-World Ionospheric Scintillation Events in a Spirent Simulator-Based Robust PNT Test FrameworkTalini Pinto Jayawardena, Guy Buesnel, Cathryn N. Mitchell, Richard Boyles, Biagio Forte, Robert J. Watson1024 - 1032
Tropospheric Delays for Ground-to-Air Radio LinksShrivathsan Narayanan, Okuary Osechas and Christoph Günther1033 - 1048
SBAS Ionospheric Correction with Minimalization of the Ionospheric ThreatTakeyasu Sakai, Mitsunori Kitamura, Takahiro Aso, and Kazuaki Hoshinoo1049 - 1056
A Portable Tactical Field Sensor Array for an Infrasound Direction-Finding and Positioning SystemJohn P. McIntire, Duy K. Nguyen, Eric T. Vinande, and Frederick C. Webber1057 - 1066
Relative Position Estimates from Terahertz ObservablesJohn Scott Parker and Jason H. Rife1067 - 1082
Self Building World Models for NavigationAaron Canciani and John Raquet1083 - 1110
Differential and Rubidium Disciplined Test Results from an Iridium-Based Secure Timing SolutionStewart Cobb, David Lawrence, Gregory Gutt, and Michael O’Connor1111 - 1116
Robust Vector Tracking Loop for Carrier Phase Signals with Separate Estimation of Common and Single Channel ErrorsJ. Marçal, F. Nunes, F. Sousa1117 - 1128
Design and Performance Evaluation of an Adaptive Hybrid Coherent and Non-coherent GNSS Vector Tracking LoopMouyan Wu, Jicheng Ding, Lin Zhao, Yingyao Kang, Zhibin Luo1129 - 1146
A Temporal Algorithm for Satellite Subset Selection in Multi-Constellation GNSSPeter F. Swaszek, Richard J. Hartnett, Kelly C. Seals, Rebecca M. A. Swaszek1147 - 1159
Automatic GPS Phase Scintillation Detector Using a Machine Learning AlgorithmYu Jiao, John Hall and Yu (Jade) Morton1160 - 1172
Correlator Beamforming for Multipath Mitigation in High-Fidelity GNSS Monitoring ApplicationsSanjeev Gunawardena, John Raquet and Mark Carroll1173 - 1188
FUNNEL: Filtering Using Neural Networks for Exactness and LeannessAlexandr Draganov1189 - 1195
MTLL Comparison of Unambiguous Tracking AlgorithmsBoyi Wang, Jiaolong Wei, Zuping Tang, Tian Li1196 - 1205
Initial Results of MF-DGNSS R-Mode as an Alternative Position Navigation and Timing ServiceGregory W. Johnson, Peter F. Swaszek, Michael Hoppe, Alan Grant and Jan Safar1206 - 1226
Demand-based Placement of LDACS Ground Stations to Achieve RNP 0.3 Accuracy for APNTRachit Kumar, Giuseppe Battista and Okuary Osechas1227 - 1241
Temperature Variation Effects on The Stochastic Performance of Smartphones Sensors Using Allan Variance and Generalized Method of Wavelet MomentsAhmed Radi, You Li and Naser El-Sheimy1242 - 1255
Comparative Results for Positioning with Secondary Synchronization Signal versus Cell Specific Reference Signal in LTE SystemsKimia Shamaei, Joe Khalife, and Zaher M. Kassas1256 - 1268
Indoor Localization using Region-based Convolutional Neural NetworkHaowei Xu, Zoltan Koppanyi, Charles K. Toth, Dorota Brzezinska1269 - 1279
Novel Crowdsourced Fingerprint Database Update Strategy Using Clustering and Pattern Matching TechniquesBoseon Yu, Bumju Shin, Jaewon Bang, Taikjin Lee1280 - 1286
Celestial Aided Inertial Navigation by Tracking High Altitude VehiclesMark S. Kim, Scott J. Pierce, Kevin M. Brink1287 - 1301
Adaptive Blanking as an Innovative Signal Enhancer for GNSS ReceiversFrancis Soualle and Mathieu Cattenoz1302 - 1315
Modified Code Tracking Loop Aided by Short Multipath Insensitive Code Loop DiscriminatorXu Weng, Yanhong Kou1316 - 1329
Robust Outlier Mitigation in Multi-Constellation GNSS-based Positioning for Waterborne ApplicationsJosé A. Pozo-Pérez, Daniel Medina, Iván Herrera-Pinzón, Anja Heßelbarth, Ralf Ziebold1330 - 1343
Benefits of a Tightly-coupled GNSS/INS Real-Time Solution in Urban Scenarios and Harsh EnvironmentsGianluca Falco, Gianluca Marucco, Mario Nicola, Marco Pini1344 - 1359
Constructive Use of MP/NLOS bias of GNSS Pseudoranges: Performance Analysis by Type of EnvironmentN. Kbayer, M. Sahmoudi1360 - 1368
The Record and Replay Approach for GNSS Receiver Performance Assessment in Road EnvironmentCalogero Cristodaro, Fabio Dovis, Laura Ruotsalainen1369 - 1375
Multipath Mitigation Using a Dual-Polarization Antenna—How Good Can We Get?Lin Xie, Xiaowei Cui, Sihao Zhao and Mingquan Lu1376 - 1389
Advanced Anti-Jam Indoor Adaptive GNSS Signal Acquisition: Part 1, Normal Distribution – TheoryIlir F. Progri1390 - 1419