Proceedings of the 29th International Technical Meeting of the Satellite Division of The Institute of Navigation (ION GNSS+ 2016)

September 12 - 16, 2016
Oregon Convention Center
Portland, Oregon
ISSN: 2331-5954
ISBN: 0-936406-12-7

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Satellite Navigation and Technology for AfricaPatricia H. Doherty1 - 10
The Positioning System of the BrainJohn O'Keefe11 - 33
Demonstration of Cloud GNSS Signal ProcessingV. Lucas-Sabola, G. Seco-Granados, J.A. López-Salcedo, J.A. García-Molina, M. Crisci34 - 43
Accelerating GNSS Software ReceiversCarles Fernández-Prades, Javier Arribas, Pau Closas44 - 61
FFT Algorithms Implementation for Real Time GNSS Receivers in Embedded ProcessorsDamian Miralles, James Huard, Nagaraj Channarayapatna Shivaramaiah, Dennis M. Akos, Ryan Blay62 - 69
Implementation and Analysis of GNSS Software Receiver on Embedded CPU-GPU Heterogeneous ArchitectureKwi Woo Park, Woo Jin Jang, Chansik Park, Sunwoo Kim, Min Jun Lee70 - 76
Exploiting Standardized Metadata for GNSS SDR Remote Processing: A Case StudyA. Favenza, N. Linty, F. Dovis77 - 85
Computationally Efficient Direct Position Estimation via Low Duty-CyclingYuting Ng, Grace Xingxin Gao86 - 91
Simultaneous Frequency Search with a Randomized Dirichlet Kernel for Fast GPS Signal AcquisitionChun Yang, Andrey. Soloviev, Michael Veth, Erik Blasch92 - 102
Open-Loop Tracking of GNSS Signals at Audio Processing RatesC.R. Benson, S.U. Qaisar103 - 106
Acquisition Performance Comparison of New Generation of GNSS BOC-modulated SignalsMyriam Foucras, Ulrich Ngayap, Fayaz Bacard, Bertrand Ekambi107 - 119
GNSS SDR Based on Multi-channel Multi-Band Multi-System RFFE ICDmitri Tcherniakovski, Konstantin Veprev, Nikolai Filippov, Anastasiya Tsikhamirava120 - 127
Optimal Navigation with Multi-constellation GNSS: A Satellite Selection AlgorithmAn-Lin Tao, Shau-Shiun Jan128 - 139
Satellite Selection in Multi-GNSS PositioningYahao Cheng, Johann Dambeck, Florian Holzapfel140 - 151
Single Frequency GPS/BDS Precise Positioning Algorithm for Low-cost ReceiversXiang Zuo, Yuanjun Chen, Chenggang Li, Guofu Pan, Xiaoyu Shi152 - 158
Demonstrated Interference Detection and Mitigation with a Multi-frequency High Precision ReceiverFeng Gao, Sandy Kennedy159 - 170
INS Aided Multi-GNSS Robust Positioning with Centralized and Distributed Fusion AlgorithmBaoyu Liu, Xingqun Zhan, Maolin Chen171 - 179
Potential Limitations of RAIM in Assured NavigationJyh-Ching Juang180 - 185
Computationally Efficient Unscented Kalman Filtering Techniques for Launch Vehicle Navigation using a Space-borne GPS ReceiverSanat K. Biswas, Li Qiao, Andrew G. Dempster186 - 194
Performance Evaluations of an Equatorial GPS Amplitude Scintillation Detector Using a Machine Learning AlgorithmYu Jiao, John Hall, Yu (Jade) Morton195 - 199
Enhanced Multi-GNSS PVT Solution When Using Chip Scale Atomic ClocksT. Krawinkel, S. Schön200 - 208
Advanced Replica Transformation & Storage (ARTS) for Fourier Correlation TechniquesAndrew Richardson, Michael Turner, David DeCastro Galan, Michael Batiste209 - 216
Effects of Jamming on the Accuracy of GPS Position Solutions in an Experimental Set-upPatrick Oonincx, Barend Lubbers217 - 222
Effective Utilization of Space Service Volume through Combined GNSSArunkumar Rathinam, Andrew G. Dempster223 - 227
Multi-Constellation GNSS: New Bounds on DOP and a Related Satellite Selection ProcessPeter F. Swaszek, Richard J. Hartnett, Kelly C. Seals228 - 235
Band-limiting and Dispersive Effects on High Order BOC SignalsCillian O'Driscoll, José Ángel Ávila-Rodríguez, Rigas Ioannides236 - 248
Adaptive Multi-hypothesis Vector Tracking System – Design and ImplementationMalek O. Karaim, Mohamed Youssef, Tashfeen B. Karamat, Aboelmagd Noureldin249 - 256
A Modified Viterbi Decoder for Joint Data-Recovery and Cycle-Slip CorrectionJames T. Curran,257 - 264
Comparison Between AGC Control and Statistical Based Methods for Low Power Interference DetectionM. Pini, B. Motella, L. Lo Presti265 - 274
Interference Mitigation Using a Dual-Polarized Antenna in a Real EnvironmentMatteo Sgammini, Stefano Caizzone, Andreas Iliopoulos, Achim Hornbostel, Michael Meurer275 - 285
Limits of Narrowband Interference Mitigation Using Adaptive Notch FiltersJ. Wendel, Frank M. Schubert, A. Rügamer, S. Taschke286 - 294
Reduced Multipath Channel Modelling Preserving Representative GNSS Receiver TestingF. Ribaud, M. Ait-Ighil, S. Rougerie, J. Lemorton, O. Julien, F. Pérez-Fontan295 - 303
Effective Satellite Selection Methods for RTK-GNSS NLOS Exclusion in Dense Urban EnvironmentsH. Tokura, N. Kubo304 - 312
On the Threat of Systematic Jamming of GNSSJames T. Curran, Michele Bavaro, Pau Closas, Monica Navarro313 - 321
Carrier Phase Tracking and Navigation Message Demodulation Approach for Vector Tracking Loops using Serial PLLSihao Zhao, Xiaowei Cui, Mengdi Jia, Zheng Yao, Mingquan Lu322 - 327
Combined Satellite Selection Algorithm and Road Model for GNSS in Constrained EnvironmentsYun-En Lee, An-Lin Tao, Shau-Shiun Jan328 - 334
Self-contained Calibration Determination by Jointly Solving the Attitude Estimation and Calibration ProblemS. Zorn, M. Niestroj, M. Meurer335 - 342
A Multi-band GNSS Signal Sampler Module with Open-Source Software ReceiverNagaraj C. Shivaramaiah, Dennis M. Akos, Kunlun Yan343 - 352
Correlator Beamforming for Multipath Mitigation at Relatively Low Cost: Initial Performance ResultsSanjeev Gunawardena, John Raquet, Mark Carroll353 - 363
High-Performance GNSS Antennas with Phase-Reversal Quadrature Feeding Network and Parasitic Circular ArrayNing Yang, Jerry Freestone364 - 372
Performance Evaluation of High Sensitivity GNSS Techniques in Indoor, Urban and Space EnvironmentsE. Domínguez, A. Pousinho, P. Boto, D. Gómez-Casco, S. Locubiche-Serra, G. Seco-Granados, J. A. López-Salcedo, H. Fragner, F. Zangerl, O. Peña, D. Jiménez-Baños373 - 393
Opportunistic Use of Metropolitan RF Beacon Signals for Urban and Indoor PositioningChun Yang, Andrey Soloviev, Michael Veth, Di Qiu394 - 403
Performance Evaluation of VDFLL Architecture for a Dual Constellation L1/E1 GNSS Receiver in Challenging EnvironmentsEnik Shytermeja, Axel Garcia-Pena, Olivier Julien404 - 416
An Optimized Acquisition Scheme with Half Interleaving Code Patterns in a QZSS LEX Single Frequency ReceiverHuiben Zhang417 - 426
A New Tracking Loop Scheme for High Dynamics Real-Time GNSS Receivers with Hardware CorrelatorsPedro A. Roncagliolo,  Javier G. García427 - 435
Complexity Reduction for High Sensitivity Acquisition of GNSS Signals with a Secondary CodeJérôme Leclère, René Jr Landry436 - 443
Subcarrier Aided Code Tracking of High Order BOC SignalsCillian O'Driscoll, José Ángel Ávila-Rodríguez, Rigas Ioannides444 - 458
4-channel Multiband All GNSS compliant RF Front End IC: Bringing Professional Level Equipment to Mass MarketDmitri Tcherniakovski, Igor Antonov, Andrei Kolotkin, Aliaksandr Kavaleuski459 - 469
A Performance Analysis of Optimal Combinations for Beidou Triple-frequency ObservationsLeizheng Shu, Ran Ding, Huabo Wei, Wenbin Wang470 - 477
A Design of Improved Multipath Vector Tracking Loop Based on the Blind Equalizer Dengao Li, Chong Han, Jumin Zhao, Wenhui Niu, Gang Wu478 - 485
A Galileo E6-B/C Receiver: Signals, Prototype, Tests and PerformanceE. Göhler, I. Krol, M. Bodenbach, J. Winkel, G. Seco-Granados, I. Fernandez-Hernandez486 - 496
Codeless Code Tracking of BOC SignalsCillian O'Driscoll, James T. Curran497 - 508
A Self-Adaptive Fast Direct Acquisition Approach for Long PN Code in the High Dynamic CircumstanceWang Ningyuan, Feng Wenquan, Zhao Hongbo, He Zhijun509 - 520
Multipath and NLOS Signals Identification and Satellite Selection Algorithms for Multi-Constellation ReceiversNesreen I. Ziedan521 - 533
Intelligent Urban Positioning using Shadow Matching and GNSS Ranging Aided by 3D MappingMounir Adjrad, Paul D. Groves534 - 553
Dynamics-based System Noise Adaption of an Extended Kalman Filter for GNSS-only Kinematic ProcessingGeo Boffi, Andreas Wieser554 - 563
A Joint Acquisition Algorithm Based on Primary Code and Secondary Code for GNSS SignalsZhen Liu, Zheng Yao, Jiayi Zhang, Mingquan Lu, Yongjun Zhao564 - 569
The NRCan PPP Service: Towards Fast ConvergenceSimon Banville570 - 592
Some Issues Still in the Way to Ultimate PrecisionOscar Colombo593 - 607
Think Globally, Act Locally: Challenges of an Australian PPP-RTK ServiceStavros Melachroinos608 - 620
The Ascent and Realities of PPPSunil Bisnath621 - 632
Increasing the Availability of High Accuracy PositioningSandra Kennedy633 - 637
High-accuracy Positioning Solutions and Services - Technology and ApplicationsRodrigo Leandro638 - 647
High Accuracy GNSS Positioning: Ubi Fuimus? Ubi Sumus? Quo Vadimus?Richard Langley648 - 671
DCB Estimation Based on Uncombined PPPYan Xiang672 - 681
Ionospheric Storms of Solar Cycle 24 and their Impact on the WAAS Ionospheric Threat ModelLawrence Sparks, Eric Altshuler682 - 690
Ionosphere Ray-Tracing of RF Signals and Solution Sensitivities to Model ParametersMark L. Psiaki691 - 705
Real-time Ionosphere Monitoring by Three-dimensional Tomography Over JapanSusumu Saito, Shota Suzuki, Mamoru Yamamoto, Chia-Hun Chen, Akinori Saito706 - 713
Assessing Ionospheric Scintillation Effects for Future GNSS Radio Occultation MissionsMaryam Najmafshar, Susan Skone714 - 724
Plug and Play Sensor Fusion for Lane-Level Positioning of Connected Cars in GNSS-Challenged EnvironmentsAndrey Soloviev, Michael Veth, Chun Yang725 - 732
Reliable RTK Positioning with Tight Coupling of 6 Low-Cost SensorsPatrick Henkel, Houcem Hentati733 - 741
Context Determination for Adaptive Navigation using Multiple Sensors on a SmartphoneHan Gao, Paul D. Groves742 - 756
Terahertz (THz) Interferometry for Bearing Angle MeasurementJohn Scott Parker757 - 769
Decentralized Filtering for Automatic Reconfiguration of Integrated Navigation SystemsInchara Lakshminarayan, Demoz Gebre-Egziabher770 - 778
High Precision Localisation in Customised GNSS Receiver for Railway ApplicationsM. Breuer, T. Konrad, D. Abel779 - 787
Robust Positioning from Visual-Inertial and GPS MeasurementsUrs Niesen, Venkatesan N. Ekambaram, Jubin Jose, Lionel Garin, Xinzhou Wu788 - 793
Scale and 2D Relative Pose Estimation of two Rovers using Monocular Cameras and Range MeasurementsChen Zhu, Gabriele Giorgi, Christoph Günther794 - 800
A Map-aided GNSS Positioning Method of EoT (End-of-Train) Units for Train Integrity MonitoringJiang Liu, Bai-gen Cai, De-biao Lu, Dirk Spiegel, Jian Wang801 - 809
Multisensor Data Fusion for Pedestrians in Spatial DisorientationEdith Pulido Herrera, Daniel Sierra810 - 815
A New Indoor Positioning Method Based on Zigbee SystemHang Guo, Shuang Fang, Min Yu816 - 821
An Investigation of GPS Satellite Clock Offsets Prediction with Different Update Intervals and Application to Real-Time PPPHongzhou Yang, Yang Gao822 - 832
Multi-receiver GPS Based Direct Time Estimation for PMUsSriramya Bhamidipati, Yuting Ng, Grace Xingxin Gao833 - 837
A New Network-Based Synchronization Approach for Pseudolite and Improvements on RobustnessTengfei Wang, Zheng Yao, Shijie Yun, Mingquan Lu838 - 844
Application of X-Ray Pulsar Navigation: A Characterization of the Earth Orbit Trade SpaceWayne H. Yu845 - 856
The Performance Analysis of an UAV Borne Vector Gravimetry SystemCheng-An Lin857 - 871
Great Lake Surface Characterization with GNSS ReflectometrySeebany Datta-Barua, Roohollah Parvizi, Erik Donarski, Stefan Stevanovic, Ningchao Wang, Kierra Herron, Boris Pervan872 - 880
COREGAL: Exploring Galileo E5 Reflected Signals for Biomass ApplicationsTiago Peres, João Silva, Carlos Ruivo, Pedro F. Silva, Jose M. Palomo, Ismael Colomina, Orlando Peña, Chris Hill, Leila Guerriero, Nuno Carvalhais, Adam Erickson, Oliver Cartus881 - 891
Evaluation of the Ionospheric F2 Characteristics Inferred from Radio Occultations Exploiting the Availability of FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC Data Over Half a Solar CycleAngela Aragon-Angel, Marco Limberger, Manuel Hernández-Pajares, David Altadill, Eren Erdogan, Michael Schmidt892 - 901
GPS Attitude Determination for VELOX-CI Near-Equatorial LEO MicrosatelliteGuo X. Lee, Fuxiang Cao, Yung-Fu Tsai, Kay Soon Low, Keck Voon Ling, Eng Kee Poh, Chin Siong Lim, Shi Tong Chin, Wee Seng Lim, Bingxuan Li902 - 908
Numerous Applications of GPS/GNSS Today: How Many Are/Will Be Automated?Karen Van Dyke909 - 914
Interference Detection and Mitigation and GNSS JammersRick Hamilton915 - 930
Assured PNTCharles Curry931 - 945
Assured PNT Through Multiple Diverse TechnologiesPaul Groves946 - 958
Assured Sensor Fusion for GNSS-Degraded NavigationAndrey Soloviev959 - 973
Resilient PNT for Safety-Critical Applications – Toughen and Augment!Michael Meurer974 - 987
Pap Smears, Reverend Bayes, and Spoof Detection, the Problem of False PositivesLogan Scott988 - 999
Customer Perceived Privacy, Corporate Privacy Adherence, Authentication Use CasePaul McBurney1000 - 1010
Definition of a GNSS Receiver Based Authentication ServiceRigas Ioannides1011 - 1021
Location PrivacyKimberly McCullugh1022 - 1029
Location Hash: Enabling Proximity Detection While Preserving Location PrivacyLiang Heng, Athindran R. Kumar, Grace X. Gao1030 - 1039
Galileo Contribution to Geo-Location Security and PrivacyReinhard Blasi1040 - 1063
Collaborative Monocular SLAM with Crowd Sourced DataJianzhu Huai, Grzegorz Józków, Charles Toth, Dorota A. Grejner-Brzezinska1064 - 1079
PeerAppear: A P2P Framework for Collaborative Visual LocalizationAndrew Compton, John Pecarina1080 - 1090
Shinerbot: Bio-Inspired Collective Robot Swarm Navigation PlatformEnyu Luo, Xin Hui Fang, Yuting Ng, Grace Xingxin Gao1091 - 1095
Virtual Coupling: A Cooperative and Collaborative Autonomous Navigation ApplicationA. Trzuskowsky, M. Wehr, D. Abel1096 - 1102
Estimating Covariance Models for Collaborative Integrity MonitoringLiyan Yang, Jason Rife1103 - 1113
Performance Analysis of a New Collaborative and Multimodal Framework for Indoors Navigation using SmartphonesMostafa Sakr, Naser El-Sheimy1114 - 1124
Infrastructure vs Peer to Peer Cooperative Positioning: A Comparative AnalysisSalil Goel, Allison Kealy, Bharat Lohani1125 - 1137
A Study on Tracking the Attitude of Agricultural Machineries Based on Tightly-coupled GNSS/AHRSDeng Hai-feng, Li ChengGang, Pan GuoFu, Shi XiaoYu1138 - 1152
Using Converted Linear Measurements Taken by a Human Operator for INS AidingTurner J. Montgomery, Meir Pachter1153 - 1162
A Low Cost INS/GNSS/Vehicle Speed Integration Method for Land VehiclesR. Sugiura, Y. Nakai, Y. Kubo, S. Sugimoto, S. Mizukami, T. Imamura, H. Kumagai1163 - 1169
Simultaneous Localization and Mapping in Multipath Environments: Mapping and Reusing of Virtual TransmittersChristian Gentner, Boxiao Ma, Robert Pöhlmann, Markus Ulmschneider, Thomas Jost, Armin Dammann1170 - 1177
Autonomous, Precision Snow Removal in an Urban Environment, Featuring Ultra-Wideband BeaconsMatthew A. Klein, Charles Hart, Roger D. Quinn1178 - 1183
Detection of Magnetic Anomaly Based on a Classifier for Smartphone Attitude EstimationSo Young Park, Se Jong Heo, Chan Gook Park1184 - 1189
Situational Awareness for Tactical ApplicationsL. Ruotsalainen, R. Guinness, S. Gröhn, L. Chen, M. Kirkko-Jaakkola, H. Kuusniemi1190 - 1198
Preconditions for a Reliable & Robust Detection of Wrong-way Driving on Highways with GNSS and Autonomous SensorsKathrin Frankl, Hanno Beckmann, Jinyue Wang, Martin Metzner, Volker Schwieger, Bernd Eissfeller1199 - 1208
A Drone Based Firefighter Supporting Navigation System Using IR-UWB and Inertial SensorJung Ho Lee, Kangho Kim, Seyong Oh, Jae Bong Jung, Jong Cheol Lee, Taikjin Lee1209 - 1213
Integration of Code-Based Precise Point Positioning and Reduced Inertial Sensor SystemIbrahim E. Hassan, Tashfeen B. Karamat, Ahmed El-Rabbany, Aboelmagd Noureldin1214 - 1221
GNSS-Receiver with Open Interface for Deeply Coupling and Vector TrackingMatthias Overbeck, Fabio Garzia, Christian Strobel, Christian Nickel, Muhammad Saad, Daniel Meister, Dr. Wolfgang Felber1222 - 1229
Optimized Anchor Node Selection Algorithm Considering Power and Accuracy for Indoor Integrated Navigation System Based on INS/UWBMengdi Jia, Xiaowei Cui, Mingquan Lu, Taosheng Wang1230 - 1240
Validation of a Magnetic Anomaly Navigation Model with Flight Test DataAaron J. Canciani, John F. Raquet1241 - 1262
Gaussian Mixture Filter for Multipath Assisted PositioningMarkus Ulmschneider, Christian Gentner, Ramsey Faragher, Thomas Jost1263 - 1269
Smartphone Navigation Using Barometric Altitude and Topographic MapsPiotr Smagowski, John Raquet, Kyle Kauffman1270 - 1278
Direct Position Estimation Utilizing Non-Line-of-Sight (NLOS) GPS SignalsYuting Ng, Grace Xingxin Gao1279 - 1284
Sensitivity Analysis of 3D Building Model-assisted Snapshot PositioningRakesh Kumar, Mark G. Petovello1285 - 1295
Integration of GNSS Positioning and 3D Map using Particle FilterTaro Suzuki1296 - 1304
Real-Time Implementation of Vision-Aided Navigation for Small Fixed-Wing Unmanned Aerial SystemsTimothy Machin, John Raquet, David Jacques, Donald Venable1305 - 1311
Integrating Vision Based Navigation with INS and GPS for Land Vehicle Navigation in Challenging GNSS EnvironmentsYunlong Sun, Muhammed Tahsin Rahman, Tashfeen B. Karamat, Aboelmagd Noureldin, Yanbin Gao1312 - 1321
Analysis of a Navigation System based on Partially Tight Integration of IMU -Visual Odometry with Loosely Coupled GPSM. Sahmoudi, N. Ramuni1322 - 1329
Tightly Coupled Kinematics Visual Odometry/PPP System for Land Vehicle NavigationFei Liu, Hongzhou Yang, Yang Gao1330 - 1337
Expanded Ionospheric Estimation and Threat Model Algorithms for SBASEugene Bang1338 - 1349
Satellite Selection for Multi-Constellation SBASTodd Walter, Juan Blanch, Victoria Kropp1350 - 1359
Implementation and Testing of Clustered ARAIM in a GPS/Galileo ReceiverMartin Orejas, Jakub Skalicky, Ute Ziegler1360 - 1367
Assessment of Alternative Techniques to Mitigate Ionosphere Gradients for Local Differential SystemsJed Dennis1368 - 1375
Experimental Validation of an Ionospheric Monitoring Scheme for Dual Frequency GBASMichael Felux, Mihaela-Simona Circiu, Daniel Gerbeth, Maria Caamano1376 - 1381
Analyses of Relation Between Motion in Flight and Response of Loosely-coupled GNSS Aided AHRSM. Naruoka, Y. Shimizu, T. Fujiwara, T. Tsujii1382 - 1388
A Novel GNSS Integrity Augmentation System for Autonomous Airport Ground OperationsSuraj Bijjahalli, Subramanian Ramasamy, Roberto Sabatini1389 - 1400
Real Data and Real Time SBAS Dual Frequency Multiconstellation (DFMC) PlatformJulián Barrios, José Gabriel Pericahgo, Guillermo Fernández, Victor Manuel Esteban, José Celada, Daniel Pérez, Miguel Ángel Fernández, Davide Rizzo, Javier Ostolaza1401 - 1414
Avionics-Based GNSS Integrity Augmentation for UAS Mission Planning and Real-time Trajectory OptimisationRoberto Sabatini, Terry Moore, Chris Hill1415 - 1431
Evaluation of Wind Effects on UAV Autonomous Navigation Based on Vehicle Dynamic ModelMehran Khaghani, Jan Skaloud1432 - 1440
Centimeter-Level Positioning for UAVs and Other Mass-Market ApplicationsCécile Mongrédien, Jean-Philippe Doyen, Marten Strom, Daniel Ammann1441 - 1454
Precise UAV Position and Attitude Estimation by Multiple GNSS Receivers for 3D MappingTaro Suzuki, Yusuke Takahashi, Yoshiharu Amano1455 - 1464
GNSS Interference in Unmanned Aerial SystemsWim De Wilde, Gert Cuypers, Jean-Marie Sleewaegen, Richard Deurloo, Bruno Bougard1465 - 1476
Integration of Onboard Sensors and Local Area DGNSS to Support High Integrity Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) NavigationJinsil Lee, Minchan Kim, Jiyun Lee1477 - 1484
Graphical Approach for MAV Sensors FusionZheng Gong, Ling Pei, Danping Zou, Ruihang Miao, Peilin Liu, Wenxian Yu1485 - 1491
Signals of Opportunity Aided Inertial NavigationJoshua J. Morales, Paul F. Roysdon, Zaher M. Kassas1492 - 1501
Landmark Based Autonomous Snowplow NavigationMichael Bowyer, Angelo Bertani, Erik Aitken, Samir A. Rawashdeh1502 - 1511
Cooperative Navigation between a Ground Vehicle and an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle in GNSS-Challenged EnvironmentsVictor O. Sivaneri, Jason N. Gross1512 - 1521
Aircraft Dynamics Model Augmentation of GNSS Based Navigation and Guidance Systems for RPASFrancesco Cappello, Subramanian Ramasamy, Roberto Sabatini1522 - 1530
Quantifying Navigation Safety of Autonomous Passenger Vehicles (APVs)Mathieu Joerger, Matthew Spenko1531 - 1557
UAVs vs. Natural Autonomous Vehicles (NAVs)-Are We Closing the Gap?John F. Raquet1558 - 1584
Integrity Monitoring for UAS Flight Control SoftwareJason Rife, Hu Huang, Sam Guyer1585 - 1608
Tropospheric Duct Anomaly Threat Model for High Integrity and High Accuracy NavigationSamer Khanafseh, Axel Von Engeln, Boris Pervan, Illinois Institute of Technology1609 - 1616
Evaluation of Surface Variables from Global Reanalysis Models and their Application in Precipitable Water Vapour Retrieval from GNSS Observations over NigeriaOlalekan Adekunle Isioye1617 - 1641
Deriving the Mean Tropospheric Temperature Model using AIRS and AMSU for GNSS Precipitable Water Vapour EstimationRata Suwantong, Chalermchon Satirapod, Panu Srestasathiern, Chaiyaporn Kitpracha1642 - 1648
A New Approach for Ionospheric TEC Prediction at a GPS StationM.M. Hoque, N. Jakowski, J. Berdermann1649 - 1656
Middle-Latitude Ionospheric Irregularities and Scintillation During Geomagnetic StormsXiaoqing Pi, Anthony J. Mannucci, Bonnie Valant-Spaight, Rodney Viereck, Yongliang Zhang1657 - 1663
Impact of GNSS Receiver Tuning on the Estimation of Scintillation IndexS. Rougerie, M. Ait-Ighil, V. Fabbro1664 - 1671
Studies of Equatorial Plasma Bubbles and the Associated Ionospheric TEC Gradients over South AmericaRezy Pradipta, Patricia H. Doherty1672 - 1679
Equatorial Amplitude Scintillation Spectrum Analysis and Fading Characteristics on GPS SignalsYu Jiao, Dongyang Xu, Yu Morton, Charles Rino1680 - 1687
Mitigation of Short Duration Satellite Outages for Advanced RAIM and other Integrity Systems Based on GNSSJuan Blanch, Yu-Hsuan Chen, R. Eric Phelts, Todd Walter, Per. Enge1688 - 1695
Exploiting Satellite Motion in ARAIM: Measurement Error Model Refinement Using Experimental DataMathieu Joerger, Boris Pervan1696 - 1712
H-ARAIM Exclusion: Requirements and PerformanceYawei Zhai, Boris Pervan, Mathieu Joerger1713 - 1725
Nominal Range Error Analysis to Support ARAIMSantiago Perea, Michael Meurer, llaria Martini, Markus Rippl, Mathieu Joerger, Boris Pervan1726 - 1735
Kalman Filter-Based GNSS Integrity MonitoringSusmita Bhattacharyya1736 - 1749
Signal Quality Monitoring for New GNSS SignalsJ-B. Pagot, P. Thevenon, O. Julien, Francisco Amarillo-Fernandez, Denis Maillard1750 - 1763
Horizon-to-elevation Mask: A Potential Benefit to Ionospheric Gradient MonitoringSafoora Zaminpardaz1764 - 1779
Robust Chi-Square Monitor Performance with Noise Covariance of Unknown Aspect-RatioJason Rife1780 - 1792
GPS SISRE/URA Integrity Analysis for ARAIMF. Mistrapau, B. Bija, G. Cueto-Felgueroso, M. Odriozola, M. Azaola, A. Cezón, F. Amarillo-Fernández1793 - 1803
A Frequency Domain-based Detection Technique for Digital Distortion on GNSS SignalsChao Sun, Hongbo Zhao, Chen Zhuang, Wenquan Feng1804 - 1813
Smartphone-based Hybrid Indoor Positioning System with Integration of Wi-Fi Fingerprinting and Magnetic MatchingPei-Yu Huang, Shau-Shiun Jan, David S. De Lorenzo, Ivy Tseng1814 - 1823
Positioning Algorithm Adaptation of an Indoor Navigation System for Virtual Reality Game ApplicationsMengdi Jia, Sihao Zhao, Dengyue Dong, Xiaowei Cui, Mingquan Lu1824 - 1830
The Improvement of Location Fingerprint Altas of WLAN Indoor Positioning TechnologyMin Yu, Kaixuan Guo, YaQing Li, Zhi Zeng, Rui Tang, Hang Guo1831 - 1837
A New Smartphone-based Indoor GPS Positioning SystemRui Xu, Wu Chen, Yang Yang, Jianye Liu, Rongbin Li1838 - 1842
A Method for Multipath Detection and Mitigation in Railway Control ApplicationsAlessandro Neri, Veronica Palma, Francesco Rispoli, Sam Pullen, Shiwen Zhang, Sherman Lo, Per Enge1843 - 1855
A Study on Cycle Slip Detection for Integrated Navigation of Single Frequency GNSS Receiver and Low Cost INSYounsil Kim, Junesol Song, Byungwoon Park, Changdon Kee1856 - 1884
An Integrated Algorithm Based on BeiDou/GPS/IMU and its Application for Anomalous Driving DetectionRui Sun, Ke Han, Jun Hu, Hongyang Bai, Washington Y. Ochieng1885 - 1890
Achievement of Continuous Decimeter-Level Accuracy Using Low-Cost Single-Frequency Receivers in Urban EnvironmentsMotoki Higuchi, Nobuaki Kubo1891 - 1913
Generation and Evaluation of the Track Map Database for GNSS-based Train Positioning Using a Map-tool-chainJian Wang, Wei-jie Tao, Bai-gen Cai, Jiang Liu, Federico Grasso Toro1914 - 1926
A Reverse Approach to Antenna Specifications for London Buses Next-generation Positioning SystemXin Zhang, Zhenjun Zhang, Washington Ochieng, Shaojun Feng, Baoyu Liu, Yanrong Xue1927 - 1936
Location Accuracy in the Urban EnvironmentFrank van Diggelen1937 - 1960
Benefits of Dual Freq (L1+L5) GNSS Receivers in Multipath EnvironmentsManuel del Castillo1961 - 1966
Solving the Urban Positioning Problem using 3D-Mapping-Aided GNSSPaul Groves1967 - 1984
Low-Cost Precise Urban PositioningTodd Humphreys, Ken Pesyna, Daniel Shepard, Matthew Murrian, Andrew Kerns1985 - 2032
Locating Autonomous Vehicle in Urban EnvironmentsLiang Heng2033 - 2044
The Validation and Accuracy Analysis of BDS Solar Radiation Pressure ModelsXiaoya Wang, Qunhe Zhao, Xiaogong Hu, Rui Guo2045 - 2057
Integer Satellite Clock Combination for Precise Point Positioning with Ambiguity ResolutionGarrett Seepersad, Simon Banville, Paul Collins, Sunil Bisnath, François Lahaye2058 - 2068
Multi-GNSS PPP Performance Assessment with Different Ranging Accuracies in Challenging Scenarios Javier Míguez, José V. Perello Gisbert, Raúl Orus Pérez, J. Antonio García-Molina, Xavi Serena, Francisco Gonzales, Gonzalo Seco Granados, Massimo Crisci2069 - 2081
Fast PPP Convergence Using Multi-constellation and Triple-frequency Ambiguity ResolutionD. Laurichesse, A. Blot2082 - 2088
Galileo, an Ace up in the Sleeve for PPP TechniquesI. Rodríguez-Pérez, L. Martínez Fernández, G. Tobías-González, J.D. Calle-Calle, M. Romay, M.D. Laínez, P.F. Navarro2089 - 2100
Phase Cycle Slip Mitigation by Piecewise Polynomial Doppler FITTsvi G. Dvorkind2101 - 2106
Characterising High Precision GNSS Receiver Positioning Performance using Internal Receiver Uncertainties from Repeatable Real World SignalsAhmad Ridhwanuddin Tengku, Allison Kealy, Simon Fuller2107 - 2122
Track Constrained RTK for Railway ApplicationsAlessandro Neri, Salvatore Sabina, Roberto Capua, Pietro Salvatori2123 - 2135
QZSS RTK-PPP Application to Autonomous CarsKori Asari, Shigeru Matsuoka, Hisao Amitani2136 - 2142
An Algorithm of Detecting and Repairing One Cycle Wide Lane Integer Ambiguity Error for Short BaselineShuo Liu, Lei Zhang, Jian Li, Meina Li2143 - 2148
Millimeter Accuracy of RTK Positioning Employing Helix Antennas with Cutoff PatternsD. Tatarnikov, A. Stepanenko, A. Astakhov, L. Rapoport2149 - 2154
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Navigation 2026Jason Y. Kim2166 - 2173
Navigation 2026 – Dependable Accuracy in all HandsBruno Bougard2174 - 2188
Project SEXTANTRandy Villahermosa, Ranwa Haddad2189 - 2199
Navigation 2026Greg Turetzky2200 - 2209
Moving Forward to the Future Low-Cost PPP ParadigmD. Calle, P. Navarro, I. Rodríguez, G. Tobías2210 - 2235
Traceability for PNT Security ServiceTing Liu, Haitao Wu, Dapeng Li2236 - 2242
A High Precision Indoor Positioning Method Based on Visible Light Communication with Visual Information MatchingGong Yingkui, Zhou Xinlin, Deng Lizhi, Liu Bingcheng, Yang Guang2243 - 2250
Particle Filter Based WiFi Positioning System Implementation Using WiFiSLAM Radio MapBeomju Shin, Chulki Kim, Jaehun Kim, Changdon Kee, Taikjin Lee2251 - 2253
Obstruction-Aware Bluetooth Low Energy Indoor PositioningArief Affendi Juri, Tughrul Arslan, Fengzhou Wang2254 - 2261
Performance Characterization of Positioning in LTE SystemsKimia Shamaei, Joe Khalife, Zaher M. Kassas2262 - 2270
The 5G Localization Waveform Ranging Accuracy over Time-Dispersive Channels – An EvaluationEmanuel Staudinger, Michael Walter, Armin Dammann2271 - 2280
Characterization of Sector Clock Biases in Cellular CDMA SystemsJoe Khalife, Zaher M. Kassas2281 - 2285
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Automated High Precision Optical Tracking of Aircrafts and non-cooperative Flying ObjectsSébastien Guillaume, Alain Geiger, Maurizio Scaramuzza2315 - 2317
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Crowdsourced Fingerprint Database Update for Indoor LocalizationBoseon Yu, Taikjin Lee2335 - 2356
GPSSteven Whitney2357 - 2375
GLONASSSergey Karutin2376 - 2390
Galileo Program StatusEric Chatre2391 - 2409
GALILEO System StatusMarco Falcone2410 - 2430
BeiDouJun Shen, Haitao Wu2431 - 2485
Project Overview of the Quasi-Zenith Satellite SystemYoshiyuki Murai2486 - 2527
An Open Testing Platform for BeiDou/GNSSHaitao Wu2528 - 2551
Precise Orbit Determination for Multi-GNSS Satellites in Wuhan IGS-MGEX Analysis CenterQile Zhao2552 - 2572
BDS/GNSS Application Development: From Experiments to Mass DeploymentJun Shen2573 - 2616
China GNSS Haoping Radio Observatory and Monitoring ResultsKe Jing2617 - 2653
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GALILEO & EGNOS Evolution Programme: The Road to 2030Eric Chatre2662 - 2676
GALILEO Evolution: A User PerspectiveJustyna Redelkiewicz, Marco Caparrini2677 - 2695
Status on GNSS/Galileo Evolutions and R&D ActivitiesMiguel Manteiga Bautista2696 - 2715
Status of Galileo System Evolution StudiesGustavo López-Risueño2716 - 2732
Integrity Monitoring for Advanced Driver Assistance SystemsAhmed El-Mowafy, Nobuaki Kubo2733 - 2753
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Performance Differentiation in a Tightly Coupled GNSS/INS SolutionRyan Dixon, Michael Bobye2777 - 2788
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On the Inherent Tracking Error Caused by CEM and Imperfect Spreading Code of GNSS SignalJiayi Zhang, Zheng Yao, Jun Shen, Mingquan Lu2808 - 2815
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A Modified Min-Sum Decoding Algorithm for LDPC Codes Based on Analysis of Overestimating ValueXiaowen Chen, Hongbo Zhao, Zhijun He, Wenquan Feng2839 - 2848
Galileo Simple Box-wing Model Plus ECOM for Improving Orbit and Clock Prediction PerformancesA. García, D. Luque, P.F. Navarro, G. Tobías2849 - 2863
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GPS Receiver Impact from the UTC Offset (UTCO) Anomaly of 25-26 January 2016Karl Kovach, Philip J. Mendicki, Edward Powers, Brent Renfro2887 - 2895
The GPS Block IIR Antenna Panel Pattern and its Use on-OrbitWillard Marquis2896 - 2909
Maturation of GPS III Signal Integrity ImprovementsArnold Peckjian, Stuart Shaw, Andrew J. Katronick2910 - 2921
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A Novel Navigation Message Authentication Scheme for GNSS Open ServiceGianluca Caparra, Silvia Sturaro, Nicola Laurenti, Christian Wullems, Rigas T. Ioannides2938 - 2947
Message Authentication, Channel Coding & Anti-SpoofingJames T. Curran, Cillian O’Driscoll2948 - 2959
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GNSS Spoof Detection Using Passive RangingPeter F. Swaszek, Richard J. Hartnett, Kelly C. Seals2971 - 2980
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Using Tactical and MEMS Grade INS to Protect Against GNSS Spoofing in Automotive ApplicationsSashidharan Manickam, Kyle O'Keefe2991 - 3001
Secure Position and Time Information by Server Side PRS Snapshot ProcessingAlexander Rügamer, Daniel Rubino, Ivana Lukcin, Simon Taschke, Manuel Stahl, Wolfgang Felber3002 - 3017
Joint Antenna Array Attitude Tracking and Spoofing Detection Based on Phase Difference MeasurementsManuel Appel, Andriy Konovaltsev, Michael Meurer3018 - 3026
Detailed Analysis of the TEXBAT Datasets Using a High Fidelity Software GPS ReceiverAdam Lemmenes, Phillip Corbell, Sanjeev Gunawardena3027 - 3032
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Assessment of the Effect of Quantization on the Degradation Brought by Interference on a GNSS ReceiverOlivier Julien, Antoine Blais3070 - 3090
Potential Threats by a Symmetric Deployment of Replay Devices Against Synchronization via a Navigation Satellite SystemTakashi Iwamoto3091 - 3093
Demonstration of UAV Based GPS Jammer Localization During a Live Interference ExerciseAdrien Perkins, Louis Dressel, Sherman Lo, Tyler Reid, Kazuma Gunning, Per Enge3094 - 3106
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An Analysis of Near-band Harmful Interference on Civilian GPS ReceiversConnor L. Brashar3123 - 3132
PROGRESS Project: Jamming and Spoofing Detection and Localization System for Protection of GNSS Ground-based InfrastructuresGiovanni Gamba, Andrea Dalla Chiara, Oscar Pozzobon, Damien Serant3133 - 3142
From Agnostic to Model-Based GNSS Jamming DetectionDaniele Borio, Eduardo Cano, Ciro Gioia3143 - 3152
Performance Evaluation of the Direct Acquisition of GPS-like VBOC Signals against Noise and Interference--Technical ReportIlir F. Progri3153 - 3167
More Accurate Model for GNSS Radio Frequency Compatibility AssessmentXufang Huang, Wei Liu, Xuyang Wang, Bingxue Chen, Baoyu Liu3168 - 3179
SBAS DSVP: An SBAS DFMC Service Volume Software PrototypeM. Mabilleau, D. Salos, C. Rodriguez, H. Secretan, N. Suard3180 - 3188
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Undifferenced GLONASS Ambiguity Resolution Over Inhomogeneous Receivers Stations: Introducing Ionosphere Corrections or Resolving Ionosphere-free Ambiguities?Jianghui Geng, Xiaotao Li3270 - 3275
Facing Some Critical Challenges in Real-Time Precise Point PositioningAhmed El-Mowafy3276 - 3294
StarFire™ SF3: Worldwide Centimeter-Accurate Real Time GNSS PositioningLiwen Dai, Yiqun Chen, Adhika Lie, Michael Zeitzew, Yuki Zhang3295 - 3320
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Compact SSR Messages with Integrity Information for Satellite Based PPP-RTK ServiceRui Hirokawa, Yuki Sato, Seigo Fujita, Masakazu Miya3372 - 3376
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GNSS Receivers Jamming Resilience in the Close to the Shore Navigation ScenarioLukasz Bonenberg, Oeystein Glomsvoll3433 - 3460
Experimental Evaluation of the Impact of Jamming on Maritime NavigationR. Ziebold, M. Romanovas, S. Gewies3461 - 3480
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Maritime Resilient PNT in Europe… Where Now?Martin Bransby, Paul Williams3494 - 3498
Research of BDS International Standardization on IMOSun Qian, Xie Hui3499 - 3503
SBAS use in MaritimeAlan Grant, George Shaw, Jan Šafár, Nick Ward3504 - 3520
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EDAS (EGNOS Data Access Service): Differential GNSS Corrections for Land ApplicationsJ. Vázquez, E. Lacarra, M.A. Sánchez, Pedro Gómez3550 - 3561
Innovative Design for GNSS/MSS Survey/GIS ReceiverI. Khazanov, D. Kozlov, G. Zyryanov3562 - 3569
Performance Validation of Low Cost GNSS Sensors for Land Monitoring and Hazard Mitigation Elisa Benedetti, Leo Brack, William Roberts3570 - 3578
Technologies for Optimized Pass-to-Pass Positioning PerformanceJanet Neumann, Cameron Ellum, Anastasia Salycheva, Brandon Culling3579 - 3587
GNSS Receiver Clock-Based Integrity Monitoring Method for Train LocalizationTomoaki Takewa, Wataru Tsujita, Takashi Iwamoto3588 - 3591
GNSS for Train Location Determination Hazardous Event Probability AnalysisDebiao Lu, Baigen Cai, Jian Wang, Jiang Liu3592 - 3597
Modeling of Nonlinear Errors for Integrated GPS/MEMS-based INS Navigation SystemsMaged Ismail, Ezzeldin Abdelqawey, Nesreen I. Ziedan3598 - 3606
Low Cost MEMS Only DR (MoDR) Solution using GNSS and MEMS INS SensorHyunsoo Kim, Seoungbok Do, Jongjoon Choi, Steve Severance, Daniel Liao3607 - 3612
Error Analysis for the Combination of Angular, Ranging, and Barometric MeasurementsE. Nossek, O. Osechas, M. Meurer3613 - 3621
Achieving GNSS Compatibility and Interoperability to Support Space UsersJames J. Miller, Frank H. Bauer, A.J. Oria, Scott Pace, Joel J.K. Parker3622 - 3634
Validation of GNSS Multipath Model for Space Proximity Operations Using the Hubble Servicing Mission 4 ExperimentB. W. Ashman, J.L. Veldman, P. Axelrad, J.L. Garrison, L.B. Winternitz3635 - 3643
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GNSS-Based Dual-Antenna Heading Augmentation for Attitude and Heading Reference SystemsBernard Schnaufer, Gary McGraw, Huan Phan, Angelo Joseph3669 - 3691
An Aided Wide Area Multilateration System Using Aircraft Altitude InformationSiang-Lin Jheng, Shau-Shiun Jan3692 - 3701
New Effective Multipath Mitigation and Initial Assessment of the Radio and Inertial Navigation Sensor("RINA")Satoshi Yamazaki, Koji Sunami, Michio Kawakami3702 - 3706
Effects of IGS Products on GNSS-based Precise Orbit DeterminationZhigui Kang, Byron Tapley, Srinivas Bettadpur3707 - 3714
Precise Onboard Orbit Determination for LEO Satellites with Real-Time Orbit and Clock CorrectionsAndré Hauschild, Javier Tegedor, Oliver Montenbruck, Hans Visser, Markus Markgraf3715 - 3723
Performance Assessment of Radio Occultation Experiment on a Near Equatorial Orbit MicrosatelliteYung-Fu Tsai, Guo Xiong Lee, Bingxuan Li, Shi Tong Chin, Wee Seng Lim, Kay Soon Low3724 - 3730
Development and Verification of LQG based Attitude Determination and Control Algorithm of Cube-satellite “SNUGLITE” using GPS and Multiple SensorsJooYoung Jang, Youngdoo Kim, Heekwon No, SunKyoung Yu, O-Jong Kim, Minkyu Choi, Changdon Kee, Seung-Woo Seo3731 - 3739