Proceedings of IEEE/ION PLANS 2016

April 11 - 14, 2016
Hyatt Regency Hotel
Savannah, GA
ISSN: 2153-3598

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Mode-Matched MEMS Coriolis Vibratory Gyroscopes: Myth or Reality?Igor P. Prikhodko, Jeffrey A. Gregory, William Clark, John A. Geen, Michael W. Judy, Chae H. Ahn, Thomas W. Kenny1 - 4
Environmentally-Robust High-Performance Tri-axial Bulk Acoustic Wave GyroscopesDiego Emilio Serrano, Ron Lipka, Duane Younkin, Peter Hrudey, J. Tovera, Amir Rahafrooz, M. Faisal Zaman, Shin Nagpal, Ijaz Jafri, Farrokh Ayazi5 - 8
Optimizing Noise and Stability of MEMS Accelerometers for Various ApplicationsJohn Cole, Andy Cunningham, Rob MacDonald, Sandra McGimpsey, Sarah McQuaide, Darby McShain9 - 14
Time-delayed Multiple Linear Regression for Increasing MEMS Inertial Sensor Performance by Using Observations from a Navigation-grade IMURodrigo Gonzalez, Carlos A. Catania15 - 20
Pipeline Junction Detection from Accelerometer Measurement Using Fast Orthogonal SearchLianwu Guan, Abdalla Osman, Yanbin Gao, Umar Iqbal, Mike Korenberg, Aboelmagd Noureldin21 - 26
Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm in Calibration of MEMS-based Low-cost MagnetometerMohamed Ayoub Ouni and René Jr. Landry27 - 33
Comparison of two Different Mass-market IMU Generations: bias Analyses and Real Time Applications Marco Piras and Paolo Dabove34 - 41
A Nonlinear Complementary Filter Approach for MAV 3D-Attitude Estimation with Low-Cost MARG/ADSLingling Wang, Li Fu, Xiaoguang Hu42 - 47
A Vision-Based Indoor Positioning Method with High Accuracy and Efficiency Based on Self-Optimized-Ordered Visual VocabularyTesi Wu, Lian-Kuan Chen and Yang Hong48 - 56
Navigate into DangerJoakim Rydell, Erika Bilock, and Håkan Larsson57 - 66
High-precision and Robust Indoor Localization Based on Foot-mounted Inertial SensorsJan Ruppelt, Nikolai Kronenwett, Georg Scholz, Gert F. Trommer67 - 75
Constrained, Networked Inertial Navigation for Human and Humanoid Robot Feet Pose EstimationLeonardo Le and Demoz Gebre-Egziabher76 - 84
Sensor Integration of 3D Map Aided GNSS and Smartphone PDR in Urban Canyon with Dense FoliageLi-Ta Hsu, Yanlei Gu and Shunsuke Kamijo85 - 90
Improving the Availability of LDACS-Based APNT with Air-to-Air RangingOkuary Osechas, Gerhard Berz91 - 99
Improving Position MSE Estimation for Biased Estimators without True Position KnowledgeJeannette Nounagnon and Timothy Pratt100 - 105
Cooperative Localization for Fixed Wing Unmanned Aerial VehiclesAnusna Chakraborty, Rajnikant Sharma, Clark N. Taylor, and Kevin M. Brink106 - 117
Range-based Trilateration using Multipurpose Cost Function Optimization with Lagrangian MultipliersAli Khalajmehrabadi, David Akopian, Daniel Pack118 - 121
Generalized Approach for Dyadic Cooperation in Code AcquisitionYazan Abdoush and Giovanni E. Corazza122 - 128
UNILS: Unconstrained Indoors Localization Scheme Based on Cooperative Smartphones Networking with Onboard Inertial, Bluetooth and GNSS DevicesHalgurd S. Maghdid, Ali Al-Sherbaz, Naseer Aljawad, and Ihsan Alshahib Lami129 - 136
Statistical Comparison of PPP Solution Obtained by Online Post-Processing ServicesPaolo Dabove and Marco Piras, Kawuna Namkusong Jonah137 - 143
Precise Point Positioning with Code Multipath EstimationPatrick Henkel, Michele Iafrancesco and Andreas Sperl144 - 149
Comparison of High Rate Batch and Sequential GPS Processing Algorithms under DynamicsZhen Zhu, Frank van Graas150 - 156
An Anti-interference MIMU/GPS Vehicle Integrated Navigation Algorithm Based on IDNN-EKFRuoyu Yang, Guochen Wang, Wei Gao, Qian Sun and Ya Zhang157 - 164
Return of Inertial Surveying – Trend or Illusion?Xiaoji Niu, Qijin Chen, Jian Kuang, Jingnan Liu165 - 169
Ranger: A Ground-facing Camera-based Localization System for Ground VehiclesKristopher Kozak and Marc Alban170 - 178
Accuracy Analysis of BeiDou Receivers for Lane Detection ApplicationsFederico Grasso Toro, Damian Eduardo Diaz Fuentes, Uwe Becker, Debiao Lu, Weijie Tao, Baigen Cai179 - 184
Integrity Monitoring of Train Positioning with GNSSTakashi Iwamoto, Tomoaki Takewa, and Wataru Tsujita185 - 189
SLAM with 3Dimensional-GNSSYanlei Gu, Yutaro Wada, Li-Ta Hsu, Shunsuke Kamijo190 - 197
Scan Matching Technology for Forest Navigation with Map InformationYuwei Chen, Jian Tang, Ehsan Khoramshahi, Teemu Hakala, Harri Kaartinen, Anttoni Jaakkola, Juha Hyyppä, Zhen Zhu, Ruizhi Chen198 - 203
A Robust Indoor Positioning System based on Encoded Magnetic Field and Low-cost IMUFalin Wu, Yuan Liang, Yong Fu, Xinchun Ji204 - 212
Inertial Navigation System Positioning Error Analysis and Cramér-Rao Lower BoundKai Wen, Chee Kiat Seow, Soon Yim Tan213 - 218
Improving Cellular Positioning Indoors Through Trajectory MatchingMahi Abdelbar and R. Michael Buehrer219 - 224
Virtual Reference Device-based Narrowband TOA Localization Using LOS and NLOS PathHeng Zhang, Chee Kiat Seow, Soon Yim Tan225 - 231
On the Feasibility of cm-Accurate Positioning via a Smartphone's Antenna and GNSS ChipTodd E. Humphreys, Matthew Murrian, Frank van Diggelen, Sergei Podshivalov, Kenneth M. Pesyna, Jr.232 - 242
A Dense Reference Network for Mass-Market Centimeter-Accurate PositioningMatthew J. Murrian, Collin W. Gonzalez, Todd E. Humphreys, Thomas D. Novlan243 - 254
How Reliable is a Virtual RINEX?Paolo Dabove, Alberto Cina, Ambrogio Maria Manzino255 - 262
Multiple Carrier Correlators Based Carrier Phase Multipath Mitigation Technique for Real Time KinematicRuan Hang, Zhang Lei, Liu Shuo, Liu Feng263 - 271
Data-Driven Generalized Integer Aperture Bootstrapping for Real-Time High Integrity ApplicationsG. Nathan Green, Martin King, Todd Humphreys272 - 285
A Measurement Discarding Algorithm for Robust Multi-constellation Multi-frequency RTK PositioningSihao Zhao, Feng Guan, Xiaowei Cui, Zheng Yao, Mingquan Lu286 - 293
Integrity Determination for a Vision Based Precision Relative Navigation SystemSean M. Calhoun, John Raquet294 - 304
Micro Air Vehicle Based Navigation Aiding in Degraded EnvironmentsDavid Sharp, Craig Stoneking, Kingsley Fregene305 - 312
Spin Effects of GPS Signals on a Multi-Antenna Mounted VehicleHun Cheol Im, Yun Sub Choi, Sang Jeong Lee313 - 319
Improvement of Surface Aided NavigationPhilip Spiegel, Johann Dambeck, Florian Holzapfel320 - 329
A Spacecraft Visual Navigation Algorithm based on Mode ConstraintsBin Hua, Yunhua Wu, Xiong Zhi, Chun Jiang330 - 335
Cooperative Relative Localization for Moving UAVs with Single Link Range MeasurementsJared Strader, Yu Gu, Jason N. Gross, Matteo De Petrillo, Jeremy Hardy336 - 343
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Relative Navigation in GPS Denied EnvironmentsJeremy Hardy, Jared Strader, Jason N. Gross, Yu Gu, Mark Keck, Joel Douglas, Clark Taylor344 - 352
Posterior Cramer-Rao Bound and Suboptimal Filtering for IMU/GNSS based Cooperative Train LocalizationBenjamin Siebler and Stephan Sand353 - 358
Path Planning for Optimal Cooperative NavigationAdam J. Rutkowski, Jamie E. Barnes, Andrew T. Smith359 - 365
Indoor Positioning from Vibration Localization in Smart BuildingsJeffrey D. Poston, R. Michael Buehrer, Americo G. Woolard, Pablo A. Tarazaga366 - 372
Navigation Using VLF Environmental FeaturesJoseph Curro and John Raquet373 - 379
Joint GPS and Vision Direct Position EstimationYuting Ng and Grace Xingxin Gao380 - 385
Multipath Assisted Positioning for Pedestrians using LTE SignalsMarkus Ulmschneider and Christian Gentner386 - 392
Reserve Navigation System for Ships Based on Coastal Radio BeaconsJan M. Kelner, Cezary Ziólkowski, Leszek Nowosielski, Marian Wnuk393 - 402
Navigating via Discrete Astronomical Radio Sources: Geolocation Using Fringe RatesAli Gaber, R.H. Tillman, R. Michael Buehrer, S. Ellingson403 - 407
A High-Precision Autonomous Navigation Method for Medium-High Orbit Satellite Based on Stellar RefractionHuaifeng Li, Zhi Li, Qin Lin, Aiming Wang408 - 414
Local Navigation System for VTOLs used on the VesselsJan M. Kelner, Cezary Ziólkowski, Leszek Nowosielski415 - 421
A New GNSS Integrity Monitoring Based on Channels Joint CharacterizationChristophe Charbonnieras, Jonathan Israel, François Vincent, Lionel Ries, Marion Aubault-Roudier, Franck Barbiero, Guillaume Carrie422 - 430
Reliability Monitoring of GNSS Observables under the Influence of Ionospheric DisturbancesKinga Wezka, Ivan Herrera Pinzon, Roman Galas431 - 441
A First-of-a-Kind Spoofing Detection Demonstrator Exploiting Future Galileo E1 OS AuthenticationDavide Margaria, Gianluca Marucco, and Mario Nicola442 - 450
Determination of Fault Probabilities for ARAIMTodd Walter and Juan Blanch, Mathieu Joerger and Boris Pervan451 - 461
Analysis and Utilization of Extreme Value Theory for Conservative OverboundingJordan Larson and Demoz Gebre-Egziabher462 - 471
Robust GPS-Based Direct Time Estimation for PMUsYuting Ng and Grace Xingxin Gao472 - 476
Broadband Multi-frequency GNSS Signal Simulation with GPUIva Bartunkova and Bernd Eissfeller477 - 490
Robust Position and Velocity Estimation Methods in Integrated Navigation Systems for Inland Water ApplicationsDaniel Arias Medina, Michailas Romanovas, Iván Herrera Pinzón, and Ralf Ziebold491 - 501
Research on the Multi-sensor Information Fusion Method Based on Factor GraphWeina Chen, Qinghua Zeng, Jianye Liu, Leijiang Chen, Huizhe Wang502 - 506
Research on Information Intermittent Fusion of ASPN System in the Long-endurance UAVsJian-xin Xu, Zhi Xiong, Jian-ye Liu, Xue-bo Kong, Song Han507 - 513
Star Image Processing of SINS/CNS Integrated Navigation System Based on 1DWF Under High Dynamic ConditionsXinhua Ma, Xiuwei Xia, Zhuo Zhang, Guochen Wang and Huaming Qian514 - 518
An Analysis of the Convex Hull’s Impact on Localization PerformanceChristopher E. O’Lone and R. Michael Buehrer519 - 526
Goal-Driven Sensor Configuration in a Navigation SystemZhen Zhu, Kayland Adams, Don Venable, and Jacob Campbell527 - 534
Map Merging of Rotated, Corrupted, and Different Scale Maps using Rectangular FeaturesJinyoung Park, Andrew J. Sinclair, Ryan E. Sherrill, Emily A. Doucette, J. Willard Curtis535 - 543
Real-Time RGBD Odometry for Fused-State Navigation SystemsAndrew R. Willis, Kevin M. Brink544 - 552
Multi-Modal Sensor Fusion for Indoor Mobile Robot Pose EstimationYassen Dobrev, Sergio Flores, and Martin Vossiek553 - 556
Integrity of Laser-Based Feature Extraction and Data AssociationMathieu Joerger, Michael Jamoom, Matthew Spenko, and Boris Pervan557 - 571
An Ultrasonic Sensor Network for High-Quality Range-Bearing-Based Indoor PositioningSergio Flores, Johanna Geiß and Martin Vossiek572 - 576
Integration of IMU in Indoor Positioning Systems with Non-Gaussian Ranging Error DistributionsShenghong Li, Mark Hedley, Iain B. Collings, Mark Johnson577 - 583
Indoor WLAN Localization using Group Sparsity Optimization TechniqueAli Khalajmehrabadi, Nikolaos Gatsis, David Akopian584 - 588
Integration of GNSS-receivers with Dual Foot-mounted INS in Urban and Indoor EnvironmentsJouni Rantakokko, Jonas Nygårds, Peter Strömbäck, Peter Andersson, John-Olof Nilsson, Peter Händel589 - 598
Small-UAS Navigation Using 3D Imager and Infrared Camera in Structured EnvironmentsAkshay Bharadwaj, Adam Schultz, Russell Gilabert, Joel Huff, and Maarten Uijt de Haag599 - 606
Multi Hypothesis Kalman Filter for Indoor Pedestrian Navigation Based on Topological MapsJulian Lategahn, Thomas Ax, and Christof Röhrig607 - 612
The Key Technologies of Pedestrian Navigation Based on Micro Inertial System and Biological KinematicsQian Wei-xing, Zhi Xiong, Fei Xie, Qing-hua Zeng, Yun-tao Wang, Shuai Zhu613 - 621
MIMO-Radar-Based Indoor Passive Geolocation and TrackingReza Monir Vaghefi, SaiDhiraj Amuru, Daniel Jakubisin, Javier Schloemann, and R. Michael Buehrer622 - 629
Dual Frequency Long-short Baseline Ambiguity Resolution for GNSS Attitude DeterminationShuo Liu, Lei Zhang, Jian Li, Yiran Luo630 - 637
Impact of Reference Element Selection on Performance of Power Inversion Adaptive ArraysFeiqiang Chen, Junwei Nie, Xiangwei Zhu, Guangfu Sun and Feixue Wang638 - 644
Interference Suppression in a GPS Receiver with 4 Element Array Design and Implementation of Beamforming AlgorithmsÖmer Can Dabak, Fatih Erdem, Tolga Sönmez, Lale Alatan, Sencer Koc645 - 652
Single-aperture Patch Antenna with Pattern ControlChris Bartone653 - 665
Integrity for Autonomous Driving: A SurveyM. Wörner, F. Schuster, F. Dölitzscher, C.G. Keller, M. Haueis, K. Dietmayer666 - 671
An Extensive Analysis for the Use of Back Propagation Neural Networks to Perform the Calibration of MEMS Gyro Bias Thermal DriftRita Fontanella, and Domenico Accardo, Egidio Caricati, Stefano Cimmino, Domenico De Simone672 - 680
Analysis of Rolling Motion Effect on SINS Error Modeling in PIGLianwu Guan, Abdalla Osman, Yanbin Gao, Umar Iqbal,  Aboelmagd Noureldin681 - 686
Repeatability Test Method of GNSS for Safe Train Localisation in Real and Simulated EnvironmentsDebiao Lu, Dirk Spiegel, Uwe Becker, Baigen Cai, Jian Wang, Jiang Liu, Xuan Liu687 - 692
Fault Detection Method of Laser Inertial Navigation System Using Dither Motion of RLGCheon-Joong Kim, Hae-Sung Yu, Ju-Hyun Oh, In-Seop Lee, Dong-Hun Kim, Jae-Cheul Lee693 - 699
Improvement of Atom Interferometer by Rejecting Typical Noise SourcesWei Gao, Lin Zhang, Qian Li and Zhuo Wang700 - 704
Compensation of Synchronization Error of SIMU and Experimental ValidationXu Bo and Wang Chao, Chang Jiachong705 - 709
Analysis of Alerting Performance for Detect and Avoid of Unmanned Aircraft SystemsSamantha Smearcheck, Sean Calhoun, William Adams, Jared Kresge, Fabrice Kunzi710 - 730
UAS Sense and Avoid Integrity and Continuity for Multiple IntrudersMichael B. Jamoom, Mathieu Joerger, and Boris Pervan731 - 738
A Navigation and Mapping Method for UAS During Under-the-Canopy Forest OperationsAdam Schultz, Russell Gilabert, Akshay Bharadwaj, Maarten Uijt de Haag, Zhen Zhu739 - 746
Model Independent Control of a Quadrotor with Tiltable RotorsGeorg Scholz, Manuel Popp, Jan Ruppelt, Gert Franz Trommer747 - 756
Robust Fault Tolerant Control of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle in the Presence of Actuator FaultsQandeel Fazal, Muwahida Liaquat, Maheen Iftikhar757 - 763
Rotorcraft Seamless Navigation Method Based on Hybrid Multi-Model Filter and Aerodynamics ModelMin Liu, Jizhou Lai, Jianye Liu, Pin lyu, Hongtao Liu764 - 771
On the CRLB of TDOA/FDOA Estimation from MIMO SignalsReza Monir Vaghefi and R. Michael Buehrer772 - 778
Using Traffic Information Services Broadcast (TIS-B) Signals for Aviation NavigationSherman Lo, Yu Hsuan Chen, Andrew Barrows, Adrien Perkins, Tyler Reid, Per Enge, Shau-Shiu Jan779 - 788
Indoor Localization Using Multi-Frequency RSSMartin A. Skoglund, Gustaf Hendeby, Jonas Nygårds, Jouni Rantakokko, Gunnar Eriksson789 - 798
Position Estimate using Radio Signals from Terrestrial SourcesVaclav Navratil, Rostislav Karasek, and Frantisek Vejrazka799 - 806
Simultaneous Localization and Mapping in Multipath EnvironmentsChristian Gentner, Boxiao Ma, Markus Ulmschneider, Thomas Jost, Armin Dammann807 - 815
A Software-Defined Receiver Architecture for Cellular CDMA-Based NavigationJoe Khalife, Kimia Shamaei, and Zak M. Kassas816 - 826
Joint Access Point and User Localization Using Unlabeled WiFi RSS DataMahsa Shafiee and Richard Klukas827 - 832
Multi-constellation GBAS: How to Benefit from a Second ConstellationMaria Caamano, Michael Felux, Mihaela-Simona Circiu and Daniel Gerbeth833 - 841
Evaluation of Advanced Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring Performance on Predicted Aircraft TrajectoriesS. Paternostro, T. Moore, C. Hill, J. Atkin, H. P. Morvan842 - 856
Impact of Antenna Group Delay Variations on Protection LevelsAnurag Raghuvanshi and Frank van Graas857 - 862
Setup and Verification of a Multi-GNSS Over-The-Air Wave Field Synthesis TestbedAlexander Rügamer, Christopher Schirmer, Mario Lorenz, Simon Taschke, Marcus Grossmann, Markus Landmann, Wolfgang Felber863 - 873
Requirements for Secure Wireless Time TransferLakshay Narula and Todd E. Humphreys874 - 886
EKF Based Trajectory Tracking and Integrity Monitoring of AIS DataGregor Siegert, Pawe Banys, Cristina Sáez Martínez, and Frank Heymann887 - 897
Detailed Noise Analysis of Current-to-Frequency Converters for Precision Analog AccelerometersOmer Lutfi Nuzumlali898 - 904
Enhanced Scaleable SIRUJames Campanile905 - 909
A Novel Initial Alignment Algorithm Based on the Interacting Multiple Model and the Huber MethodsWei Gao, Liying Deng, Fei Yu, Ya Zhang, and Qian Sun910 - 915
A Study of Low-cost Attitude and Heading Reference System under High Magnetic InterferenceFalin Wu, Yong Fu and Yuan Liang, Xinchun Ji916 - 923
High Precision Open-loop and Closed-loop MEMS Accelerometers with Wide Sensing RangeBoris Grinberg, Aviram Feingold, Leonid Furman and Roza Wolfson924 - 931
Open-loop and Closed-loop High-end Accelerometer Platforms for High Demanding ApplicationsP. Zwahlen, D. Balmain, S. Habibi, P. Etter, F. Rudolf, R. Brisson, Ullah V. Ragot932 - 937
Initial Implementation of a Novel Laser Localization SystemAidan F. Browne and David Vutetakis938 - 941
Inertial Navigation System for Radar Terrain ImagingMichal Labowski, Piotr Kaniewski, Piotr Serafin942 - 948
Particle Filter Studies on Terrain Referenced NavigationBurak Turan, Ali Turker Kutay949 - 954
Sensor for Small Satellite Relative PNT in Deep-SpaceJosiah DeLange, Seth Frick, Joel Runnels, Demoz Gebre-Egziabher, and Kale Hedstrom955 - 963
Observability Analysis of In-flight Calibration of Gyros and Attitude Sensors on OrbitSejong Heo, Hyunjin Kim, Chan Gook Park964 - 969
Robust Performance Analysis of Terrain Referenced Navigation Using Flash LidarHyun Cheol Jeon, Young Bum Park and Chan Gook Park970 - 975
A Research on Roll Angle Calculations Based on IMU/GPS Compass for ShipsLinkun Deng, Hang Guo, Nikolas Xiros, Min Yu976 - 980
Application of an Optimal Stochastic Newton-Raphson Technique to Triangulation-Based Localization SystemsKhaled Kamal Saab, Samer Said Saab, Jr.981 - 986
Distributed Cooperative State Estimation for Dynamically Changing Networked NavigationMatthew Howard and Zhihua Qu987 - 993
Inertial Sensors Strapdown Approach for Hybrid Cameras and MEMS PositioningPaolo Dabove, Irene Aicardi, Nives Grasso, Andrea Lingua, Giorgio Ghinamo, Cecilia Corbi994 - 1000
Detection of Outliers in Navigation Sensor MeasurementsSasha Draganov1001 - 1007
Detection of biases and Faults in Navigation Sensor MeasurementsSasha Draganov1008 - 1014
Weak GPS Signal Detection in the Presence of Strong Signals with Varying Relative Doppler and Long Integration GainMd Sohrab Mahmud, Sana Ullah Qaisar, Craig Benson1015 - 1020
Mitigating Jamming and Meaconing Attacks Using Direct GPS PositioningYuting Ng and Grace Xingxin Gao1021 - 1026
Kalman Filter-based INS Monitor to Detect GNSS Spoofers Capable of Attacking Aircraft PositionCagatay Tanil, Samer Khanafseh, Mathieu Joerger, Boris Pervan1027 - 1034