Standardisation of Galileo Timing Receivers

Javier Fidalgo, Ricardo Píriz, Guillermo Ortas, Javier Bárcena, F.L. Arribas, Karel Callewaert, Valeria Catalano, Gert-Jan Pauwels, Matteo Sgammini, Joaquim Fortuny, Beatrice Motella, Miguel Aguilera, Juan Pablo Boyero

Abstract: STARLITE (Preparation of Standards for Galileo Timing Receivers) is the first international initiative to standardize a GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) timing receiver. The project is funded by the EC (European Commission) with the objective to initiate the standardisation process of Timing Receivers, with particular emphasis in exploiting the capabilities offered by the Galileo services. The project’s consortium is led by GMV with Alter and VVA as partners. The target users for the standard are all Galileo Timing users, with special focus in a first stage on critical infrastructures and critical applications static users. The standard will consider the specificities of the Galileo Timing Service. This will become fundamental in order to ensure the end-to-end performance of the Galileo Timing Service for those users which make use of a receiver developed according to the proposed standard. The Standardisation process is conducted in the frame of European Committee for Standardization CEN/CENELEC JTC 5. A New Working Group on Galileo Timing Receivers (CEN/CLC/JTC5/WG9) was created with the Terms Of Reference defined basically to lead the development of the European Standard (EN) for the Galileo Timing Receiver. The target timeframe for the publication of the Galileo Timing Receiver Standard is the third quarter of 2024. This paper is focused on the definition of the Galileo Timing Receiver to be standardized, describing the different topics, aspects and functions to be considered. The standard includes also Guidelines for the installation and maintenance. A high-level view of Functional and Performance Requirements, the Test Suite, and the Guidelines is also provided.
Published in: Proceedings of the 36th International Technical Meeting of the Satellite Division of The Institute of Navigation (ION GNSS+ 2023)
September 11 - 15, 2023
Hyatt Regency Denver
Denver, Colorado
Pages: 1572 - 1586
Cite this article: Fidalgo, Javier, Píriz, Ricardo, Ortas, Guillermo, Bárcena, Javier, Arribas, F.L., Callewaert, Karel, Catalano, Valeria, Pauwels, Gert-Jan, Sgammini, Matteo, Fortuny, Joaquim, Motella, Beatrice, Aguilera, Miguel, Boyero, Juan Pablo, "Standardisation of Galileo Timing Receivers," Proceedings of the 36th International Technical Meeting of the Satellite Division of The Institute of Navigation (ION GNSS+ 2023), Denver, Colorado, September 2023, pp. 1572-1586.
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