HT-MCBBW Ground Receiver Terminal for Future GNSS Applications

Tien M. Nguyen, Charles H. Lee, Sam Behseta, Dan Shen, John Nguyen, Xiwen Kang, Genshe Chen, Khanh D. Pham

Abstract: Abstract - This paper discusses the design and MATLAB implementation of the newly proposed Hilbert Transform (HT)-Multi-Carrier Broad-Band Waveforms (MCBBW) receiver terminal. The HT-MCBBW receiver is intended to receive and recover the newly proposed upper Single SideBand GNSS-MCBBW (SSB-GNSS-MCBBW) signal generated from the GNSS-MCBBW satellite transmitter using the HT technique. An overview of the GNSS-MCBBW satellite system emulator is provided to fully understand the proposed HT-MCBBW receiver solution. The paper describes the HT-MCBBW receiver structure and provides detailed specifications of each receiver component. MATLAB simulation results will be presented to demonstrate the feasibility of the proposed HT technique for generating and recovering the newly proposed SSB GNSS-MCBBW signal. The performance results are expressed in terms of the recovered PRN codes compared with the original transmitted PRN codes. Finally, the paper compares the HT-MCBBW with the BPF-MCBBW ground receiver and discusses the required modifications to the existing GPS receiver terminal.
Published in: 2023 IEEE/ION Position, Location and Navigation Symposium (PLANS)
April 24 - 27, 2023
Hyatt Regency Hotel
Monterey, CA
Pages: 1007 - 1018
Cite this article: Nguyen, Tien M., Lee, Charles H., Behseta, Sam, Shen, Dan, Nguyen, John, Kang, Xiwen, Chen, Genshe, Pham, Khanh D., "HT-MCBBW Ground Receiver Terminal for Future GNSS Applications," 2023 IEEE/ION Position, Location and Navigation Symposium (PLANS), Monterey, CA, April 2023, pp. 1007-1018.
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