ARAIM for Applications Beyond Aviation

Javier Fidalgo, Enrique Domínguez, Ginés Moreno, Fulgencio Buendía, Joao Pedro Duque, Jorge Martínez, Merle Snijders, Heiko Engwerda, Olga Burdash, Armando Luciano, Ettore Canestri, Daniel Lopour, Marco Porretta, Natalia Castrillo, Santiago Perea, Ilaria Martini, Matteo Sgammini, Juan Pablo Boyero

Abstract: ARAIM is an evolution of the RAIM integrity technique recently developed to protect multi-constellation users by means of robust user algorithms. The ARAIM solution developed for Aviation includes an offline ground monitoring architecture, which provides updates on the nominal performance and fault rates of multiple constellations. This integrity data is contained in the Integrity Support Message (ISM) that is generated by an offline ground monitoring network and is provided to the airborne fleet through the GNSS signals. The current ARAIM concept has been designed initially to serve the Aviation sector. Nevertheless, the concept can be used by other user communities, in particular, the markets comprising critical applications with a need of GNSS integrity capability. A wide range of applications, and specially safety critical applications, can in principle take advantage of this service, or a modified version of it, since they have similar and even more demanding requirements than aviation users. Rail, Maritime, Road, UAVs, LBS and Space User Sectors are analysed as potential target sectors in this work. In this paper, non-aviation sectors, applications and the use of other GNSS integrity technologies are analysed exploring the user needs in order to identify potential applications for the penetration of ARAIM. Non-aviation applications which could be fulfilled with the current ARAIM concept for Aviation are identified. For those non-aviation applications which cannot be fulfilled with the current ARAIM concept, a gap analysis is conducted in order to identify potential areas of improvements which allows to define suitable ARAIM evolutions for those non-aviation applications. Finally, a dedicated experimentation is conducted in order to proof the concept of the ARAIM evolutions and assess whether they could comply with the user requirements of non-aviation applications.
Published in: Proceedings of the 35th International Technical Meeting of the Satellite Division of The Institute of Navigation (ION GNSS+ 2022)
September 19 - 23, 2022
Hyatt Regency Denver
Denver, Colorado
Pages: 725 - 751
Cite this article: Fidalgo, Javier, Domínguez, Enrique, Moreno, Ginés, Buendía, Fulgencio, Duque, Joao Pedro, Martínez, Jorge, Snijders, Merle, Engwerda, Heiko, Burdash, Olga, Luciano, Armando, Canestri, Ettore, Lopour, Daniel, Porretta, Marco, Castrillo, Natalia, Perea, Santiago, Martini, Ilaria, Sgammini, Matteo, Boyero, Juan Pablo, "ARAIM for Applications Beyond Aviation," Proceedings of the 35th International Technical Meeting of the Satellite Division of The Institute of Navigation (ION GNSS+ 2022), Denver, Colorado, September 2022, pp. 725-751.
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