J. Buisson, O.J. Oaks, M. Lister, S.C. Wardrip, S. Leschiutta, P.G. Galliano, F. Cordara, V. Pettiti, E. Detoma, P. Dachel, H. Warren, T. Stalder, F. Fedele, R. Azzarone

Abstract: Global Positioning System (GPS) Time Transfer receivers were developed by the Naval Research Laboratory (NHL) to provide synchronization for the NASA Global Laser Tracking Network (GLTN). The capabilities of the receiver are being expanded mainly through software modification to: * Demonstrate the position location capabilities of a single channel receiver using the GPS C/A code * Demonstrate the time/navigation capability of the I receiver onboard a moving platform, by sequential tracking of GPS satellites. Several advanced navigation algorithms were tested, I tracking either a full or reduced constellation of the current Phase I GPS satellites. The experiment was conducted during October 1983 onboard I the Italian Navy hydrographic ship "MAGNAGHI". The ship provided a stable platform, able to move with constant speed, while keeping track of its own position with high accuracy. The ship was equipped with a wide range of radionavigation equipment, including Raydist, Motorola Mini-Ranger, Toran, Loran-C, Omega and Transit receivers. There were also onboard atomic clocks with I submicrosecond accuracy. To keep an accurate track of the ship's position at sea during the experiment, the Mini-Ranger system was used with transponders located on the seashore. The Mini-Ranger system provided position to an accuracy of 5 to 10 meters. This experiment was a joint effort between the following U.S. and Italian agencies and organizations: The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, the NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, with the support of the Bendix Field Engineering Corporation, the Italian Navy, the Istituto Elettrotecnico "G. Ferraris" and the Politecnic of Torino (Italy).
Published in: Proceedings of the 15th Annual Precise Time and Time Interval Systems and Applications Meeting
December 6 - 8, 1983
Naval Research Laboratory
Washington, DC
Pages: 211 - 235
Cite this article: Buisson, J., Oaks, O.J., Lister, M., Wardrip, S.C., Leschiutta, S., Galliano, P.G., Cordara, F., Pettiti, V., Detoma, E., Dachel, P., Warren, H., Stalder, T., Fedele, F., Azzarone, R., "GPS NAVIGATION EXPERIMENT USING HIGH PRECISION GPS TIMING RECEIVERS," Proceedings of the 15th Annual Precise Time and Time Interval Systems and Applications Meeting, Washington, DC, December 1983, pp. 211-235.
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